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Welcome to Groove City Kids Music! We are so excited to provide Kindermusik Classes and Private Piano to awesome kiddos in Grove City, OH! Groove City Kids Music, LLC

Welcome to Groove City Kids Music, LLC!

We're dedicated to giving your family the best foundation for Children's Music Instruction in our hometown - Grove City, OH! We are now pleased to offer Kindermusik classes ( for children ages birth to 5. To give you a sneak peak of our Program, please feel free to ask about our ongoing FREE PREVIEW Classes. Email Stephanie today for more information: stephanie

Operating as usual

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You will not want to miss our Community Palm Sunday Performance the children are fantastic this year and best of all Jesus will be there too!


Don't forget to join us for this FREE GCKM/Steadfast Church sponsored event!


You "Glow" Girl πŸ˜πŸ’–πŸ€©


Kindermusik Class = Quality Bonding Time 😊


We πŸ’– learning how to play the bells in the Community Easter Choir 🌼🌞


Hello Spring 😍🌺


Familiar songs are a πŸ‘‘ golden opportunity for πŸ‘‡
βœ… focused attention
βœ… early shared cultural identity
βœ… a sense of belonging
βœ… and so much more!

Come learn some favorite tunes with us and see why repetition is so important for babies!

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A walk. πŸ‘Ÿ
A book before bedtime. πŸ“•
A song in the car. 🎢
Keep it simple. πŸ’œ


Prevent the PINCH; wear your GREEN πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€


Feeling unsafe, hurt, or stressed can lead to anger. And THAT's OK! Here's where can help children express it safelyπŸ‘‡
🎡 Turn UP the music to LOWER cortisol (the stress hormone)
🩰 Dance around to increase dopamine (the feel-good neurotransmitter)
πŸ’œ Play a familiar tune to signal safety

Remember: Mad is NOT bad.


Kindermusik Class allows me to explore a wide variety of instruments 🀩


Just a little TIME ⏳ and FOCUS πŸ”Ž mean more than you know.

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REMEMBER to SPRING forward today 🧐🀞


We're getting "Egg" cited about
Palm Sunday, April 10th 🌸🌷 at Steadfast Church
4500 Broadway, Grove City, OH
Community Easter Choir Performance at 10AM
FREE Easter Egg Hunt at 12pm with 1000+ Eggs (Zoned for age)
Special Visit and Pictures with the Easter Bunny 🐰

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We are L😍VING our Community Easter Choir Practices...come join us! 🌺

Creative Development | Kindermusik 03/11/2022

Creative Development | Kindermusik

Every child has a creative spark.⚑️ Shared music + movement classes can bring it to life!

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Creative Development | Kindermusik Music and movement is a natural way to enhance individual creativity. Kindermusik provides a safe, joyful environment where children explore sound, whole-bod...


Spring into HAPPINESS with GCKM 🐞🐦🌼 🌸


Left/right. Up/down. Loud/quiet. Learning opposites help children:
βœ… expand their vocabulary
βœ… observe and compare
βœ… follow directions
And more!


Do you want your child to play an instrument? 🎸
Are they interested in learning? 🎼
Early music classes give the 🧠 brain the coordination it needs to master instruments later.
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Anyone else feel like a short-order cook? 🍳



There is still time to enroll in our Community Easter Choir - Performance Palm Sunday, April 10th. FREE EASTER EGG HUNT & BUNNY VISIT to follow!πŸŒ·πŸŽΆπŸ‡

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Reading in our Kindermusik classes BOOSTS pre-literacy skills πŸ€“


"How can YOU move..." or sing, or tap, or stomp. The confidence children gain from a group music class is off the charts!


Did you know that early "music class" actually helps ALL little ones...πŸ‘‡
βœ… Identify sensory triggers
βœ… Communicate sensory discomfort
βœ… Find sensory-specific solutions to maximize individual creativity

At Kindermusik, we focus on following ALL children by adjusting the volume, redirecting, utilizing visual aids, and more to amp up the JOY of music and movement for everyone.

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Our "Spring" Studio is beginning to "Bloom" 🌺


Music sticks with us. 🧠 Early, positive musical memories fuel learning, character building, creativity, and so much more.

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Kindermusik class helps our imaginations soar!


Remember show and tell? From greeting songs to instrument exploration, we work on the willingness to share creativity in every class.


Struggling with ? Using the same REALLY helps...and we can teach you lots more musical routine tips in class! 🎼

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Children NEED love, and love shines through in simple affirmations.


Help calm overwhelming emotions by πŸ‘‡
🎡 Turning on soothing music
πŸͺ‘ Staying close by
πŸ’œ Letting them know you're there to help and ready to hold them if they're ready.
It may seem counterintuitive, but you're providing the safe space your child needs.

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4500 Broadway
Grove City, OH

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