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We teach Illinois, Florida, Utah, Arizona Concealed Carry Classes. NRA Basic and Instructor classes for Pistol, Personal Protection Inside the Home, Personal Protection Outside the Home, Rifle, Shotgun, RSO and CRSO. Illinois Department of Professional and Financial Regulation for Armed Professionals both Security and Private Investigators. Wisconsin DPS for Armed Professionals both Security and Private Detective.

World trapshooting tournament ditches Illinois, heads to Missouri

Even the Trap shooters are leaving Illinois. (The Center Square) – The Grand American, the largest trapshooting event in the world, is leaving Illinois and heading to Missouri this year.

Marksmanship Training Group, LLC

Our next Illinois Concealed Carry Class is July 11 and 12. We do not charge you extra to help you apply for your permits in IL, AZ and FL... UT is also available for a small fee and extra class time.

Register here... Other programs we are currently teaching are listed below and we work to achieve a high standard of training for Private Security Officers and Private Detectives as well as the Responsible Citizen. We currently offer a variety of  programs below is a sample list of programs: State Of Illinois Depa...

We teach how to use your firearms safely. Elmer is a licensed hunter and had to take a DNR safety class.

[06/04/20]   FYI for those who have a Utah Concealed Carry Permit and have a Medical Marijuana Card, you can expect your Utah permit to be canceled. Utah recently changed their law and you can’t have a Medical Marijuana Card from Illinois or any other state that offers something similar. I am guessing that this pops up when Utah runs your background check. Marijuana is a federally prohibited substance.

[05/15/20]   ISP Updates FOID/CCL Website Software for COVID-19 Rules

A software release was successfully implemented yesterday evening.

Most notably for FFLs, it addressed FTIP rejections in spite of FOID renewals submitted once 60+ days beyond ex date. It was tested last night and it worked, Please know that those wishing to RENEW their CCL can now do so without a training cert as allowed by the COVID-19 emergency rules. Applicants no longer see an expiration dates on their dashboard, Instead, they see COVID-19 in place of the expiration date.

Here is an example of the system alert that greets customers when they sign in to their dashboard:

COVID 19 Emergency Rules Notice Firearms Owners Identification (FOID) card holders and Concealed Carry License (CCL) holders, who submit their renewal application will remain valid during the duration of the state's disaster proclamation and for a period of 12 months following the termination of the disaster, even if their renewal application is/was not submitted prior to expiration. Renewal CCL holders will need to submit proof of their three-hour renewal training within 12 months following the termination of the state's disaster proclamation in order to maintain the validity of their CCL. The Illinois State Police will continue to enforce both FOID card and CCL prohibitors. FOID card holders who receive revocation notices shall return their FOID and Firearm Disposition Record form to the Illinois State Police. CCL holders who receive revocation notices shall return their CCL to the Illinois State Police.

The emergency rules are effective immediately; however, the requisite processes and programming to accurately reflect these rule changes are currently being completed. As a result, the system may not accurately reflect a FOID or CCL status until such changes are completed. The Illinois State Police encourages FOID card holders and CCL holders to print and retain a copy of their confirmation from their submitted renewal application as additional verification of compliance with the 430 ILCS 65/ Firearm Owners Identification Card Act and 430 ILCS 66/ Firearm Concealed Carry Act with consideration for the emergency rules.

Thank you for your patience as we work to have these changes made in as timely a manner as this emergency situation allows. If your expiration reads "COVID-19", it refers to the extension as the result of these emergency rules and your FOID or CCL should remain valid.


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Just announced a NRA Chief RSO class The National Rifle Association is America's longest-standing civil rights organization. Together with our more than five million members, we're proud defenders of history's patriots and diligent protectors of the Second Amendment.

NRA Explore

Just announced a NRA RSO class The National Rifle Association is America's longest-standing civil rights organization. Together with our more than five million members, we're proud defenders of history's patriots and diligent protectors of the Second Amendment.

[04/29/20]   Illinois State Police released the following statement on the impact of the face coverings requirement on concealed carry:

“The Governor’s Executive Order regarding the wearing of masks or protective facial coverings in public settings during this serious global pandemic was not intended to negatively impact permit holders under the Illinois Concealed Carry Act while legally carrying firearms. The Executive Order does not require or suggest that law enforcement should arrest or criminally charge conceal carry license permit holders for wearing protective masks while in public as long as they are complying with the other provisions of the Illinois Concealed Carry Act and are not committing any other violations of Illinois law. ISP has confidence that law enforcement officers across the state will use appropriate judgment and that elected State’s Attorneys will likewise exercise sound prosecutorial discretion.”

[03/27/20]   Training Counselors,
What you are about to read is a dramatic leap for NRA, which up until 2016, has mandated all NRA training be in-person. Please disseminate to the fullest extent humanly possible.

In light of government mandates on shelter in place orders, virtual quarantine, and social distancing, the NRA has decided to allow – for a LIMITED TIME PERIOD – Instructors to conduct NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting Instructor Led Training, NRA Personal Protection In the Home, NRA Basics of Rifle Shooting, and as soon as the slide deck is done and posted – NRA Basics of Shotgun Shooting – in a Distance Learning method with following mandatory requirements:

1 - Both the Instructor and student(s) must have cameras and microphones enabled on their digital devices.
2 - Two way, Audio & Video communications must be maintained at all times, during the class, in order for student(s) to ask questions.
3 - The lecture must be conducted live and in-person by the Instructor using the NRA provided PowerPoint slides. Video recording/playback is prohibited.
4 - Only the approved NRA released “Distance Learning” version of the PowerPoint presentation is authorized to be used.
5 - The prohibition on live ammunition in either the Instructor or student location is still in place.
6 - At NO TIME may students handle their own firearms in their area, NO GUN HANDLING is allowed until arriving at the range.
7 - All practical exercises MUST be conducted at a range or an appropriate training facility with DIRECT in-person supervision by the instructor.
8 - Instructor demonstrations, such as Lesson I Loading, Unloading, Cocking and Decocking, must be done at the range or an appropriate training facility with direct in-person Instructor supervision.
9 - Dry-practice exercises that could be done in the classroom, especially Lesson III Benchrest and Isosceles positions MUST be done at the range or appropriate training facility with direct in-person Instructor supervision.
10 - Cleaning the student’s firearm(s) during Lesson IV must also be done at the range or an appropriate training facility with direct in-person Instructor supervision - this may NOT be done via video teleconference.

The MOU that the above text comes from is attached for your convenience. It is also embedded in the first slide of each of the Distance Learning presentations (PPITH slide deck is unchanged). You will note that this MOU is required to be signed and filed with the rest of the student paperwork for each course.

One way to accomplish this training in an orderly manner is to create one big course report for all the folks who sign-up and mark them as “attended” after they participate in the Distance Leraning portion. When you are able to take the students to the range in small groups, move them to another course report after they have achieved all learning objectives and the live fire portion. Then complete that smaller course report for just the students that have completed all objectices and provide them their certificates. The students must have their basic course student guides and tests in hand during the Distance Learning lecture, and should have their tests as near complete as possible by the time you get to the range to make grading and correction as smooth an evolution as it can be.

Distance Learning is authorized for BASIC STUDENT courses only, Distance Learning for Instructor courses is strictly prohibited, and no exceptions are granted for fewer than 4 Instructor Candidates. Instructor Training is still based on their ability to interact and manage a classroom.

Continue to abide by all orders from competent authority regarding public gatherings and social distancing. Seek guidnace from a medical professional regarding disinfection procedures of firearms and equipment.

We hope that these accomodation enable you to continue to provide the gold standard of training to the gun owning American public, especially all the new gun owners who have joined our ranks in these trying times.

Train safe and stay healthy!
[email protected]


Martin Sprick
Training Counselor Program Lead,
Training Department
Education and Training Division

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Quote from Director Frohardt:
Fellow NRA Trainers,

As of today, all Certificates for Official NRA Training Courses are on our website:
The move to electronic certificates was driven by three major reasons.
1. Training needs to be easier to conduct. Streamlining our materials so that one item does not put an entire “packet” out of stock, means more training can take place.
2. Trainers will have instant access to certificates and can reprint them at any time. This removes the necessity to acquire additional certificates. It also helps if there was a problem with printing or if a student returns later for a replacement certificate.
3. NRA Education and Training needs better metrics on the courses being taught. Better metrics lead to a better understanding of the market and help us focus resources accordingly.
Just like in Basics of Pistol Shooting, you simply submit the course report and then print the certificates. If you have an old certificate from a previous material order, please be sure to use the new online certificate instead.
Keep training and stay healthy!

Eric Frohardt
NRA Education and Training
end quote The National Rifle Association is America's longest-standing civil rights organization. Together with our more than five million members, we're proud defenders of history's patriots and diligent protectors of the Second Amendment.

NRA Annual Meeting

The NRA just posted that the Annual Meeting has been canceled. The Annual Members meet details will be announced soon. NRA's Event Of The Year - You're invited to NRA's biggest celebration, with an action-packed lineup of events that includes dinners, auctions, concerts, raffles, seminars, workshops, book signings and more.

NRA Explore

We have a NRA Pistol Instructor class March 28 and 29. We still have a few spots available if you wish to sign up. Please contact instructor with any questions. When registering please note if you have had Basic Instructor Training (BIT) in the last 2 years. And what was the date. If you have not had BIT within the last 2 years it will be included in this listing for an additional $50. Also this class meets the....

[03/05/20]   I have heard that ... Bass Pro will be implementing a new procedure at the range. ALL serial numbers of firearms brought on range will have there serial numbers recorded and will be at ALL bass pro shops .

Woman with concealed-carry permit fends off would-be robber in Little Village

If you do not have your CCL or need to renew take our next class. Here is a very good reason. The woman was standing in front of her home about 6:50 p.m. in the 4100 block of West 24th Place when a male approached her with a gun and demanded her property, Chicago police said.

This kind of misinformation is dangerous! To bad Rin Lynn has not looked into the information they are posting. This post is false.

Some more photos from 2019.

[01/27/20]   the Illinois State Police has expanded the list of ‘substantially similar’ states adding Idaho and Nevada. Residents of six states may now apply for an Illinois non-resident CCL: Arkansas, Idaho, Mississippi, Nevada, Texas, Virginia.

In judicial action, the Illinois Supreme Court decided Johnson v Illinois State Police in favor of Ms. Johnson. The Court, in deciding this question of restoration of rights following a decades old misdemeanor conviction, found that the right to keep and bear arms is a civil right which can be restored through the IL FOID appeal process and doing so would not be contrary to federal law. This case could have long ranging effects on our rights in Illinois.

[01/27/20]   Taught another great Concealed Carry class this weekend!!!

Poll: Do you think people should be allowed to carry guns in public?

Let change the results currently the antis are winning... Do you think people should be allowed to carry guns in public?

[01/25/20]   It is a great morning we are shooting and qualifying for IDFPR today.

Female Concealed Carrier Shoots Would Be Robber In Chicago - America's Keepers

Another reason that everyone should have a CCL. We have classes every month. Female Concealed Carrier Shoots Would Be Robber In Chicago

Police Have No Duty to Protect You, Federal Court Affirms Yet Again | Ryan McMaken

This is why you need to be able to protect yourself! If you do not have a CCL you need to get one. Following last February's shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, some students claimed local government officials were at fault for failing to provide protection to students. The students filed suit, naming six defendants, including the Broward school district and the...

Fox Valley IL Archives - TWAW Shooting Chapters DescriptionThe TWAW Fox Valley Chapter's goal is to educate, equip, and empower women. We are dedicated to promoting safe firearm handling and responsible ownership.   Schedule: First Meeting: August 7th This is for NEW memberships only. To RENEW your membership, log in and visit your account page ...

We are at the NPCCC teaching the NRA Shotgun Instructor Class this weekend. They plan to have a large kids program.

Thinking about legal weed Wednesday? Then plan on giving up your gun rights in Illinois.

[12/29/19]   Below is from the desk of the Jasper County Illinois Sheriff. FOID cards are being revoked even if you had a valid FOID and CCP, but your application is still being processed. The state's slow administrative time is no excuse. Get right on that 60 days before expiration. The State is not playing fair.
Dear citizens of Jasper County. I would like to inform you that the Sheriff's Office is seeing an increase in the number of FOID and Concealed Carry revocations from the Illinois State Police Firearms Service Bureau. The Illinois State Police Firearms Service Bureau will send the individual a notice that their FOID and Concealed Carry (if applicable) has been revoked. The notice also states that the individual is required to surrender their FOID to the local law enforcement agency within 48 hours. The Sheriff's Office also receives a letter stating the same information as the individual receives. The individual is then required to turn their revoked FOID card over to the local law enforcement agency. The Illinois State Police also require a Firearm disposition record to be completed. This requires the individual with the revoked FOID to transfer possession of their firearms to an individual with a valid FOID. Although the Sheriff's Office has nothing to do with the FOID revocation we do collect the revoked FOID cards and mail them into the Illinois State Police Firearms Services Bureau along with the Firearm disposition record. These items must be received by the Illinois State Police before they will consider reinstating the FOID. Some of these revocations are for valid reasons, however I found that some of the reasons given are not valid reasons. I do not agree with many of these revocations. I have written letters to the Illinois State Police Firearms Services Bureau explaining why some of these revocations are not valid and have provided documents to prove this. It is not the Sheriff's Office's intentions or objective to take citizens firearms. The Sheriff's Office rarely seize firearms because most often people have someone to transfer them to. If you have a FOID and Concealed Carry please be aware that if the FOID expires the Illinois State Police Firearms Services Bureau is revoking the FOID card and the concealed carry card. Make sure to complete your FOID renewal application no sooner than 60 days prior to the expiration date, but before the expiration date. The Sheriff's Office takes every effort to assist individuals that receive these letters. We will deal with these issues on a case by case basis. Please feel free to contact me at the Sheriff's Office if you have any questions or concerns.
Sheriff Brandon Francis.

Our Story

Our Lead Instructor has been appointed NRA Regional Training Counselor for the Great Lakes Region.

We are commented to providing the best training available in a friendly environment with keeping SAFETY top of mind.

We teach Illinois, Florida, Utah, Arizona Concealed Carry Classes. NRA Basic and Instructor classes for Pistol, CCW, Personal Protection Inside the Home, Personal Protection Outside the Home, Rifle, Shotgun, RSO and CRSO. Illinois Department of Professional and Financial Regulation for Armed Professionals both Security and Private Investigators. Wisconsin DPS for Armed Professionals both Security and Private Detective.

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