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Don't forget we are celebraing Dr. Seuss week this week!! ❤️
A primary goal for our adult development program is to teach these adults functional life skills needed for personal independence in caring for themselves and their environment.
TLC will be closed tomorrow. Stay safe and warm!
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TLC will be closing at 1:30 today due to the upcoming weather.
How was your rare TWOSday? Our staff found ways to make it fun.
Aggie Campus Employee of the Month is Maggie Ivie. Maggie has been a bus rider for her bus driver husband, Brad, since 2017. These two are an amazing team. They always have the clients and students singing and interacting on the bus. They go out of their way to buy things for the kiddos, they are always available for field trips, and the clients adore them. Maggie is an exceptional employee. Maggie has not missed a single day of work since she has been with TLC; and she keeps Brad in line.

Thank you Maggie for being such a great employee!
Happy Presidents Day from Mrs. Valina’s classes.
Not only is stacking blocks beneficial for hand eye coordination, but it is one of the earliest forms of mathematics.
Our Babies enjoyed some sensory play time in their baby ball pit this week. ❤️ They loved it!
The Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) employee of the month is Lexi Davis Casey.

Lexi began working as a preschool technician in September of 2018.
Lexi voluntarily took on the roll of implementing the STAR (Strategies of Teaching children with Autism based on Research) ABA program in the classroom
with children that had a diagnosis of autism or that demonstrated characteristics of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Lexi demonstrated excellent understanding of
behavior principles. Once TLC began implementing an ABA program within the preschool, Lexi was asked to accept a position as a Behavior Technician.

In the Fall of 2021, Lexi completed all the requirements to become a Registered Behavior Technician. With her knowledge of the field, her rapport with children
and excellent work ethic, Lexi is an asset to our ABA program.

Congratulations to Lexi for being chosen the Employee of the Month.
Valentine’s Day fun last week in Mrs. Valina’s class.

"To Empower and Enhance the Lives of the Developmentally Disabled and Their Families by Providing Qu

The Learning Center of Northeast Arkansas, Inc provides ADA Therapy, Speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, audiological testing, psychological services, early intervention day treatment, RN/medical services, Food services, transportation services, behavioral health services, bracing recommendations/equipment evaluations, and autism specialist services- BCBA's to Jonesboro, AR and the surrounding areas.

Operating as usual


Happy National Occupational Therapist Day to our amazing team of therapists, including therapist not pictured, Carrie Taylor.

We appreciate everything you do for our children! Help us show them some love in the comments!

Photos from TLC - The Learning Center's post 10/27/2022

Fall means field trips! Mrs. Valina’s classes took a trip to Rolling Hills Farm last week. Thank you to all our parents who lended a helping hand.


Autism has been misunderstood by many people! The team at The Learning Center has the privilege to witness the growth in many of these amazing individuals.

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Fall Festival fun! Thank you to our friends at the JA!! And to the parents who put on the Halloween party at ASU! We appreciate our community so much. ❤️

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This week Ms. Erin’s classes experienced their 5 senses with varies activities. They even had a mini field trip on our Natural Playground.

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It's true...

The wonderful people in our Adult Development Program here at TLC have a blast! 🎳

From Special Olympic bowling, to nature center visits, to summer cookouts, they're always trying and learning new things!

Not only do these outings and activities bring joy, but they help our adults develop critical social skills, too.

If you're local to Jonesboro, drop your suggestions for places we should visit next! 👇


TLC is now hiring a Licensed Clinical Social Worker!

This position has great hours, competitive pay and benefits are included.

To apply visit,


Wondering how to encourage speech development with your kids at home?

Here are some recommendations 💬

Birth to 2 years
👶 When your baby makes faces, make the same faces back
👉 Point out colors and shapes, describe what you're doing as you get your baby dressed, make their food, etc.

2 - 4 years
❓Ask silly questions like ""can our puppy fly?"" and try to encourage them to ask you silly questions
🖼️Show them pictures of people in your family, friends, and describe who's in the photo and what's happening

4 - 6 years
🍎 put things in categories and ask your child which doesn't belong and why
🎥 watch a movie together and ask your child to tell you what's happening

What's your child's favorite thing to talk to you about? 👇

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What an amazing Community Helpers Week! Thank you to all the local community helpers for providing our children with this amazing hands on experience. They love it every year!


TLC is now hiring a Licensed Clinical Social Worker!

This position has great hours, competitive pay and benefits are included.

To apply visit,

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Our Community Helpers Week continues… Thank You Jonesboro Police Department for showing our kiddos the police car and motorcycle. They enjoyed it so much!


Our sensory gym is supplied with many pieces of equipment that our therapist incorporate into each session.

The scooter boards are a great sensory tool used to strengthen stability, core strength, and motor skills.

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Thank you to Jonesboro Sanitation Department for entertaining our kiddos with the “big truck” on Friday. We are all geared up for Community Helpers Week this week.


It is that time of year!

We are gearing up for our Annual Fall Festival and need your help! Please send candy donations or drop them by the office before October 24th.

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Thank you UNITED WAY for helping us clean up our grounds! You guys are much appreciated!!

Photos from TLC - The Learning Center's post 10/06/2022

Photos from TLC - The Learning Center's post

Photos from TLC - The Learning Center's post 10/06/2022

ASU Homecoming. Go Red wolves!

Photos from TLC - The Learning Center's post 10/06/2022

Photos from TLC - The Learning Center's post

Photos from TLC - The Learning Center's post 10/06/2022

Parker Homestead, visits from the firefighters, more out to eat and crafts. We’ve had a busy season.

Photos from TLC - The Learning Center's post 10/06/2022

Lots of fun going on at the adult program. Birthday parties, crafts, out to eat, an AWESOME taco bar, pool parties, and trips to ASU. We love to learn from experiences!


Happy World Teachers' Day!

We would like to thank our amazing staff including our teachers and other therapy professionals for all they do each and every day 🍎

Leave a message in the comments for our wonderful staff, and we'll make sure to pass them along! 🤗


Did you know that October is Down syndrome Awareness Month? We want to share awareness of this condition and push for acceptance and inclusion of people with Down Syndrome.

Down Syndrome is the most common genetic disability, caused when a person is born with an extra chromosome.


October is National Physical Therapy Month! Join us as we celebrate our amazing team of physical therapists! Thank you for all that you do for our kids!

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Another United Way Day of Caring in the books! TLC is blessed every year with some of the best volunteers. This year students from the Nettleton High School EAST Program helped built and create items for our Natural Playground Area. All of them worked so hard! Our kids were excited to play on the new playground already this afternoon.

Firefighter Brent Deckard also helped the students today with the project, Thank You Brent for volunteering your time to help.

We also want to thank the Bayer Crop Science Volunteers who helped with some landscape projects at our David Puryear Center. The front entrance looks amazing!

Thank you United Way for this amazing day!


Last Day to Order!
It is time for our Annual Mum Sale!

For your order form, email [email protected] by tomorrow. All proceeds go towards supporting The Learning Center's therapeutic program.


Drawing Shapes with Shaving Cream is a great way to help in developing your child’s small hand muscles while increasing their sensory skills. By drawing shapes, letters, and numbers, your child will be learning while getting to be creative and have fun!


Have an especially picky eater at home? Did you know our Occupational Therapists can help?

If your child refuses to eat more than about 20 foods, refusing whole categories and textures, they could potentially benefit from therapy techniques including sensory processing, Oral Beckman, and more!

Let's make meal time fun again 👏 send us a DM today!


Let's talk life skills! 👏

Adults in our Adult Development programs learn a number of life skills, including but not limited to...

🪒 Grooming
💰 Money/finances
🧹 Housekeeping
💬 Communication

What else do you want to know about our adult program? Call us today!


It is time for our Annual Mum Sale!

For your order form, email [email protected] by October 1st. All proceeds go towards supporting The Learning Center's therapeutic program.


“Reed was born at 26 weeks weighing 2 lb 4 oz. He spent his first 3 months in the NICU. We had no idea what the quality of his life would look like and what delays he might have as he developed. Early Intervention is KEY! A good friend, Cindy Vanhorn, was instrumental in getting Reed started in physical therapy as soon as we brought him home. Hannah Logan began helping us with feeding struggles.

Today, Reed is 2 years old. He runs and plays just like his peers. He talks and sings all the time! We are so thankful for TLC, the therapist, and classroom teachers that have loved Reed and helped him through so much! We have been so blessed by them.”

The team at TLC loves being able to work with Reed!


Children are constantly learning through their senses. Getting your child outside is an easy way to encourage sensory building activities. Which sensory-building outdoor activity is your child’s favorite?

☀️Playing and exploring in the dirt
☀️Building sand castles
☀️Water play in pools or water tables
☀️Collecting rocks


As your littles head back to school and join us here at TLC, you may notice some new behaviors and reactions 🍎

All kids have attachment to their primary caregivers and the different styles become evident during adjustments, like heading back to school! When determining your child's style, here's what to look for 👇

- greets parents positively when they see them again
- able to leave parent without distressed

- very suspicious of strangers
- has a difficult time separating from parents

- may avoid seeking comfort from parents
- shows little preference for parents over strangers

- may seem confused when with their parent
- may display avoidant characteristics

Have any questions or concerns? Let your child's therapist or teacher know!


Today we spotlight all of our Speech Therapist! The therapist not pictured are Kristen Wendel, Sarah Collinsworth, and Alyssa Myers.

Show them some love in the comments below!


It is time for our Annual Mum Sale!

For your order form, email [email protected] by October 1st. All proceeds go towards supporting The Learning Center's therapeutic program.


There are many benefits of limiting screen time in children. By lowering the number of hours your child is in front of a screen, it will improve their social behavior and self-esteem, improve body composition, and improve their overall sleep!


A reminder that TLC will be closed on September 5th in observance of Labor Day!


Mrs. Angela is one of our Early Childhood Developmental Specialists who currently teaches our toddlers alongside her fellow technicians. Before coming to TLC Mrs. Angela was an RN but she also has a degree in education. Mrs. Angela is a passionate teacher who is focused on helping our growing population. She loves to learn new teaching methods and strategies that will help with building connections and teaching new skills. In August, Mrs. Angela stepped outside of her teaching duties to be a nurse again while our full time nurse was off work. She is the perfect example of a team player who is willing to help in all areas of our facility. Thank you Mrs. Angela for all your hard work and dedication to our clients and program.

We love having you as part of our team.


Mrs. Debbie is one of Early Childhood Developmental Assistants who works with Mrs. Erin in one of our 4 year old rooms. Debbie has worked at TLC for a total of 15 years. Her years of experience, knowledge of developmental milestones and child care licensing requirements and the love she shows for all children makes her a valuable employee to our program. Debbie takes the initiative to help her fellow co-workers in all areas of need, she is not afraid of a challenge and is a strong advocate for the children we serve. Thank you Debbie for your years of dedication to our program and the all children you have touched throughout your years at TLC.

We appreciate everything you do!


Our Employee of the Month for August is Chris Pyles!

"Chris is one of the most accommodating employees at TLC. Chris is always looking out for the kids and making sure they have what they need. Chris rearranges bus routes to make sure we are able to pick up and drop off kids and sometimes with short notice. I can always count on Chris to take care of transportation needs and pick up the slack where needed. Chris is definitely an asset to TLC."

Thanks for being a part of TLC Chris!


At TLC, we believe there's a bigger role for parents than helping with the occasional homework. That's why we make every effort to include our parents in their child's individualized therapy programs 🍎

This looks like...

- offering 3-4 parent training sessions per month
- informing parents of goals and program development
- updating parents on program modifications and mastered skills
- gaining parental input on new interventions

Interested in attending one of our sessions?

Message us today and we will be in contact!


TLC's Diagnostic and Resource Center provides psychological evaluations and care for children ranging from 2-18, our team is able to assess conditions such as Autism, ADHD, ODD, dyslexia and others. Simply speak with your pediatrician about a referral, and we'll take it from there ❤️

Has your family used our Diagnostic and Resource Center? We would love to hear about your experience below!


"I began to notice Kinley having speech delay around 18 months. We had her evaluated at 2 years old and found that she qualified for speech, PT and OT. At 2 years old she couldn’t say “mama”, could not understand basic instructions, or identify anything.

We have seen so much progress since starting TLC! She now has 40 hours ABA therapy/week. Kinley can now identify most everything, speaking in full sentences and has much more understanding and awareness.

I’m so thankful for all TLC has done for Kinley! I know they truly love her and that makes the biggest difference!!"

The team at TLC loves being able to work with Kinley!

Photos from TLC - The Learning Center's post 08/16/2022

At the adult center we are starting our “new year” off with a bang! Morning stretches and calendar time to get our minds and bodies moving.


We are so excited to welcome our kids and families into a new school year at The Learning Center!


Reminder that our Open House for TLC and The Academy of TLC will be tonight from 5:00 to 6:30pm. We look forward to seeing everyone and can’t wait to start the new school year!


Our Open House will be August 11th from 5:00 to 6:30pm.

We welcome our parents to come meet our teachers and techs before the new school year starts, on August 15th.


The Academy of TLC Back to School Open House will be August 11th from 5:00 to 6:30pm.

We welcome our parents to come meet our teachers and techs before the new school year starts, on August 15th.

Photos from TLC - The Learning Center's post 08/07/2022

Saying farewell to these smiling faces was so hard for our staff this week. Everyone of our little graduates will always hold a special place in our hearts. ❤️ Best of luck in Kindergarten this year kiddos!


FAQ: Why are we SUCH big fans of early intervention at TLC?

Short answer: Our brains are more adaptable in the first three years of life, than at any other time in our lives 🤯 therapy and intervention have been proven to be more successful the earlier they're introduced!

We try to make it as easy as possible for parents to get their children the help they may need with our easy evaluations and screenings, facilitated by our team of professionals.

Our team will determine if therapy could help a child by observing them in normal settings (like a play room). If recommended, our team will then take the next step by developing an individualized plan, should parents decide they want to proceed.

If you're on the fence, but think your child might be able to benefit from occupational, speech, or physical therapy, we invite you to send us a message! Together, we'll help set your child up for success ❤️

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