Decoding Dyslexia Arizona

Decoding Dyslexia Arizona


My name is Stephanie Levine. I am a retired teacher with 23 years of experience and I will be completing my Orton-Gillingham training program this week. I am looking to tutor a student starting mid-May. I am located in Ahwatukee. If you have a child who has never been in OG tutoring, is at least 6 years old, and is a native English speaker, I can help them learn to read! My email is [email protected]. Please contact me!
Hi Arizona Families! Don't forget to register for the 1in5k Dyslexia Dash on February 12th at Freestone Park in Gilbert. Please message me with any questions or reach out to Arizona Branch of the International Dyslexia Association! Hope to see you all there :)
I am looking for any advice or resources for my 15 year old daughter. She is currently hitting a wall with Spanish 2. She studies for hours, and is just spinning her wheels. Her teacher is very supportive and wants to help, we just don't know what we can change or implement to turn it around.
Is anyone familiar with Neely Traditional Academy? They will be testing my granddaughter for SLD. From what my daughter tells me, they seem to be on top of things. But I'm wary about the quality of testing at most public schools. I am also unfamiliar with the Gilbert Public School district. Any advice is appreciated.
If you have dyslexia and benefit from captions, you may wish to sign and share the petition for open captions in movie theaters that is at 385 people from Arizona have already signed it (out of over 20,000.) Here's an article about dyslexia and captions:
Hello! We are considering moving to AZ before the beginning of next school year. Does anyone have recommendation of an area with good schools and a strong special education department? We are considering Tucson.
This is tonight - we are EST time zone ❤️
I tried to search the history, but I can't seem to find anything.. Does anyone have any feedback on New Way Academy? Is is fairly easy to get significant financial aid?

Also, are there any schools(public, charter, or private) in Phoenix that are getting dyslexia right?

Thanks so much!!
Hi all, I'm the Director of Federal and State Engagement at Learning Disabilities Association of America and I wanted to invite you to attend a virtual information session to learn about supporting our LDA state affiliate in Arizona on Thursday, April 8th at 5:30pm MT. Please RSVP to me at [email protected].
Hi All! I am a certified OG tutor. I have been tutoring for over 5 years. I moved my clients online in April due to COVID-19. I have been amazed at the progress that continues to be made by my clients via an online format. Online has also allowed me to provide OG tutoring services to a wider range of student from both in my home state and outside my home state. I have clients from California and Utah. I am looking to open 5 more spots. Please PM me for more information.
You will enjoy this story
Thank you Decoding Dyslexia Arizona. One year ago I asked for your stories as I dug into the root cause of the national education crisis for our kids. I heard so many amazing stories from your state. 19 brave women are featured in this book and one of them is from Arizona. I also feature a Prenda microschool from Arizona! My book is now available for pre-order. Thank you again for your support!

Grassroots movement driven by AZ families concerned with limited access to educational interventions

Operating as usual

Dearborn Public Library supports students with Literacy Kits 08/19/2022

Dearborn Public Library supports students with Literacy Kits

Dearborn Public Library supports students with Literacy Kits The literacy kits were developed to help students and families practice skills identified in Michigan’s Read by Grade Three law: phonics, phonemic awareness, comprehension, vocabulary, and fluency.…


It’s exhausting when the path to literacy in your public school looks like this…


If you see your child struggling, seek help. It's never too early to start intervention.


I will never forget the woman who rose from her chair to ask a question in the library room, filled with adults sitting in a semi-circle. where I was holding a "Dyslexia Dialogue." Her voice shook, and got louder and stronger as she stood there and stated, "I am 80 years old. I struggled in school. I had to fight for my son to get an education because he is dyslexic. And now, my little granddaughter, who is also dyslexic, is struggling. Why haven't the schools figured this out yet?" The truth is real and filled with pain. And generations carry it with no end in sight.
💔 ~ Cheri Rae, author, "DyslexiaLand: A Field Guide for Parents of Children with Dyslexia"


Not only does school work take so much extra time for our kids to complete, but they also lose so much time in interventions, tutoring, OT, etc. As a parent, all the time spent preparing for IEP’s and monitoring compliance and watching for progress and simply researching is exhausting.

Mobile uploads 03/14/2022

Mobile uploads

People have been waiting a very long time and working generation upon generation to improve literacy and . You know better when you care better.

In Denmark, empathy classes are part of the National Curriculum 02/26/2022

In Denmark, empathy classes are part of the National Curriculum

In Denmark, empathy classes are part of the National Curriculum Denmark’s education system has included mandatory classes teaching empathy to their students aged 6 to 16 since 1993, where students learn to help their classmates and compete only with themselves.

Timeline photos 02/22/2022

Timeline photos

Insight into the dyslexic mind...


Children who failed to learn how to read and spell have been failed by a system that did not provide them with scientifically validated teaching instruction that has been proven to work.

Timeline photos 02/20/2022

Timeline photos

Amazing to see our Community come down and support SB1461.


DYSLEXIA IS A SUPERPOWER! Tom Holland actor of Spider-Man is Dyslexic and was severely bullied growing up in school. As soon as Tom embraced his Dyslexia and believed in himself, he was able to achieve feats many thought was impossible. If your kids are getting bullied or are doubting themselves. Watch Spider-Man!


Language Delays, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia and ADHD—and Now Thriving 12/20/2021

Language Delays, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia and ADHD—and Now Thriving

Language Delays, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia and ADHD—and Now Thriving A mom talks about the difficulty of finding out her child had expressive and receptive language delays, dyslexia, dysgraphia and ADHD—and how her perspective has changed. Hear her story.



Copying a word 25 times will not teach someone with dyslexia how to spell.

It never has. It never will.


That’s it! You will make it most people stop when it gets hard. We keep going!


How many of you either utilize tutors for basic reading/writing skills or at least live in a district with an exorbitant number of teachers moonlighting as tutors? No one in a public school district should need to hire a tutor so their child can be taught basic reading skills. No one.

Why dyslexia must be embraced in business and education 11/17/2021

Why dyslexia must be embraced in business and education

Why dyslexia must be embraced in business and education While dyslexia has its difficulties: struggles reading and writing, which can be slow and labour-intensive, difficulty spelling, short attention spans and becoming easily frustrated; it has also given me a wealth of positivity in reflection that I am extremely grateful for. Why dyslexia must be embr...


MARK YOUR CALENDARS: THIS FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 9 AM PST. In 4 days the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit will hear oral arguments in Layna Crofts v Issaquah School District (Case # 19-35473). The court will address this question: When a child has suspected dyslexia, does a school have an obligation under IDEA to evaluate for this particular disorder and craft an IEP specific to dyslexia?

Watch, Learn, Support! Friday, November 19th at 9 am PST. This will be a 15 minute Q&A by the Court (oral arguments). You can watch it LIVE here: After the live viewing is over, you can re-watch or listen here: Once the case is decided, DDWA will post the Court’s decision on our FB page.

Read the parent’s legal brief:

Read the amicus brief from the Washington State Branch of the International Dyslexia Association:

Photo used with permission of the Crofts family. Thank you Layna for fighting for our kids!


The excuses for failing to teach kids to read are exhausting. The refusal to embrace the science of reading is ridiculous. When will we put our children’s futures first in education?


This is what 80% accuracy looks like on a common high school text, and for the record, this text does not possess pictures to "assist" in the reading.


This is so true. Parents want to parent. They want to know their child will have their needs met in school and be pushed to reach their full potential. Parents don’t want to become an IDEA legal scholar or an OG trained reading specialist or a special needs advocate. They don’t want to be the one researching fluency standards or pulling out state learning standards at an IEP. They don’t want to learn about goal writing, base line data and progress monitoring. They don’t even want to hear how cute or sweet their child is in class. They want to know exactly how their child’s reading or writing or spelling deficits are going to be remediated to his/her ability level. Then, they want you to actually do it.

Parents want teachers to have the knowledge, time and training to meet our child’s educational needs in school.





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