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Photos from Oak Hill Christian School's post 05/29/2024

After reading Boxcar Children, the first graders enjoyed a day that could have been directly from the pages of the book.

They played on the red caboose, picnicked with friends and family, then had ice cream.

What a memorable day for these students!


Yay! It's Friday!

Photos from Oak Hill Christian School's post 05/21/2024

Kicking off the kickball tournament today!

Students in Lewis and Chesterton planned and carried out their strategies while those in Sproul and Tolkien watched and cheered.

Chesterton won today, so they will face the winner of tomorrow's game on Thursday.


One of our favorite moments from the week: Organized Chaos.

This was actually quite a happy moment in first grade. The students helped to reorganize the classroom library and enjoyed some favorite reads along the way.


Photos from Oak Hill Christian School's post 05/15/2024

In an era of spell check, why have a spelling bee?

First, competition is a motivator.
Second, spell check doesn’t always work.
Third, hard work is rewarding and character building.

Mrs. Fournier’s students competed in an old-fashioned spelling bee today, complete with judges and an audience. The anticipation shown in their body language and facial expressions was energetic. Everyone cheered for the first place winner, even those who didn’t place.

We are proud of ALL of these students for competing in this challenge.

Congratulations to Connor, first place; Hrihan, second place; and a three-way tie in third place to Aarav, Miya and Ryker. Well done!

Finally, a thank you to our teachers who organized the competition as well as the parents who helped judge and came out to encourage students.

Photos from Oak Hill Christian School's post 05/15/2024

"After this I looked, and behold, a great multitude that no one could number, from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages, standing before the throne and before the Lamb . . .” Revelation 7:9

Each year Mrs. Miller has her students research their heritage.

Students begin with their immediate family. They interview parents and grandparents. What grandparent doesn’t love telling stories of their childhood and where they are from?

The students take this information and create a project board to share with the class. Many bring in a special treat related to their ancestry. Others bring in special costumes or share customs. The Heritage Projects are a cherished part of the year in fourth grade.

When you look into a classroom at Oak Hill, you will see a picture of Revelation 7:9. Our students come from families whose parents, grandparents and great grandparents are from all over the globe. And it’s a beautiful thing to see.

Photos from Oak Hill Christian School's post 05/13/2024

Have you ever wanted to have your student write a poem but didn't know where to start?

Start with a cinquain!

Swipe through to learn this easy form of poetry and see some examples. The hardest part is selecting a subject.

Photos from Oak Hill Christian School's post 05/11/2024

This was the best way to end teacher appreciation week. Teachers and Parents vs. Students and Alumni Volleyball. And it was a TERRIFIC game!

It was the best 3 out of 5. At the start of the fifth game, the teachers/parents team and the students/alumni had each won 2 games, all games with close scores.

In the end, the teachers and parents won with a score of 25 to 23.

It was great to see a FUN game with at least one daughter facing off her father, siblings working together and everyone enjoying the game.


Photos from Oak Hill Christian School's post 05/10/2024

The kindergarten classroom is bursting with life! The study of life cycles to be exact.

Everywhere you look there is something captivating :
Caterpillars building cocoons
Tadpoles swimming about
Crafts that demonstrate life cycles
Books about frogs and butterflies galore

It’s spring and it's a marvelous time to be a kindergartener in Mrs. Weathers’ class.


This tiny turtle needed a bit of help getting back home.

During class Mrs. Culver’s students noticed this little guy being attacked by a bird.

They acted quickly and rescued him and named him Bartholomew.

As they were returning him to the pond at the edge of the lot, they found a big Mamma turtle, naming her Bartholomew, too.

We love having the pond so close for students to observe AND learn to take dominion to care for God’s creation.


With each book read in Junior High Literature, Mrs. Thoburn tries to open with some activity that draws the students into being a part of the story.

Monday, the students cracked open geodes, which means "little earth" in Greek. Today, they cracked open a new read, Journey to the Center of the Earth.

Hopefully, this tangible symbol shows the students that they have something incredible to read between the ordinary covers of the book.

Photos from Oak Hill Christian School's post 05/07/2024

If we were rewriting the grading scale, S would be for Superb.

And here are a few reasons Mrs. Miller is a superb teacher:

*She engages her students in learning by bringing subjects to life, especially history and literature.

*She is patient with her students, allowing them to ask questions without fear of feeling embarrassed by their questions.

*She has a true heart of a teacher, using lots of tools to teach at every given opportunity.

We're certain you will agree, Mrs. Miller is a superb fourth grade teacher!

Photos from Oak Hill Christian School's post 05/07/2024

It's that time of year, time for Mrs. Culver's annual Mad Hatter Tea Party!

Each year after reading Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Mrs. Culver's students wrap up with a silly tea party complete with tea cups, finger sandwiches and a fun reenactment from the book.


What a wonderful way for our teachers to start their week! Flowers and snacks from the parents were distributed by some of the students.

Thank you, Parents and Students! We are feeling appreciated. 🤗


What's the best way to wrap up reading The Lost World AND a yearlong study of earth science AND prepare discussion points on Creation vs. Evolution?

Visit the Natural History Museum!

Photos from Oak Hill Christian School's post 04/30/2024

What makes Mr. Sabin an excellent middle school teacher? Here are just four of many good reasons.

1. He’s patient.

Junior high students can be argumentative, arrogant and immature. Mr. Sabin doesn’t let any of that phase him. He patiently wades the questions his students bring up and discerns which are worth attention, directing his classes to fruitful work.

2. He’s prepared.

Mr. Sabin works out his syllabus for the year for each of the subjects he teaches so that not only he but his students and their parents know where he’s going during the year. He knows his subjects well and rarely is thrown off course.

3. He provokes thoughtful discussions.

During history and Bible lessons, he always encourages his students to consider God’s word. He frequently will ask his students, “Does the Bible have anything to say about this,” encouraging his students to look for answers instead of giving them the answer.

4. He’s a great example for his students.

The best way to teach is by example. Mr. Sabin is an exemplary character demonstrating what it is to love your neighbor through patience and a fun-loving spirit.

Photos from Oak Hill Christian School's post 04/29/2024

Mrs. Miller's fourth grade spent a day at National Cathedral. They were able to see up close something they have spent time studying in class, the art and architecture of cathedrals. They also enjoyed the spring air outdoors in the Cathedral's gardens. What a memorable experience!


We were blessed with a wonderful week at Oak Hill.

Fourth Grade wrapped up their week of learning with a visit to the National Cathedral, touring the gardens and learning about the history and architecture of this beautiful building.

But there were many more magical moments this week on campus. See our stories for a few of our favorites.

Photos from Oak Hill Christian School's post 04/24/2024

The students in the upper elementary earth science class were given the assignment to recreate the layers of the ocean in their own way.

It was exciting to see how each student made his project a unique reflection of his personality and interests. There were projects made with LEGOs, some baked, and some incorporated foam insulation!

These students will never forget that the ocean is made up of multiple and amazing zones, each with distinct characteristics.

Photos from Oak Hill Christian School's post 04/23/2024

3 Reasons Mrs. Fournier is an A+ teacher:

1. She’s Friendly

Not only to her peers but to her students. She makes them know they are important and welcome in her classroom.

2. She Loves Nature

When you peek into Mrs. Fournier’s classroom, her class is frequently missing. That’s because she takes them outside for reading and nature walks. And her students come back with things to sketch or paint with water colors in their nature journals.

3. Practice, practice, practice . . . 

She knows it’s important to have her students practice whatever they are learning. Math facts, penmanship, even walking in and out of the classroom properly.

If you know someone looking for the best 3rd grade teacher, tell them about Mrs. Fournier!

Photos from Oak Hill Christian School's post 04/17/2024

What an uplifting time we spent together this morning. It was a joy to host families and friends of Oak Hill as we listened to the beautiful sounds of songs, poems and Scripture.

We'll be sharing videos and photos with parents soon, but here are a few photos from today.

We hope to see even more of you tomorrow for the fourth through twelfth recitations and concert.

Photos from Oak Hill Christian School's post 04/16/2024

What's the most difficult thing to do on a field trip? Take a good group photo!

Even if everyone smiles, they still have to face the camera and keep their hands away from their faces.

It's much easier to plan than actually do.

Look through these three group photos of the first grade at Mount Vernon and vote for “The Best” by commenting on your favorite photo.

Photos from Oak Hill Christian School's post 04/14/2024

The saying goes, humble in victory and gracious in defeat.

We’re proud of our Chesterton team because they model this.

Congratulations to the young men on the Chesterton House basketball team. You displayed great skill, grace to your opponents and humility in victory.

Thank you to our coaches, Mr. Sabin and Mrs. McGorman as well as our athletic director, Mrs. Gil. They put in lots of work pulling the quarterly tournaments together. And this one, they put in a lot of physical work, too.

Thank you to all of the students who participated! You made each game enjoyable to be a part of, either playing or spectating.

Photos from Oak Hill Christian School's post 04/13/2024

Mt. Vernon with First Grade, Take Two
We have so many great moments to share and here are a few more of our favorites.

Photos from Oak Hill Christian School's post 04/13/2024

What a beautiful morning for a walk!

The rain went away in time for first grade to have a grand tour of George Washington's home, giving these young students a glimpse into his life and times. They especially loved the blooming grounds and animals.


Spread a little happiness!

That's what our cafe volunteers do. Students, thank you for serving and tidying up in the cafe every week and being examples to look up to.

Photos from Oak Hill Christian School's post 04/10/2024

What makes us a classical school?

You may think it's our curriculum. But curriculum alone cannot cultivate a love of learning. Teachers can and ours do.

The third grade has weekly nature observations. They keep detailed notes, practicing penmanship and scientific observations, as well as sketching.

In this way, Mrs. Fournier stirs up an excitement and desire in her students to learn more about God's amazing world.

Learn to Read. Learn to Think. Live for Christ.


The heavens declare the glory of the Lord!

What a spectacular day, witnessing the solar eclipse today.

These little ones will have to wait until they have graduated from high school and then some before they have this chance in North America again.

Photos from Oak Hill Christian School's post 04/06/2024

Lewis House may have won both games on Friday, but the day was truly about Sproul House. Specifically the third grade basketball players.

There were two back-to-back games with Sproul vs. Lewis. The first game, 3rd and 4th graders played, and the second for the 5th and 6th grades. Lewis won the first game, and Sproul would have had to forfeit the second because they lacked enough players. But these students stayed
to play:

Matthew H.
Hhiran D.
Aarya V.
Makenzie D.

These four third grade Sproul House members stepped up and took on their taller 5th/6th opponents even after losing a game, showing their winning spirit. Mr. Sabin, Sproul House Teacher, filled in as the fifth player and added some needed height to the team.

Join us in applauding these third grade players for their determined spirits. They endured two tough games, guarded giants and scored multiple times.

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