Student Learning Recovery Tutoring

Student Learning Recovery Tutoring


As a single dad of a child with Dyslexia I was concerned my daughter would fall behind in school and never catch up. Leslie has been unbelievable-her passion, caring, teaching techniques, and ability to diagnose and treat my daughter's learning deficiency has been amazing. Without Leslie's teaching and support, my daughter would have been in a really bad position and possibly never recovered.
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Student Learning Recovery Tutoring and Therapy Specialized academic reading dyslexia childrens tutoring programs combined with learning skills therapy.

Therapeutic multi-sensory Reading, Math, Handwriting, Written expression, Spelling, and Phonics programs designed for students who struggle with reading and learning. Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, ADHD, LD programs. Multi-sensory based Orton Gilligham learning activities and brain-skills enhancement procedures combined with visual perceptual /visual motor integration therapy. Cognitive Improvement Brain T

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A section from our parent information sheet. Full version is downloadable from the Playberry Laser platform in the resources section.


This is so beautiful.


My nest is as it should be now, empty.
Tidy, ordered, calm.
My babies have grown, beautifully, and flown.
Just the way I taught them to.
And my heart is full of pride, and love, still so full of love.
But oh there is an ache there, a throb, a pang.
I have given of myself in a way that only a mother can.
So consuming is that gift,
there is scarce room for much else to thrive.
So what now?
My empty nest feels hollow,
the echo of my own breath rings in my ears.
My worries have not flown with the fledglings,
they linger still,
but now without the comfort of a slumbering head on a pillow up-stairs.
My imagination tells the tales I don’t want to see,
and my spare time,
once so coveted,
is now my enemy.

My nest is as it should be now, empty.
But I will not be empty little one.
I will fly, just like you, find my new place in this story.
Play music, bring friends, make noise and laughter and fill the house with life,
so that when you come home, you see nothing to worry about here, for that will clip your beautiful little wings.

And you will remember how nurturing your nest once was.
And you will crave the feeling of it, just once in a while.

This nest will never close and nor will I let it lose its love.
Fly, my loves, fly.
And remember the way back home.

Donna Ashworth
From ‘LOVE’:

Art by The Art of Jennifer Yoswa

Timeline photos 02/04/2023
Timeline photos 01/30/2023

See at its closest to the Moon for 2023 ✨

On January 31, at 04:24 GMT, Mars will reach the nearest distance to the Moon in the sky for 2023. The objects will be separated by 0.1°. Look for them with the naked eye in the constellation Ta**us. ♉ The waxing gibbous Moon will shine at a magnitude of -12.3, and the Red Planet will join it with a magnitude of -0.3.

🌔 Observers from parts of North and South America will also get a chance to see the Moon passing in front of Mars. This event is called lunar occultation.

To learn, what other planets meet the Moon soon, check our theme-based article:


Often called “3D Vision,” depth perception is dependent on the ability to use both eyes together at the highest level. 3D vision relies on both eyes working together to accurately focus on the same point in space, with each eye seeing it from its own angle. The brain combines the different view from each eye into a single three-dimensional picture. This is called Stereopsis.

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According to research, nearly 50% of the population with Dyslexia will experience other Specific Learning Difficulties (SLD). These difficulties are said to “overlap,” “co-exist,” or “co-occur” with dyslexia. I explain to teachers and parents that this is the norm rather than the exception. The diagram (OAGA) demonstrates how various conditions can overlap and affect one another. Everyone’s profile is unique and it is important to understand this to be able to meet the child or adult’s needs. [email protected]


Children can present with the same symptoms but have different root causes.

1) Difficulties with self-regulation (executive functioning) can result in learning issues. These are the kiddos I tend to talk about the most. When attention and inhibition or other executive functioning skills are weak, a child may have difficulty learning because they’re not connected to their environment.

2) On the flip side, learning disabilities can result in self-regulation difficulties. These kiddos tend to be a bit more difficult to identify and often fall through the cracks or become labeled as behavior problems. These kiddos have underlying learning disabilities yet their EF skills are strong enough to “get by”. However, sometimes a kiddo will just simply check out. The work becomes too hard. Their undiagnosed dyslexia or other learning disability eventually becomes too much to manage and they tune out. What does this look like? This looks like a kid staring out the window and not paying attention. Because, “why bother? I won’t be able to understand it or do the work anyways.” 🤷🏻‍♀️ So the presentation is difficulties in self-regulation when really there’s an underlying learning disability.

As the professionals entrusted to help these children, it is our responsibility to determine to the best of our ability the root cause of the symptoms we see.


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📷: Bored Teachers

Timeline photos 01/21/2023

Let's reframe the definition! There is so much power in our perspective!

"(Dys-lex-ia) = [noun] a learning advantage marked by the unique ability to recognize and comprehend complex visual patterns."

1 in 5 kids has a learning difference. SuperDville encourages kids of all learning stripes to embrace their learning differences and life challenges with confidence while defying stigma and advocating for how they learn best!

⭐ Visit to check out our video-based social and emotional learning curriculum aimed to empower 7-12 year-olds who learn differently!

from (IG)


Often misunderstood and under and misdiagnosed

Binocular Vision Dysfunction (BVD) is a condition where the eyes are slightly misaligned and the eyes struggle to send one clear image to the brain.* BVD can be congenital, spontaneous or develop due to an abnormal visual system as a result of a stroke, brain injury, concussion or a similar neurological disorder. It can at times be mistaken for 'sinus' issues and migraines. The symptoms of BVD may come and go, can be triggered by certain environments and activities, such as working of a digital screen or doing schoolwork, and may fluctuate in severity.
Vision Therapy and the use of specialized micro-prism glasses can help minimize or eliminate the symptoms of BVD.


Its more fun to actually do the imagined project (unless it goes wrong and that happens often ) But Time constraints abound, and the imagined project components are all over the house and in my cluttered mind.

Me with party supplies 😂


Holiday Greetings from the students at SLR Tutoring or no Artwork Left Unsigned -My camera can change a text image to opposite colors

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Photos from North Carolina Zoo VHS Wildlife Rehab Center's post 09/21/2022
Timeline photos 09/14/2022

The word “clue” originally comes from the Middle English “clewe,” meaning “a ball of thread or yarn.” While Germanic in origin, we can thank Greek mythology for the modern sense of the word. How? To explain, we’ll first need to spin a yarn.

The Greek hero Theseus is famed for defeating the Minotaur and escaping from its Labyrinth with the help of a clew of yarn gifted to him by Ariadne. Thanks to this myth, “clew” (and later “clue”) eventually developed the sense of “thing that points the way,” no labyrinth needed.




|I Opened a Book|
By Julia Donaldson


Get free phonics teaching materials at


It takes four times longer to intervene in 4th grade than in 1st grade.
The longer we wait to identify a child that struggles to read, the more intervention, time, money and remediation is needed. Not to mention the impact that waiting may have on self esteem and mental health.
Don’t wait. Close the gap.

Quote: Kathy Daigle


So many people think dyslexia means we just reverse letters.
But what is dyslexia?
Dyslexia = difficulty with words.
Dyslexia means we have trouble processing written material and language because we have difficulty identifying speech sounds and associating these sounds with the written symbols or letters (decoding).
What lots of people don’t realise is the dyslexia also affects, spelling, comprehension and writing, along with a lot of other issues.

Definition: from the Australian Dyslexia Association (ADA)


Sun Gazing


Parents and teachers need to know about working memory, because it affects how children learn! "Working memory refers to the ability to hold in mind and manipulate a limited amount of information over short periods of time."


She spoke to the teachers,
they told her to sit
to wait for her turn
and to speak with respect

She spoke to her parents
they told her to try
to never give up
to work hard and strive

She spoke to her friends
they told her to change
to act more like them
to stop being strange

She spoke to her self
she wondered what’s wrong?
why don’t I fit in?
why cant I belong?

And finally when
her exhaustion was high
she wandered bereft
out into the night.

She spoke to the moon
and the stars let her see
you’re already enough
why can’t you just be?

You sparkle with life
you’re so full to the brim
why worry about
the need to fit in?

You’re made of pure sunlight
with so much to share
don’t walk down the same road
you're not going there…

Donna Ashworth
From ‘I Wish I Knew’

Art by the wonderful Catherine McMillan, Art


My grandpa taught me this as a kid! |



Way too funny! 😂🤣
📷 Unknown

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Holiday Greetings from the students at SLR Tutoring or no Artw...
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