Creating Bookworms

Creating Bookworms

Ways to create bookworms of all ages in your home or class. Heather is a national board certified teacher with 24 years of experience.

Her passion for books is contagious! She will guide you by sharing the latest books, favorite READS while incorporating technology along the way. Follow her blog, Facebook and Instagram to ensure you have the tools to create bookworms in your home.

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The Goldsboro Library is excited to announce the launch of its Learning Studio this fall. A partnership with WCPS, and funded through a LSTA grant, this project includes special programs for parents and educators regarding learning differences. The next meeting is next Saturday, September 30!

For more information and to register, please call the children’s department at 919.735.1824 x5105.

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Today at the library we saw where the Learning Studio Resource Center would be located. This resource will make a difference for local families! Workshops will be starting September 16. A big SHOUT OUT to the incredible work our library is doing to help students learn!

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I love searching for books as I travel throughout the summer. I discovered this book at Target in South Carolina. I couldn’t wait to read it to my little bookworm.

Reading while chewing a bone makes it a special treat for Dolly! 🐶 🦴

Where do you find books? What do your bookworms like to read about?


Frog and Toad by Arnold Lobel

This classic series was created in the 1970s but is still read today. We have just recently learned about a new series on APPLE TV. The series turns the books into short episodes that are perfect to watch after reading the stories. This is such a great way to engage and interact with the story!!



Have you checked out the NC Kids Digital Library on Libby?

Share with Dolly what you are reading on the Libby app in the comments. She’s excited to see what her friends are reading!!


Did you know that children with better vocabularies have higher levels of phonemic awareness and learn to read more easily than children who have restricted vocabularies?

Help build rich vocabularies by reading picture books and discussing what words mean. Take time to expand your family's vocabulary by READING and talking about books!


It’s Your World Now! By Barry Falls

Whether you have a child going to Kindergarten, Middle School, High School or College this book gives three PAWfect lessons!

🌟 “The world is full of marvelous things!”

🌟 “Things won’t always go your way.”

🌟 “The only thing you need to know. Above all else, I love you so.”

The illustrations and words in this story weaves the Ulti-mutt journey of life and endless possibility for children all around.

--”So go and play and live and learn. It’s your world now, this is your turn to think and ask and make and do. This world is magic, just like you!” –Barry Falls

This will be the book to read over and over. ❤️


” Reading in the early years is about building positive experiences with books, not about finishing everyone you start.’ —Reading Rockets

How are you building positive experiences with your little bookworms? Reading with Dolly is one way to provide a positive experience. We may not finish every book. There are too many great books to continue reading a book that we may not enjoy.

So take this advice from Reading Rockets and help your little ones focus on building positive experiences.


It’s probably no surprise to my friends and followers that I am recommending this book, The Summer of Songbirds by Kristy Woodson Harvey, because I have shared several books by this author. She is definitely one of my favorite authors! I have loved all of the books. I was so excited to preorder this book to read during my vacation.

This book is about four women coming together to save the summer camp that changed their lives and also learn more about themselves in the process. As a child, I loved camp. As a mother, I have seen first hand the power of summer camp. My family has shared so many experiences during family camp sessions.

This book brought such joy as I remembered my camp experiences and fell in love with the characters. Thank you Kristy for another amazing read!

If you have already read this book drop a thumbs up in the comments and if you haven’t read it but plan to put it on your list drop a heart.

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This month’s author spotlight is Melissa Harrell.

Melissa is a local author that lives to help others. She founded Resiliency Counseling & Consulting, PLLC in 2018. Melissa provides exceptional services and programs and continues to promote community level mental wellness.

Her first book, Elizabeth and Stella Meet Zoe, is a children’s story to help children learn about poverty in African Nations. Elizabeth and Stella Meet Zoe opens children’s eyes to life beyond their world. They learn how they may help others in need. The story will empower children to help others.

Her recent book, Common threads shares her journey personally and professionally through mental illness.

Melissa is local to Goldsboro, NC. She has a mission of helping others. Take time to check out her books.

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Palace of Books by Patricia Polacco

Patricia Polacco continues to be one of my favorite authors. She tells stories with magnificent detail. Her words weave deep messages that create connection, wonder and inspiration. Her newest book may be my favorite.

Palace of Books is a story based on Patricia Polacco’s childhood. Her family moves to the city from her beloved farm. She discovers with wonder the Willard Library and meets Mrs. Creavy the librarian. Patricia struggled to read as a child. Reading was a struggle but Mrs. Creavy knew just what to do to find the perfect text to inspire Patricia.

Libraries are the heart of communities and schools. They are magnificent buildings filled with tools to entertain and help you learn. Dolly and I love to visit our library @‌WCPLNC. The librarians and staff are kind, knowledgeable and go over and beyond to help you find the perfect books. The children’s library is the perfect place to visit to create bookworms in your home.

“You mean they have a whole big building that is only for books?” --Patricia Polacco


Research Detectives - Children have so many questions about the world around them. They love non fiction books. Our Reading Tails sessions in August will focus on nonfiction books from our local library. Readers will be able to explore and find the perfect book to help them learn more about their topic of choice. Books will be available to check out. Let’s get ready for a new school year by reading to learn about our passions. Dolly is ready to READ. Sign up today!

August 12 1:00pm-3:00pm


The Five Star Weekend by Elin Hilderbrand

Elin Hilderbrand's newest read is a Paw Pick for sure! Hollis Shaw is the blogger of Hungry with Hollis. An accident at the beginning of the book causes Hollis to take a break from blogging. The story takes place in Nantucket where Hollis hosts the “Five-Star Weekend”. She invites 5 friends from 5 times in her life. This weekend is one that others would love an invite too. Elin weaves history and friendship into a beautiful story that leaves you wanting to know more.

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Earth day should be everyday! This summer one of our PAW PICKS is …….. Bondi & Poppy Help Heal The Planet by Judith A. Proffer.
This is a sweet story that opens lots of conversations with children. A koala bear and badger join together to help our planet. The illustrations are beautifully detailed and the rhyming words make this a perfect read for beginning readers and beyond. I personally love the connection between Australia and California. Bondi and Poppy inspires readers to create a plan and find ways to help our big beautiful planet Earth. A big thank you to for sharing the story with our bookworms this summer. 🌏Check out our PAW PICK and share your family smart plan!

Program to help children with learning challenges 07/10/2023

How awesome is our WCPL! So excited for these resources for families to create bookworms. Congratulations!📖❤️📚

Program to help children with learning challenges The Wayne County Public Library was awarded a $50,000 grant that will help with starting a new program that helps children with learning challenges.


If your child doesn’t have a library card, stop by your nearest branch for them to sign up. It is free and it gives your child lots of age-appropriate books and e-books about topics of interest to them to read during the summer! Check out the Wayne County Public Library to find a library branch near you in Wayne County, NC.


June flew by but don’t worry, we have more opportunities to read with Dolly in July!!

July 7 10:00-12:00

July 10 1:00-3:00

July 14 10:00-12:00

Visit the link in our bio to sign up to join us at Reading Tails!!


The Corgi and the Queen by Caroline Perry.

Did you know Queen Elizabeth had a best friend that was a corgi pup named Susan? The queen had more than 30 corgi companions. This is a true story that will show the forever bond Queen Elizabeth II had with dogs.

Do you have a favorite type of dog? If so, tell us in the comments.

Of course over at Creating Bookworms we are partial to Golden Retrievers! ❤️

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Reading Tails was a sweet treat! After all these ice cream stories, Dolly had to have ice cream ! Check these books out at the ! 🍧 Ice Cream Face 🍦Vanilla Ice Cream 🍨Paletero Man Treat yourself to great books and ice cream❤️🐾📖


As parents talk, sing, and read to children, the children’s brain cells are literally turned on. This is why reading aloud to your kids, starting when they are babies is so important.

Go visit Read Aloud 15 Minutes and find out why it matters and for resources.

What books are you reading aloud this summer? Share with us.


I Want a Dog by Jon Agee

This little girl shows up to the local animal shelter for a dog. The shelter has many animals but not a dog.

Why does she want a dog? Everyone knows dogs are loyal, smart, brave and the best friend ever.

Does she end up with a dog?

A book like this could make a great twist at home. It’s summertime and everyone is getting bored. Read this story and then encourage your kids to write a funny story about something they want.

Everyone wants a dog right?


How exciting is this? 12 books = train ride! Let’s read through our summer📖🐾❤️

This summer 12 books equals 12 train rides!!

The library is pleased to partner with the Kiwanis Club of Goldsboro in a joint effort to keep children reading and learning this summer. Children who read 12 books can visit the Goldsboro Library to tell the librarians about the books they’ve read in exchange for a free train passbook courtesy of the Kiwanis Club of Goldsboro.

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I love the Libby App because it's a great tool to help with research during the summer. Pick a topic and search for books to read. Dolly wanted to learn more about Golden Retrievers. Look at all the awesome books we found!

What topic do you plan to search in the Libby app?

Read Wayne Partnership Summit 2023- Wayne County, North Carolina 06/16/2023

So excited for the vision and mission of READ Wayne. Watch this Partnership Summit video and find out the amazing things our community continues to do to inspire, encourage and support young bookworms and their families. Sign up to help today!

Read Wayne Partnership Summit 2023- Wayne County, North Carolina Read Wayne is a local branch of the national Campaign for Grade Level Reading in Wayne County, North Carolina. With a commitment to equity and inclusivity, R...


We are so excited about Reading Tails this summer!!

You can find us at the library on Monday afternoons/Friday Mornings the following dates and times:

June 26th ~ 1:00-3:00

June 30th ~ 10:00-12:00

July 3rd ~ 1:00-3:00

July 7th ~ 10:00-12:00

July 10th ~ 1:00-3:00

July 14th ~ 10:00-12:00

Visit the link in our bio to sign up for a date before they all fill up!!

Photos from READ Wayne's post 06/15/2023

So excited about what READ Wayne is doing to promote reading in Wayne county.❤️📖🐾


Being a Dog A tail of Mindfulness by Maria Gianferrari

We could all learn a thing or two from a dog. This story takes you through a simple way to be present in the moment. Exercises are present at the end of the book to help you:

👀 SEE like a dog

🐾 FEEL like a dog

👅 TASTE like a dog

Did you know… Dogs can’t see the same colors that we do. They mostly see yellows and blues. This is a story you will want to read again and again to learn how to be mindful.

Dolly definitely approves of this book!

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Happy Graduation to Worth! Dolly is proud of her brother Worth for graduating from high school! Congratulations Worth! We can’t wait to see all the great things you will accomplish!!


What a great quote! There are so many benefits to reading and the more you read the more you learn, grow and expand your horizons!!

So read everything you can get your hands on…you will find what you need to find!


We love Katherine Applegate for writing The One and Only Ivan and she has a series that you must read this summer called Doggo and Pupper There are 3 books in the series:

🐾 Doggo & Pupper

🐾 Doggo & Pupper Save the World

🐾 Doggo & Pupper Search for Cozy ( newly published)

These beginning chapter books will bring joy to bookworms all around. Doggo is used to routine and things his way. Cat even says he is boring. Puppo is all about fun and even finds himself in puppy school. The trio represents friendship, empathy and will create lots of laughs as you enjoy these books.

Make sure to add this to your summer reading list!!


Does your family have a room with no technology allowed?

Children need a place where they can read, talk with family and technology is not present. Think of your habits. If I have a phone by me I will scroll, when I go to my room I read because phones are not allowed.

Try this!


We hope you are enjoying your Memorial Day holiday! 🇺🇸

Don’t forget to sign up for Reading Tails this weekend!
June 3rd
Go to the link in our bio to sign up.


Moses Goes To A Concert by Isaac Millman is a must read.

You see Moses is a deaf child. This story combines American Sign Language to help tell a story from Moses point of view. The story ends with the best message. “When you set your mind to it, you can become anything you want when you grow up..”

I love this book because it opens our world into how children and adults who may not be able to hear with their ears discover vibrations. The sign language shared in the story will be fun for all to learn.

We love books that help kids understand more about the people around them that are different than them.


I love this quote because it is so true! You can visit places and meet people that you would never have the chance to experience in real life. A book will open your eyes to all the things around you in the world and you never have to leave your home to do it.

Books are amazing and I love sharing our love of books with the world!


Let's embark on a summer reading journey by reading each day. We have a postcard to help with your reading and you can download it by clicking the link below. It’s simple, each day you read you get a paw. Can you read each day this summer? Share your Paw Streaks cards with us. Special thanks to @‌thevisualardis for creating this card for us.

We will be selecting winners throughout the summer to receive treats for keeping the paw streaks going. Share your cards with us to win.


Dolly is ready to listen to your bookworm read on June 3 at the Wayne County Public Library.

Time is 1:00pm-3:00pm but space is limited to make sure to sign up using the link in our bio.

If you have ever been to Reading Tails, drop a ❤️ in the comments to show Dolly some love.


Don’t Hug Doug By Carrie Finsion.

Doug is not a hugger! Perhaps you have a little one that would prefer a high five. This book helps to open discussions of ways to ask before reaching out to hug others.

You may remember another book from this author - Hurry Little Tortoise, Time for School! We just love the way Carrie Finsion shares stories with us.

Do you have a child who is not a hugger? Drop a 👍🏻 below if you plan to check this book out.


Are you a community advocate for the children of Wayne County? Do you care about children’s educational success and future opportunities? Do you want to invest in your community in ways that make a true difference? If so, we invite you to join us on Tuesday, June 13th at 10am at the Wayne County Public Library to hear from community leaders about the state of early literacy in Wayne County. At this event, you’ll learn about READ Wayne, the local branch for the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading, and how you can positively impact the community for improved grade level reading achievement. We can’t wait to see you there!


“Matching children with books is one of the most important roles we have as educators. It’s a sacred task.”

–Jon Schu, author of The Gift of a Story

This is my most favorite thing! I love to build my knowledge of books so that I may match young readers to text. Reach out to teachers, librarians or me if you are interested in finding entertaining books for your young bookworm. 🐛

When readers are interested in the book they are reading, they will stay engaged and find the magic of reading. ✨


Memoirs of a Hamster by Devin Schillian

Have you read the Memoirs of a Goldfish or Memoirs of a Tortoise? I just love these tales of adventures! This story takes you on the journey of Seymour as he problem solves to stay away from Pearl the Cat.

Are you planning activities for the summer? Plan to check these books out! Grab a notebook and encourage your bookworm to begin to write their Memoirs of the summer. ☀️

This is a great way to combine reading and writing in a fun way this summer to keep your child’s skills sharp!

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in Goldsboro?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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Let us help you make your summer reading list…Dolly loves all of these books!!😍
Sign up today @wcplnc Call 919-735-1824 EXT. 5104.




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