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For all you amazing teachers:
Girls volleyball killed it last night! Took the match to a tie break and WON!
Job opening for a high school English teacher at a small Christian school in Marshall, Va. Best suited to a student looking for a first job, or a parent interested in tuition reimbursement. I have been working to establish a classical, whole book curriculum there for the past four years. This position would be for a lead teacher, teaching grades 9, 10 and 12. I am not doing the hiring, but am trying to help the administrators find a candidate with a love of great books who would be capable of extending the program. You could teach an A.P. English prep class, too. Please p.m. me if you have further questions, or contact Stacy Lam, principal at Fresta Valley Christian School, 6428 Wilson Rd., Marshall, VA 20115.

A Classical and Christian School for Pre-K Through Grade Twelve

Operating as usual


Association of Classical & Christian Schools President, David Goodwin, visited Oak Hill today and met with Headmaster Robert Thoburn to discuss accreditation and to share wisdom on various issues related to classical Christian schooling.

Dr. Chris Schlect from New Saint Andrews College also met with Mr. Thoburn and our college counselor, Arelis Gil, to discuss classical education and college options for students.

We are thankful for this friendly, informative visit and for the time both gentlemen gave to our school.

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Reading instruction begins with phonics, the science of sound. Students learn to associate the sound of each letter with the corresponding letter symbol, learning both reading and writing together. Phonics begins in preschool and kindergarten but continues throughout the grammar stage.

Reading lessons do not end with the mastery of phonics. Students practice applying phonics to oral reading and build fluency. Classic stories such as Frog and Toad Are Friends or Little Bear's Visit are used to engage students and give them a chance to practice oral reading skills: phrasing word properly, pausing at punctuation, and using correct expression.

Throughout the elementary grades students read from classic selections. These stories are not only engaging, they demonstrate beautiful language. A book is a teacher. Students learn language patterns from their teachers, whether those teachers are parents or books or a television screen. Reading classic books gives students the best and readily available teachers.

"Above all see that the child's nurse speaks correctly . . . It is the nurse that the child first hears, and her words that he will first attempt to imitate." Quintilian from Institutes of Oratory


3rd/4th Grade Family Fun Night at OHCS

Family Fun Nights are back! We started off last night with 3rd and 4th grade families. We are anticipating a year full of friendships growing centered around the families at Oak Hill.

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Last night was our first Family Fun Night of the year. Third and fourth grade students, siblings and parents had a chance to fellowship and build relationships as families.

We're looking forward to next week when we host the first and second grade families!


Strolling through our school hallways in the mornings you will hear the constant chants of vowel sounds and consonant blends from grammar school children as they practice their phonics lessons. Our phonics program is easily recognizable as a crucial step in the students’ education at Oak Hill. But it is just the first step.

Literature and rhetoric classes are just as foundational to older students as phonics instruction and reading groups are to young learners. Over the next couple of weeks we will work to show you the progression of reading in a classical Christian school. From learning sounds to putting them together to forming words to reading with expression and confidence to discerning a hidden worldview in a work of literature that was written to persuade.

We hope to show you how and why we get from phonics to Frankenstein.

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Mucha diversion en el club de Espanol!

Spanish club began today with student learning how to introduce themselves and others. And how to talk with their hands. 😄

Mrs. Gil is the perfect teacher for these young learners. A native of Panama, she moved to the U.S. when she was 8 years old. She earned her B.A. and M.Ed from the University of Nevada. But her greatest gift to students is bringing lots of enthusiasm to any classroom.


Math work in Mrs. Weathers's class is serious business.

Not completely. Anyone who has either been in Mrs. Weathers's class or had a child attend her class knows she makes learning any subject a delight.

But they also know that she shows how easy difficult things can be. And how diligently her students work, even in kindergarten.

The kindergarten students learn math with Saxon Math 1, designed for first grade. These students love learning that math is a daily part of God's world through story problems related to home and school, calendar work, and working to perfect number skills.

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The school week isn't quite over but it's been quite a productive and joyful first week of school. Here are just a few snippets from the week.

Photos from Oak Hill Christian School's post 08/19/2022

It has been a great week at Oak Hill. We are thankful for the Lord's blessings as teachers attended training and meetings this week and made some fabulous progress on their classrooms.

Each teacher encourages a love of learning and most have created fun nooks in their classrooms for students to enjoy books. Here are just a couple of photos of some of the spaces they have made.

We are thankful for the work each teacher and staff has done and ask that you continue to pray for teachers and staff at OHCS as we take the next few weeks to finalize prep for the 2022-2023 school year.


Your child will be captivated by Mrs. Ralls' Art Lab!

Students will explore art techniques and history while participating in creative projects with Mrs. Ralls in the new Art Lab after school club being offered this fall. She will also incorporate technology introducing students to laser cutting and 3D printing.

Ashlin Ralls studied art, creativity and architectural history in college. She has her degree in Architecture from Texas A&M and has worked as a graphic designer.

Mrs. Ralls has three children who attend Oak Hill. She enjoys photography, painting and sewing. She has previously developed an afterschool art club for elementary students.

The Art Lab is for students in Kindergarten-Fourth Grade age and costs $200 for the fall term which runs September through December. Contact the school office if you are interested or want to learn more.

See Ashlin's YouTube channel for a sample of her teaching style and techniques she will use this fall. youtu.be/t0mFKBbZ1HY


There’s almost no need to introduce our Kindergarten teacher as she has taught many students who have attended Oak Hill. Nancy Weathers will be teaching again this fall, her nineteenth year as the Kindergarten teacher at OHCS.

Mrs. Weathers understands the importance of teaching students foundational skills in phonics and penmanship to help them be strong readers and students who write with beautiful penmanship. Skills that will be used and built upon in later years.

She has the ability to captivate her students while teaching them about God’s amazing Creation and creatures, using stories and crafts to draw them in, practicing fine motor skills, listening skills and critical thinking. She often snags the attention of students from other classes who happen to be walking by her classroom, too.

We, the staff and parents, are looking forward to another incredible year with Mrs. Weathers!


Mr. Aardsma has a library of life experiences centered on his family, Christ, and the world of the Creator. He has a limitless list of activities he enjoys including spending summers and weekends in his cabin in the New York Adirondacks, carving and painting birds and animals, kayaking, hiking and herping, singing and making melody to the Lord as well as spending time with family and friends.

In addition to his recreational life experiences, Allen Aardsma has been a Christian school principal and teacher. He taught fourth and fifth grades at Oak Hill when current staff, Abigail and Robert Thoburn III, were in his class. He returned to Oak Hill for the 2021-2022 school year and is just as well loved as he was in the past.

Mr. A. has a genuine love for all students and understands the need to work on the character of the students as part of classroom teaching which is obvious in his words, “I especially enjoy teaching Biblical life skills to help children build their lives on a firm and God-honoring foundation and serving the Lord by ministering to staff, students and parents in the Christian school.”

Parents, students and staff are honored to have Mr. Aardsma returning for the 2022-2023 school year. He will be teaching subjects to fifth and sixth grade students in his modest and gentle style.


Mandy Fournier is not new to Oak Hill but she is moving into a new position as the third grade teacher. She has a pleasant and patient manner making students feel at home within the classroom. As an assistant last year she was often observed engaging young students through conversation and unique educational games both indoors and out.

Mrs. Fournier’s teaching approach is inspired by Charlotte Mason who believed that education should not only be directed at the student’s mind. Rather, education should include character training, time outside in nature, and learning through exposure to great literature and art work.

Mandy is delighted to have a new opportunity in the classroom and says, “I’m excited to help cultivate strong character and a love of learning in the students this year. I’m looking forward to our journey that will take us through great works of literature, artists, poets, and composers. I look forward to helping the students develop a life of study, awe of nature, and good habits that will benefit them throughout their lives.”

We, too, are excited for the work Mrs. Fournier will be doing with the third grade this coming school year.


Some of our school parents ask about reading and summer work. We've put together some suggested reading. Have a look.


Say hello to a familiar face! Katherine Culver is entering her twelfth year at Oak Hill in her constant spot teaching second grade. One of her strengths is singling out the needs of students and helping them one-on-one while teaching a whole class.

“My favorite part of teaching is connecting with the students, watching their eyes light up with interest when something I love engages them, and seeing a student succeed with something he has struggled with.”

Mrs. Culver has two daughters who both attend OHCS. She’s quite excited to have the opportunity to teach her youngest daughter this coming fall. Other things she’s looking forward to in 2022-23 are the yearly Alice in Wonderland Tea Party and Aesop’s Fable Recitations she coordinates for her students.

Outside of school, Mrs. Culver enjoys reading and music, spending time at the beach and hiking with her husband (pictured here with her).

Thank you for your faithful work at Oak Hill and welcome back for another great year!


Hannah Miller will be teaching fourth grade this fall at OHCS. As a recent graduate (2019), she brings a fresh excitement to the classroom.

Classical education is not new to Hannah. She was educated using a classical model and curriculum, and she graduated from one of the few classical and Christian colleges in the country, Patrick Henry College. She has three years of classroom experience as a fifth grade teacher.

When asked about teaching, she reiterated her passion for working with children. She is especially excited to teach history and Bible to her new fourth grade students at Oak Hill.

Hannah (pictured here with her husband) has other passions outside of the classroom. She is newly married and enjoys reading, gardening and hiking.

Welcome to Oak Hill, Hannah!


Welcome back, Mrs. Key!

Claudia Key previously taught the PreK class at Oak Hill. She has been trained to use our phonics program quite successfully, giving young students a strong academic base and teaching them how to read.

When asked what she especially enjoys about teaching four year olds, Mrs. Key answered, "It's a perfect time to teach them about the Lord and the world he's created and begin instilling Biblical principles. I also love teaching them to read! They have so much fun learning their vowel sounds then learning their blends. When they put it all together and start reading, they get so excited! It's contagious!"

She is a talented singer and incorporates music into her daily teaching, making lessons engaging and joyful.

Mrs. Key (pictured center) has four children, all who attended Oak Hill. Her daughter Ana (pictured right) graduated from Oak Hill in 2015.

It will be good to have her back at Oak Hill!

Photos from Oak Hill Christian School's post 06/07/2022

Third graders collaborate with Kindergarteners on The Magic Fish art and reading project

Photos from Oak Hill Christian School's post 06/07/2022

Dr. Sutters' first grade art students bringing their portfolios home today

Photos from Oak Hill Christian School Lynchburg's post 05/28/2022

Photos from Oak Hill Christian School Lynchburg's post

Photos from Oak Hill Christian School's post 05/27/2022

Herndon Campus Class of 2022

Photos from Oak Hill Christian School's post 05/27/2022

High School 2021-22

Photos from Oak Hill Christian School's post 04/08/2022

Happy Easter in Mrs. Weathers' class.

Practical Help in Ukraine | Blog & Mablog 03/18/2022

Practical Help in Ukraine | Blog & Mablog

Do you feel led to help in Ukraine?

The congregation I belong to is part of the CRE, a growing group of 100 churches in the US and around the world including some in Ukraine and Russia. I know that all our pastors and churches are accountable to be honest with money and I know that the hand of God has been on our people. Here’s a great opportunity to help them as they assist those who are victims of the war in Ukraine.
–Robert Thoburn


Practical Help in Ukraine | Blog & Mablog Sharing Options As I have been keeping in touch with my friends in Ukraine, I have become aware of a need that I would like to pass on to you, and to ask for your help. As you all know, we are not big into asking for funds, but I want to deviate from our … Continue Reading "Practical Help in Ukrai...

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Thanks to teachers and students for their hard work at today's joint campus classes.


Called 2022: July 11-16 and July 18-23

Highly recommend that you consider Called Conference this year for your 15-18 year old. Register early, both sessions will be fully booked.


High School Hybrid enrollment open for fall at both campuses, Herndon and Lynchburg.


OH High School students spend 1 day each week giving speeches in every class. This is a defining feature of a true classical education at the high school level. Students are currently learning the basics of debate format using simple topics (Did the chicken or egg come first?) and working up toward persuasion on some weighty subjects.


Hungry Boys Waiting for Panera

Photos from Oak Hill Christian School Lynchburg's post 02/16/2022

Photos from Oak Hill Christian School Lynchburg's post

Photos from Oak Hill Christian School's post 02/10/2022

Painting with Dr. Sutters

Photos from Oak Hill Christian School Lynchburg's post 02/03/2022

Photos from Oak Hill Christian School Lynchburg's post

Photos from Oak Hill Christian School's post 01/20/2022

Rain kept other schools closed today for "snow" but it didn't stop anything at OH. We did move our fossil dig inside.


Herndon Campus is open regular hours today. Enjoy the snow. Be careful.


Based on the road conditions tonight and the overnight forecast, we have decided that there will be no school on Monday, January 17. We look forward to starting the week strong on Tuesday!


CS Lewis Classroom


Oak Hill Herndon Campus is opening at 11:00 today. Students may begin arriving at 10:45.


Our parking lot is ready, and Oak Hill is opening on time on Wednesday, January 5.


Oak Hill Herndon Campus is closed today, Tuesday, Jan. 4. We look forward to seeing everyone on Wednesday!

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