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We exist to develop, sustain, and retain meaningful alignment & engagement within our current & future workforce. We connect youth, educators, government agencies & businesses to bridge the gaps in personal & business meaning & value.

Operating as usual

Photos from Venture Way Collaborative's post 08/18/2021

The Lead Team at The GenLab having fun at Venture Way.

The Hadley, MA team connects with the Miami, FL team working like dogs 😂

What are they doing? Designing programming to help youth develop social emotional, interpersonal, & intrapersonal skills in professional settings. This will allow youth to be exposed to different organizational cultures, & help businesses create visibility & contribute to talent development.

This team is creating the standards with youth input.

Dogs have a role, too - apparently. 🐶

Photos from Venture Way Collaborative's post 06/26/2021

Evenings at Venture Way

New developments in GenLab:

As a part of our community social emotional learning collaboration, our HS interns received guidance from one of our partners, a UMASS sustainability expert on designing an outdoor immersive learning space.

The design thinking:

-what should the elements be made of? What materials and why? What senses could they stimulate?

- In the sketch, do not discount the remainder of the property. Consider the ‘canvas’ the entire property including the building, the parking lot, and the wetland. The word ‘connectivity’ comes to mind here.

- think a range of benefits, from physical to emotional, and not just for people/humans. Also, how will the creational of a successful space be measured?

- tied to inclusivity would be creating a space or integration of spaces that are inviting and nurturing, even for people that would be outside of their comfort zone being outside (based on past experiences, etc.)

We’re loving taking the time this summer evening to play on the land.

Andrea Bordenca

Photos from Venture Way Collaborative's post 06/23/2021

It’s summer @Venture Way

Stay tuned to hear what’s cooking at Venture Way’s Generation Lab.

What is The GenLab? See attached pics for initiative statement…

Photos from Venture Way Collaborative's post 06/09/2021

Meet Beemo! Venture Way’s third furry friend.

Our resident dog, Myka was introduced to Beemo from a distance.

All in good time. Welcome Beemo!

Andrea Bordenca

Photos from Venture Way Collaborative's post 04/21/2021

Exciting day! We’re starting to build our STEM training center & GenLab in partnership with DESCO Service Lead Yourself Youth & Institute for Generative Leadership

Lead Yourself YouthGenerative Leadership

Photos from Venture Way Collaborative's post 02/21/2021

This weekend we hosted student leaders from The MacDuffie School.

Cold & frosty on the outside, warm & cozy on the inside.

Here’s some pics of frosty winter’s beauty outside & cozy winter’s warmth inside ...

The MacDuffie School
Generative Leadership
Lead Yourself Youth
Andrea Bordenca


King of the Venture Way Mountain!

King of the Venture Way Mountain!

Photos from Venture Way Collaborative's post 01/31/2021

Venture Way welcomed a new resident dog today!

Bentley is Andrea Bordenca’s soon-to-be-11-year-old dog who wanted to check out the space.

Of particular interest was Venture Way’s resident dog, Myka’s bed & toys.

We are warming Bentley up to meet Myka. Two resident dogs at Venture Way? Why not!?


First Full Moon of 2021 at Venture Way

First Full Moon of 2021 at Venture Way

Photos from Venture Way Collaborative's post 01/05/2021

Grateful for this 11 yo remote schooler at Venture Way, Christmas Trees, & office dogs 🐕

What is 2021 bringing you?


Venture Way has become a remote workshop.

We’re putting stuff together & wrapping it all up. Merry Christmas to all from Venture Way!

🎁 🎄

Venture Way has become a remote workshop.

We’re putting stuff together & wrapping it all up. Merry Christmas to all from Venture Way!

🎁 🎄


Check out the signage!

Beautiful work Amherst Copy & Designworks! It’s perfect.

Check out the signage!

Beautiful work Amherst Copy & Designworks! It’s perfect.


We can’t gather arm in arm, but we can gather heart to heart.

Happy Thanksgiving from Venture Way Collaborative.


We can’t gather arm in arm, but we can gather heart to heart.

Happy Thanksgiving from Venture Way Collaborative.


Photos from Venture Way Collaborative's post 11/21/2020

Venture Way hosted local High School student leaders & one of our residents, The Institute for Generative Leadership’s youth leadership arm Lead Yourself Youth.

Need to rent out some space? Come check us out. Great for in person, remote, & hybrid learning instruction or meeting.

It’s nice to have a change of scenery with bold fun colors to inspire collaborative problem - solving.

Lead Yourself Youth

Photos from Venture Way Collaborative's post 11/08/2020

Our classroom & large gathering space is ready!

We will be hosting student leaders in this room later this month. No echo, just fun & vibrant colors to stimulate fun & vibrant leadership training.

Student leaders will learn how to have generative conversations that are relevant to life after high school and college. Students will learn how to lead a team, be a member of a team, including practices of accountability, responsibility & finding creative & collaborative solutions. Curriculum from The Institute for Generative Leadership adapted by Lead Yourself Youth.

Generative Leadership

Photos from Venture Way Collaborative's post 11/08/2020

Check out our colorful entryway at the collaborative. We’re creating a space for ease of communication with masks 😷 on. These sound dampening acoustic tiles do just the trick!

Photos from Venture Way Collaborative's post 11/08/2020

Check out our colorful acoustic tiles. We’re creating a space for rent in this vibrant 140 sq foot area. Hourly, daily, or weekly.

We will be furnishing the space & offering audio visual equipment for rent, if that’s of interest for podcast recording, audio recording, video production &/or streaming.

Stay tuned as we continue to finish this space.

#covidrelief #getmeouttamyhouse #joinusatthecollaborative

Photos from Venture Way Collaborative's post 11/07/2020

We’re having fun with color!

Look closely around the perimeter. There’s paneling to reduce the echo that comes with having high ceilings & sparse furniture. There’s color that blends in.

Today, the Acoustical Specialties crew will install ceiling panels with splashes of color.

At Venture Way, we LOVE color & believe in living life boldly.

This month, we’ll be hosting high school student leaders & their mentor teachers in this space. We want it to be inviting, fun & provoke collaborative conversations.

Stay tuned as this space gets more colorful...

Photos from Venture Way Collaborative's post 11/07/2020

We have hired Dave Gilbert from Acoustical Specialties to help our acoustics. His business is based out of Westfield MA.

We are creating a space for community members to rent out for podcasts, video creating or just to have a cool space to work out of to give people reprieve from being home. We have safety protocols for ventilation & sanitization & are have audio visual equipment that can be rented out, as well.

Pics of space attached. They are installing the pictured sound dampening panels today. Stay tuned for pictures!

And! We love working with Dave & his team. Dave’s infor:

Dave Gilbert
[email protected] / 413 313 6103

Photos from Venture Way Collaborative's post 10/30/2020

It’s snowing!


Gratitude shout out to Chris Bordenca. He often accompanies Andrea Bordenca on her weekend trips to 200 Venture Way.

We’re in the planning phase for the makers space & are gearing up to run student generative leadership training here for a local high school the applying Generative Leadership discourse in partnership with Lead Yourself Youth.

Lots of happenings behind the bright red.


Happy 🍂 Autumn from Venture Wa

Views from inside the barn, with views of our backyard & front yard. Bright palette 🎨 from Mother Nature with the bright colors we’ve chosen from paint cans!

Enjoy ...


We have a mystery gift-giver!

We received a box full of goodies from Thrive Market yesterday & couldn’t locate a note with who sent it.

We were delighted to receive this plus cold pressed coffee & other goodies.

Mystery generous gift person, please do let us know who you are so we can thank you!

Andrea Bordenca


Fun fact! The original color of Venture Way was a brownish red.

Andrea didn’t feel it quite popped enough & therefore went to “Bolero” red. Much better suited for the vibrancy & creativity taking place inside...


We added some more homey touches to the space today. 🏡❤️


We just wrapped up week 2 of planning the design of our makerspace.

Your Collaborative Space: Here we bring in the biology of being human to a creative innovation lab. Education includes how learning & communication happens in the body & how we transmit ourselves to other nervous systems. This combination is to experiment with putting a structure in for discussions about learning & the learning process.

We are working with 4 high school students & are weaving in learning about learning as we engage in this initiative. This includes navigating frustration, anxiety, pulls toward perfection, impatience and also pride & relief. Our team of high school students are a learning team. Not only are they working on a specific project, they’re working on themselves. They are becoming aware of their stress physiology & their habituated reactions to not knowing, not being clear, & being beginners in this. Why? So they can have choice in how to respond to life’s stresses. We’re always responding to something. If we are not aware, we can become consumed by situations & people.

Here we tap into the resources of The Institute for Generative Leadership & Lead Yourself Youth to create a higher level of consciousness, dignity & humanity to people’s lives. We work with youth so they can learn the generative skills needed for successful, good professional lives.

Video highlights of the learning to come!

Generative Leadership
Lead Yourself Youth


Gearing up for some socially distant learning & working.

Local artist Chris Bordenca’s art can be viewed throughout the building.



Today, we launched our collaboration with The Collaborative for Educational Services. We are working with HS students from Amherst Regional High School, Quaboag Regional High School & Northampton High School in western MA.

We are including high school students in data analysis & makerspace design.

We are weaving in professional communication practice & emotional regulation practice to provide a structure for effective team collaboration.

If Covid weren’t here, we’d be meeting in the space pictured. Instead, we were able to create a virtual learning session.

Andrea Bordenca Janeth Hilberth


It’s coming together more each day...


Getting settled in.


Moving Day!

More pics to come...


This article speaks to the need of a new approach to learning & engagement.

At Venture Way, we agree. We are working with local businesses & schools in partnership with the Collaborative for Educational Services to cast a wider net for education & development through multigenerational learning & engagement.

In this article, there’s a call for adults, & organizations as a whole, to invest in learning & development. “The pandemic has only heightened the urgency of doubling down on skill building, either to keep up with the speed of transformation now underway or to manage the particulars of working in new ways.”

At Venture Way, we engage the methodology of embodied learning from generative learning. To be generative is to be at choice & to engage the nervous system in the learning process. This shifts fight/flight tendencies & engages ability to purposeful respond.

This article goes on to say that “we believe that an underlying cause is the fact that so few adults have been trained in the core skills and mindsets of effective learners. Learning itself is a skill, and developing it is a critical driver of long-term career success. People who have mastered the mindsets and skills of effective learning can grow faster than their peers and gain more of the benefits from all the learning opportunities that come their way.”

Stay tuned here! We will offer updates & practices you can apply at home to engage in whole body learning with yourself & others.

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