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“Free the child's potential, and you will transform him into the world” Dr. Maria Montessori MANH is a true international environment where our children learn the importance of living and co-existing in this world culture.

With our curriculums our children's' natural gifts are identified and then enhanced. They learn to be independent and make intelligent decisions while learning contribution, first here, then at home and in society. Montessori Academy of North Hoffman Freeman East 1200 Freeman Road Hoffman Estates, IL 60192 Montessori Academy of North Hoffman Freeman West 1250 Freeman Road Hoffman Estates, IL 60192 Montessori Academy of North Hoffman Hunting Blvd 3805 Huntington Blvd. Hoffman Estates, IL 60192

Mission: Vision Our vision is to empower children to make a positive impact in the world through leadership and compassion. Mission Our mission is to nurture and sustain active community partnerships among children, their families, and educators that inspire all children to become competent, accountable citizens of the world guided by a humanitarian spirit.

Operating as usual

[10/30/20]   Happy Halloween to all friends and family. We are so happy to celebrate the holiday at school. Please post your parade pictures and videos here!

Recess game car lot

Today some of the children in the Vuzanno class learned how to play the fun game of car lot. We are all so grateful for beautiful Fall days and the opportunity to be together!

Brown Stairs

In order to keep everyone safe at school, MANH helps students transition to online learning when needing to self-quarantine while waiting for a negative COVID-19 test. It’s so nice to be able to still see your friends and teachers and stay connected!

What’s Missing ! "What's Missing" is a game we often play to help the children learn vocabulary, letter/sound recognition, and number names and sequence. The children close their eyes; the object is turned over or...

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Following Our Children Into Summer E-learning may be coming to an end for some, but learning will never stop for all. By: Shelbi Mohebbi Sweet summertime. It is here! As the school year comes to an end and the...

A Commencement to Remember Honoring Ayaan and Lily as they change the world one step at a time. By: Shelbi Mohebbi Graduation at any age is such a big deal. It is a day where you are celebrated for all...

The Power of E-Learning Education through virtual communication and so much more. By: Shelbi Mohebbi May 21st, 2020 As we wrap up the end of the school year, E-learning is in full swing. The staff...

eLearning at MANH As we forge ahead with our eLearning plan for the remainder of the school year, it is a wonderful opportunity for us to celebrate. We hit the ground running with eLearning immediately. Our...

Silent Journey

The Silent Journey and Discovery is an opportunity for parents to visit the Montessori classroom as though they are a student at MANH. Parents worked with materials from infancy through Erdkinder. We had a wonderful time with our parents. This takes place the first or second Saturday in January each year. Mark your calendar for next year! The Silent Journey and Discovery is an opportunity for parents to visit the Montessori classroom as though they are a student at MANH. Parents worked with materials from infancy through Erdkinder....

Cochran’s Kid of the Week: Nadia S.

So proud of Nadia S, an 8th grader at the Montessori Academy of North Hoffman, who was the kid of the week.

Nadia is active in raising funds for anyone with a need. When she first came to my class at age 11, she had organized a food fundraiser within her father’s company and had all employees participate. She has helped out at Feed My Starving Children often, organizing our upper elementary and middle/senior high school students attending. She also organized a fundraiser at the school in the fall for children with cancer. Anyone who bought a wristband could wear their pajamas to school and raise awareness for Childhood Cancer. For her last birthday, she invited friends over to her home and together they made valentines for senior citizens. She then took sweets and valentines to senior citizens in her neighborhood. Nadia is a remarkable young lady who has a heart of gold. These are just a few of her contributions! Cochran’s Kid of the Week 06.18.19

Day 3

Costa Rica trip 2019

Costa Rica Trip 2019 - On their way to Arenal

Costa Rica Trip - May 2019

Day 3

Day 3

Costa Rica Trip - May 2019

Costa Rica Trip - May 2019

[01/30/19]   MANH campuses are closed Wednesday, January 30th and Thursday, January 31st due to extreme weather. We hope that you continue to exercise caution during this extreme winter cold.

Today our Upper Elementary and Erdkinder students had a group service experience with Feed My Starving Children. Together we packed 126,000 meals which will feed 346 children for a whole year. It is always so wonderful to see our children giving back with enormous smiles on their faces! Way to go kids! We would also like to extend a big thank you to all parents who chaperoned the trip!
It makes us proud to see that our children live our school's vision, they truly make a positive impact in our world with leadership and compassion.

Montessori for Children with Special Needs

Parents and teachers explain how integrating children with special needs into the Montessori classroom can facilitate discipline, confidence, and growth.…

Montessori Kindergarten: Empowering & Essential

Learn why the Montessori kindergarten year—the third and final year of the Montessori Early Childhood cycle—is a foundation for life.

Montessori: The Elementary Years

Learn how the Montessori Elementary years—ages 6 through 12—prepare children intellectually, emotionally, and socially to navigate the next stage of…

Meet our seniors
Daniel Douros has been a student in our school since he was a toddler. He has always been creative, generous and humble. Daniel has always been one of those magnetic children, attracting his peers to his games, projects and wit. He is now a deeply respected leader of his class community and will be greatly be missed. His interests are diverse and center on programming, video game design and the graphic arts. He will attend DePaul University’s Honor’s College and has been awarded a handsome scholarship for all of his academic promise. We expect to hear great things from him in the future!

Meet our seniors
Maria has been a student at our school since infancy, she is truly our baby! Maria has such a vast array of talents. She has always been the mother hen in class as she has so much emotional intelligence and empathy for others. She has always been hard working, challenging herself and growing as a student, an individual and community leader. Maria takes her role as a community leader here at MANH very seriously. She is observant, reflective and one of the kindest people you will ever meet. Maria plans to pursue her interest in Early Childhood Education and plans to become a Montessori primary teacher one day. She will continue to make a positive impact in the lives of children and our world. We couldn’t be more proud of who she is and hope to have her as a teacher here one day!

Meet our seniors
Peter has been a student here at MANH since kindergarten. His passion and interest in animals has always been in the forefront of his learning here at MANH. In his free time, Peter has created a Wiki page on prehistoric animals that is over 300 pages long. Peter has aligned this work with the elementary timeline of life material and even presented it to our elementary teachers at a sectional meeting. Peter enjoys Socratic dialogue and is one of our best discussion leaders at our monthly EME Nights. Peter will be attending UIC in the Fall. We hope that he will visit us often to share his successes!

Erdkinder Physics - Mousetrap Racers 2018

Physics with Mousetrap Race Cars
MANH - Erdkinder Students

[02/09/18]   MANH CLOSED - FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 9th, 2018

I have been following the weather closely for the last few hours. Without having definitive information, I must trust the predictions from the experts about tomorrow’s weather as the safety of our families and staff is of paramount importance. The Montessori Academy of North Hoffman will be closed tomorrow. Thank you again for your understanding.
I know that as adults we are often irritated by the inconvenience that such a snow storm brings…. In these moments, our children become our teachers. They teach us how to appreciate weather like this. I look forward to hearing stories of snow forts, snow angels and snowmen. Please take pictures of your snow-filled adventures with your children to share at school. Silver linings are often best revealed through the laughter of children. The laughter becomes more magical when playing in the snow! Stay safe and see you on Monday!

Mrs. Motlagh

[02/09/18]   Dear Parents,

Ah, the joy and challenges of Chicago winter…. It seems to always keep us on our toes! I realize that for many of you aside from choosing our school for the programs that we offer, you also rely on the before and after care because of work obligations.

Making the decision of whether or not to stay open is one that I take very seriously. I have a large responsibility on my shoulders. The safety of our precious children, you as parents and my staff is of the utmost importance to me. While it is very difficult to make a decision about what to do so early in the evening, I strongly advise parents in need of childcare to make other arrangements for tomorrow (in case of school closure). The school will post a final decision later this evening, likely by 10:00 this evening. Again, I apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience and understanding.

Should we cancel classes tomorrow, we will be adding days to the academic calendar in order to make up for snow days taken. The current calendar states that we end on June 1st but we will adjust that accordingly.

For parents attending the Snoozeum Trip (elementary families):

After many correspondences from the Museum of Science and Industry, I am sorry to inform you that they will not be canceling this trip, rescheduling or refunding. It is their position that many attendees live close enough to the city that it would be impossible to reschedule. With that said, for those of you who do not feel safe to drive, in the past, they have made arrangements for families who could not attend (based on availability). They have informed us that their “make up days” are currently waitlisted, so rescheduling is unlikely. I am deeply sorry for this inconvenience.

Thank you for your patience and understanding,

Sara Motlagh

Why Montessori has multi-age classrooms (and why siblings often learn best from each other).

One of the first things you will notice when you walk into a Montessori school is the classrooms are multi-age. It's not only Montessori, other schools are adopting this approach. Why do multi-age classrooms work and what are the benefits?
• Observation. Children are free to observe each other, they are free to observe children working on more advanced materials, they observe more mature social interactions. They observe older children interacting with teachers and learn what is expected. We know children in the first plane of development are absorbing everything in their environment and the role modelling of the older children is of real benefit. Younger children often aspire to be like their older classmates and often look up to them. Through observation alone children can learn so much!
• Leadership. At some point all children become the older ones in the classroom, they all have the opportunity to be leaders and develop leadership skills. Leadership may include using mediation, conflict resolution, mentoring, negotiating and communication skills. Often leadership is acquired naturally, they step in when they know they can help or assist another child (younger or otherwise) as they have seen it and observed it in others.
• Confidence. Children build confidence working in diverse groups, talking and interacting with different aged children. They build confidence when they have, or are given leadership roles, and when they can comfortably negotiate in diverse groups of children.
• Diversity. The classroom is a more diverse environment. Children are working in an environment accepting of all capabilities, there is a wide range of ability, skills, independence, experiences, resources, literacy. Children are not discriminated against based on age. There is exposure to more areas of interest.
• Sense of Community. The classroom is a community and communities are inclusive, it is a cohesive social unit. The children are more accepting of diversity, they are helpful, supportive of each other, there is greater collaboration. This sense of community can build connectedness and trust. It can foster authentic and child led partnerships. It can lead to good citizenship and meaningful collaborations.
• Competition is Removed. Due to the diversity in the classroom competition is removed. There is no competition between children as all children are at different stages in their learning, there is or testing or grades used in this environment. The learning is more collaborative because they are all encouraged to look after and help each other, this contributes to a positive learning culture.
• Connected Learning Experiences. Many materials are used various times during the child's education. The child can see and make connections between when they first starting using the materials and how they may use the materials in the future. Working with others who have similar or different capabilities deepens and extends understandings and makes links between prior and new experiences.
• Respectful of How Children Learn. Children are resourceful and are active agents of their own learning. Learning from other children is a part of this. This approach is respectful and encourages child-initiated learning and independent thinking. Children learn best from each other! Children can teach each other, can explain and demonstrate things in ways adults cannot. Their hands are a similar size, they use similar words. They can connect, communicate in ways adults cannot. Their abilities are no so far removed from each other, they understand each other. This is why siblings often learn best from each other.
• Child Centred. Children are not taught to their age but to their abilities. The focus is on the child. The work is at the child's own pace. When children are grouped together for work or a lesson they can be grouped on their abilities or interests.
• Stable and Consistent Environment. In existing Montessori classrooms there are not thirty or so new children at the start of every school year. At the start of the year new children come into a classroom that is already functioning and can get to work right away. The teachers can often focus on the handful of new children and help them to settle. There is less turnover of children and less disruption. Children are in a stable group, with only few young children joining and a few older children leaving every year and often the same teachers the three year period.

How We Montessori "Our schools have shown how children of different ages help one another. The younger ones watch what the older ones are doing and ask all kinds of questions, and the older ones explain. This is really useful teaching, for the way that a five year old interprets and explains things...

[01/23/18]   Dear parents, our phones and internet are not working due to comcast outage. We will be reconnected by tomorrow morning. Sorry for the inconvenience.

International Day Celebration at Montessori Academy of North Hoffman

5K Fun Run

Fundraising for Scholarship
October 7th, 2017

Fundraising for Scholarship
October 7th, 2017

Family Fun Run

RSVP today for our upcoming event! We are excited to announce the launch of our annual Family Fun Run to be held on the weekend of the Chicago Marathon. The Fun Run will take place in the Westbury & South Ridge Lake Parks in Hoffman Estate, directly behind our School buildings. All funds raised will go to provide tuition assistance t...

Family Fun Run

Space is limited for our next event - sign up today! We are excited to announce the launch of our annual Family Fun Run to be held on the weekend of the Chicago Marathon. The Fun Run will take place in the Westbury & South Ridge Lake Parks in Hoffman Estate, directly behind our School buildings. All funds raised will go to provide tuition assistance t...

Family Fun Run

Our next event is coming up -- RSVP today. We are excited to announce the launch of our annual Family Fun Run to be held on the weekend of the Chicago Marathon. The Fun Run will take place in the Westbury & South Ridge Lake Parks in Hoffman Estate, directly behind our School buildings. All funds raised will go to provide tuition assistance t...

Family Fun Run

You're invited to our upcoming event. Register today. We are excited to announce the launch of our annual Family Fun Run to be held on the weekend of the Chicago Marathon. The Fun Run will take place in the Westbury & South Ridge Lake Parks in Hoffman Estate, directly behind our School buildings. All funds raised will go to provide tuition assistance t...

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Recess game car lot
Sydney Zoo
Irish Dance at MANH
Irish Dance - MANH





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