Mrs. Maloney's Preschool Classroom

Mrs. Maloney's Preschool Classroom

Welcome to our noisy, fun, messy, exciting classroom! I will also update this with reminders, schedule changes, etc. Mrs. Maloney XOXO

Be sure and pop in here to take a peek at all the fun things that we are learning about and doing as we learn and grow together this school year! Thank-you for sharing your sweet child with me this year - they make my heart smile every single day!

Operating as usual


James was repping his Michigan swag yesterday at school, celebrating their big win in The Rose Bowl over Alabama on New Year's Day! πŸŽ‰βœ¨οΈπŸŽŠ We are hoping they win Monday night in the College Football National Championship! πŸ©΅πŸˆπŸ’›


Good Morning! β˜ƒοΈβ„οΈβ˜ƒοΈ We can't wait to see you back at school today! ❀️ We have missed you! πŸ’• Zayleigh got the most perfect Christmas Gift....A brand new precious baby brother! XO πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸŽŠ


As our last day of Christmas vacation is quietly winding down, & I am enjoying my coffee in my quiet dark house wirh just our Christmas Tree Twinkle lights on -. I am so excited to get back to school & to see our Sweet PreKinders tomorrow! πŸŽ„ I have missed you soooo much & can't wait for a fun week at school as we begin 2024 together! ✨️ See you tomorrow ! β˜ƒοΈβ„οΈβ˜ƒοΈThis is a pic of our Baby New Year 20 years ago in our house. Ella Katherine was our most precious G.I.F.T. under our Christmas Tree that year. XO πŸŽ€ #2023


Hoping 2024 has many wonderful things in store for everyone! XO πŸŽ‰βœ¨οΈπŸŽŠ


If you have an extra 20 seconds today on the last day of 2023...Watch this precious little video. πŸ€Άβ€οΈπŸŽ… Mrs. Claus (A.K.A. Auntie Marla Busakowski πŸ’•) singing 'Jingle Bells' to our Sweet PreKinders. 🎢🎼🎡 It will make you smile all day long. β˜ƒοΈβ„οΈβ˜ƒοΈShe is such a gem. 🎁 Love her so much. β€οΈπŸ’šXO

Photos from Mrs. Maloney's Preschool Classroom's post 12/30/2023

One of the B.E.S.T. things over my last 35 years of teaching PreK is being able to get to know & love so many generations of so many beautiful families here in Iron River. ❀️🌲❀️ So many shared memories. πŸ’• These & so many other families took me in & loved & supported me when I was the brand new, young 21-year-old teacher in town in 1989. πŸ₯°So much life has been shared.🫢 The circle of Love. β€οΈβ˜ƒοΈβ€οΈ The circle of Life. πŸ’šXO

Photos from Mrs. Maloney's Preschool Classroom's post 12/29/2023

A little smattering of Cute Christmas Kids! πŸŽ…πŸŒ²πŸ€Ά Hope everyone is enjoying Christmas Break! XO β˜ƒοΈβ„οΈβ˜ƒοΈ


From our school family to yours - Our PreK Team wishes you a very Merry Christmas! XOπŸ€ΆπŸŒ²πŸŽ…

Photos from Mrs. Maloney's Preschool Classroom's post 12/22/2023

'The best way to see Christmas is thru the eyes of a child...' XO πŸ€ΆπŸŒ²πŸŽ…

Photos from Mrs. Maloney's Preschool Classroom's post 12/21/2023

Our visit with Mrs. Claus was pure magic for our Little Loves...πŸ€ΆπŸŒ²πŸŽ…

Photos from Mrs. Maloney's Preschool Classroom's post 12/20/2023

'Sugar & Spice & everything nice....that's what these sweet little PreKinders are made of...'XO πŸ€ΆπŸŒ²πŸŽ…

Photos from Mrs. Maloney's Preschool Classroom's post 12/19/2023

These little Santa's Helpers have been so busy decorating Christmas Trees & making Christmas Cards in our Writing Center! πŸ€ΆπŸŒ²πŸŽ… Just so much magic in our classroom right now! β˜ƒοΈβ„οΈβ˜ƒοΈXO


Oh Sweet Jesus!! ❀️We are in the final days before Christmas vacation!! πŸ€ΆπŸŒ²πŸŽ… So much to do! 🌟 Glitter everywhere! 🎁 No One is listening! πŸ₯° So much excitement!! β˜ƒοΈβ„οΈβ˜ƒοΈHope we can make it! πŸŽ‰XO

Photos from Mrs. Maloney's Preschool Classroom's post 12/17/2023

Our Christmas Bakery Shoppe is busy, busy, busy! πŸ€ΆπŸŒ²πŸŽ… Our Cute Little Elves are rolling & cutting out Christmas Cookies made with Peppermint Play-doh with a little Peppermint Essential Oil mixed in to make our classroom smell yummy & our PreKinders a little calmer! (Maybe!)πŸŽ€ Christmas is coming! β˜ƒοΈβ„οΈβ˜ƒοΈ

Photos from Mrs. Maloney's Preschool Classroom's post 12/16/2023

Our very special School Nurse Sadie, a.k.a. Reid's Mama, came to teach us about G.E.R.M.S., how to not spread them & proper hand washing! 😷 She brought her glow light so we could look for germs on our hands! 🦠 Very timely for going into the Holiday Season & germs everywhere! πŸ₯Ά We are so lucky to have Nurse Sadie! XO❀️🩹🩺


Unfortunately we were not able to Live Stream the Tot-Lot Christmas Program this morning. Luckily, Ella was able to record it. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!


Hey PreK Mamas & Daddys! πŸ€ΆπŸŒ²πŸŽ… Your Christmas Presents are coming home in Backpacks today!.🎁 Your PreKinders have worked hard on these gems! πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸŽŠ I learned a long time ago not to wait until the last days before Christmas Break to send things home in case school gets canceled! β˜ƒοΈβ„οΈβ˜ƒοΈ Hope you love them! β€οΈπŸ’šXO

Photos from Mrs. Maloney's Preschool Classroom's post 12/12/2023

Spread Kindness ❀️ These Kindness calendars went home in backpacks yesterday . XO 🌲


Happy Birthday to our Happy Little Guy! πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸŽŠ Oh Sweet Liam!!✨ You make us laugh all day long with your in depth conversations! ️🍭 And you can negotiate better than any adult I know! πŸ˜‰ We LOVE your LOVE & excitement for life and your imagination & creativity! πŸŽ‚ YOU make us so happy! ❀️ We have all fallen in love with you!! XOπŸ’•

Photos from Mrs. Maloney's Preschool Classroom's post 12/11/2023

It's our last full week of school before Christmas Break! πŸŽ„ I hope you had a nice weekend! πŸŽ…β€οΈπŸ€Ά I got to help at 'The Christmas Tree Galleria ' honoring our local Fire Departments with my favorite girls, I attended the AMAZING 'Seussical' performance!, & went to see 'The Oak Ridge Boys Christmas Concert ' with my parents & cousin at the Casino! 🎢🌲🎡 Such a 'fun-filled-to-the-brrim' Christmas Weekend! β˜ƒοΈβ„οΈβ˜ƒοΈ

Photos from Mrs. Maloney's Preschool Classroom's post 12/10/2023

James is repping his University of Michigan swag to celebrate The Wolverines being named the #1 seed going into the College National Championship Playoffs! πŸ’™πŸˆπŸ’› The Maloney Family are Michigan State Fans, but we will definitely be cheering for Michigan Football to go all the way!πŸŽ‰βœ¨οΈπŸŽŠ

Photos from Mrs. Maloney's Preschool Classroom's post 12/08/2023

Holy Nutcracker!!! πŸ€ΆπŸŒ²πŸŽ… Our Little Tot-Lot Elves were busy, Busy, BUSY today! πŸ’šβ€οΈ We celebrated Maddox 's birthday, welcomed our new little friend, Miss Serafina, to our class, decorated Christmas Trees, made Christmas Art Projects, rolled out 'Christmas Cookies ' made from Gingerbread & Peppermint Candy Cane Play-doh, practiced our Christmas Program Songs, read some Christmas Stories & made darling little Christmas Gifts for Mamas & Daddys. 🎁 It was a filled-to-brim/overflowing morning of Christmas goodness! β˜ƒοΈβ„οΈβ˜ƒοΈ Next up - Tot-Lot Christmas Program next Friday! 🎢🌲🎡

Photos from Mrs. Maloney's Preschool Classroom's post 12/07/2023

This was such a fun Christmas STEM activity as we focused on Engineering & Geometry and created all sorts of different geometric designs! πŸ€ΆπŸŽ„πŸŽ… We discussed STEM vocabulary words like 'structural analysis' & 'foundation integrity' while we worked independently & in groups that encourage communication, collaboration & teamwork! 🌟 All great skills! And it is just F.U.N.!!! XO

Photos from Mrs. Maloney's Preschool Classroom's post 12/06/2023

'Santa's Christmas Bakery Shoppe' is open! πŸŽ…πŸŽ„πŸ€ΆWe rolled up our sleeves & tied on our aprons & this crew got right to work! β™₯οΈπŸ’š These busy little elves had so much fun making these cute little Christmas trees! πŸ’•πŸŽ„πŸ’•πŸŽ„ There was frosting & sprinkles galore! β˜ƒοΈβ„οΈβ˜ƒοΈ XO

Photos from Mrs. Maloney's Preschool Classroom's post 12/05/2023

It's 'A Gingerbread World'! πŸ€ΆπŸŒ²πŸŽ… We read Jan Brett's Gingerbread stories, made gingerbread play-doh that made our room smell so yummy and set up a 'Bakery Shop' in our Sensory Center, made gingerbread people and houses, and worked on sorting, grouping gingerbread people in our math center.... Was a fun week!!!β˜ƒοΈβ„οΈβ˜ƒοΈ Christmas is coming! XO β€οΈπŸ’š

Photos from Mrs. Maloney's Preschool Classroom's post 12/04/2023

'It's beginning to look alot like Christmas...'🎢🌲🎡 We have been busy Poodle-Making, Noodle-Dying, Pretzel-Stringing & Christmas Song-Singing making all our things to decorate our Christmas Tree for 'The Christmas Tree Galleria' at The Museum! πŸ€Άβ€οΈπŸŽ… It runs all week ! β˜ƒοΈβ„οΈβ˜ƒοΈ Be sure & check it out if you haven't already!! πŸŽ€ It's a 'Must See' Christmas Tradition!! XO 🌲

Photos from Mrs. Maloney's Preschool Classroom's post 12/03/2023

Cheerio Towers! Such a great fine-motor activity that helps to strengthen chubby little hand muscles & fingers that will one day hold pencils & scissors! βœοΈβœ‚οΈ Also, a great way to incorporate some Math Objectives like rote counting & meaningful counting skills! βœ”οΈ We are smart kids! πŸ€“XO

Photos from Mrs. Maloney's Preschool Classroom's post 12/02/2023

Working hard in Fall Math Centers! πŸ€“ Counting, matching, patterning, comparing by similarities & differences. βœ”οΈ We are working hard! We are smart kids! βœ”οΈ

Photos from Mrs. Maloney's Preschool Classroom's post 12/01/2023

So many fun things to do in town these next couple weekends before Christmas! πŸ€ΆπŸŒ²πŸŽ… So thankful for such a wonderful community that loves our children so well! XOβ€οΈπŸ’š


It is Christmas Program Day! πŸŽ„ One of my favorite days of the year! ❀ I am up early enjoying my coffee and the twinkle lights on my Christmas Tree as I look forward to this special day. This is my 35th Prek Christmas Program. πŸ€ΆπŸŽ… I am so thankful & blessed to have shared these programs with generations of families. 🎢🎡 See you at Windsor at 8:15. XO


These little gems are coming home today! πŸ€ΆπŸŒ²πŸŽ… This cute little 'Count down to Christmas ' is laminated so you can save it & pull it out every Christmas to enjoy! ❀️ It's a long time PreK Christmas Tradition!πŸ’š How many of you still have yours? XOπŸŽ…πŸ€Ά


'Rudolph' is on tonight at 7:00 on NBC! πŸŽ„β€οΈπŸŽ„ Get your jammies on tonight and kick off the Christmas Season! πŸŽ…πŸ’šπŸ€Ά "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....' β„οΈβ˜ƒοΈ,❄️


It was 1996 & this was Thanksgiving in our house that year!🀎 πŸ¦ƒπŸ§‘ Max was 8 months old & at 25 lbs, loved his 1st Thanksgiving dinner!πŸ‚Our hearts & arms were full!🍁 I had Mrs. Marcell make this darling orange hunting vest so he could match Daddy! 🦌 XO

Photos from Mrs. Maloney's Preschool Classroom's post 11/25/2023

So many fun things going on today!! 🌲 Be sure & attend the opening day of the 'Christmas Tree Galleria' at the Museum & check out our super cute 'PreK Oodles of Poodles & Noodles' Tree! ❀️ πŸ’š This is our 35th year our 'PreK Poodle Tree' has made its appearance in the annual 'Christmas Tree Galleria '! ✨️ Such a fun tradition! 🀢 Also, Santa will be in town! πŸŽ… Be sure & pop over & see him! 🌲 So many fun things to do today! 🎁 It's beginning to look alot like Christmas...β˜ƒοΈβ„οΈβ˜ƒοΈ

Photos from Mrs. Maloney's Preschool Classroom's post 11/23/2023

We learned a long time ago to not get behind these 2 crazy Turkeys in the Thanksgiving Food Line! πŸ‚πŸ¦ƒπŸ As we give thanks for love & for living...We wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! 🧑🀎 Happy Thanksgiving from The Maloney House to yours! XOπŸ’›

Photos from Mrs. Maloney's Preschool Classroom's post 11/22/2023

As we give thanks for love and for living, we wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! πŸ‚πŸ¦ƒπŸ₯§πŸSo thankful for these precious littleTurkeys & Pumpkin Pies in Tot-Lot & PreK!!! XO 🧑🀎

Photos from Mrs. Maloney's Preschool Classroom's post 11/21/2023

Working hard in Fall Literacy Centers, practicing letter recognition & fine motor skills! πŸ€ŽπŸ¦ƒπŸ§‘ A few candy corns may or may not have been eaten! XOπŸπŸ‚

Photos from Mrs. Maloney's Preschool Classroom's post 11/20/2023

So thankful for a weekend filled to the brim with snuggling new babies & celebrating birthday boys & girls! πŸ€ŽπŸ¦ƒπŸ§‘ So lucky that these former students that were once little girls in my PreK Class, now are sweet Mamas themselves & bring me precious new babies to love on! πŸ’• The circle of love. ❀️ The circle of life. πŸ’› So thankful for these abundant blessings.🀎 And yes, those are my Thanksgiving jammies with turkeys & cornucopias on them! πŸ¦ƒ Don't judge! πŸ₯°XO

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