The Sprouting Heart: Vitalism, Natural Healing, Herbs, and Hydrotherapy

The Sprouting Heart: Vitalism, Natural Healing, Herbs, and Hydrotherapy

Family education focused on Vitalism. The body will heal itself in a clean and pure environment.

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This is a fun educational video introducing Reflexology!


Parents, you are the one that has the responsibility and opportunity to keep your children well. Let us learn together and unlearn damaging practices and traditions. Allopathic medicine is a business. I offer lessons to family’s and communities so that they can become more self reliant and not be taken advantage of by the medical and pharmaceutical industry. Here is a small snippet from a wonderful book written by one of Americas leading Pediatricians. His resume speaks for itself. This is from his book “How to raise a healthy child… in spite of your doctor.” Highly recommend this book!

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Dr. Roberts Mendelsohn M.D.

9 ways pediatricians are dangerous: (see chapter3)

1)They act as recruiters for the medical industry, indoctrinating children from birth to be dependent upon medical intervention to save them.

2) They are the least likely to tell the parents of side effects of drugs and treatments prescribed.

3) They train yo ur child that “there is a pill for every ill” making future drug addicts.

4) They are paid the least in the medical industry, putting pressure on pediatricians to order expensive, invasive, and often unnecessary tests in order to make ends meet.

5) Pediatricians are so used to seeing patients who are well that they fail to recognize those who are not.

6) They don’t spend enough time with their patients to treat them properly.

7) They are the most likely to support laws that force parents and children to come to them.

8)They are the principle foes of breastfeeding.

9) They give tacit support to unconscionable obstetrical intervention that is damaging children physically, and intellectually. Then they are taught to cover up the obstetrician’s role in producing damage.


Had to share this article from the School of Natural Healing. ❤️


By David Christopher, MH

The mainstream media was quick to compare the 2020 pandemic to the horrific 1918 flu, warning us of an imminent catastrophe. Dr. Anthony Fauci, a proponent of natural immunity, reversed himself and declared only the vaccine would provide lasting immunity. President Biden declared that this pandemic was a pandemic of the unvaccinated and mandated the vaccine for everyone including those who had survived the virus and obtained natural immunity. Many of the most qualified epidemiologists in the country disagreed and signed the Great Barrington Declaration in protest.

The media and their sources were wrong about the severity of the pandemic and are now backpedaling the declared COVID deaths. Deaths per capita of the 2020 pandemic are a small fraction of the per capita deaths realized in 1918.

Before the 2020 pandemic, a 2008 study was conducted and reported in the scientific journal Nature. This was a study of the blood of older people who survived the 1918 influenza pandemic. The study reveals that antibodies to the 1918 strain have lasted a lifetime, and hopefully can be engineered to protect future generations against similar strains.

Further exoneration of natural immunity is found in an article published in The Epoch Times on January 29, 2022, which lists and summarize 150 research studies. This article is aptly titled “150 Research Studies Affirm Naturally Acquired Immunity to COVID-19” authored by Paul E. Alexander.

On the other hand, the mandated vaccine that was touted to prevent infection and prevent the spread of the virus does neither and, because of variants, is obsolete. The Moderna boosters are already outdated, and the Pfizer booster is too little too late. Moderna is using spikes from the original Wuhan COVID-19 virus (which is obsolete) and spikes from the BA.1 (also obsolete) making its booster useless. Pfizer is also using the useless original viral spike in combination with the BA.5 which is almost extinct accounting for only 3.7% of infections. The XBB is the newest variant which is quickly being replaced by the XBB.1.5, now at 27.6% of infections and rising fast, soon to be the dominant strain. [1] The variants are occurring so rapidly that it is a fool’s errand developing and manufacturing boosters for variants that are replaced before launch. The bigger fools are the countries that are buying the boosters before they are manufactured.

Worse than the failure of mRNA vaccines to prevent disease is that the side effects are more dangerous than the viral infections. Myocarditis is one of these side effects that can affect anyone but is taking out young athletes, worldwide, at an alarming rate. The pathology is from the spike proteins attaching to heart tissue triggering major inflammation and leading to sudden death. These spike proteins are transported to all parts of the body by nano-lipid components, found in the vaccine.[2]

Worldwide, in the aftermath of the pandemic, increase in excess mortality rates is skyrocketing. In Iceland, with a proximate population of 350,000 mostly vaccinated people, the excess mortality has increased 56%. Iceland recognizes the problem and suggests that no one under 65 receive COVID vaccines. The U.K. suggests the beginning age for COVID vaccines is 50 and both Spain and Portugal have seen excess mortality rates go up 30%. Since all organs of the body are subject to these spike proteins that are now being manufactured by our own cells, all excess organ failures are suspect vaccine caused deaths.[3]

The bottom line is natural immunity is our only protection to the 380 trillion and counting viruses that exist.

1. -proportions
2. Dr. Ryan Cole pathologists Interviewed by The Epoch times-by Jan Jekielek, Oct. 22,2022

David Christopher is a Master Herbalist, director of The School of Natural Healing, and son of our beloved Dr. John R. Christopher. He is continually helping others improve their health and that of their family members. The School loves having him as the director.


I am beginning natural home health educational consultations. If you live near Jefferson Georgia then you have the option of having me visit your home and present on how you and your family can be more self-reliant in taking charge of your health with herbs and learning a faith based approach to understanding the body and the root of disease. If you are far away and would still like to schedule a consultation online then please send an email to [email protected] and we can get an online consultation scheduled.

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