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Porcelain Painting Courses Online Learning 11/28/2022

Porcelain Painting Courses Online Learning

Last chance for 33% off of my complete rose painting lessons course! Grab it here:

Porcelain Painting Courses Online Learning Learn China Painting online with Porcelain Artist, Angela Wisler. Comprehensive courses for all skill levels Try a free lesson today No technology skills or prior painting required learn at your pace on your schedule

How to Paint Realistic Roses In Any Painting Medium 11/24/2022

How to Paint Realistic Roses In Any Painting Medium

Lowest price ever on the most comprehensive rose painting course around. Grab 33% off and start the lessons here:

How to Paint Realistic Roses In Any Painting Medium Rose painting online classes presenting lessons for successful sketching designing and painting roses step by step. For painters in all mediums, especially china painters. Covers rose structure shape proportions sketching and design creation acrylics & Oils Clear detailed porcelain painting roses in...


Ruby and white roses I painted today on a porcelain travel mug. The ruby will brighten up in the kiln. I toned the ruby with grays made from the colors on my palette on two of the flowers. Should be interesting to see what I get. I love experimenting with color.


White roses are painted with anything but white paint. Use multiple colors from your palette including yellows, pinks, blues and light greens to make a toned greys. The white flowers are reflecting the colors of the objects around them.

A porcelain heart box I'm painting with white roses. This is the first fire painting for the roses. please excuse my pencil sketch lines this is wet paint about to be fired in the kiln.


Lusters add so much elegance on ornaments. Like this ruby pink I used here. Apply very thin coats and fire in between. I usually do three coats/fires. It's worth the work every time.


Using fewer colors can make a bolder statement than you would think. I used mostly perfect rose for this ornament with some greens and a hint of ruby.


The finished ornament from my raised enamel video.


Porcelain Painting Raised Enamel Scrolling Lesson Add Base For Gold

Hello, this is how I apply raised enamel accents to my porcelain painting. I hope this step by step china painting lesson is helpful to you.


A few heart ornaments I'm painting and firing. These are ready for some raised enamel scrolling.


Continued work on my poppy painting. 2nd fire ready for the kiln I'm thinking of leaving the background white. What do you think?

Photos from Learn Porcelain Painting's post 09/07/2022

It's important to have great supplies when learning to china paint. These are the materials I use myself as an artist, bundled in sets for beginners and experienced artists that need to refresh their tools. https://artisticromantic.com/collections/supplies-from-me
My wonderful friend and fellow artist Cheryl Vizzo’s Vision’s Cheryl W. Vizzo is providing a workshop for those interested in learning more about china painting on September 22, 2022. She asked that I share my supplies to help people get started.


Working on some poppies today from a very rough pencil sketch. A bit of an experiment mixing the colors. Still have quite a bit to paint before it's ready for the kiln.


Brand New Course Available Now! Step by Step skills and techniques for china painting AND it is 100% FREE over 100 minutes of HD Video. This is my way of helping others explore and discover the amazing world of painting porcelain. check it out here: https://courses.artisticromantic.com/courses/learn-china-painting


China Painting, Porcelain Artist How to Wipe Out Roses Demonstration

Wiping out a pink rose on porcelain. Follow along with me demonstrating how I china paint roses. Supplies and online lessons available at http://artisticromantic.com/


Using & Kiln Firing China Paints, How Does it Work?

Taking a bit of the mystery out of those little vials of china paint for porcelain overglaze painting. Online porcelain painting courses available with me here: https://courses.artisticromantic.com/


China Painting Lesson How to Smooth and Blend Porcelain Paint Step by Step

Many china painters struggle with blending and getting porcelain paint smooth. Follow along as I share techniques for applying and blending a gradation of color. This is an excerpt from my online course How to Paint Realistic Roses. Access the full course with over 5 hours of HD video instruction here: https://courses.artisticromantic.com/courses/paint-realistic-roses

Photos from Learn Porcelain Painting's post 06/18/2022

The completed pink monochromatic travel mug. One color, one painting, one fire cone 016. done with reliance pink.


Monochromatic paintings are a great way to practice your highlighting and shadows. I try and use a color that is smooth no matter how heavy or light it is applied. This is the first fire painting on a coffee cup I did today. All one color I used reliance pink which will turn more pink in the kiln.


A trio of ruby pink roses on a tray I painted and fired this week. I wanted a bright summer feel to these flowers. Completed in three fires .


Ruby roses on a porcelain tray prior to firing. This is a lot of paint for a first fire I had a time keeping my hands out of it lol

A tray I'm painting with ruby pink roses. This is the first fire before going in to the kiln. the color will turn bright pink.


Quick & Easy Rose Painting Thorns Lesson Tutorial

A quick and easy lesson for using your liner/scroller to paint thorns. This works for china painting, acrylics, or oil painting. Enjoy


I rough sketch every single rose that I paint with a pencil. You can see my sketch lines here with the wet paint on the pink egg. They will fire out in the kiln. A couple of Easter eggs I'm working on.


Raised enamel is always one of my favorite ways to accent the scrolls in my work. You can see I'm working on a bunch of scrolled eggs for Easter. Enamel should be thick enough to be raised but not too thick or it makes sharp points that can cut you when fired.


Painting roses did not come easy to me. So my goal is to save painters a lot of the struggle that I went through. https://courses.artisticromantic.com/ A porcelain Easter egg I painted and fired with ruby pink roses.


My Rose Course is So Close to Being Finished!!! I can't Wait to share it with you all! contains all of the info I wish I had when I started painting roses. If you aren't on my email list drop me at line at [email protected] and I'll make sure you are one of the first to see it.


When I started I would give up when it didn't look good from the start. Then I learned to stick with that hot mess and it all started coming together!


Using pinks in china painting can be daunting. Some are really expensive and hard to use. Others are rusty looking and very prone to fire out. This is one of my favorites and I just stocked my shop with it. This is Reliance, a Gold based pink, not rusty looking, super shiny and fabulously easy to paint with. https://artisticromantic.com/collections/china-paints


Another way to


4 colors that are my favorites for all sorts of pink roses. These are the smoothest easiest to work with china paints that I have found over the years. And yep, they will be available on my site. I like to save folks from having to look for the best stuff.


If you can sketch it you understand it and can paint it. This is how I learned to paint.


A pair of custom order heart ornaments I hand painted and fired, Just one color, navy blue.

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Quick & Easy Rose Painting Thorns Lesson Tutorial
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