The Note Room Academy of Music

The Note Room Academy offers piano, voice, guitar, and violin lessons! We welcome all students!🎶 I began to travel the area and perform with multiple groups.

When I was little, my parents drove me about 120 miles to Memphis to take music lessons, as there wasn’t a studio in our area. It was my daddy’s dream to build a store in Lexington and his own house, but he couldn’t afford to build both. He ended up building a store with a basement for us to live in while he built and repaired pianos. When people in town heard that I played the piano or heard me p

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I believe that music is a universal language, regardless of your age or expertise level. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced student, my skilled and caring instructors are here to guide you. Start your musical journey with The Note Room Academy of Music.


This summer, take your skills to the next level with my all-ages guitar lessons. Embrace the rhythm, strum your story, and share your music with the world. Sign up today!


Whether you want to learn piano or violin, guitar or how to use your voice -- my academy has everything you need. Why choose one when you can learn them all?


Hey, aspiring musicians of Phoenix and Glendale, AZ! Your chance to learn, grow, and shine in the music world is here. Come join my academy today.


My private are more than just lessons. They are your pathway to self-discipline, motor development, and social engagement. Unleash your passion at .


Did you know? Playing an instrument can help polish your motor skills and boost your intellectual abilities! Start your with me today.


My academy boasts a diverse team of experienced, compassionate teachers who share my commitment to excellent music education. Let's continue your music journey together at .


Ever dreamt of performing on stage or mastering a new instrument? Visit my website and start your today! I'll help you tune into your potential.


When I was 13, my father's music store became my first classroom. I've built this school inspired by his passion for top-notch music education. With , continue this love for music and make it your own.


At The Note Room Academy of Music, my team and I truly care about our students and offer an unmatched learning experience. My top-notch instructors, personalized attention, and a nurturing yet professional environment set my studio apart from the rest. Are you ready to explore your potential and start a musical journey? Sign up for my music lessons today at


Did you know that I provide scholarships through various partnerships at my academy? The Note Room Academy of Music is making music education accessible and affordable! Also, I provide private music lessons for students of all ages. Start your musical journey with me today! Connect with me at (602) 571-1909, or visit my website at to explore more.


If you're a music enthusiast looking to master a new instrument or wanting to develop your existing skills, The Note Room Academy of Music is the place for you. My private lessons cater to individual aspirations and goals. I believe music is for everyone, regardless of age. Connect with me today at (602) 571-1909.


Want to know more about me? Visit my website for a virtual tour of The Note Room Academy of Music and find out how you can be part of my musical journey. Discover more about my institution, my team of experienced teachers, and what they teach at


Music isn't just a universal language, it's also a cognitive enhancer. Studies have shown that it stimulates brain development and sharpens cognitive abilities. At The Note Room Academy of Music, I aim to foster lifelong learning of music. Join me on this lifetime journey! Visit my website to explore more at


At The Note Room Academy Of Music, my team consists of talented instructors like Aden Chudziak, who teaches guitar, piano, voice, and acting, Judy Pierre who teaches piano, Zachariah Kinnard who teaches guitar, bass, ukulele, mandolin, and beginner piano, Christianna Resnick who teaches strings (violin, cello, and more), and Shirley Hayes Mollyhorn (me) who teaches piano. From voice and piano to guitar and violin, my studio caters to your musical interests!


Did you know that music isn't just an art, it's also a discipline? Learning to play an instrument improves your focus and builds self-discipline that is essential in achieving your life goals. At The Note Room Academy of Music, I offer private one-on-one lessons every week in an environment specifically designed to inspire and motivate. Ready to embark on this beautiful journey? Let's walk this musical path together.


Are you a fan of music? Have you ever wondered how The Note Room Academy of Music came to be? It was more than just a business idea, it stemmed from a deep family love for music and the ambition to keep it thriving. Surrounded by instruments and the air filled with captivating melodies, I continue this musical legacy. I invite you to join me and add your unique note to my ongoing musical narrative.


Did you know music can actually improve your math, language, and motor skills, and even spark your creativity! That's one of the many reasons why I love teaching.


The skilled instructors at my studio are eager to guide you on your journey to musical proficiency. Whether it's Zachariah Kinnard with the ukulele or Aden Chudziak who offers guitar and acting lessons, I stand ready to meet your educational desires. Let's create some fantastic music together!


Are you interested in exploring string instruments? At my studio, Christianna Resnick is here to offer you customized lessons for the violin, cello, and more. Register now and dive into the fascinating universe of strings!


Join me on a musical journey. At our music school, it's more than just notes and rhythms. I genuinely care about your growth and well-being. Ready to enhance your skills and confidence through music education? Let's start this incredible journey together!


Struggling to learn guitar by yourself? Dreaming of captivating everyone with your violin solo? My team and I offer personalized music lessons for all ages! Whether you're a child or an adult, we welcome all music enthusiasts!


My passion for music began in my father's music store, where I started teaching when I was 13. His dream and my enthusiasm inspired me to create something extraordinary. I continue spreading joy, peace, and happiness through music. .


I'm proud to have a team of professionally trained and highly experienced music instructors. My team is diverse and well-versed in a range of instruments, from the piano to the violin. I am ready and equipped to guide you skillfully in your musical journey!


My team and I do more than just teach chords and notes -- I shape characters and minds through the power of music. I genuinely care for all my students. Join my extraordinary music classes.


Did you know? Learning music can enhance your motor skills, encourage attentive listening, and instill self-discipline. Come join my team and uncover your musical potential. Schedule an appointment at


Meet my team -- I teach piano, Aden Chudziak instructs in piano, voice, guitar, and acting. Judy Pierre offers piano lessons. Zachariah Kinnard specializes in guitar, bass, ukulele, mandolin, and beginner piano. Christianna Resnick is our strings expert, teaching violin, cello, and more. Whether you're a beginner or an expert musician, my team can help sharpen your musical skills. Join us!


Visit my website at for more information about the music lessons I offer. Whether you're interested in singing, playing the guitar, or playing the piano, I've got you covered. Let's enhance your musical journey one melody at a time!


I welcome musicians of all ages, from children to adults who aspire to refine their musical talents. Let's delve into the world of music together. Start my private lessons today.

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4734 W Creedance Boulevard
Glendale, AZ

Opening Hours

Monday 10am - 9pm
Tuesday 10am - 9pm
Wednesday 10am - 9pm
Thursday 10am - 9pm
Friday 10am - 9pm
Saturday 8am - 9pm
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