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Jacqueline Courson is a professional pianist offering private piano and keyboard lessons for childre

Jacqueline Courson is a pianist and songwriter based in Phoenix, Arizona. With over 25 years experience playing, writing and teaching music, Jacqueline can nurture your growing love of music with Private Piano Lessons, turn your lyrics and melody into a song by creating a full musical Composition, or provide both Live and Recorded Musical Performances for hire.

Operating as usual

Timeline photos 09/04/2021

Beautiful in every way!


Thanks for the shout out! My future Riverton PEP kid!

Our PEP family continues to grow in all the best ways! Join us as we welcome little baby Stanley into the family! Stanley was born on April 21 to our dear friend and PEP Teacher, Jacqueline Courson. Both mother and son are doing well. We wish them as much peace and rest as possible during this exciting time. Congratulations!!

Hollywood Nights 2021 - 6pm Show (Movie Theme Recital) 03/28/2021

Hollywood Nights 2021 - 6pm Show (Movie Theme Recital)

This was so fun tonight! Several of my students participated in this recital with movie-themed pieces. The recital was recorded a couple weekends ago and presented live tonight and we had a fun chat going on as we watched!

If this looks like something you or your student want to participate in, the next event is for Halloween this year. Let me know of interest as soon as possible so we can be sure to have enough time to get a song selected and prepared!

For those already enrolled in PEP, keep an eye out on your emails for notifications from Riverton Piano Company about future events!


Hollywood Nights 2021 - 6pm Show (Movie Theme Recital) Learn more about this exciting event for musical families here: https://www.rivertonpiano.com/hollywood/----------------------------------------------------...

Photos from Jacqueline Courson - Piano Lessons's post 12/19/2020

Holy moly... what an incredible surprise! Check out what my piano students and I are playing on today as we record for our digital recital... thank you, Riverton Piano in Peoria, you guys are truly the best and this is the icing on the cake. What an wonderful treat!


Nice deal here...

Hey, PEP family! We just got a like-new used Yamaha digital piano in and it's a KILLER deal! Help us find a home for this piano before Christmas. Only $599 with bench and a 3-yr FULL trade-up guarantee! Pass the word!


This masked pianist is my first student to participate in the Masquerade performance at Riverton! Please help her win a cauldron of candy by liking her photo - you can like this post that I've shared, but to help her win you must also like the photo within the Riverton photo album. It's easy, just click the photo and THEN like the photo :)

She had a blast, maybe next year we can get a few more students involved in this fun and free activity!


The fascination with sound begins early...

Weren't we all?



Treble progression


The Phoenix Symphony

pianistmagazine.com 04/17/2019

The Great Organ of Notre Dame SAVED after devastating fire

Good news in the wake of tragedy!

pianistmagazine.com A catastrophic fire at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris has left a country, and the world, in mourning.

daysoftheyear.com 03/29/2019

World Piano Day | Days Of The Year

Happy World Piano Day!

daysoftheyear.com [Every March 29th] Life is like a piano. What you get out of it depends on how you play it.Tom Lehrer If you’re a fan of classical music, then you ...


Learning to read is a lesson on perspective...

potofgoldestate.hibid.com 08/07/2018

August 7th Antique, Gun, Jewelry, Coin & Collectible Auction

Wow! I haven’t seen this baby grand myself so I can’t verify it’s condition but one of my piano moms passed along this link... the only other bid for this piano is $45 at the moment! Might be worth a trip down to the auction house to check it out...


potofgoldestate.hibid.com Fantastic Auction with over 400 lots of quality items. You won't want to miss this no-minimum-bid, Live & Internet Auction which features Guns, Coins, Jewelry, & Collectibles! Most items are offered without Reserves! Preview begins at 10:00am, live auction starts at 6:00pm. *Online bidding closes at...


The world needs more musicians.


In case you’re having trouble remembering the clefs... pronounced slightly differently, but still ;)

phoenixpianosale.com 05/21/2018

Phoenix Piano Sale

Are you in the market for a new or used piano? If so, you may want to check out this last-minute sale. The showroom where we held the Spring 2017 recital is closing and selling off all their inventory. I don't know what they currently have in inventory or what pricing they are offering, but it may be worth your while to check it out.

At the link, you can sign up for an up to date inventory list. Act quickly, though, as it looks like they will be closing the doors around the end of the month (May).


phoenixpianosale.com After years of serving the people of Phoenix, The Piano Showroom in Scottsdale will be closing it's doors forever. "We sincerely thank the community for it's support over the years and will reward you with remarkable savings on pianos in every price range."


My adult students may find this amusing...

And parents who can't read music may find this helpful: use this to remind yourself which is which so you can help remind your children which hand they should be using as they practice: the "high hand" (right, treble clef) or the "low hand" (left, bass clef).

Love this...

bbc.com 05/16/2018

'Laurel' or 'Yanny'? People can't decide

The science behind the "Laurel vs Yanny" debate... scroll down to the tweet from Dylan Bennett and Lars Riecke, assistant professor of audition and cognitive neuroscience at Maastricht University. The article also has a clip of the sound in case you are unaware of the internet debate :)

I love sound!


bbc.com A widely-shared audio 'illusion' has divided the internet into two camps: the Yannies and the Laurels.



Just a fun compilation for your weekend. Rest up and recharge today and have a great week!

The evolution of music over nearly 400 years

Credit: Fabricio Vinheteiro - goo.gl/XQ7ZZR



Learning to play the piano means learning methodical thinking. The process of reading music and simultaneously translating it into action requires practicing essential skills - math (multiplication, division, fractions), understanding notes relative to other notes, pattern recognition, etc. For those attracted to sound, learning to play is a rewarding way to practice skills that transfer to other important areas of life!

This, of course, is in addition to the sheer enjoyment of being able to play music and express yourself, perform and sing along in your head or out loud!

This is what would make Neil deGrasse Tyson hire you


Here's to a great week!


Happy Valentine's Day!

Awwwwwwww, romantic...

jacquelinecoursonpiano.com 01/27/2017

How a Piano Player's Brain Differs from Others - Jacqueline Courson

Pianists are more balanced, easily able to express their authentic self and in control of their emotional responses and impulses.

jacquelinecoursonpiano.com Playing the piano is a fun and relaxing hobby or perhaps even profession – but learning to play actually offers more than what meets the ear. Because of the skills required to even learn to play, a piano player’s brain is different from regular brains and even the brains of others. Side Benefits...


Two days until Christmas and Hanukkah - no problem! Happy holidays!


From the Top

A little music theory lesson, served up holiday-style!

Intervals Roasting! This tune makes the music theorists warm and cozy this time of year.

All credit for this video belongs to David Rakowski and David Swenson.
– Mark

jacquelinecoursonpiano.com 12/02/2016

"When Should My Child Start Piano Lessons?" - Jacqueline Courson

Wondering if your child is ready to begin formal music lessons? Read this six-point checklist to find out!

jacquelinecoursonpiano.com If you already know the benefits of studying music as a child, you’re probably wondering what age your child should begin lessons. The earlier your child begins to explore music, the better. Instruction can begin informally at home or in parent-child classes, learning to clap to the rhythm of songs,...

images.google.com 11/24/2016

Image: Craftionary

Happy Thanksgiving!

Give thanks for the music gifts you have by sharing them with friends and family this holiday.

"Music can change the world because it can change people." Bono

images.google.com Found on Google from craftionary.net

jacquelinecoursonpiano.com 11/18/2016

Avoiding Piano Injuries - Part 3: Strategies - Jacqueline Courson

The final piece in my multi-part series on healthy habits to avoid injury while playing the piano.

Part 3 is focused on practice strategies to keep your tendons happy :)

jacquelinecoursonpiano.com (This article is one of a multi-part series on how to avoid piano injuries. My goal is to 1) inform students of important basics from which they should never stray and 2) help them become aware of benefits provided by some parts of practice that may otherwise be considered boring! I have always been...


Working on some arrangements for the Winter Celebration Piano Recital!

jacquelinecoursonpiano.com 11/04/2016

Avoiding Piano Injuries - Part 2: Technique - Jacqueline Courson

Here's Part 2 of my multi-part series on avoiding injury while playing focuses on technique - all about positioning of the body and some fun facts about anatomy of the fingers, wrists and arms.

The rest of the series will cover practicing tips and mental strategies. If you missed Part 1, check it out for a basic understanding of correct posture at the piano. Take a peek and have a great weekend!

jacquelinecoursonpiano.com (This article is one of a multi-part series on how to avoid piano injuries. My goal is to 1) inform students of important basics from which they should never stray and 2) help them become aware of benefits provided by some parts of practice that may otherwise be considered boring! I have always been...

jacquelinecoursonpiano.com 10/21/2016

Avoiding Piano Injuries - Part 1: Posture - Jacqueline Courson

Check out Part 1 of my multi-part series on avoiding injury while playing! In Part 1 I'm covering basic posture (and how to get it!). Future pieces will cover technique, practicing tips and mental strategies. Take a look and stay tuned for more!

jacquelinecoursonpiano.com (This article is one of a multi-part series on how to avoid piano injuries. My goal is to 1) inform students of important basics from which they should never stray and 2) help them become aware of benefits provided by some parts of practice that may otherwise be considered boring! I have always been...


Hangin' out at First Friday! Come out and visit!


Had a great time performing with the Moon Valley High School Choir Program tonight - such a talented ensemble, directed by Mr. Jeff Hunt! Fabulous performance from the choir!




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