Score 60 goals and purpose is to educate and coach bowling to all levels of the sport. The team brings a wealth of information, knowledge and skills and will pass this on to the bowlers and coaches in a structure that covers all 5 elements of our sport.

Operating as usual

[02/23/20]   I know you have not heard much from us this past year. We were tied up with the sale of All Star Bowl. Just letting everyone know the score 60 coaches are still together and are available for clinics or lessons from some of the best coaches in the Indy area...You can still reach us at All Star 317-352-1848 and ask for Dan

[06/29/19]   Attention Jr. Gold bowlers!
The time to head out to Detroit has snuck up on us faster than anticipated. With that being said, Score 60 and All Star Bowl will have a Jr. Gold mini-camp on Wednesday night (July 3rd) @ 6:30pm and a second camp on Saturday (July 6th) @ 12:30pm.

This camp is to prepare you for one of the largest USBC youth bowling events out there.The camp will feature how to prep you for the challenging lane conditions you will encounter. If this is your first Jr. Gold experience, this camp is geared for you! We will also cover helpful tips we have learned through personal experience and suggest things to do during down time while in the Motor City.

Cost is only $50.00 which includes a presentation on the "DO's & DON'Ts" of the Jr. Gold experience and practice time on various lane conditions. Hope we see you there!

If you have any questions feel free to contact All Star Bowl (317) 352-1848


BowlU International

For those who want to speed up the development process:
“Quit looking for new things to learn until you have perfected the things you know are right.”

[11/23/17]   I had a athlete come to me and say he was reading a article on the fear of failure within a athlete and asked me if I could help him in overcoming those fears. I told him I believe all athletes at some point have those same fears and until they come to grips with it they will struggle in being successful at any sport. The first thing I suggest you need to do is embrace the fear and except you will fail at times. Teach yourself or with a (coach that understands the athlete) in small steps. Set simple attainable and realistic goals and as you feel you are reaching those goals raise the bar in those goals and so on. As you reach each set of goals you will experience a calm within yourself and the failures will come less often. As you do these things in small steps you are training your body and mind to handle any mental or mechanical set back without the fear playing a factor...


H2M Management, LLC

For anyone that might be interested, we are trying out a new way to get info out for our events. We will be using Team App and you can find us at and you can also download Team App to your phone and search for H2M Management. I am looking for some feedback and things you would like to see with this and we will do our best to fully customize the app.

Thanks in advance for checking it out (and please remember, it's just getting started...not a lot of info out there yet.)


[08/24/17]   score 60 is always looking to enhance the team by adding people that are willing to give back to the sport..We would like to announce the addition of Jerracah Heibel to the team..Looking forward to working with her at our future events..

[07/02/17]   Jr Gold is only a couple weeks away. Do you have a practice plan in place and are you following it. Make sure you are practicing with a purpose. Be as comfortable as possible with your equipment, Be prepared mentally to grind through the tough games and take advantage of the good. Don't take spares for granted stay focused remember every pin counts. Don't over think things keep it simple, stay within yourself..If you need a little extra help over the next couple weeks give us a call at All Star we will be more then happy to give you as much time as you feel you need..Good luck to all of you...Enjoy and embrace the competition...Have Fun....


All Star Bowl

If you would like to get in some practice on a sport shot for a good price. Tuesday 3/7 from 7pm to 10pm practice all you want for $10.00 within the time frame on the WTBA Rome 45ft. pattern..lanes are limited, first come first served.

[03/01/17]   I had a couple high school bowling coaches ask if they could sit down with me and ask some questions about coaching. Those of you that know me know how much I love to talk about coaching. The few questions they wanted to ask turned into about a 2 hour conversation. Just going to hit some of the things we discussed. Please understand these are things I say or do. Every coach or instructor is different and have their own beliefs, these are just mine.
Q…Do you follow a certain philosophy when you are teaching?
A…No I have always looked at different things or information and then try to sort through it and take what I believe is going to fit the goals of the athletes I work with.
Q…When you start working with someone what are the things you start with?
A…Communication is key. I need to know what kind of bowling background they have. Ex. Have you worked with a coach before, do they have certain goals in mind, what are their expectations. These are just a few.
Q…How much of a difference do you have in what you teach when it comes to a junior and adults?
A…It’s huge. When working with juniors they have an open book and really are looking to learn and improve. I make them set attainable goals and put a practice plan in place to fit their goals. Everyone is different and they pick things up at their own pace and you need to understand that pace. The language is totally different when it comes to the juniors. They need to understand everything you are teaching and you need to make sure you’re not talking above their head. Most of the adults I work with are either looking to change something in their game or too fix something that has gone wrong with their game. Normally they are looking for another set of eyes to either reaffirm the things they are doing fit their game or to let them know it might not be the right change for their style.
Q…How much time do you spend on a practice session?
A…It varies on what or whom I am working with: A team I try to keep it around 2 hours but I need to make sure I keep everyone involved all the time. With a junior 45 to 90 minutes depending on what we are working on. With adults normally 30 to 60 minutes again it depends on what they are looking for
Q…What are some of the things do you believe make a good coach?
A…A good understanding of the difference of being a coach and an instructor.. Respect of the game and athlete.. Being willing to put in the time needed.. Seeking the knowledge you need to be successful and know how to pass it on to the athlete.. Keep up with the times and changes in the game and athlete…Be prepared, teach with structure and purpose.. Never put your goals above the athletes..
These were just a few of the questions…Enjoyed the conversation

[10/04/16]   Score 60 team just finished up clinics for IBCA high school bowling. If your group, bowling centers, or individuals are looking to enhance your programs or your game give us a call. We would be more then happy to help...Score 60 team members have over 305 years experience within the bowling industry and can customize a program for you...

[09/23/16]   Several of the score 60 team members are looking forward to sharing information with around 80 Indiana High School bowling coaches from around the state this weekend at Mike Aulby's Arrowhead Bowl in Lafayette...Will be a informative and fun day...Lets do some work...

[09/22/16]   The score 60 team is growing with people that have a lot of knowledge to share and would like to announce the addition of Jeff Clark to the team. Looking forward to working with you Jeff at upcoming events...

[09/08/16]   Choose the challenge... not the easy way

[09/01/16]   The score 60 team would like to announce the addition of Brad Bowman,,,With Brad's knowledge and commitment to our sport he makes a great fit with the team...Welcome aboard Brad looking forward to working with you at our future events..


All Star Bowl

Junior bowlers wanting to take your game to a higher level or to be ready for your high school season, your tournament competition whether it's city, state, jr. gold qualifiers. Score 60 coach Dan Smith will be running a get prepared jr. league on Tuesday nights at 6:30. If you are an All Star Junior bowler your cost is only $6.00 all others your cost is $16.00 per week. This league will be a singles competition, bowling 4 games on 4 different patterns 3 sport and 1 house shot across 8 lanes each week . We will have a 15 to 20 minute class session before league play each week. We will teach you visualization, how to read a lane graph, equipment choices, work with your mechanics and your mental toughness. Each session will run for 12 weeks 4 weeks off and then start another 12 week session. First session will start on September 20..For more information or to sign up contact All Star Bowl @ 352-1848.

[01/06/16]   Score 60 was created in 2012 and over the past few years have added team members who bring a value to the team and are willing to pass on their knowledge and give back to the sport... We are proud to announce Chris and Lisa Seyffarth have joined the team and we look forward to working with them at our upcoming events...Welcome to the team...

[11/06/15]   I find it funny when talking about oil patterns and how many names people give them. There are only 2. Most centers have their own pattern that they call a house shot that they feel is what is best for them and their bowlers. No matter what you call a pattern that is not the normal house shot at any center is a modified pattern. It's the same with bowling balls. Most bowlers have a go to ball and everything else in your arsenal has been modified to do something different...So no matter the pattern no matter the ball, bowlers that want to take their game to a higher level need to educate yourself in understanding these modifications and practice...There is no better tool then the mind...

[10/22/15]   Score 60 would like to announce the addition of Rich Sirola to the team...Rich has a unique way of working with younger athletes and making the sport fun to learn. His passion and knowledge of the sport fits with the mission of the team...Welcome aboard Rich



Do you have what it takes? Are you willing to pass on your knowlege of the sport? Do you want to be a member of a coaching team? If so private message me to discuss becoming a Score 60 team member...Score 60 team members bring a wealth of information that we share with bowlers of all levels...Current team members: Dan Smith, Nick Hoagland, Steve Harman, John Bauerle Jr., Theresa Smith-Dill, Steve Lang, Scott Savage, Dylan Murphy, Mark Sullivan....

[10/16/15]   Do you have what it takes? Are you willing to pass on your knowlege of the sport? Do you want to be a member of a coaching team? If so private message me to discuss becoming a Score 60 team member...Score 60 team members bring a wealth of information that we share with bowlers of all levels...Current team members: Dan Smith, Nick Hoagland, Steve Harman, John Bauerle Jr., Theresa Smith-Dill, Steve Lang, Scott Savage, Dylan Murphy, Mark Sullivan....

[10/13/15]   Heading to Richmond 40 bowl this afternoon to meet some high school athletes and do some work in preparation for their season startup... #itsallaboutthekids

[10/04/15]   Another great weekend in the books...Had a great group of coaches at Championship Lanes in Anderson...Good luck to all the high school teams on your season....

[09/27/15]   Just made it back home...Had a great time at Mike Aulby's Arrowhead Bowl sharring some coaching information with a lot of dedicated Indiana High School Coaches...

[06/07/15]   Jr. and adult bowlers if you are struggling with the short patterns at tournaments or preparing for Jr. Gold give us a call at All Star Bowl 1 Inc and we would be happy to set up some practice time with a Score 60 coach....


All Star Bowl

Just a reminder All Star will have both the national patterns on about a dozen lanes tonight from 9:30 to 11:30. Practice all you want in the time frame for only $10.00.


All Star Bowl

St. Pat's day from 9:30pm to 11:30pm we will putting out the National Team and S/D patterns for anyone that would like to practice on a challenging pattern...Cost $10.00 per person practice all you want within the time frame...By the way I am sure you can get a green beer or 2 or 3.......

[03/09/15]   I have noticed lately a few more people are working on their game...The problem I see, most are to focused on the things they are doing wrong and not enough time paying attention to what they are doing wright...See and feel what you are doing wright and focus on repetition of those things...Then when you do something out of your norm it will be a lot easier to correct...Need help with your game give us a call and we are always more then willing to help....

[02/18/15]   It is All Star Trio Tournament time at All Star Bowl 1 Inc! If you pay your entry fee by midnight the day before you bowl, you get to enter at last year's price! The FIRST WEEKEND (this weekend) has a special $600 in added money to the highest team score with handicap! March 21-22 and March 28-29 are basically already full and Saturday, April 4 is halfway full! Thus, get on over to the tournament early to post your scores! H2M Management, LLC is proud to assist Mike, Dan Smith, and Kristin Smith with the 2015 event!


All Star Bowl

Just a reminder to the High School Bowlers advancing to regional's...We will have a practice pattern out from 5pm to 7pm this evening...Practice all you want within the time block for only $5.00 per bowler...If you need help with how to play the pattern there will be a score 60 coach available all you need to do is ask....


All Star Bowl

We have had several request about some practice times for the High School Teams advancing to the regional...We will be putting out a practice pattern that will be a little more difficult then the actual pattern but it will give you a since of how to play the lanes during the actual event...Times and days...Thursday Jan 29th from 9pm to 11pm...Sunday Feb 1st from 5pm to 7pm...Monday Feb 2nd from 9pm to 11pm....Thursday Feb 5th from 9pm to 11pm...We are limited on the number of lanes available and will be given out on a first come first serve basis....COST: $5.00 per bowler, practice all you want within the 2 hour time block...If you need any help with your practice or advise on how to play the lanes we will have at least 1 score 60 coach available during these times...

[12/26/14]   Are you ready for the tournament season. If you would like a little help give a score 60 coach a call...


Coach and Athletic Director

Here are seven lessons to keep in mind while coaching.

[10/15/14]   Practice tip from score 60...If you practice on just a 7 or 10 you are not getting in a proper practice on corner pins. If you want to build muscle memory and accuracy always practice hitting the 6 10 without touching the 3 and watch the ball hit both the 6 and 10. Then shoot the 4 7 without touching the 2 and watch the ball hit the 4 7. Practice this for a full game on each side. Once you reach 90% on both sides consistently you will have increased your accuracy and built proper muscle memory...

[10/05/14]   Thanks Patrick and Kingpin Lanes in Bedford for doing a great job hosting the IBCA High School Coaches clinic. We had a great turnout and great time working with the coaches...Looking forward to heading to PinHeads in Fisher for the next IBCA High School coaches clinic Sunday at Noon...Should be another fun day...





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