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Love In Abundance incorporates the components of Human Capital to increase students efficacy to aide her in being prepared for pre-college by her sophomore year.

Love In Abundance – College Must Begin in 8th Grade

Life and Precollege Preparatory Program

An additional truth LIA takes into consideration as we ponder assistance extended to our students is students are people first. As people, we perform our best when all facets of who we are have been addressed and attended to. The College Must Begin in 8th Grade Life and Precollege Preparatory Program is

Operating as usual

[02/08/21]   As a Pre-Launch of
—With 21 days left to Black History Month, and 119 days left to the official launch of Pro ME IS NOT Anti YOU®, as a vehicle of empowerment for people to gain some personal insight into how they truly treat people, while having some clean fun, as people make some choices connected to possibly redefining who they are to themselves, making some personal evaluations about where they are, and where they want to be in life, based strictly on their own opinions, the sky can gain a new limit or series of unlimited possibilities.
After working in three different Title I public schools to ascertain exactly what was going on in the schools for the poorest children, my heart was both disheartened and broken. No child deserves to be treated in some of the abominable ways I experienced with the little ladies served through Love In Abundance, Inc. So, as we approach year 19 of serving children who actually need help, it’s time to Respectfully Shake Things Up™, while allowing me to see who really wants more than is their present reality. Pro ME IS NOT Anti YOU® was originally for students like my students, from 5th graders to college students. COVID-19 has shown how the same process should be made available for anyone interested in redefining or expanding their definition of themselves.
As a result of allowing willing person to get to know me a great deal better, to see if participation is something desired for yourself, I’d like to take the last 21 days of Black History Month to introduce myself to you, through some excepts of a chapter in a book I’m in the final revisions of, via: Every Piece of Your Life is Absolutely Necessary to Make the Rest of Your Life Make the Most Marvelous Sense… for the book to include student designs, and their ability to earn money for their very first experience of equality in education in America, on their preferred advanced education campus, the book is titled:
A Prelude to Empowering Yourself & Younger Students through the Creation of a Short Story Series or a Superhero

My desire, is to see who wants to become a part of history where people are living closer to the persons every one of us has been predestined to get to be for God’s Glory, while coming to appreciate the ability within every one of us to know far more about the exquisite person we are to ourselves, to increase our willingness to give everyone else a pass to be absolutely and unapologetically themselves—deal! I’ll include about seven or eight pages per day, and at the end, I’ll have and answer some questions. Ready?


[12/22/20]   Greetings Everyone!
For many people 2020 has been a stagnant time without much productivity; but for me and all God is preparing me to get to do for His Glory, 2020 has been one of the most productive years for me, because I am almost finished with a major project that is going to bless as many as will welcome it and the opportunity to know who else they are, and how they should be maximizing their exceptional gifts and talents!

In that regard, Pro ME IS NOT Anti YOU® is interested in speaking with some Black owned T-shirt and products vendors, as well as some financial literacy and wealth management educators, who have a weekly program for both students and adults. Pro ME IS NOT Anti YOU® as A Crusade Promoting the Humanity of People is going to help to grow 78 Black owned and run businesses every year, by reverting back to Reach One to Teach One, to do things our way, using the foundational principle of "I Give to Receive™.

It's time for us to Respectfully Shake Things Up™ for our own good and best interest. There is also a referral program for anyone who refers one of the above mentioned businesses, if they prove to do exactly as they say. So, please help us help each other. SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY! Please email contact information for people you trust to: [email protected]. On the subject line type: PMNAY!

Thank you in advance for your time, your vetting of any referrals, and your interest.

[01/29/20]   Greetings! We're so close to introducing some realities to be the change we are created to be! Thanks for being a Supporter! 10/29/2019

New Mexico police officer who wrestled 11-year-old girl to ground for taking too much milk from school lunchroom resigns

Farmington police officer Zachary Christensen cowardly and disgustingly had the ignorant audacity to handle an 11-year old little lady who should be treated like a princess, like she was a grown dude who'd stolen something precious to him. If you look on his face as he was mishandling her, he was fierce in his dedication. If you are tired of this, or think he's gone too far and resigning is not enough; please comment here!

Everything IGod is blessing me to do is to remove our babies from this mindset and reality, by knowing who they are and feeling opportunities are as equally available to them. Farmington police officer Zachary Christensen has stepped down from his position, with chief Steven Hebbe stating that there was no excuse for how the girl was treated.

[10/05/19]   Welcome 6 New Sheroes! #RosaLeeThomas #SmartAngela #BeverlySpencerSimmons #MoniqueLaCour #JoanGibson #Janiced Bonton

[10/05/19]   I don't need threats when I'm trying to move my business forward

[10/05/19]   Why did I receive a threat about this page disappearing?


Check it out!

Shrimp Avocado Salad from Add a Pinch


2 pounds boiled or steamed shrimp, peeled and deveined
2 avocados, cut into large pieces
2 tablespoons diced red onion
For the Dressing
¼ cup extra virgin olive oil
¼ cup red wine vinegar
½ teaspoon garlic powder
1 teaspoon parsley, chopped
1 teaspoon Dijon mustard
salt and pepper, to taste

See full recipe >>>

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[05/26/19]   How would you define your WHO AM I TO ME™?

[05/26/19]   You who know I'm workng on becoming the difference God is blessing me to be, know I am not here often. I'm changing that today!


Aren't they lovely!

💐🌷🌺🌼 May we all take a moment to appreciate the Black Mother’s who gift our country icons, heroes, athletes, social activists, singers, presidents & all the future Black First Ladies that take the responsibility of harvesting a positive force of love, communication & fostering HOPE in a country that doesn’t thank our Black Mothers enough for everything they do in our community & lives. Thank You #MarianShieldsRobinson for gifting us #MichelleObama, and thank you, Michelle Obama, for gifting us young #SashaObama & #MaliaObama. #MothersDay

[04/07/19]   Alright ladies, this one is just for you-deal!

How do you celebrate YOU? Really, how do you?

[04/07/19]   Do you remember the day your life changed, forever?

[04/07/19]   I was blessed to attend The Women's Infliction Point 24 hour Staycation and blessed is too small a word to define it!


Please join me in saying Happy Birthday to my second Heartbeat, Love In Abundance, Inc! We Are Up To Something Big...!💕💕💕
Thank you to every student, person, and company who played a role in us arriving in this space in the difference we were created to be! I love you with all I am!


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Please join me in welcoming two new She-Roes to the Love In Abundance, Inc. family in
#EmmaBroughan and #MarieMariee! Thanks you ladies for becoming a She-Roe to other little ladies who need to know they have an external support system!


Please join me in welcoming our newest She-Roe, Tiffannie Jones, of the JSC Project, who gives (for free) college students care packages with all types of goodies in it, from her heart, and her way to make a difference for people who need this difference made for them!!! Congratulations #TiffannieJonesofJSCforcaring

[12/14/18]   How are you planning on expanding your definition of yourself the rest of the year?

[12/14/18]   To every She-Roe and Hero who has showed up and out for a single child this year, I pray you feel God's Love for you...

[12/14/18]   Do you recognize when your life is changing? What do you do to celebrate?

[12/14/18]   The most excellent editing days possible are mine. I'm in alignment with the first reviews by students for scholarships!!!

[12/14/18]   This year may have felt like life's pieces were causing all types of realities; but God has been there through it all!

[12/14/18]   Have yourself a very merry Christmas, knowing God is in control, and He Loves you past you, from Him!💖

[12/05/18]   I had a court date on 12/3. I have been given until January 15th to move. This makes 4 months with no rent paid, at the same time my help was hurt at work .

God, in the meantime, has blessed me to be able to publish 3 books at the same time, while providing our kids and single mothers interested in a college degree the opportunity to earn one. The couo de grace is....

[12/05/18]   When I asked her, "Why couldn't you honor my family, to assure he had a just Homegoing?"

She said, "You had 30 days to move. Why didn't you?"

When I asked why they never restored 2/3rds of the lights after Hurricane Harvey?

Her response was: "We'll see what needs to be done when you move out.

I saw evil and it didn't have a single humane response at all. I needed God's help and He showed up and out!

[12/05/18]   I went to court on 11/15 and was evicted. I had to go to see the woman who had no heart for my family. I saw pure evil.

[12/05/18]   When I informed my landlord, specifically Maria Imperial, asking for a week to help my daughter; her response was to evict me.

[12/05/18]   When my son in law died on the way to taking my 14 year old granddaughter to the mall, my family was heartbroken

[12/05/18]   With all the different people being themselves, I had to be still and know with absolute certainty that God is God!!!

[12/04/18]   For the first time in my life, I absolutely allowed God to fight my battles with the evil company SWE Caritas LLC, and I...



College Must Begin in 8th Grade Literary Series that will be introduced through a series of fundraisers for Love In Abundance, but opportunities for students in 7th-12th grade in families earning less than $50,000 annually. The first contest will be:

Cover Design Contest:
Their Lies vs. Your Truths: A Practical Guide to Developing 16 Personal Rules for Life / Volume One: I Have the Right to Become Volume Two: My Rules to Get Me There (2012)

College Must Begin in 8th Grade Pre-College Planner (2013)
Volume One: Literacy and Tolerance (Cover already designed)
Volume Two: Socially Savvy
Volume Three: Behavior Modification

College Must Begin in 8th Grade All Inclusive Resource Guide (2013)
Volume One: Are You Really Just a Kid?
Volume Two: Choosing the Right Career
Volume Three: Pre-College Programs Created Just For YOU!



3031 Ellington St
Houston, TX

General information

STATEMENTS OF FACT Vision Statement: Increase our students Human Capital to assure each student is masterfully prepared to excel through a precollege program by the summer leading to her sophomore school year. Societal Problem Statement: Greed has long been a problem throughout the country. The degrees of greed exhibited through some media sources appear to relay the message that a certain level of greed, achieved in business, has an acceptable level of approval as long as it is carried out under the guise of “doing business”. In recent years, instant gratification seems to have become an acceptable “business practice” as long as the “wrong people” were not injured. But when children watch what we do far more than hearing what we say; we (as a society) have in effect shown them that an ideology of achievement allowance at any cost is an acceptable means to any end. Parental Problem Statement: When a parent becomes the primary individual in the parent/child relationship, while their child is suffering with an inability to adjust to life’s changes that resulted from their parents choice to divorce or separate; the parent will have provided some of the ammunition causing their child to be diminished to the horrid connotations attached to the label “at-risk”. DISCLAIMER: The statements about the parents are not applicable to the parents it is not applicable to. Student’s Problem Statement: As too many parents have moved to the role of primary in the parent/child relationship, inconsistent boundaries in home have taught children how different scenarios can be manipulated for their benefit. As the rules for behavior change in school, or businesses continue to take the stance that “I can do what I want to because I want to”; children are left unaware of how to evoke the necessary innate permissions within to act in his/her best interest for the achievement of an honorable future while also remaining respectful of the elders (however devoid of character) changing the boundaries for interaction and advancement before them. DISCLAIMER: The statements about the parents/educators/ adults are not applicable to the parents/educators/ adults it is not applicable to. Action Statement: Provide a group of aspiring young ladies (both knowingly and unknowingly) in Title One Schools, a systematic series of programs & services creatively structured, utilizing project based activities, in tandem with school objectives and goals, to assist each student in giving herself permission to adopt an alternative life path for her own level of success and self-sufficiency. Love In Abundance Truth Statement: LIA acts as the village member aiding willing single, working poor, and blended parents in teaching their children those life advancing lessons able to help their child reach her individual life plateau. LIA understands that parenthood is one of the hardest jobs there is and at times, parents become overloaded with trying to keep everything the same or functional that they miss some things. Overlooking pertinent life lessons or essentials may not be intentionally done, but the ramifications may still be life limiting. In an effort to decrease the number of students living down to reduced life expectations, LIA takes pride in working with parents willing to work with us to secure the best overall tools for social, academic, and life advancement for each child and willing family member. LIA does not give the appearance of working around our parents or interjecting lessons prohibiting their child’s successful ongoing. Love In Abundance, the child’s school officials, and the parent(s) work collaboratively to assure our students are knowledgeable of their role in their life actually advancing. All preparation is in anticipation of students being prepared to enter a pre-college program by the summer leading to the student’s sophomore school year.
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