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Photos from BBCS STEM's post 04/08/2020

2019 FTC in Kingsford. This sharp group of "rookies" has much perseverance and resourcefulness. This was a challenging but very good day!😎

Photos from BBCS STEM's post 04/08/2020

From a year ago, FTC competition at Kingsford. Boys overcame many obstacles!

Photos from BBCS STEM's post 04/08/2020

(Grades 5-6) Tallest Tower, Aid Drop Packages; (Grades 7-8) Paper Rockets & Wind Tunnel, Rube Goldberg, Instruments; (Grade 8) Owl Pellet Dissection; (Grades 5-8) FIRST robotics.

Photos from BBCS STEM's post 04/08/2020

A Fun Time: Grade8 dissected owl pellets last marking period. Hunting for bones and puzzling over the skeletons was pretty awesome! This was one of my favorite days this school year with some really special young people!

Photos from BBCS STEM's post 02/10/2020

STEM, Engineering Design Process "INVESTIGATE" continues. Students test how a parachute, canopy and wings can work for packages withstanding damage when dropped.

Photos from BBCS STEM's post 10/05/2019

STEM start up for grades 5&6 in Science this week!
This introductory EIE activity has teams practice productive talk as they plan their design and construct a stable tower.

Problem parameters: Construct a tower "prototype" to help "bear" stay safe when flooding affects his home. Successful towers measure a minimum height of 6 inches and steadily hold the bear for 20 seconds.
Constraints: materials limited to set amount of notecards & tape

Photos from BBCS STEM's post 06/20/2019

We promised some more 3D printed historical buildings. Here they are...

Photos from BBCS STEM's post 05/28/2019

We have been completely blown away by the skills our students have built this year!

They had fun with our Historical Building Challenge. Teams were divided between Paris and Seattle. Wrapping up our earthquake lessons, we explored their similarities through research. Each student chose their own building to design. This is where their true talent started to shine and we saw them rise up! With only two weeks to design, we cannot wait to share pictures as they print. Starbucks is the first building to print from our 7th graders. Notice the little coffee mugs on the shelf! More to come...

14 Books That Connect Students With Valuable Scientists' Struggles 03/16/2019

14 Books That Connect Students With Valuable Scientists' Struggles

These books would make a wonderful addition to our STEM Library. Allowing students to see the trials and failures of extraordinary scientists, supports our virtue of persistence.

14 Books That Connect Students With Valuable Scientists' Struggles A study found that students who read about famous scientists' personal and intellectual struggles do better in their science classes. Librarians helped us put together a list of books that detail some of those struggles.


Here is a short video clip of how fast one design was able to go with a simple fan. We can't wait to measure and compare the amount of energy each design creates.

Photos from BBCS STEM's post 02/27/2019

The weather was no longer able to hold STEM back! Our STEM Enrichment Day explored the power of natural resources. Specifically, the power of wind!

Through the use of the Engineering Design Process(EDP), our student groups each built a working wind turbine after exploring how energy is created using wind. Each group will continue with their testing to measure exactly how much energy their designs create. They focused specifically on blade design using different materials.

We are excited to continue this process in class and through multiple grade levels. Nothing is more exciting than seeing our students work together as a strong team, building each other up, and solving real world problems.

Photos from BBCS STEM's post 02/10/2019

Kindergarten students competing in small classroom "STEM Wars" using our STEM Mats independent stations during Technology class. The buzz in the classroom had everyone giggling with excitement!


Gearing up for second semester and exploring our 3-d printer. The value of Natural Resources and Renewable Energy are going to be our main focus. Here's to an exciting 2nd half!

Photos from BBCS STEM's post 10/31/2018

Can you see him in the background? I wish you could hear his tap, tap, tapping.


We had a wonderful little guest visiting us today! Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd all had a chance to sneak in my room and watch this magnificent lil bird.

Photos from BBCS STEM's post 09/25/2018

We wrapped up our Apple Life Cycle lessons with printmaking and patterns. Full STEAM ahead!

Your List 08/20/2018

Your List

Thank you to those who have supported my classrooms! Along with our traditional Art and Technology, I am excited to note, I will now be teaching a STEAM class with an emphasis on Nature and Art. This will be an exciting journey. I am excited for school to start next week and cannot wait for the adventure of the 2018 school year to begin!

Your List


Science Camp was a blast!

Machines and More!

Photos from BBCS STEM's post 08/03/2018

Words cannot express the gratitude we have felt for a second year as we completed another summer session of our Trustey STEM Teacher Fellowship at Notre Dame University. We will be forever grateful for all of these opportunities!

Fun STEM Activities To Do At Home With Your Kids This Summer 08/02/2018

Fun STEM Activities To Do At Home With Your Kids This Summer

Fun STEM Activities To Do At Home With Your Kids This Summer How can you help combat your child’s summer learning loss in subjects? By getting their (and your) hands dirty! Talia Milgrom-Elcott highlights some of her favorite fun and easy at-home activities you can do with your children this summer.


Great STEM adventures at Shedd Aquarium!

Photos from BBCS STEM's post 07/24/2018

Designing our water filter then testing the flow rate and efficiency to remove contaminants.

2018 Midwest Conference on Catholic Liberal Arts Education 07/05/2018

Effective STEM Instructional Practices-
We were fortunate to have an amazing group of teachers. The room was filled with excitement and each group worked hard to accomplish their goal. The pressure was on!

Trustey STEM Teaching Fellows March Newsletter 07/05/2018

Trustey STEM Teaching Fellows March Newsletter

BBCS STEM was the feature for Fellows in the Field. Make sure you scroll down!

Trustey STEM Teaching Fellows March Newsletter Dear Trustey Fellows, March Madness is upon us! Whether you enjoy college basketball or not, many of you have filled out a bracket for potential winners in the men's or women's tournament. This is the time of year when we hear a host of clichés like: "Defense wins championships," or "Your attitude ...

Photos from BBCS STEM's post 05/18/2018

More amazing opportunities for our current and future students!
Look at the grant we were just awarded:

GE Additive Education Program: 2018 - 2019

Welcome to the GE Additive Education Program for primary and secondary schools (the "Program"). We congratulate you on being selected into the Program's second year class! We received applications from over 3,000 schools from 41 countries. We are thrilled you were selected from this impressive pool of applicants and look forward to your school's contributions to the success and growth of the Program. Under the stewardship of the GE Additive Education Team, Polar3D will administer the Program.

Your school will receive a 3D printing classroom package consisting of:
Premium Polar Cloud account
Dremel Digilab 3D45, a high performance 3D printer
Filament for the printer (6 rolls)
Curriculum/Lesson Plans from STEAMtrax, Makers Empire, Tinkercad and BlocksCAD

Photos from BBCS STEM's post 05/18/2018

Mrs. Benz's 6th grade Physical Science class learned about Pascal's Principal and the multiplication of force in a confined fluid by creating hydraulics machines.


Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful women in our lives! Second grade learned about circuits/electricity and made glowing mother's day cards. Paper circuits were a smashing hit!

Welcome to Camp Wonderopolis 04/04/2018

Welcome to Camp Wonderopolis

Looking for a way to squelch your kids' boredom? Here's a great way to challenge their imaginations with STEM activities and explore the wonders of science in the world around them!

Welcome to Camp Wonderopolis Camp Wonderopolis® is the free online summer-learning destination that's full of fun, interactive STEM and literacy-building topics boosted by Maker experiments!


FRC District Competition Escanaba 2018

This competition had us on the edge of our seats. Impressive, Intense, Awesome!

Bishop Baraga Catholic School STEM

Don’t doubt the Creator, beacause it is inconceivable that accidents alone could be the controller of this universe. ~Sir Isaac Newton

This past summer, we were blessed with the amazing opportunity to attend the first part of our three year journey with Notre Dame University’s STEM Team. Our two week were filled with intense math and science experiences that completely blew our minds! We were able to appreciate being students again by our complete immersion in physics on our very first day. WOW!


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