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Singing lessons for curious singers 11 & up located in Richmond, VA and around the world! Outside of music, she enjoys yoga, reading, cooking, and hiking.

Veronica Kokas, owner of Veronica Rose Music, is a singer and voice teacher with experience performing and teaching a variety of styles, including classical, musical theatre, pop, rock, and country. A native of Austin, Texas, she has performed in operatic productions as Gretel in Hansel and Gretel, the Sandman and Dew Fairy in Hansel and Gretel, Luci Johnson in the world premiere of Sheldon Harnic

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New around here? 😌

Here’s what our page is all about, and what we offer! ⬆️

Since we are a HOLISTIC studio, you can expect:
💫 Evidence based technical instruction that empowers you
💫 Mindfulness practices included in lessons that allow you to get curious about your goals and your struggles
💫 Compassionate instructors that meet you where you are, and tailor lessons to you

Here’s what you will NOT get from us:
❌ Teachers that make you learn music that you don’t want to learn
❌ You won’t ever be forced to perform in studio events or recitals! We believe in serving you and your goals, whether that includes performing or not.
❌ Boring, cookie cutter lessons—we’re always adapting lessons to where you’re at in the present moment.

If you’re ready to experience some of this for yourself, visit the link in bio to sign up for a FREE 30-minute trial lesson in voice or guitar!

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There have been so many times in the past where I’ve ignored my body’s warning signs…and let me tell you, it didn’t end up well 🥴

Which is why it’s been such a game changer for my singing to listen to my body’s signals!

While it may seem weird to “build a relationship” with your body in this way, doing so helps you become more aware of issues in your singing when they come up.

Connecting with your body’s signals can also help in performance situations, when anxiety shows up in the body through increased heart rate, sweaty palms, and however else your body responds.

In lessons with students, I often add things to the lesson (like body scans) that help singers connect with their bodies. If you’d like to experience that for yourself, visit the link in bio to sign up for a FREE 30-minute trial lesson with me!

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What makes a music teacher a good teacher? That’s one secret I’ll never tell…XOXO gossip girl 💋

Just kidding! 😂

But for real, a teacher that works for one singer/musician may not work for another.

For example, when I was touring grad schools there was a voice teacher that a friend raved about that I decided to give a try. As it turns out…that teacher ended up chewing me out during the trial lesson, and wouldn’t let me sing a single note unless I breathed through my mouth 🙄

It goes without saying that I didn’t end up going to school there or studying with that person.

I say all this not to scare you, but to give you perspective when it comes to picking the right teacher for YOU.

After all, you deserve a teacher who…

💫 Encourages you to pursue your goals with curiosity and kindness
💫 Offers compassion for your struggles
💫 And meets you where YOU are!

If you’re ready to experience some of this for yourself, visit the link in bio to sign up for a FREE 30-minute trial lesson in voice or guitar!


As the school year starts and everyone starts thinking about their goals for the new year…remember this ⬆️

👏 There is nothing wrong with scaling down your dreams to goals that you can *ACTUALLY* accomplish! 👏

It doesn’t make you any less of a singer if your only goal this fall is to strengthen your head voice.

You are not less of a singer if your only goal is JUST to audition for your school musical…regardless of whether you get a role or not.

And you are certainly not less of a singer if your only goal is to learn one new thing about your voice this fall.

What is one small thing you’re going to focus on this fall? Tell me in the comments! ⬇️


Take what you need today 💫

Whether you’re in lessons with me or enrolled in the Curious Singer Membership, you know that I’m all about compassion.

💗 Being compassionate with ourselves when we make mistakes
💗 Being compassionate with our voices and giving our voices a break when necessary
💗 And being compassionate with ourselves to put OUR needs first!

If you’re ready to experience some of this for yourself, I have limited lesson slots available in my schedule—visit the link in bio to sign up for a FREE 30-minute trial lesson with me!

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Enough of the hustle culture BS telling you that you’re lazy if you’re not achieving your goals 🙄

Seriously, it’s 2023 and I’ve had enough of the finance bros on TikTok telling me to hustle in my sleep!

It’s a big nope from me 🙅‍♀️

BUT if you are determined to work on your singing this fall, be real with yourself and figure out what you’re actually capable of doing.

➡️ Is it private lessons weekly or bi-weekly?
➡️ Is it a membership or course that lets you work on your singing on your own?

Whatever the answer may be for you, our studio is here for you. We’ve got limited spots for voice lessons, plenty of availability for guitar lessons (I know you singer-songwriters are out there reading this 😏), and a whole membership option for those looking to do things solo.

Visit the link in bio to set up a free trial lesson (online or in-person), or DM me for more! 💫

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👏 What you see on the surface of someone’s life is not the entire story! 👏

I gotta be honest, social media is really draining to me, which is why I don’t spend a whole lot of time on it.

And when I spend too much time on social media, I find myself feeling SO unworthy—feeling like I don’t measure up, like everyone else is ahead of me in life, etc.

Yes, I know that that is a ME problem, and it’s something I’m working on ✌🏻

But I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling like this, which is why encourage compassion here on social media and IRL.

You deserve to feel worthy in your life.
You deserve to feel worthy as a singer.

So the next time you catch yourself in a comparison spiral online, remember that you’re not getting the whole story when you’re viewing someone else’s Reels or TikToks.

Own your story instead.
Own YOUR voice instead 💗

✨ If you’re ready to bring more compassion to your singing practice, let’s hang out! DM me or visit the link in bio for a free 30-minute trial lesson.

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❌ NO, you do not need musical experience in order to take voice lesson! ❌

While musical experience isn't a prerequisite for learning to sing, here’s why expanding your musical experiences beyond voice lessons can enhance your singing skills:

🎹 Rhythm Reinforcement: Playing an instrument or singing in choir helps develop your sense of rhythm, helping you be more precise in your solo singing.

🎶 Pitch Perfect: Training your ear with an instrument sharpens your pitch perception, giving you the power to hit those high notes with accuracy and clarity.

🎹 Melodic Mastery: By learning an instrument or singing in a group, you'll deepen your understanding of melodic structures, which may help you learn melodies and harmonies faster.

🎹 Musical Collaboration: When singers embrace an instrument or sing with a choir, a whole new realm of collaboration opens up. In learning to sing & play an instrument or singing in a group, you learn listening and collaborative skills that you can’t always learn from singing solo.

If you’re ready to expand your musical skills beyond singing lessons, Veronica Rose Music also offers guitar lessons with our brand new instructor, Luke! DM me or visit the link in bio to set up a FREE 30-minute trial lesson.

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Introducing our associate guitar teacher, Luke George! 💫

As a student of Luke’s myself, I appreciate how patient and compassionate Luke is as a teacher. Before I started lessons with him, I had wanted to learn the guitar for years—but every time I’d try to teach myself, I would get frustrated and give up.

Since starting lessons with Luke, I find myself inspired after each class and am excited to *actually* practice, in a way that I didn’t always feel when I was learning piano.

While we do cover basic concepts in class, Luke also structures the lessons around my goals. For example, my main goal is to be able to sing and play, so that I can sing Taylor Swift songs on guitar.

And guess what? I’m currently learning “Shake It Off” in my lessons with him 😄

If you’d like to see what lessons with Luke are like for yourself, DM me or visit the link in bio to sign up for a free 30-minute trial lesson with him!


Being aware of the physical sensations during your vocal performance can make a world of difference. Here's why:

🔹 Tension & Strain 🔹
When unaware, singers may unintentionally create tension and strain in their voice. They might unknowingly tighten their jaw, raise their shoulders, or contract their neck muscles. This can negatively impact vocal production, limit range, and cause vocal fatigue. 😣

🔹 Breath Management 🔹
Lack of awareness regarding breath support can result in inconsistent airflow and breath control. Singers may unknowingly engage in shallow breathing or fail to maintain steady diaphragmatic support. This can lead to breathiness, pitch instability, and a compromised vocal tone.

🔹 Resonance 🔹
Without awareness of resonance, singers might struggle with projecting their voice effectively. They may inadvertently create excessive nasal or throat resonance, inhibiting their ability to achieve a balanced, resonant sound. It can hinder their ability to be heard clearly and connect with their audience.

⚡️ Increasing your awareness as a singer is the key to addressing these challenges and unlocking your true vocal potential! Here are some questions you can ask yourself to enhance your awareness:

1️⃣ How does my body feel when I sing? Am I holding any unnecessary tension?

2️⃣ Am I breathing deeply and consistently, or am I experiencing breath restrictions?

3️⃣ Where do I feel the resonance of my voice? Is it balanced and projected?

4️⃣ Am I actively listening to the sound I'm producing, or am I disconnected from my own vocal output?

These questions will help you expand your awareness of your voice, which is the first step to any change in your singing.

In the Curious Singer membership, we’re all about helping singers become more aware through instruction that helps singers improve their singing on their own time—come join us via the link in bio! 🎤

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☑️ SAVE this post the next time you’re looking for a new song to sing!

And yes, these songs have all been tested by my own students 😉

What are you currently working on? I’d love to hear in the comments below! ⬇️

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🎤 Been wondering if you REALLY need singing lessons?? 🌟

This post offers some things to think about when deciding whether you need singing lessons or a less intense membership program, but here are more things to consider:

1️⃣ Passion for Singing: Do you genuinely enjoy singing? Voice lessons are most fulfilling when you have a true love for singing and a desire to improve your skills.

2️⃣ Commitment to Growth: Voice lessons require dedication and regular practice. Are you willing to invest time and effort into practicing and getting better? Progress comes with consistent commitment.

3️⃣ Openness to Learning: Voice lessons provide guidance from experienced vocal coaches. Are you open to receiving feedback, learning new techniques, and exploring different music styles to expand your repertoire?

4️⃣ Long-Term Goals: Think about your singing aspirations. Do you want to pursue a career in music, perform on stage, or simply enjoy singing as a hobby? Voice lessons can help align your goals and provide a solid foundation.

5️⃣ Financial Considerations: Consider the cost of voice lessons and whether it fits your budget. Alternatives—like the Curious Singer Membership program!—are great options when it comes to going after your singing goals.

🎵 By thinking about these factors, you can make an informed decision about whether voice lessons are the right path to pursue your singing dreams. 🎶✨


In the Curious Singer membership, we’re all about singing mindfully—come join us via the link in bio! 🎤


🎤 Don't just fixate on the flaws, but celebrate the triumphs too!

Singers, it's time to shift your perspective and embrace self-compassion!

🚫🔍 "I suck!" can be a common thought that singers share. While it's important to address areas for improvement, only focusing on what needs fixing can become a non-stop pursuit of perfection.

⭐️ Let's take a moment to acknowledge the victories and recognize what's going well in our singing. Every journey is a blend of progress and setbacks, and it's crucial to appreciate the steps that you take forward.

💕 Self-compassion is the secret ingredient that can transform your musical experience. By showing kindness and understanding towards yourself, you can unlock a world of possibilities. Here's how it can benefit you:

1️⃣ Relieves Perfectionism: Singers often fall into the trap of chasing perfection, which can block creativity and joy. Embracing self-compassion allows you to release the pressure of being flawless!

2️⃣ Eases Anxiety: Anxiety can grip even the most talented singers. Self-compassion acts as a soothing balm, offering support during moments of self-doubt and fear. By acknowledging your worth and embracing imperfections, anxiety loses its stronghold, allowing you to sing with freedom and confidence.

3️⃣ Encourages Growth: Interestingly, self-compassion fuels growth. When you approach your vocal journey with kindness, you create a safe space for experimentation and learning.

💗 Celebrate the victories, big and small, that are along your musical path. Treat yourself with kindness and patience, because it’s through self-love that your voice will soar to new heights!

In the Curious Singer membership, we’re all about singing mindfully—come join us via the link in bio! 🎤

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🤔 Is this question on your mind too?

While there’s no single “correct” way to sing, here are some extra things you can do to see if your singing is sustainable or not:

1️⃣ Listen to your body: Pay attention to any vocal strain, discomfort, or pain. Your voice should feel free and effortless, allowing you to sing comfortably without strain.

2️⃣ Consistency and progress: Assess if your practice and lessons lead to noticeable improvement over time. Consistent growth and reaching new milestones indicate that your singing is on the right track.

3️⃣ Vocal health: Consider if you prioritize vocal health and take steps to protect your voice. Proper warm-ups, hydration, and rest are vital to maintain a sustainable singing routine.

Remember, sustainability in singing is a journey, and it's okay to reassess and make adjustments along the way. Prioritize your well-being and align your singing with your personal growth and happiness. 🌟

Share your thoughts in the comments below! 👇🏻


In the Curious Singer membership, we’re all about singing sustainably—come join us via the link in bio! 🎤


Take what you need today ✨🎤

Let these uplifting affirmations become your daily inspiration, guiding you on your journey to musical greatness.

Which affirmation resonates the most with you today? Let me know below! 👇🏻


Affirmations & meditations like these are included within the Curious Singer membership—DM me or visit the link in bio for more info! 💫

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🤔 Sure, you’ve heard voice teachers say, “Connect to your body!”—but do you *actually* know how to do it?

⬆️ If you’re lost and not sure where to start when it comes to tuning into your body, try these tips!

These tools may seem simple, but they’re essential for growth in singing—and, in a world where we’re increasingly online, being present in our bodies can be a difficult task.

So tune in.
Notice what’s around you.
And drop on in to your body.

‼️ As a disclaimer, these practices can be triggering for individuals who feel unsafe in their bodies. If these tools are difficult for you, seeking the help of a counseling professional may be more helpful.


Kickstart your singing goals with the NEW Curious Singer membership—sign up via the link in bio! 💫


Look, I know that everyone says “be patient” 🙄

But have you ever thought about patience as a gift to yourself?

Being patient with yourself when you’re moving along your singing journey is a way of showing COMPASSION for yourself—and you know I’m all about the compassion, baby 💓

You can think of practicing patience like building a muscle: it’s hard at first, but with practice and time, it gets easier to do.

And when you inevitably get to those moments in your singing practice where your voice cracks or you run out of air, instead of beating yourself up, patience will be your response.

So ask yourself: are you being patient with yourself this week? How can you extend more kindness and patience to yourself?


Kickstart your singing goals with the NEW Curious Singer membership—sign up via the link in bio! 💫


😬 Nervousness got you down before a big performance? 😬

I feel you. My legs used to literally shake when I’d perform. I was a total ball of nerves!

Over time, though, I developed ways of working WITH my nerves instead of trying to resist them.

Instead of beating myself up for feeling nervous, I began treating myself with compassion and understanding.

If you struggle with anxiety before a singing performance, try approaching your nerves with compassion. Your anxiety is trying to protect you!

Once you try approaching your nervousness from this angle, try adding in one of the tips included above. With compassion, understanding, and action, you too can work with your performance anxiety instead of running from it.

Which of these tips are you going to try? Let me know in the comments! ⬇️


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👏 Fail 👏 gloriously!

It seems like everyone is trying to avoid failure, but what if we looked at failure less as something to fear and more of something to embrace?

💫 Failure can teach us.
💫 We can also embrace it and have fun with it!

Either way, we don’t need to be afraid of it.

What have your failures taught you? I’d love to hear about it in the comments if you’re feeling brave enough to share! ⬇️


💫 Want more doses of inspiration like this one? Sign up for my biweekly newsletter, The Blooming Voice, via the link in bio!

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Speaking as a recovering perfectionist…perfectionism is overrated, not to mention BORING 🥱

So why are we still chasing it then?

Why do we try to sound flawless?

Why do we try so hard to sound like our favorite singers, then beat ourselves up when we don’t measure up?

It’s all so senseless.
Why not go after consistency and sustainability in your singing instead?

Consistency and sustainability can look like:

✨ Learning how to use your voice in efficient ways, so that you can sing the music you love without straining and tensing in all the wrong places
✨ Showing love for your voice through your singing practice, whether that means practicing for 15 minutes daily or practicing on your way to work/school
✨ Understanding what your voice’s limits are, and giving your voice a rest when needed

⬆️ Doesn’t that all sound more appealing than chasing perfection?

I thought so 😉


Ready to finally go after your singing goals—on your own time? The NEW Curious Singer membership is open for enrollment—sign up via the link in bio! 💫


✨ And that’s how the magic happens! ✨

But what does it look like, exactly?

➡️ In lessons with me, we get CURIOUS about what’s happening in your singing, and we EXPERIMENT with different techniques to find a sound that’s sustainable and is exactly what you’re looking for.
➡️ I encourage my students to practice with COMPASSION. This looks like embracing mistakes and learning from them, loving self talk, and giving ourselves grace & space to grow.

Progress isn’t linear—you’re bound to encounter lots of ups and downs along your singing journey.

✨ But using these tools can guide you along the way!

Ready to finally go after your singing goals—on your own time? The NEW Curious Singer membership is open for enrollment—sign up via the link in bio! 💫


Okayyyyy, I know what you may be thinking: “But HOW am I supposed to talk to myself as if I’m my own biggest fan?!” 🙄

The answer is to practice it!

Practicing doesn’t even have to mean practicing positive self talk. Sometimes it can mean practicing the art of noticing.

➡️ Notice when you talk to yourself negatively
➡️ Notice when you resort to beating yourself up over a missed high note
➡️ Notice how you respond when your singing isn’t as consistent as you want it to be

Doing these things is the first step to treating yourself more compassionately as a singer. By creating some space for yourself to notice your reactions, you can hit the pause button before jumping straight to criticizing yourself.

What do you think? How do you show up as your own biggest fan? Let me know below! ⬇️


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Some teachers may shake their heads at the post above, and guess what: I don’t care ✌🏻

Yes, the amount of time that you put into your singing correlates to your progress.

But y’all…life gets in the way sometimes.

Case in point: I’ve been struggling a lot lately, and while I’m doing my best to take care of myself, I have moments where it’s hard to get out of bed, let alone practice my singing.

✨ Something I’ve been trying to do is be compassionate with myself on my bad mental health days. I allow myself to feel how I feel and go with the flow of what I’m feeling.

⬆️ Which is why I understand students when they tell me that they weren’t able to practice this week.

Life is a lot. The world is a lot. Only you can know what you need when it comes to you and your singing.

Whether your singing practice mainly happens in your lesson, or you’re putting in time every day, I’m proud of you 💓

Ready to finally go after your singing goals—on your own time? The NEW Curious Singer membership is open for enrollment—sign up via the link in bio! 💫

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Bring some ✨pizzazz✨ to your singing with STYLE!

It’s worth mentioning that what style WON’T do is make up for unsustainable vocal habits. So even as you’re working on adding style to your singing, it’s still important to keep sustainable vocal technique in mind 💫

➡️ However, I will say that good technique means nothing if you’re not EXPRESSING yourself!

Which is where style comes in 💃🕺

What song are you working on right now? What story are YOU trying to tell, and what kind of stylisms are you adding to the song?


Ready to finally go after your singing goals—on your own time? The NEW Curious Singer membership is open for enrollment—sign up via the link in bio! 💫


Our culture tells us that if we’re ever not improving, we’re not doing enough; that we can always be doing more.

🚫 And I think that’s a load of garbage, especially when it comes to singing.

You deserve to enjoy your singing.
You deserve to recognize how far you’ve come, without always looking forward to the next thing.
You deserve to feel that your voice is enough, as it is.

Why? Because you are enough, as you are.


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✨ I’ll be real: the reason why I do what I do for a living is because of the impact that it has on people’s lives.

When I see a student have a healing experience in a lesson, it makes my heart SO happy. It reminds me of the healing powers that singing has, and is a great reminder that singing doesn’t always have to be about achieving something.

If you deal with anxiety in life or in your singing and want to experience more of the healing that comes with singing, I currently have two ways of working with me:

💫 Private 1-1 voice lessons - designed for those seeking consistent guidance on their singing in real time
💫 The Curious Singer Membership - created for those who want to learn about their singing voice on their own time, with the added benefit of feedback from me

Shoot me a DM for more info on either offering! You can also find out more + sign up for either program via the link in bio ✨


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