Canyon Elementary. Home to the Sunflower School.

Canyon Elementary. Home to the Sunflower School.


Today we held our Annual Patriotic Speech Contest where elementary students from across the district participated. Congratulations to Joey Garcia from Oakwood Elementary School, Grayson Goss from Canyon Elementary. Home to the Sunflower School., Seth Bucher from Santa Fe Elementary School and Jeovanni James from Sahuaro Ranch Elementary School for winning their respective session! Also a big congratulations to all of today’s participants who made it this far in the contest!
It's been around a year since Canyon Elementary. Home to the Sunflower School. sixth-grader Tristan has seen his sister, who enlisted in the Marine Corps and is stationed in North Carolina. LCpl Hayden Fiori returned while on recruiting duty and surprised her brother during class!
What’s currently trending in Peoria Unified? Our pride in our employees! For this episode, we are joined by Centennial High School Principal Scott Hollabaugh and Desert Valley Elementary School and Canyon Elementary. Home to the Sunflower School. Instructional Coach Melissa Anderson-Larance as they discuss what being a leader in education means to them, the why behind what they do and so much more! Check out our newest episode on all major podcast streaming platforms or on our website at
We LOVE our schools! Did you know that if you mention your school's PTO/PTA not only will you get FREE registration -- we'll send the PTO $100! Your student gains confidence and your PTO gets a boost -- everybody wins!

Hillcrest Middle School PTSA / Legacy Traditional School - Glendale / Challenge Charter School / Copper Creek PTSA / Terramar PTSA Parent Teacher Student Association / Sunrise Mountain High School / Sierra Verde PTSO / Greenbrier Elementary School / Mountain Shadows PTSA / Desert Heights Charter School (Official) / Canyon Elementary. Home to the Sunflower School. / Las Brisas PTSA / Pinnacle Pointe Academy / Paseo Verde Elementary School / Mountain Ridge High School / Apache Elementary School PTSO / Archway Glendale PSO / Cactus High School / The Traditional Academy at Bellair PTA
Is there School on January the 11th at Canyon? Some Peoria schools will be closed.
Their birthdays aren't officially until Sunday, but it is their last official birthday together (even though Brooke will come back every year to say happy birthday to her birthday twin!). A huge happy birthday to Brooke Wolek and Mrs. Balthis!!! We hope you both have an amazing day!!! Xoxo 🎂❤🎂❤🎂❤🎂❤🎂❤🎂
Hey Canyon! Just wanted to let you all know that our home that we have loved for 12 years will be put on the market in the next few days. Just in case there is a staff member or Canyon family that would like to live in the neighborhood. We know the market is crazy right now for those trying to find houses so we wanted to share with you all❤️ great 3 bdrm house, great neighbors, and GREAT SCHOOL!😁 feel free to send me an email and I will send the listing [email protected]
Back to School pizza night at home!
We’re ready!
I'm not ready to send my kids to school on August 17, but we don't want to commit to online through January! 😖
Thank you for making this day special!!! ❤️❤️❤️
I know you all are about making sure the kids grow intellectually, but did you have to have Brooke grow physically too?? 😂😂😂😂😂😂 PS...She misses you all 💙💙💙

This is the official Canyon Elementary page. Canyon Elementary, part of the Peoria Unified School District.

Peoria Unified boasts a 95 percent high school graduation rate. It is one of the largest unified school districts in Arizona and prides itself on excelling schools, award-winning teachers, high test scores, specialized signature programs and championship sports programs

Operating as usual


A big thank you to the Canyon gifted program and our amazing Canyon community for all of the toy donations. They were delivered to Banner Thunderbird Pediatrics and they were so appreciative.

We are so grateful for our Canyon community. This has been such a generous year for giving. We are truly amazed with all of the kindness everyone has shown. We are so proud to be Coyotes.

Photos from Canyon Elementary. Home to the Sunflower School.'s post 12/15/2022

In loving memory of Christian Vega.

We are so fortunate to have had the opportunity to have Christian as one of our students. He was a student of Sunflower for 10 years and spent everyday brightening our days. If you knew Christian, you knew that he could cheer anyone up. He had the most infectious smile and the sweetest soul. Christian loved his friends and family and spent everyday making sure we knew how he felt about all of us. He will truly be missed, however we will always remember the laughter and pure joy he brought to our campus.


Congratulations to our first, second, and third place winners of the spelling bee!! And a big thank you to our lovely moderators! 🐝


Reminder! All Peoria Unified Schools and Offices will be closed Nov. 21-25 for Fall Break. We will reopen on Nov. 28. Have a safe and restful Fall Break!


Don’t forget to send your baked goods and frozen turkeys in tomorrow! The more donations, the more students who win!! Please send the items with your student or bring them into the nurses office tomorrow morning!!


We wanted to let you know that we had a conflict with a few of the grade levels for Friday's Turkey Trot. Mr. Lauer needed to adjust several of the times in order to allow all students to participate. If you are planning on attending the event, please sign in the front office. We are now collecting baked goods, pies, and turkeys. Please feel free to send in your donations to the nurse's office before Friday's event.

NEW Turkey Trot times listed below.
Kindergarten: 9:00-9:30 am

1st, 2nd, and Sunflower: 9:30-10:10 am

3rd and 4th: 12:10-12:55 pm

5th and 6th: 1:25-2:10 pm

7th and 8th: 2:10-3:00 pm

Photos from Canyon Elementary. Home to the Sunflower School.'s post 11/14/2022

Thank you to all of the Veterans and first responders who came out for our Hugs for Heroes breakfast. We appreciate you all; past, present, and future.


Happy Veterans Day! All Peoria Unified schools and offices are closed today, Nov. 11. We will see you back on Monday!


Our school received an A Label! Today, the new A-F letter grades were released by the Arizona State Board of Education. We are so proud of our students for their hard work last school year!

Photos from Canyon Elementary. Home to the Sunflower School.'s post 11/01/2022

Photo dump time!

We've had a lot going on here at Canyon the past two weeks! We had Spirit week last week and our annual Character Parade this week.

It was so much fun. So many of our students and families participated, brought candy, and came to join in on the fun! Today feels like a good day to take a nap after all of the excitement, but we have lots of learning and teaching to do!! We're going to save our napping for the weekend! So, we will see you in the classroom, Coyotes!

(Try not to eat too much candy! ugh.... my tummy hurts!) 😂🤪🤢

Photos from Canyon Elementary. Home to the Sunflower School.'s post 10/26/2022

It’s spirit week and we’re a day behind! Yesterday we had so many Mikes and Sullys running around!

Today we were all very comfy in our jammies! I have to tell the truth, pajama day is my favorite!

Don’t forget to share your pics in the comments! And we will see you tomorrow for hat day!

Photos from Canyon Elementary. Home to the Sunflower School.'s post 10/17/2022

Last week the Glendale Police Department teamed up with The Home Depot to support Canyon in a very special way. Canyon’s SRO, Officer Procopio brought in a team of officers who designed and built a flower garden in the front of our Sunflower building. This flower garden is no ordinary flower garden, it will not only hold beautiful Sunflowers, but also serve as a memorial garden for several of our Sunflower students we have lost throughout the years. A huge thank you goes out to The Home Depot for donating all of the supplies and to the Glendale Police Department for building us something that we can enjoy for many years to come.

We are so thankful to be a part of this community.

Photos from Canyon Elementary. Home to the Sunflower School.'s post 10/03/2022

This is going to be so much fun!

We thought a fun way to celebrate book fair coming next week (more details to follow) would be to include our friends, families and students in one of our favorite traditions: CHARACTER PARADE!

We realize that Character Parade isn't until October 31st, but we have planning to do! Usually, Mrs. Balthis and Mrs. Larson know exactly what book they are going to choose. This year they had a hard time. So, we are going to leave the decision up to all of you. This year, students will be voting during their library time, and whatever wins is what they have to dress up as at the Character Parade!!

We didn't want to leave our friends, families and parents out. So, this is your chance to vote! Votes will counted on Tuesday, October 11th.

Your choices are:

Mrs. Balthis

Snow White
Junie B. Jones
Mother Goose
Grumpy Monkey
Giraffes Can't Dance
Little Red Riding Hood

Mrs. Larson

A Bad Case of Stripes
Thelma the Unicorn
Clifford the Big Red Dog
Paper Bag Princess
Wolfie the Rabbit
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
Love, Z

Drop a comment below with your vote. Be sure to leave a vote for Mrs. Balthis and Mrs. Larson!

The winners will be revealed at the Character Parade!!

Photos from Canyon Elementary. Home to the Sunflower School.'s post 10/03/2022

Stu Co Leadership Days 2022


We hope you can join us.

Photos from Canyon Elementary. Home to the Sunflower School.'s post 09/01/2022

throwback to our favorite puppy moments! Mrs Larson, Mrs Balthis, and Mrs Lenocker shared their puppy pictures with us and now it’s your turn! Show us a throwback of your pets! We want all the adorable cuteness!!

Photos from Canyon Elementary. Home to the Sunflower School.'s post 08/12/2022

Sometimes, we get a reminder of our reason why. This week, Mrs. Balthis got just that.

When Mrs. Balthis came to Canyon 9 years ago, her first 8th grade class became very special to her. What she didn't realize is that she became very special to them too. One of those 8th graders was Miss Kylie Goodman. Miss Goodman has dreamed of becoming a teacher since she was very small. After a year spent with Mrs. Balthis, she adjusted her dream a little and decided that she wanted to become a teacher, at Canyon, with her favorite principal. Miss Goodman made her dream come true and celebrated her first day as a second grade teacher at Canyon alongside her favorite principal this year. During that celebration, Mrs. Balthis was reminded of her reason why. The reason why she loves Canyon and being a principal. Now, if you ask Mrs. Balthis she will tell you that she is reminded of her why every single day that she comes to Canyon and sees all the faces of every Canyon kid. And you know what? We believe her. It's so obvious by the way she loves and takes care of every single student and staff member. It's also obvious by the way that we all love her back.

We are so happy to have both Mrs. Balthis and Miss Goodman on our campus.

A huge HUGE congratulations to Miss Goodman for her determination and hard work making her dream come true. We can't wait to help her find her reason why.

Have a great weekend, Coyotes!


Happy first day of school!! What a great day! It was so good to see all the happy faces!

Look at this amazing first day of school picture that Mrs. Balthis and Mrs. Larson took together. They didn’t even try to coordinate outfits, it just happened! What a pair!

It’s your turn! We want to see all of your first day pictures! Show us what you’ve got Coyotes!!


Seems as though our sisters get along a little better after having a good day at school!

Please look over our dismissal tips and let us know if you have ANY questions.

Dismissal Tips:
• Families we need your help! Please do not arrive early for pick-up. When too many vehicles park in the pick up lane early, the main entrance and bus bay end up getting blocked. The vehicles get backed up and it becomes impossible for parents to access the front office and our parking lot.
• If you are going to arrive before 3:35 p.m., please park in the parking lot to pick up your student.
• If the main parking lot is full, there is a north parking lot over by the softball field.
• If you are walking or biking to pick up your student, please notify a staff member that you have found your student.
• Please pull all the way forward (toward the cafeteria and/or dumpster), where your student will be loaded. Please do not block the crosswalks at any point in time.
• Please do not call your student over to your car. The staff will make sure students arrive to your car safely.
• All walkers will exit out of the Paradise Lane gate.
• 55th Ave is a great location to park and have your students meet you at. Students can exit campus through the Paradise gate at dismissal and use the crosswalk to meet you over there.
• 55th Ave is also the best street for cars to “line up” when the parent pick-up starts to get long. If you block the crosswalk or the bus bay, you could be ticketed by the police.
• THANK YOU all for working with us and supporting our arrival and dismissal procedures. We cannot do this without all of you. Have a great rest of your week!


Student safety is one of our top priorities at Canyon! We want to make sure the arrival and dismissal procedures are closely followed to support a safe campus. We had so much fun making this video. Although we hope that our students get along better than these sisters. Seems as though they need a little break from one another after a long summer vacation!

Please look over our arrival and tips and let us know if you have ANY questions.

Arrival Tips:
• Please do not drop your students off before 8:20 a.m. Staff supervision begins at the first 8:20 a.m. bell.
• Students who are eating breakfast will be allowed to go directly to the cafeteria at 8:20 a.m. Visitors are not allowed in the cafeteria before school. Staff will be in the cafeteria to support students that need additional assistance.
• The gate north of the front office is the gate 1st-8th grade students may enter when getting dropped off or walking to school. (Look for Mr. Lauer)
• Kinder students must be dropped off near the north gate, not near the Kinder playground.
• If not eating breakfast, Kinder students may enter through the Kinder gate and play on the playground.
• Walkers may enter at the south Paradise Lane gate. However, do not use the bus bay to drop your students off. We do not want to block or prevent our Sunflower busses from dropping off students.
• When dropping students off in the drop off lane in front of the school, please make sure you pull all the way down to the cafeteria area before allowing your child to exit your vehicle.
• If you are parking and walking your student up to the Kinder playground or the north gate, please use the designated crosswalks where our crossing guards are located.
• If the adult needs to get out of the vehicle to assist the student, please park in the parking lot and use the crosswalk.
• Remember, we are a closed campus to visitors before and after school. Extra staff will be available the first week of school to help es**rt students to their classrooms.

Photos from Canyon Elementary. Home to the Sunflower School.'s post 08/05/2022

A little peek behind the scenes while we get ready for the new school year. We can’t wait to see our students! Canyon is the place to bee!!! 🐝 🐝🐝


We will see you there!!


We are hosting a Job Fair for teaching and non-teaching positions from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Tuesday, July 12 at Centennial High School! Visit our website at for more information.


Join our team! We are hiring a senior data integration engineer and a data integration engineer. Apply today on our website at


The school shooting that occurred May 24 in Texas is an unspeakable tragedy that is weighing heavy on the hearts and minds of all Americans today. Peoria Unified extends our deepest thoughts and sympathies to the families of those who were impacted by this horrific attack and to the community of Uvalde.

Read the full message from our Superintendent on our website at


PLEASE SHARE! Thanks to the USDA, the Peoria Unified School District will be able to provide breakfast and lunch meals free to any child, age 18 and under this summer. Details on locations of free meals, times that meals are served, as well as the summer breakfast and lunch menu, are on the district’s website at


Promotion was beautiful. Congratulations to Camille who was given the Principal’s Award. All of our eighth graders did great. We wish them all great things in high school and will always remember them.


Thank you so much to Audie Bozik and the rest of the crew at Midstate Energy for generously providing our staff with lunch. The staff said that it was the best lunch we’ve ever had!!


We love each and every staff member at Canyon! Help us spread the love! If you see a staff member that you appreciate, tell them!!


Jenni Ryan is also from Canyon Elementary. Home to the Sunflower School. is one of the most compassionate teachers you will find! In the words of her students, “Mrs. Ryan is the worlds best teacher!”


Barbra Walton serves our Sunflower Center at Canyon Elementary. Home to the Sunflower School. as an instructional assistant with grace, kindness and pride. For over 20 years, Barb has dedicated herself to those with the most needs and because of that, she is our


We are so proud of these two ladies. Mrs. Barb Walton and Ms. Jenni Ryan have been selected as the Pride of Peoria and we couldn’t agree more. Ms. Barb spreads joy and love in our Sunflower Center and Ms. Ryan is a superstar of a third grade teacher. We are so fortunate to have these two ladies in our lives and in our school. Please help us congratulate them and make them feel as loved as they make us and our students feel.

“A hundred years from now it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove... but the world may be different because I was important in the life of a child.”

Forest E. Witcraft TEACHER, SCHOLAR


Good news! The book fair will be open one more day!! Tomorrow, before and after school! Last chance to get those books for summer reading!

And congratulations to our raffle winner!


Missed out on Kinder Live? Good news! You can watch the live event on-demand on our website at! Watch as one of our amazing Peoria Unified kindergarten teachers answers a lot of frequently asked questions, including how to prep your child for kindergarten, what the first few days of school are like, when to expect more information and much more!


Our spring book fair will take place from March 28th until April 1st in room 201. We will be open before and after school (for students only) with two Family Nights.

Family Nights will be Tuesday, March 29th from 6:00PM-7:00PM and Thursday, March 31st from 5:00PM-6:30PM.

Any student who attends family night will receive a raffle ticket and be in the running to win a prize basket full of books and school supplies from the book fair. You must be a current Canyon student and attend family night to receive a raffle ticket. Double your chances and come to both!

Be on the lookout for more information that will be sent home with your student!

Photos from Peoria Unified School District's post 03/04/2022

We are so proud of you, Grayson! 👏


Principals say the darndest things......especially when these two are involved! Camille and Samson have a very special friendship. Despite that she is in 8th grade and he is in kindergarten. Friendship knows no boundaries. When they are together, there is guaranteed giggles and fun. And oh boy! Do they sure know how to ask the hard questions. 😁

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Seems as though our sisters get along a little better after having a good day at school! Please look over our dismissal ...
Student safety is one of our top priorities at Canyon!  We want to make sure the arrival and dismissal procedures are cl...
We love each and every staff member at Canyon! Help us spread the love! If you see a staff member that you appreciate, t...
Good news! The book fair will be open one more day!! Tomorrow, before and after school! Last chance to get those books f...
Principals say the darndest things......especially when these two are involved! Camille and Samson have a very special f...
This is the last one! I mean it this time! I just couldn’t stop without letting you see Cruella catch one of her puppies...
One of our Sunflower students had some questions for Mrs Balthis. She used her communication device to pick the question...
Come and join us September 30th to learn ALL about what your student is learning! Admin will start us off with a general...
Two students interviewed Mrs Balthis and asked her the things they were most curious about.
Play time with Rico
The impossible is possible here at Canyon with our Growth Mindset.





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