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There is nothing wrong with making learning more fun!


Sleep actually helps you remember things. While losing sleep can lead to worse memory recall. So always try to get a good night's rest!


Dressing for success can sometimes be vital for meetings and interviews. You should strive to look your best and be presentable.


Paying attention is always worth it.


Your brain will actually reduce blood flow to those areas that are familiar with a particular subject. So if you find yourself daydreaming in certain classes, that may be because you know a lot pertaining to that certain subject.


Choosing electives that you like can really make a difference!


Sometimes your teacher can even give you a great perspective during class. Perspectives can always help with memory. If a certain subject makes you think about a movie or a place. Write it down if it helps.


“Strengths” has nine letters and eight of them are constants, making it the longest word in the English language with only one vowel.


To combat the “curve of forgetting” try to study and review all new material within 24 hours. While it’s fresh on your mind otherwise it might just be left on the back burner.


Pay attention in class and taking good notes will help you in the long run. It will make it easier when it comes to studying at home.


This fact might not be something you can repeat to your friends verbally — as crazy as it is to pronounce. Taumatawhakatangi­hangakoauauotamatea­turipukakapikimaunga­horonukupokaiwhen­uakitanatahu is the the longest place name in the world.


Make the most out of your classes! Asking questions, answering questions, and participating in group discussions can benefit you in the long run.


Studying where you sleep is the definition of NOT maintaining a clear separation between work and rest. This most often leads to increased levels of stress and insomnia.


As many of us know, Shakespeare has written some of the most beloved historical pieces of literature. It led to him sometimes making up his own words as he crafted his plays and poems.



Starting out in college can be stressful when you don’t know anyone. Making some friends can make it more comfortable and you might even gain a study partner!


Don’t push yourself into late-night studying. Try to find a prime time that works best for you. Being tired and sleep-deprived won’t help you.


American author Ernest Vincent Wright published Gadsby which is a 50,000 word novel that doesn’t use the letter ‘e’ once.


Whether you are writing down notes or reading, summarizing can help you remember the material better!


It’s all about keeping a clear separation and balance between work and rest.


TYPEWRITER is the longest word that can be made using the letters only on one row of the keyboard.


In College, you’ll find yourself working more closely with other students from different backgrounds and life experiences. Take time now to start enhancing your leadership, problem-solving, and people skills for an easier adjustment.


Study and do your homework while things are still fresh on your mind. This helps increase your learning and productivity.


Camels have a third eyelid that helps in protecting their eyes from blowing sand. They even have two rows of long lashes to protect their eyes.


Both students and parents should become familiar with the procedures and resources that your college has before starting the semester.


Being in a study group with friends can be really effective. Just as long as you stay focused it can be fun as well.


Da Vinci did indeed paint eyebrows on the Mona Lisa. Although, over time they had eroded away from cleaning that they aren’t visible today.


Having good studying habits before you start college can help the transition go more smoothly. This helps better prepare you too.


Got siblings? Try explaining your answer to a question to them or a friend. This can help the answers become more clear in your head by saying it out loud. Plus, they can learn too!


Procrastination isn’t always just something you’re doing when you're ‘bored’ or if you lack time management skills. It can simply just be having to deal with your feelings. Acknowledge whatever it is you are avoiding. As it can be related to a fear of failure.


Before you write a paper, take time to read the instructions a few days before. This gives you plenty of time to think about it before you begin writing. While reducing the chance of procrastination.


Practicing with old exams can help better prepare yourself and study the content when you have an upcoming test.


How many ribs are in the human body? The answer is 24!


You can learn all sorts of things when you play trivia. It can be an educational board game or trivia quizzes online!


Getting plenty of sleep can help your memory and help you focus more on studying. If you don’t get much rest, exhaustion can lack your ability to focus.


Some colleges have strict admission guidelines so it’s always best to have other options. Who knows you might just get accepted to a college you never thought that you would!


Knowing what kind of career you want is important to think about before you get started putting in your college applications. If you like numbers you may want to think about a career in accounting. If you love kids you may want to be a teacher.


Writing notes can help you remember easily when it comes to tests and quizzes.


Lots of people actually don’t know this! The stars on the American flag represent the number of states. There are 50 stars and 50 states.

Lots of people say 52… is that because there are 52 weeks in a year?


Look up your local ACT & SAT test dates! You can also find practice tests to give you extra experience taking the tests. In our experience, the more you practice at it, the higher your score raises.


Less distraction can allow you to focus more when it comes to studying. Put away your phone and don’t have any background noise like a tv.

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