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Well, FB has banned me from posting comments on your posts. Guess some FB fact checker does not like facts!
LOL, go to the main post and read the oh so uneducated CA wolf lover comments.
Capital Press
I saw my first wolf in Wallowa County today as I was heading home from Enterprise. It ran across Highway 82 on the straight stretch prior to the bridge -- near Moffitt's place. It was quite large, running fast, looking straight ahead and headed north into the brushy and treed area. I pulled over to see if I could spot it but didn't see it anywhere. It was a light colored one.
Wolves chasing an elk in Oregon.

One of my friends caught this video on their trail camera. Their camera is on the border of Heppner and Yukia.
Trump Administration Announces Gray Wolf Delisting Across Lower 48
Today Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt, and Director Aurelia Skipwith of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced that the gray wolf will be delisted across the entire lower-48 states.

“Today’s action reflects the Trump Administration’s continued commitment to species conservation based on sound science and facts,” said Secretary Bernhardt. “After over 45 years as a listed species, the gray wolf has greatly exceeded all conservation goals for recovery. By delisting the gray wolf today, we can return management of wolf populations to the states.”

The Department of the Interior and The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recognize the invaluable contributions and efforts that sportsmen make toward wildlife conservation efforts. A press release from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service about today's action states:

"Fish and wildlife conservation depends on federal partnerships with states, landowners, and most importantly sportsmen who directly fund – to the tune of $1 billion last year alone and more than $23 billion since inception – conservation efforts by purchasing hunting and fishing licenses, fishing tackle, ammunition, boating fuel and other recreational items."

The press release goes on to say:

"The gray wolf final delisting determination is based on sound science, a thorough analysis of threats and how they have been alleviated, and the ongoing commitment and proven track record of states and tribes to continue managing for healthy wolf populations once delisted."

BigGame Forever strongly applauds today’s decision to fully restore state management authority over Canadian gray wolves in the lower 48 states. This decision is a critical next step to protecting and restoring abundant moose, elk, and deer populations across America.

It is because of your efforts that the gray wolf has been delisted. Thank you for all you have done and your continued support.


Ryan Benson, President
BigGame Forever
The wolves killed a hundred-kilo heifer in Pöytyä, Southwest Finland, the night before Tuesday. The matter was not noticed until the next day, when a neighbor who had been walking the dog had found the animal's intestines in the way.

The half-eaten carcass was found in the adjacent ditch. The distance to his barn is about 50 meters, says Douglas Koskinen, who raises beef cattle.

According to Koskinen, the wolves have either pushed the calf out of the pen or the animal has otherwise come out. Sometimes animals can escape from the pen, but there are very few cases.

The heifer calf was three months old and weighed just over a hundred pounds.

"Wolves can be seen here out of the way, but they haven't taken anything before," Koskinen says.

Recently, a single wolf came inside a fodder mixing plant and then put it on the lawn for a long time. The wolf only woke up when the worker got out of the tractor. The animal slowly went to the woods.

The wolves have access to the feeding table of the cattle farm, as in summer the doors are kept open due to ventilation. It may be that they have managed to scare the calf so that it has pushed itself out of the gap in the fence, Koskinen tells MT.

LIETO / Tarvasjoki. Wolves have killed twenty sheep in a pasture near the center of Tarvasjoki. The pasture had a total of about 50 sheep. The damage is even greater than that of slaughtered sheep, for the pastors were pregnant ewes.

The condition of all the sheep that had been spared from the wolves and escaped from the pasture had not yet been recorded on Friday afternoon. At least one injured sheep had to be killed.

The wolf attack was spotted on Friday morning when a sheep running away from the pasture was found in the yard of a nearby house. Laidun is located about a kilometer from the center of Tarvasjoki, in the bend of two tributaries flowing into the Paimionjoki. Nearby there are settlements in many directions, the nearest about a hundred meters away.

The perpetrators of the destruction work are certainly wolves. The situation was noted by Jörgen Hermansson, the game centre's game designer.
Pucker up!

Feel free to delete this.
Click the email link and share which areas you know of that are gated or have no public access.

We are seeking public assistance to help identify national forest and grassland areas where the agency can provide greater access to hunting, fishing, and other recreational opportunities.

Oregon Wolf Education is on a campaign to educate people on how the Canadian Gray Wolf is impacting

Operating as usual


Supposedly ODFW just finished the 2022 year-end wolf count, yet they either have no clue which wolves killed the second livestock dog and are responsible for 3 depredations in less than one week or they pretend ignorance to avoid lethal removal.


Well, as the wolf vermin mating season was in full swing more livestock killing wnt on. And ODFW playing the well known old game to avoid lethal removal at all costs to appease the wolf worshipers who control their agency.
Note that one livestock protection dog was killed as well. Of course the delusional wolf worshipers claim that livestock protection dogs are non-lethal deterrents. Non lethal for the wolves, lethal for the dogs.


ODFW's "improved" depredation reporting😡!!! Hiding the facts about livestock kills and the investigation details so the findings can't be appealed.


A few facts:
1> First livestock kills by wolves in Oregon happened in 2009
2> Since then livestock kills have become chronic.
3> All ODFW imposed non-lethal deterrents have failed.
4> Despite the proven failures ODFW keeps imposing them.
5> The ODFW Commission appointed by former Governor Kate Brown plans to eliminate wolf management by hunting.
6> Wolf density in NE Oregon is higher than in Yellowstone National Park.
7. Livestock wolf kills were at all time high in 2022.
8> Wolf worshiper NGO's collected record profits to pay themselves.
9> Ranchers have record livestock losses.
10> Big game populations like Mule Deer and Elk are declining rapidly and are moving onto private property to find refuge from Wolves.


We got word that the ODFW Commission plans to change the Wolf Conservation and Management Plan to eliminate the wolf hunting provision. The wolf numbers, livestock depredations, and negative effects on Deer and Elk in NE Oregon are getting close to meeting the criteria that calls for controlled wolf hunts. The Commission's response proves that they are controlled by the wolf worshiping crowds.😡😡😡😡


ODFW continues to hide relevant details about the never-ending livestock predations. The "new wolves" killed 4 calves in 4 days in the same area where the Elk herd is running around in panic, no doubt being chased by the "new wolves". Double whammy for the ranchers in the area - livestock losses plus damage to their private property and hay.


There are several videos of the large Elk herd in the valley around Cove, Oregon being circulated on social media. Very few or no mentions as to why this herd is on private property, causing quite a bit of damage. Perhaps this infographic will clarify it!

Commission directs ODFW staff to work within its legal authority to stop coyote killing contests 12/17/2022

Commission directs ODFW staff to work within its legal authority to stop coyote killing contests

Here we go folks - the Kate Brown appointed ODFW Commission caving in under pressure from anti-predator management groups.

"The (ODFW) Commission today directed ODFW staff to work with the Department of Justice and develop rules to stop coyote killing contests in a way that is consistent with its legal authority"

And guess who will pay the the price - not the Commissioners nor the predator worshipers.

Commission directs ODFW staff to work within its legal authority to stop coyote killing contests PORTLAND, Ore.—The Commission today directed ODFW staff to work with the Department of Justice and develop rules to stop coyote killing contests in a way that is consistent with its legal authority, while denying a petition from 15 organizations requesting rulemaking on this issue. The vote was 6-...


Wolf depredations in the 1st week of December published today by ODFW.


ODFW has stopped publishing Depredation investigations and only publish a pathetic summary table once in awhile. Trying to hide the results of their failed wolf management! And to top it off ODFW claims they did it at the request of the "stakeholders"😡


Big pack of wolves spotted on Harl Butte by an elk hunter.


ODFW is becoming more corrupt and more creative on how to hide the facts.😡😡😡😡


ODFW stopped publishing the depredation investigations so we cannot keep track of their never ending shenanigans!


ODFW confirmed the bull kill on private property by the Ukiah Pack


1600 pound yearling bull taken down by the Ukiah Pack in Meacham


Rogue Pack - the most depredating pack in Oregon kills again. Two steers on private property.


More good news, however the entire pack has to be removed! Also, the Oregon WCMP allows for wolf hunting in cases like this. Time to follow the WCMP!


Some good news, but not nearly enough! The whole pack has to be removed!


Lookout Mountain Pack strikes again on private property. Two calves, one dead, one missing. ODFW says Confirmed+Possible/Unknown.


Well, Horseshoe Pack depredates again. On private property, Meacham area.


Horseshoe Pack depredates yet again in Umatilla County.😡


Lookout Mountain Pack depredates again.


"18" 600 pound calves have been killed by wolves in Colorado!


Confirmed depredation by OR103 in Klamath County


Tree Pack strikes again. One Probable and one Confirmed.


Horseshoe Pack kills again on private property. 600 lb calf wasted.


Correction: Horseshoe Pack, not Balloon Tree Pack. Sorry!
Finally an order for a lethal take of the Balloon Tree Pack!


Balloon Tree Pack killed yet again - third attack in 12 days. ODFW silent on lethal removal despite criteria being met.


Balloon Tree Pack killed yet again, second kill in less than a week! This meets the lethal removal criteria.


This is “progressivism” today!


The Balloon Tree Pack killed again on private land.


We remember!

Years ago, I came across a transcript of a conversation between Tom Burnett, and his wife, Deena. Tom was a passenger on Flight 93, who was in contact with his wife moments before he and several others rushed the cockpit and brought down the plane. I shared their conversation here two years ago, because every time people say "never forget," this is what I think of. It's strange, because I have my own memories and my own personal stories about that day, but whenever I hear "never forget," I remember a conversation I didn't have. A conversation I hope to never have. A conversation between a man who caught an earlier flight, because he was so anxious to get home to his family, and the wife he would never see again.

It's painful to read, but I'm sharing it again because I choose to remember, and hope you do, too.


6:27 a.m.( pacific time) First cell phone call from Tom to Deena

Deena: Hello
Tom: Deena
Deena: Tom, are you O.K.?
Tom: No, I’m not. I’m on an airplane that has been hijacked.
Deena: Hijacked?
Tom: Yes, They just knifed a guy.
Deena: A passenger?
Tom: Yes.
Deena: Where are you? Are you in the air?
Tom: Yes, yes, just listen. Our airplane has been hijacked. It’s United Flight 93 from Newark to San Francisco. We are in the air. The hijackers have already knifed a guy, one of them has a gun, they are telling us there is a bomb on board, please call the authorities.
6:31 Deena calls 911

6:34 The phone rang in on call waiting, Tom’s second cell phone call.

Deena: Hello
Tom: They’re in the cockpit. The guy they knifed is dead.
Deena: He’s dead?
Tom: Yes. I tried to help him, but I couldn’t get a pulse.
Deena: Tom, they are hijacking planes all up and down the east coast. They are taking them and hitting designated targets. They’ve already hit both towers of the World Trade Center.
Tom: They’re talking about crashing this plane. (a pause) Oh my God. It’s a su***de mission…(he then tells people sitting around him)
Deena: Who are you talking to?
Tom: My seatmate. Do you know which airline is involved?
Deena: No, they don’t know if they’re commercial airlines or not. The news reporters are speculating cargo planes, private planes and commercial. No one knows.
Tom: How many planes are there?
Deena: They’re not sure, at least three. Maybe more.
Tom: O.K….O.K….Do you know who is involved?
Deena: No.
Tom: We’re turning back toward New York. We’re going back to the World Trade Center. No, wait, we’re turning back the other way. We’re going south.
Deena: What do you see?
Tom: Just a minute, I’m looking. I don’t see anything, we’re over a rural area. It’s just fields. I’ve gotta go.

6:45 a.m. Third cell phone call from Tom to Deena

Tom: Deena
Deena: Tom! you’re O.K! (She thought at this point he had just survived the Pentagon plane crash).
Tom: No, I’m not.
Deena: They just hit the Pentagon.
Tom: (tells people sitting around him “They just hit the Pentagon.”)
Tom: O.K….O.K. What else can you tell me?
Deena: They think five airplanes have been hijacked. One is still on the ground. They believe all of them are commercial planes. I haven’t heard them say which airline, but all of them have originated on the east coast.
Tom: Do you know who is involved?
Deena: No
Tom: What is the probability of their having a bomb on board? I don’t think they have one. I think they’re just telling us that for crowd control.
Deena: A plane can survive a bomb if it’s in the right place.
Tom: Did you call the authorities?
Deena: Yes, they didn’t know anything about your plane.
Tom: They’re talking about crashing this plane into the ground. We have to do something. I’m putting a plan together.
Deena: Who’s helping you?
Tom: Different people. Several people. There’s a group of us. Don’t worry. I’ll call you back.

6:54 a.m. Fourth cell phone call to Tom to Deena

Deena: Tom?
Tom: Hi. Anything new?
Deena: No
Tom: Where are the kids?
Deena: They’re fine. They’re sitting at the table having breakfast. They’re asking to talk to you.
Tom: Tell them I’ll talk to them later.
Deena: I called your parents. They know your plane has been hijacked.
Tom: Oh…you shouldn’t have worried them. How are they doing?
Deena: They’re O.K.. Mary and Martha are with them.
Tom: Good.
(a long quiet pause)
Tom: We’re waiting until we’re over a rural area. We’re going to take back the airplane.
Deena: No! Sit down, be still, be quiet, and don’t draw attention to yourself! (The exact words taught to me by Delta Airlines Flight Attendant Training).
Tom: Deena! If they’re going to crash this plane into the ground, we’re going to have do something!
Deena: What about the authorities?
Tom: We can’t wait for the authorities. I don’t know what they could do anyway. It’s up to us. I think we can do it.
Deena: What do you want me to do?
Tom: Pray, Deena, just pray.
(after a long pause)
Deena: I love you.
Tom: Don’t worry, we’re going to do something...

Photos from California Cattlemen's Association's post 09/11/2022

Photos from California Cattlemen's Association's post

Legal Ledger: MT adopts wolf hunting regs 09/09/2022

Legal Ledger: MT adopts wolf hunting regs

Legal Ledger: MT adopts wolf hunting regs The Montana Fish and Wildlife Commission adopted new wolf hunting and trapping regulations for the upcoming season.

Canadian Grey Wolves Introduction

The Canadian Grey Wolf introduction by Wolf Dictators is all about Private Property Rights infringement and managing people into compliance with said infringement.
Listen to one of our founders, Kerry Tienhaara talking about who we are and what we do.

Mission Statement

Educate how the introduction of the Canadian Gray Wolf has resulted in repeated infringement of our private property rights, invasion of our privacy, created a constant threat to our livelihoods, safety and health of our livestock, working or hunting dogs, and our families while jeopardizing the viability of our businesses.

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Caribou in agony after being fed on by wolves while still alive.
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Gov. Kate Brown's advice to Republicans
DeFazio Insults HR 6784 supporters
Rep. Earl Blumenauer opposes Wolf delisting
The Puppet and the Puppeteer - revisited
Rep. PeterDeFazio false statements about Wolves





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