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We love this school so much! We highly recommend any parents looking for a new fit for their teenager this semester!

Banner Academy provides a unique, experiential learning based environment, which uses an Equine Assi

Banner Academy is a licensed LLC private school based upon a one-room school house concept loosely constructed upon Classical Christian Education and the Trivium Model. However, It's uniqueness is derived from its cooperation with Beulah Arabians Ranch with the incorporation of Equine Assisted Personal Development classes into its curriculum. Students use relationships with horses to evaluate and

Operating as usual

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Banner Academy is offering a soft relaunch with “A La Carte” Courses available to homeschooling or co-oping families. Banner is a one-room schoolhouse approach to mastery based, experiential learning. Our schoolhouse is located on our growing 7 acre ranch, with our 3 dogs, 2 cats, and 2 horses.

Our school year runs on a 5 week on, 1 week break rotation. Units span a 5 week period and then students have a 1 week break. Worried that the school year has already started? No problem! Either ease into the remainder of Unit 1 with a soft entry or join us for Unit 2 beginning October 9th while you continue to work from home.

We are also offering our Rock climbing Team Membership again this year that can also be used as a P.E. Or Elective credit on Mondays 9:30-11:30 AM. The cost of the course included a monthly membership at IBEX climbing gym and free gear rentals on each visit. Students can not only attend on Mondays with classmates but anytime with their membership card. Climbers will learn basic technique, how to use all gear properly, how to use auto-belay walls, work on conditioning, and have lots of fun! Second semester climbers will have the opportunity to become belay certified and belay other climbers. Certification classes have fees required.

All entering students require assessment testing before enrolling in a course. Assessment fees are $40 per student and typically require 2-3 hours. Monthly Payment for course is due after assessment testing, upon enrollment. Enrollments for Unit 1 will be pro-rated. Assessment is not required for Rock climbing Team Membership.

Sorry, we are NOT enrolling full time students at this time.

Courses, pricing, and scheduling is below.

ELA Course (includes Orthography/Spelling, Grammar, Writing Composition, Literature):
Grades 4-6 available
2 hr course
8:30 - 10:30 Tues - Thurs with Friday testing 8:30 –10:30am
email for pricing

History/Geography (Early US history: Indigenous Peoples – Civil War)
Grades 4-6 available
1 hour course
12:00 - 1:00 Mon – Thurs with Friday testing 8:30 – 10:30am
email for pricing

Science (Survey of Life Science, Physical Science, Chemistry)
Grades 4-6 available
1 hour course
1:00 – 2:00 Mon – Thurs with Friday testing 8:30 – 10:30am
email for pricing

Rock climbing Team (PE or elective credit)
Ages 9 – 14 or Grades 4-8
1.5 hour course
9:30 – 11:30 Mondays
$160 / mo includes $40 membership fee that entitles student to climb anytime at IBEX

EMAIL [email protected] to begin your journey with us. We will respond faster to email than FB comments.

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Yesterday I had the pleasure of taking my students to Clear Brook Farm to visit our friends from years past and spend a day learning outside our schoolhouse.

So often the best learning occurs not just outside of a traditional classroom, but complimentary to an examination of a text. Experience isn't always the best teacher. I think context is the greatest of all teachers. Context gives us the framework by which to evaluate our experiences. Remove our greatest experiences from that context, and we run the risk of fallacies or relativism.

Often we pit learning from a book or resource against learning from an experience. But if we leave out one, it devalues the other. They were meant to enrich each other, not compete against each other.

We try to give our students those experiences as often as possible. So as we study Manifest Destiny, the Trail of Tears, Jacksonian Democracy, and immigrants seeking new hope on the Oregon Trail - we try to create experiences that put our students in touch with simpler ways of living that might bring that context to life.

At Clear Brook Farm we learned of the Osage Indians that once lived and loved that land as we marveled at arrowhead collections from the creek and hiked to scavenge for our own treasures in the bedrock.

We toured the farm: ducks, chickens, sheep, and pigs and learned breeds and characteristics.

We visited the Mennonite butcher (who processed the hog we purchased from Clear Brook this year) who showed us his simple operation, freshly processed hanging beef and taught us about "dry meat" letting us sample some of the best brown sugar dry cured deer bologna I've ever tasted. We even discovered a few souvenir heads outside the kill station, which his cattle dog guarded with his life.

We ate at a local Mennonite owned restaurant where some of the best food I've ever tasted was cooked without any electricity, where the owners treated you like long lost family, with a general store filled with homemade treats - we made sure to pickup some jam while the kids filled their pockets with candies.

We hiked the land and explored a cave the owner had pre-approved for us - crawl space only, leading back to a "room" with sitting room only and a ceiling full of minerals to explore. None of my students hesitated to crawl into that black hole, possessing the same brave spirit of the pioneers they've studied. I crawled about 30 feet in and decided I'll stick to rock climbing - tight spaces were not my thing.

It was a hard goodbye as the students all felt the joy and freedom of a simpler life, full of woods and wild, community and common faith, and an easy place to belong to. Everyone asked to return, before we had ever left.

Experience, context, and community - these are our great teachers.

Special thanks to Clear Brook Farm for being so good to our kiddos and sharing your lives with us!

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Christmas Tree Cutting at 's Country Farm in Greenwood.

I knew when we pulled up to the homestead with a "Jesus is King" flag waving wildly in the crisp winter air, I was going to spend a little extra to support this wonderful Mom & Pops place. The owners were so hospitable to our crew and they even let us roam their homestead and visit with their animals. We talked for longer than my students would have wished in the gift shop about the beauty of Jesus in our lives.

The kids picked out a whopper of a tree that we named Jeoffrey and spent the day decorating the classroom for the holidays.

Each year our students paint ornaments that become our keepsakes and remind us of all the lives we've been blessed to pour into over the years. It's one of my most favorite Banner traditions. When we hang them on the tree each year I get a fresh vision for why I labor.

Happy Holidays Banner Families

Photos from Banner Academy's post 12/09/2021

They begged me to trade in the school van for this renegade bus. I told them maybe....

Photos from Banner Academy's post 12/09/2021

Banner Fall Lock-In

There's something about playing together as hard as you work together, and indeed these kids have worked hard so far this year.

Movie Marathons, video game tournaments, crazy table games, more ear-piercing laughter than should be heard at safe decibels, a few quick haircuts, and of course Mrs. Jenn's famous homemade biscuits and sausage gravy with cheesy fire eggs (get your tapitio ready).

Kyle took the boys for a day of wild adventure and gaming at Rush Funplex: lazer tag, go carts, bowling, bumper cars, rock walls - affirming the wild and restless nature so often misaddressed in boys as a "disorder" when really God made us to till the ground not toil at desks. One solves the issue of energy while the other seeks to medicate the energy.

I took the girls for pedicures and Boba tea - affirming their beauty and uniqueness and worth in a moment of "washing their feet." These girls that strive so hard and competitively in their academics, that there mastery performances become an expectation and not an achievement. They often steward so much in the classroom, help with additional chores, and support me in other ways, that it was time to serve them.

My body hasn't stayed up that late, that many times in a row since I was nearly their age, but my heart couldn't sleep. It's so fun watching their personalities spill over, without care or worry of classroom correction.

It's a true moment when a child finds a place they can let their guard down and discover they are enjoyed.

Here you're home. Here you're family.

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Experiential Learning
Leavenworth Veteran's Day Parade - noted as the largest and most recognized parade of the country this side of the Mississippi.

What better way to give perspective to students studying our Revolutionary War then to honor those who have fought firsthand in other wartimes?

What better lesson to teach this generation than to say, "Welcome home," to vets of a controversial war who endured horrific treatment returning to their own soil?

What better gratitude can we express, than to de-politicize what it means to be a soldier and simply say "thank you." If not for one day.

I loved the vets who saluted my young men as they lined the street side, as if thanking them. Just for showing up.

I loved the 70+ year old vet who called out to my husband, who wore his dress blues, and saluted him with welling tears. As if thanking him.

I loved the lessons learned that a classroom couldn't teach us

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When the classroom loses its wall, it gains its audience.

The Nelson Atkins: Colonial America explored in art. Students spent the afternoon analyzing the bias, reliability, and accuracy of primary sources of art as compared to their textbook portrayal.

We examined our favorite pieces and discussed how they challenged us to see the world, and history, through a new perspective. Then students wrote a reflective poem from the lens of their favorite piece of art, to attempt to accurately reflect the artist's representation of that time of history.

So fun to be surprised by each student's choice of favorite.

Student Quotes:
"I could spend hours in here."

"Can you believe artists were ever this good? Now we just splatter paint and call it art."

"What will a modern art exhibit look like when we're you're age Mrs. Jenn? Probably a blank wall they try to manipulate you into admitting is art because no one wants to put in the effort to be great anymore."

Too often I underestimate the interest of a young mind. I worry so much about being relevant as a teacher and keeping up with their digital age, that I doubt anything else will entertain their imagination.
But entertaining attention and imagination are two separate things

..And of museum shenanigans ensued....

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Children will stare: either into a screen or into the depths of Creation as far as their imagination may limit them or free them.

As a teacher I am in constant competition with a digital age that can in a moment mesmorize with the latest special effects, steal attention with a tide pod video, or otherwise grip the boredom that may have grown into creativity had it been given the chance to plant its seed and take root. And let's be their adults, we have become just as captive.

Today I loved hearing my students identify the "femur" and "phalanges" bones of digested remains of a barn owl during their lab for our Skeletal & Muscular System Unit of Anatomy & Physiology Class. They marveled at the amount of bones compacted into one owl pellet. They hypothesized about its habitat and environment from the types of fur viewed under a microscope.

Teachers...we have alot to compete against...but nothing is more fascinating than the simplicity of Creator and creation. Keep it simple. The world is already wraught with overcomplication.

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"There are two educations. One should teach us how to make a living and the other should teach us how to live." -John Adams-

Fall Fun with our annual Louisburg Cider Mill field trip, pumpkin carving contest, and a few barnyard shenanigans during farm chores to keep the mares at Beulah Arabians happy and healthy.


Beginning another very special season with Beulah Arabians Youth Ranch for our Fall Uncharted EAPD - Equine Assisted Personal Development courses at Banner.

At Banner we intertwine our curriculum with EAPD where our students build relationships with horses using natural horsemanship and liberty activities, with a certified facilitator (Jennifer Wanderlust) and herd manager (special thanks to DavidLena Misener and Hannah for all you do). These activities help students process their behavior, choices, emotions, build critical thinking, and awareness in our students. Our students reflectively journal and analyze how they can use the skills and experiences they learned with their horse in their academics, personal, & family lives.

This method of experiential learning is the scarlet thread of our classroom and our students grow into incredible self awareness and every week I am challenged by their vulnerability.

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Special thanks to Rachel Eisfelder and her Occupational Therapy Students from CUKC. She has been working alongside our students on a weekly basis building emotional awareness, coping skills for behavioral responses to big feelings, and helping us build emotional health in our students.

She has become an invaluable part of our Banner Academy family and her partnership is key to helping our students work through dynamics of healthy living and healthy relationships.

When we started 7 years ago, I knew I loved education and wanted to give kids a unique experience that bridged a gap between desk and doing. Little did I know, we'd grow into a resource and safehaven for kids with trauma and explore much further than academic health in our students.

We love our partners at and are so grateful for Miss Rachel!

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We are still accepting late enrollments.

If you haven't found a fit for your child's education and are looking for
*experiential & hands on learning opportunities for your child
*equine therapuetic courses within a curriculum
*academics indoor and out
*highly structured environment that plays as hard as it works
*mastery based program that evaluates beyond just test scores

..then contact us for a digital brochure regarding our programs.

Come visit Banner Academy, where students are family, and our families are home.

Currently enrolling grades 6-9 for late enrollments.

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We are so excited to introduce our first Extra Curricular Sports Team: SKIN & BONES Rockclimbing Team.

Our first week we started with Mental, Physical, and Technical drills.

Mental: choose a word that describes you, hold it in your mind, that is still who you are regardless of how you climb. Remember who you are.

Physical: how to build endurance through pull up variations

Technical: Soft hand and feet placement forces you to set your route and balance your body.

We have a saying at Banner, "Climb your mountain."

Don't compare your journey.

Don't compare your route.

Climb your mountain.

"Who is this coming up the mountain, as awesome as an army with banners." - Song of Solomon 6:10

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Back by popular demand in 2021: Banner FourSquare. Olympic Team coming soon....

Photos from Banner Academy's post 09/17/2021

Westbottoms Back to School Photo Shoot 2021:

Always one of my favorite events of the year. I love capturing personalities and I love how all of their personalities have already captured me. Some of them are returning students I've had for nearly 3 years, some I've only had these last 5 weeks. All of them have already worked their way into my heart one way or another.

I can't wait to celebrate all they accomplish in 2021!


Banner Academy is looking to recruit an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Intern (UTA).

This is a great opportunity for college students or someone looking to supplement some income with part time hours. No teaching experience necessary.

We are looking to recruit someone we already know personally. If you do not currently know us, you must be able to provide sufficient references from someone who we directly know. Must be reliable, on time, have own transportation.

Hourly stipend: 10/hr
Pay rate: Bi-weekly
Hours: Mon – Fri: 8:15 – 11am
Starting Date: Sept 20
End Date: Commitment requires 1 semester minimum (Dec 17, 2021) with ability to stay on for second semester May 20, 2022

Job description: Under the direction of the classroom teacher, UTA will assist in the following daily activities:

Track student attendance

Grading daily Math worksheets and other resource worksheets.
All required grading will have an accompanying grade key.

Perform basic clerical and record-keeping duties: printing resources, making copies, sorting curriculum activities

Activity or lab set-up

Supervising students inside and outside the building in a variety of situations or recess times

Optional: Attend field trips / school events to be scheduled ahead of time with given notice per availability of intern.

Uphold standards of Student Handbook: dress code, attendance, student fraternization, etc

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“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.”
― Aristotle

Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology Science Course began with curiosity and wonder as any science course should. It is our deepest exploration of of our Creator, to investigate the things that he created. Our deepest revelation into His glory, to explore the image in which we were made.

May we all be filled with child-like wonder to simply explore him again in the complexity of all he's made.

Photos from Banner Academy's post 08/21/2021

First Week 2021: Chalk Walk Motivational words for the year, Occupation Therapy with Rachel Eisfelder, Minute to Win It Icebreakers with Lauren Ferree, Rowdy Musical Chairs, and Ropes Park Shenanigans. I love our 2021 Banner Family.

Christin Scott, Kristine McClenton Ryeon McClenton, Tricia McKee, Molly Knox Blackwell, Melissa Warburton, Brooke Hairfield Blackmon,


Banner Academy is looking for a Para / Teacher's Aide to assist in small group instruction in Math (either grades 5 or 6). Interested in offering tuition exchange for your child for the right fit.

Responsibilities include direct instruction of daily lesson using Math Mammoth curriculum with small group (2-3 students), daily grading & filing, some minimal review and lesson prep may be necessary to familiarize with our curriculum.

Classroom instruction hours of M, Tu, W, Th from 11-11:30 (direct lesson)

11:30-noon, student lunch break

Then second block from noon - 12:45 is used for 1-1 student "helps" and can also be used for grading.

This is a volunteer with monthly tuition exchange position for the right fit.


Open Enrollment Now!

Banner Academy is based upon a one-room school house concept located on a private, 7 acre homestead. Our program is mastery-driven, rooted in experiential learning, and constructed upon Classical Christian Education and the Trivium Model. We strive to provide an atmosphere that is academically sound, Biblically grounded, and experiential in its nature.

We incorporate Equine Assisted Personal Development classes directly into our curriculum. EAPD explores relational activities with horses to help our students examine what defines true, healthy relationships. These relational activities with horses help nurture the skills needed in problem solving, critical thinking, and in developing response-ability rather than reactivity. These equine lessons are directly incorporated into experiential learning activities in our daily classroom.

Founded upon Song of Solomon 6:10, "Who is this that appears like the dawn, awesome as an army with banners," our belief is that every student that has been discouraged on the battlefield of their education, can come up from that battlefront victorious and awesome as an army with banners.

For more information regarding enrollment, scheduling, student shadow days, or curriculum please contact Jennifer at [email protected]

Photos from Banner Academy's post 05/31/2021

Our End of the Year Trip was one for the record books. This year was a "mountain" for many respects for us and it culminated in literally climbing a mountain and facing our fears repelling back down.

I couldn't be more proud of my students for all the ways they overcame on this trip. Just like a mountain, there were difficult parts to navigate, and places where you had to grit your teeth and climb on. But oh the view from the top, makes it all worth the effort.

I highly recommend Noah's Ark in Buena Vista, CO. There staff was incredible and spent all their extra time building relationships with our students. We're already planning next year's trip!

Photos from Banner Academy's post 05/02/2021

Training at IBEX Gym for our upcoming trip to Colorado at the end of the year.

Photos from Banner Academy's post 04/11/2021

"Learning is experience. Everything else is just information." -Albert Einstein-

As we journey through a Survey of Science (Chemistry, Physics, & Biology) in our Logic stage curriculum, it isn't enough to fill ourselves with the information of the periodic table - we must apply how nitrogen contributes to soil nutrition, it isn't enough to read of the potential energy of an inclined plane, we must construct a gravity fed rain water catching system to hydrate the garden, it isn't enough to define convection and conduction, we must realize that planting seed too close to the cinder blocks will burn and destroy tender root systems.

If the goal of education was simply transferred information, wouldn't this be the most "educated" generation in history?

And yet precisely because of so much transferred information... I fear it is the least educated.

Even Webster defines education as FIRST, the receiving or giving of information and only SECOND, as an enlightening experience.

I argue that we cannot truly educate without both. If we fail to do the second, we have failed the whole.


Banner Academy is based upon a one-room school house concept located on a private, 7 acre homestead. Our program is mastery-driven, rooted in experiential learning, and constructed upon Classical Christian Education and the Trivium Model. We strive to provide an atmosphere that is academically sound, Biblically grounded, and experiential in its nature.

We incorporate Equine Assisted Personal Development classes directly into our curriculum. EAPD explores relational activities with horses to help our students examine what defines true, healthy relationships. These relational activities with horses help nurture the skills needed in problem solving, critical thinking, and in developing response-ability rather than reactivity. These equine lessons are directly incorporated into experiential learning activities in our daily classroom.

Founded upon Song of Solomon 6:10, "Who is this that appears like the dawn, awesome as an army with banners," our belief is that every student that has been discouraged on the battlefield of their education, can come up from that battlefront victorious and awesome as an army with banners.

For more information regarding enrollment, scheduling, student shadow days, or curriculum please contact Jennifer at [email protected]

Photos from Banner Academy's post 03/06/2021

We have been building relationship with our sweet neighbor across the street from school.

Today for our student Work Exchange program (where students work off behavioral demerit points instead of suspensions or detentions) we helped her clean up her property line - which happens to have become a dumping ground for others' trash and debris in the Raytown area. They probably don't care that it's private property and there's no city officials coming to haul their junk away. Just a widow and her work ethic.

The students filled 8-10 trash bags full of junk and debris. Then stuffed their faces with homemade brownies and cold milk she'd made for them.

We hauled cinder blocks for the base of new raised beds we are going to help our neighbor build for a new mini community garden we are going to keep together. She's teaching us how to plant, compost, maintain raised beds and we'll be helping her with weeding and watering - enjoying the fruits of our labors together.

To end the day, she surprised the kids with a real farm-life treat: she asked who wanted to drive the truck out in the pasture!! Every hand shot up and face lit up. They couldn't believe their ears. One by one, she coached from the passenger seat and each student took turns driving (most for the FIRST time) through her pasture as the rest of us laughed and hollered from the truck bed as new drivers learned the gas from the brake.

My life might have flashed before my eyes a few times - but we haven't laughed together like that in a long time. We needed to laugh together. It's been a hard school year for these kids.

I said to my students, "you are learning more than you ever could in our classroom today."

One student remarked, "Really? I mean, what are we actually learning? We just picked up trash and moved cinder blocks."

Another student came to me and said, "I know what we learned...we learned to how to serve with a happy heart."

With a happy heart.

Photos from Banner Academy's post 03/04/2021

"Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul alike" - JOHN MUIR -

Winter often attempts to keep us schoolhouse bound, but at the first sign of survivable temperatures you'll find us exploring, risking, climbing, wandering....

Often this leads us to adoring, breathing, resting, laughing.

Learning is also discovering who and whose you are.

We don't find ourselves in nature. We come to find that we are His.

Photos from Banner Academy's post 03/04/2021

Some school days you need a little pet therapy.

Photos from Banner Academy's post 03/04/2021

Today we learned to process a hog - slaughter to supper. Hung, skinned, butchered into cuts. Every bit of the animal that could be used was saved - fat rendered for soap and lard, bones & head for broth, eyes for... well... idk but we saved them.

I love that my students were fascinated to learn.

I love that they were exposed to skills that our nation is losing and that might not be passed completely to this next generation.

I love that every time they see pork chops in the grocery store they will be reminded of their experience and appreciate the process.

I love that learning requires community and that as a school we are building relationships with our neighbors as they share their lives and skills with us.

In a near Post-Covid world, we've realized systems are fragile. We could be one step away from the inability to provide our own food, water, electricity, etc.

Education must at times be subjective to the times we live in, otherwise we must question if it deserves to be called "education" at all.


"I have never let schooling interfere with my education." -- Mark Twain --

Sometimes the classroom becomes box and not a blessing. Sometimes the schedule becomes a dictator and not a discovery. Sometimes a textbook becomes a launch pad instead of merely a literary work.

We have so many preconceived and traditionalized demands upon the idea of what "schooling" should look like and how grades should be determined, that we lose the joy of curiosity and the wonder of discovery which leads to the depths of education.

We have a classroom. We keep a schedule. And our shelves are filled with textbooks.

And I find that it is when we disregard them all... that we find the intimacy of learning.

Photos from Banner Academy's post 11/20/2020

Today we learned how to process a chicken: start to finish. We made sure to thank God and the animal for both of their provision. Then the students watched with mixed emotions as they realized how their chicken tenders make it to their plate.

Our neighbor walked the kids through the anatomy of the chicken and helped identify all its organs, and differentiate which were good for eating and why. They helped rinse organs, got to put their hands in the newly processed chicken, and ask all the questions their curious minds could think of.

There's nothing like experiential learning. This was a day they won't quickly forget.

Photos from Banner Academy's post 10/23/2020

Our school is founded upon the scripture of Song of Solomon 6:10, Who is this, coming up the mountain as awesome as an army with banners?

Sometimes, the climb goes unnoticed. The effort it takes to plan a route, foresee the difficult stretch from one small foothold to another. Sometimes the strenuous task of simply holding on to your current position is often overlooked. Sometimes you're simply expected to make it to the top on your first attempt simply because you are climbing - as opposed to having become a climber - which takes months of experience and training and failures up the mountain.

Sometimes you just have to allow them to climb and realize they're not yet climbers. Sometimes you have to recognize just holding on, is refusing to let go of a current foothold, refusing to give up ground, even if you can't make the next reach. Sometimes you have to understand that failure, and falling from that rock face, was the best teacher. Next time, you'll make a different approach.

This is one kid I know is going to make it to the top, as awesome as an army with banners. Keep climbing Eric. We're proud of you!

Photos from Banner Academy's post 10/22/2020

Let them be wild and free. Let them play, and learn risk assessment. Let them run, and learn to push through the pain. Let them explore, and awaken a curiosity that electronics often deadens. Let them wander, and get lost in the magic of learning for learning sake - void of tests, and comparisons, and standards set too low for the mastery of dreams.

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