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Photos from CCC Criminal Justice/CSI Academy's post 04/13/2024

Great end to a very busy week. We took our first trip of the year to the Johnson County Criminalistics Lab and the Johnson County Communications Center. The students were in awe of the ballistics lab and dispatch center! It is criminal justice on a scale they have never seen!!

On Thursday I was able to watch 2 of my students excelling outside the classroom. Jackson Glover was smashing it on the tennis court for HHS and Adyson Schipper was a wall behind the plate for the Midway Vikings!

Good times!!!! Still loving what I do!!!

Photos from CCC Criminal Justice/CSI Academy's post 04/08/2024

I want to say thank you soooo much to Matt the manager at Price Chopper in Peculiar MO for donating solar eclipse glasses, so my class and some of the other classes could enjoy watching the eclipse today!!!! We had a great time!!

Photos from CCC Criminal Justice/CSI Academy's post 03/22/2024


What an amazing day for the CJ/CSI class. We had Voir Dire (jury selection) today for our mock trial on April 26th.

These students knocked it out of the park!!!! I was so proud and so impressed by all of them. They have worked so hard and it paid off today!!!

THANK YOU to all of the instructors at the CCC who let us serve jury notices to their students. We could not have done this without your support.

THANK YOU to my students!!! I love being your instructor!!! Enjoy the pictures!!

Photos from CCC Criminal Justice/CSI Academy's post 03/16/2024

CJ/CSI teamed up with Fire and EMT to re-create our mock incident for use during our mock trial April 26th. The police officers had to respond to a robbery in progress and handle the call as if they were on shift at a police department. CSI's had to process the scene as if they worked at a crime lab. The attorney's were on scene to take notes to begin preparations of their cases. All of the reports, evidence, and witness statements will be used at the trial in April.

Thank you to everyone who participated. I want to give a BIG shout out to Conner Peeples for his amazing acting as the lead suspect!!!


Would love it if you would support these skilled trade students! The proceeds help these students compete at the state competition in April. Grab a friend and come have some fun on a NO FOOTBALL weekend!!! If you can't make please think about donating. Thank you!

Photos from CCC Criminal Justice/CSI Academy's post 12/21/2023

What a FUN day!! CJ/CSI had their holiday party yesterday - Santa came, games were played, awesome food was consumed, gifts exchanged, crazy outfits worn, and tik tok dances made!!

I am definitely the luckiest instructor in the world. My students gave me an amazing gift yesterday and I could not be more grateful. They pooled their money to surprise me with a new office chair with a head rest!!! The gift is so thoughtful and I was so moved!!! Thank you all so much!!

To all of my students past and present I hope you a safe and happy holiday season. And as I always say, "make good choices, make the world a better place, and don't do drugs!!!!!!"


Last night I was able to watch another one of my students complete their journey of becoming a law enforcement officer. Luke Griffith graduated from the Blue River Police Academy and will be joining the Independence Police Department. Luke has been interning with IPD since he graduated from high school. Luke I am so proud of you and the officer I know you will be!!! Independence is lucky to have you!!


I could have said it better myself!! They are amazing!! I am so lucky to be their instructor!!

This crew makes it easy to be

Photos from CCC Criminal Justice/CSI Academy's post 12/17/2023

Look at these amazing students!! They are spending their Saturday giving back to the community, putting smiles on young people faces!! I could not be more proud. Thank you to all of my students for helping with Shop-With-A-Cop!

Photos from CCC Criminal Justice/CSI Academy's post 12/14/2023

Last night my former student Shaylee Broockerd completed her dream of becoming a law enforcement officer! I was so honored to get to pin the badge on her uniform.

The journey I have witnessed - from the 16 year old quiet shy girl who walked into my class so long ago to the strong, independent, confident, fierce woman you have become - has been a privilege to be a part of. You are going to be an amazing officer, and the community you serve is lucky to have you!

Now go out and make the world a better place!

Photos from CCC Criminal Justice/CSI Academy's post 12/13/2023

Yesterday the CJ/CSI class went Dexter!!!

The students created blood spatter using blunt force objects. Each student picked their weapon of choice ( bat, hammer, tire iron, or crow bar) to create a spatter pattern they will use on their final this Friday.

The students will be tasked with finding, angle of impact, area of convergence, and point of origin. They will do this using the math and skills they have learned the last 2 weeks. I will make a post of the final projects once they are complete. It was a fun day for many!! For some it solidified this might not be their thing!!!!

I have attached a link to the Google videos because there are too many to post.

Photos from CCC Criminal Justice/CSI Academy's post 12/07/2023

On to Blood Pattern Analysis!!

The students were tasked with creating different angles of blood spatter today. Once they created the spatter they had to calculate the angle of impact using trigonometry to make sure their angle was right. It was a productive struggle!! But they sure looked great in their Tyvec suits!!!

Photos from CCC Criminal Justice/CSI Academy's post 12/02/2023

What an amazing morning!!! Fantasia was awesome!!! I am not sure who had more fun me and my students, or the students who came and took our class!!!
Thank you too everyone who volunteered their time this Saturday morning. I truly appreciate it and I know the kids did too!! Enjoy the photos!

Photos from CCC Criminal Justice/CSI Academy's post 12/01/2023

Students had their Impressions final today! The final covered footwear and fingerprints.

Students got one attempt to dust and lift a quality fingerprint from an everyday item. The students then had to locate their suspect from a 12 suspect pool. The students had to identify the class of fingerprint ( Loop, Whorl, Arch), as well as the minutiae ( individual characteristics) in order to make sure they did not wrongfully accuse an innocent person.

The students worked very hard and did an amazing job!! I was very proud of each and everyone of them!!!

Photos from CCC Criminal Justice/CSI Academy's post 11/21/2023

Wow, how fast the time flies. The second quarter is almost over and I have been terrible about making posts😔.

This quarter has been full of guest speakers and one of my students being a guest speaker. Audrey Leyerly presented at the Pleasant Hill Police Department on 11/16. Miss Leyerly spoke to a group about the benefits of students attending the CCC and the positive impact of hiring students who have been through CCC programs. She did amazing!

CSI is in full swing. The students have been working on forensic photography, basic crime scene investigation, fingerprinting, and report writing.

CJ/ CSI had their class Thanksgiving yesterday and today and the food was fantastic!! Thank you everyone!

I want to give a huge thank you to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Cass County Sheriff's Office, Belton Police Department, and Kansas City Crime Lab. Each one of these departments sent guest speakers and experts in their fields to share their knowledge with my students. I could not do this without the partnerships of industry. THANK YOU!

I was also lucky to attend a few senior nights this semester! Sophia Dial of Ray-Pec, Noah Whitcraft of Midway, Samantha Young and Kaden Turner both of Harrisonville.



Calling any alumni of my program that might be able to come to the CCC Open House from 4-7 PM on Thursday 11-16. You don't have to stay the whole time. Just need people to talk to visitors about how the program assisted you in your career, college, or life once you left high school.

Sorry for the last minute notice. Thank you in advance.

Photos from Cass Career Center's post 10/27/2023
Photos from CCC Criminal Justice/CSI Academy's post 10/05/2023

The first quarter is almost over and it has been packed with education, fun, collaboration, and team building!!! All 35 students passed their BLS CPR certification!! We had Belton PD come and recruit students for jobs right out of high school ( dispatch and corrections). The Fire Science program taught students how to properly use fire extiguishers, and basic crime scene searching has just begun!! Hang on tight students we are just getting started!!

Photos from CCC Criminal Justice/CSI Academy's post 08/30/2023

One of the communication drills we do at the beginning of the year is called "blind draw." One person gets a picture and the other person has to draw it completely based on the instructions provided by their partner. The room is crowded and noisy in order to simulate barriers to effective communication. They also sit back to back, which does not allow them to read facial expression or body language.

Please enjoy the art work!! I have placed the picture of what should have been drawn next to what the students interpreted based on the communication with their partner.

You may need to to tap on the pictures and zoom in to find your students beautiful work!

Photos from CCC Criminal Justice/CSI Academy's post 08/22/2023

Let the school year begin!! Teamwork and communication drills!!


Good morning,

It is Wellness Wednesday!! I hope you have an amazing day. Remember you do not have to tackle them all at once, but try to make time for one today. I bet the one you need the most will speak to you as you read!! Love Officer Kelly

The 4 dimensions of wellness:

1. Physical- taking time to take care of your body. Whether that is is exercise, choosing to eat right today, or just examining how you feel physically and making small changes to improve.

2. Emotional- examine how you are feeling internally. Find ways to improve positive thinking! Go for a long drive down a country road listening to your favorite songs, or listen to music that allows you to cry because you know you need to. Be OK with not being ok, we have all been there! The key is to not live there!!!

3. Spiritual- this is the force that drives us! This is the force that allows us to make sacrifices for our families, friends , and communities. It comes in many forms, church, meditation, sitting quietly listening to our inner voice. Make time today even if it is 20 minutes to take care of your soul!

4. Social- be cognizant of the impact you have on the people around you. You would be amazed at the impact a smile to a stranger can make. Also, make time for friends and family. Life is short and every day is a blessing, so make the most of it!!


OK, it mental health Monday!! Remember there is nothing you cannot over come. Also, remember you are never alone!!! CJ/CSI " One Team. One Fight!!


Alright it is Fitness Friday!!!! Sorry I missed Wellness Wednesday:(.

Beat the heat and do a morning or evening walk, run , swim, bike, or hike. It does not have to be extreme to be effective. Just unplug and take of yourself!!

Make good choices, make the world a better place today, and don't do drugs!!! Love you all!!


Happy Summer CJ/CSI!! It is Mental Health Monday and I hope you will do something that makes you feel good today, relax, disconnect, and take care of yourself for at least 20 minutes!! Remember YOU are enough and YOU are loved!!!

Photos from CCC Criminal Justice/CSI Academy's post 05/14/2023

What a wonderful day celebrating some of my seniors!!! Madison Janish (Adrian High School), Jeremiah Long (Adrian High School), Pruedence Jackson (Midway High School), and Josh Bryant (Archie High School). Unfortunately due to timing I was unable to get a picture with Ms. Jackson so I posted her SkillsUSA photo. So proud of all of you!!
Now go change the world!!!

Photos from CCC Criminal Justice/CSI Academy's post 05/12/2023

Had an amazing day celebrating my AM seniors yesterday!! It was an emotional day to say the least, but that is to be expected when you have to say goodbye after spending 2 years together. I love you and will miss you all!!!!

Photos from CCC Criminal Justice/CSI Academy's post 05/09/2023

PM Senior send off party today!!! What a great group of seniors I will miss you all so much!!

Photos from CCC Criminal Justice/CSI Academy's post 04/01/2023

I am so proud of all 9 of my students who competed in the Missouri State SkillsUSA competition this weekend, but I want to give a huge shout out to the CSI Team of , Bre Layton ,Kendra Riggs, and Elizabeth Lundeen who took second place!! Congrats ladies! You worked hard and you earned it!! So proud!

Photos from CCC Criminal Justice/CSI Academy's post 03/31/2023

So proud of all my students today! I wish I could have taken more photos! Awards ceremony tomorrow. No matter what the outcome you are all champions to me!!

Photos from CCC Criminal Justice/CSI Academy's post 03/31/2023

Day 2 of competition. It is CJ and CSI time!!!! Go get'em Super Sleuths!!!

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