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Congratulations to the Quiz Bowl Team

The Herberger Young Scholars Academy Quiz Bowl Team qualified for and attended the National Academic Quiz Tournament High School National Championship Tournament in Atlanta, Georgia over the Memorial Day weekend.

As described by volunteer coach Madhu Lakshmanan: “This was a wonderful experience for the team and highly motivating. They played a lot of close games - 4 of their 10 qualifiers were decided by 10 point margins or less (1 question). I think everyone learned a lot of matchplay strategies for next year.”

Herberger ended up 110th out of 272 high schools. They were also the top school with an all Freshman team.

Team member Omkar won a rising star individual award for his performance.

The team, as a whole, was also recognized for their friendliness and fairplay, which was a consistent theme throughout the season at other tournaments.

Coach Lakshmanan continues: “They won all of their scrimmage and consolation bracket matches, even against really tough opponents, so their confidence is high. We have high hopes for next year.”
Happy Summer Vacation!
Congratulations to the Herberger Young Scholars Academy Class of 2022!
The Mural Class’s new mural in the north foyer has been completed, just in time for the end of the year and Graduation.

When Mr. Twilling asked me to teach a Mural Class for the Spring Semester, I immediately said “yes,” but I never expected to have so much fun, and I am incredibly proud of all the work of the students and of the end result. The class was organized in such a way that students learned how to come up with a concept for a mural, translated that idea into a concrete design, and then presented the design to a commission to determine whether to move forward with the project, exactly as happens with professional artists. The subject of the project was simple: “Herberger Young Scholars Academy 10 Year Anniversary.” The more complicated part was to create something that represented all of that:10 years of work and 10 years of people.

Creating a mural is nothing less than telling a story. We use colors and shapes to recall feelings and memories from the past to help create new emotions. Conversations around the ideas, designs and implementations were very deep and went to the core of the subject. Why was there a necessity for a school like Herberger Academy? What did the students find in Herberger Academy? What about the people of Herberger Academy? What I can say with certainty is that the end result is an honest representation of all of that. It is beautiful, and I’m sure it is going to be a conversation starter for many years to come, as it should be.

-Story by Mr. Bianchi
After a 2 year hiatus due to Covid, Herberger Young Scholars Academy returned to Saguaro Lake Ranch Resort for its annual Spring trip. For those who don’t know, the Saguaro trip started years ago so students could relax in the cool of early spring before returning to school to finish out the year and undertake Cambridge Exams. It is one of the most anticipated and enjoyed events of the school year.

Saguaro this year included tubing and kayaking down the river, time in the pool, card games, camp fires, hanging out with friends, and a whole lot of Gaga Ball.
The Herberger Young Scholars Academy ESports team concluded their Spring season by finishing 2nd in the High School ESports State Championship for League of Legends, after narrowly losing in the championship match. The team also finished 2nd in the tightly contested Western Regionals of the National High School ESports Championship for League of Legends.

League of Legends pits two teams of five players against each other, where teams vie to destroy their opponents home base, while also defending their own. Games frequently take 30-60 minutes to complete, and whichever team can win 2 out of 3 games wins the match.
Herberger Young Scholars Academy Wins State Chess Championship!

Herberger Young Scholars Academy competed in the Canyon Athletic Association State Chess Championship on Saturday, April 23rd.

Competing throughout the regular season, team members accumulated points for winning matches. These points were then used to seed players into three tiers for the State Championship Tournament.

Every member of the Herberger Young Scholars Academy Chess Team scored enough regular season points to be seeded in the tournament.

First year team members Steven and Andres were seeded in the third tier, and despite working hard were eliminated in early play.

In the second tier, both Julian P. and Sean S. scored enough points to be seeded. Both won multiple games to advance to the championship game, guaranteeing a Herberger victory. After a hard fought battle, Julian was able to pull out the win, with Sean finishing second.

Keshav qualified for the highest point bracket. Through some challenging competition, he was able to secure a spot into the championship game, where he faced the number 2 ranked player in the conference. After a tough match, Keshav was able to pull out the victory to be named State Champion.

Congratulations to the entire Herberger Young Scholars Academy Chess Team for a fantastic season and to the well deserving champions.

Herberger Young Scholars Academy is celebrating 10 Years with a Dinner Dance in the LaSala Ballrooms!!

Event is open to all current and past members of the school community (students, parents, alum, etc)

When: Saturday, May 21, 2022

Where: La Sala Ballrooms & Foyer

Time: Doors Open at 6:30, Dinner Starts at 7:00 pm

Dress: Semi-Formal

Cost: $30 per person (Payment by check or money order made out to "HYSA")

RSVP: By May 6 to [email protected]

Note: Students under 15 must be accompanied by an adult
Mark the date for this upcoming theater performance at Herberger Young Scholars Academy (community members, only). Friday, May 13 and Saturday, May 14.
Spring Means Global Perspectives Presentations

One of the signature programs of Herberger Young Scholars Academy is the Global Perspectives class, a course all Herberger Young Scholars Academy A-Level students complete prior to graduation.

The year-long class focuses on enhancing skills in analysis and evaluation of evidence and arguments, holistic reflection and communication. The course is based on the premise that investigating global issues through a variety of different perspectives will help increase learner awareness of the world around them.

Students complete a research paper in the fall term, and in the spring, and the course concludes with students publicly presenting on a chosen research topic of significance at both the local and global level. This year’s presentations included such topics as education, water scarcity, drunk driving, and urban heat islands.
Herberger Young Scholars Academy is celebrating 10 Years with a Dinner Dance in the LaSala Ballrooms!!

Event is open to all current and past members of the school community (students, parents, alum, etc)

When: Saturday, May 21, 2022

Where: La Sala Ballrooms & Foyer

Time: Doors Open at 6:30, Dinner Starts at 7:00 pm

Dress: Semi-Formal

Cost: $30 per person (Payment by check or money order made out to "HYSA")

RSVP: By May 6 to [email protected]

Note: Students under 15 must be accompanied by an adult

The Gary K. Herberger Young Scholars Academy embodies a highly challenging and hands on learning en

Operating as usual

Photos from Herberger Young Scholars Academy's post 10/02/2023

This past Friday, our Spanish students participated in a Spanish Pen Pal Meet n Greet at Goldwater High School for their homecoming game. Our Bulldog amigos were very gracious hosts, even inviting us to be recognized on the field during halftime! We had 22 of our students attend the event, with several staying until the end of the game (Goldwater lost 52-7). We can't wait to invite our Pen Pals over to HYSA in the Spring!


Herberger families, Fox10 News stopped by this morning to interview our NASA Techrise team - Liz Mendoza, Mat Mullowney, Amelie Bustos (MY2), Hayden Anderson (MY2), George Hesswany (IGCSE 1) and Trillian Creath (IGCSE 1). Take a look at the segment that aired this morning!


Welcome Back Javelinas. We are back in the building today. However, some areas of West Campus are still affected by the power outage. If you, or your student, is registered in a concurrent class at ASU, please make sure to check with your professor to confirm classes this week.


*Power Outage Update #3*

Learning will be REMOTE via ZOOM on Friday, 22 September 2023.

We expect to have generator power before the end of day tomorrow. However, in an abundance of caution, and in wanting to be sure our building is functioning properly before we reopen to students, we are going to keep students remote again tomorrow. Please check your email for more details.



The school building will remain closed on Thursday, 21 September 2023.

Unfortunately, the repairs on West Campus will continue into tomorrow. We will be transitioning to a 'synchronous' learning plan beginning tomorrow. While students will not be attending classes in person, all regularly scheduled Core, Math, and Language classes will be running live via Zoom on Thursday. Please check your email for details and, again, stay tuned for updates.



The school building will be closed Wednesday, 20 September 2023.

Unfortunately, it appears the outage is going to continue into tomorrow. We currently have an HYSA Late Start scheduled, but because it looks like the building will still be without AC/electricity tomorrow, we are going to ask students to stay home.

We have a plan to provide students with instruction and opportunities for office hours with teachers during this interruption. Please check your email for details and stay tuned for further updates.


School is canceled today, 9/19/23, due to a power outage across ASU West Campus.


Congratulations to one of our incoming Middle Years students, Sedef Yildirim, who was selected as the 1st Place Winner of the Arizona Private Education Scholarship Fund (APESF) Summer Selfie Contest! Her selfie was selected due to her creativity and originality. Way to go, Sedef!


Please join us in congratulating Dr. Jeanne Herberger who is being honored at the 2023 International Women's Forum World Leadership Conference with the Women Who Make A Difference Award! Dr. Herberger was an IWF AZ founding member and served as the Forum's first president.


Congratulations to our Herberger QuizBowl team on a strong showing at the NAQT national championship! Co-coach, Madhu Lakshmanan, was in Atlanta for the event. Here is her breakdown of how things went:

The HYSA QuizBowl team had a good run at HSNCT. We were the only team from Arizona this year.

Typically, 3500 high schools from all over the country participate in local tournaments in order to try to qualify for the nationals and the top spot. This year 305 teams came to the national tournament.

The games were held Saturday and Sunday from 8 am until all the games slated for the day were done. Each match is a fairly intense half hour and then you find out where your next match is and try to get there quickly.

NAQT specifies that questions are derived from the following subject areas:
• Literature (novels, short stories, drama, poetry),
• Science (biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, mathematics, computer science, earth science, laboratory science),
• History (American, British, European, world),
• Fine arts (painting, music, opera, jazz, ballet, photography, sculpture, architecture, film),
• Religion, mythology, and philosophy
• Social sciences (psychology, economics, anthropology/sociology, linguistics),
• Geography (cities, states/provinces/regions, natural landmarks),
• Current events

HYSA made the playoffs this year by having a 6-4 record after the preliminary rounds. The playoffs were single elimination and we lost that first game. We were placed 97th of the 305 teams but our points average was 33rd among all the teams, our matches have been close encounters. The team stayed upbeat and demonstrated a sporting spirit even in high pressure situations.

Omkar Bharath received an individual Rising Star award for being the 2nd highest sophomore scorer in the competition.

Our co-coach Jaime Cozza’s words: “I am so proud of the boys. When I think about this weekend what comes to mind is the boys‘ perseverance, positive attitude, amazing knowledge and most importantly their friendship and how they treated each other. They are the kindest and most supportive group of teens. “

The most successful teams have built a culture (over decades) of encouraging their students to demonstrate what they know via Quizbowl and Knowledge bowl. The team looks forward to fostering something like that at HYSA and in the larger academic community in AZ.

2023 Poetry Out Loud National Semifinals 05/17/2023

2023 Poetry Out Loud National Semifinals The 53 state Poetry Out Loud champions will gather at the Poetry Out Loud semifinals on Tuesday, May 9, 2023 from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. ET at the Lisner Aud...


In September, HYSA had 3 students qualify as semifinalists, which represented less than 1 percent of the nation's high school graduating seniors. HYSA is excited to announce that Leann Landkof was named one of the National Merit Scholarship winners! The entire HYSA staff is proud of Leann's hard work in earning this prestigious recognition!
Congratulations, Leann!

Photos from Herberger Young Scholars Academy's post 05/02/2023

Terence the T-Rex is on the move again! This time he is on the 3rd floor of the Fletcher Library on ASU West Campus.

This is a special exhibition that showcases the creative work done by students of Design, Sculpture, Photography and Woodworking, all from the 2022-2023 academic year here at Herberger Young Scholars Academy and will displayed all summer long!

Come say hello to Terence. He loves visitors!

Photos from Herberger Young Scholars Academy's post 05/01/2023

Congratulations to Mischa Norton and Beatrice Allen on their presentation at the Western Psychological Association Conference in Riverside, CA. Mischa and Beatrice collaborated with Dr. Steven Hollaway on their research project, Student Success as a Function of In Utero Androgen Exposure.

Mischa said she was a little starstruck when she saw Phillip Zimbardo at the conference. Zimbardo, probably best known for his work on the 1971 Stanford Prison Experiment, signed Mischa's lanyard. I am not sure it gets any cooler than that!


A college level QuizBowl tournament? Competing against University students? How did our Herberger QuizBowl Team fare? Pretty darn well, that's how! Congratulations to Jameson, Mikey, and Omkar on winning 10 out of 10 matches! Simply incredible!

We also want to congratulate the other members of our Herberger QuizBowl Team on their first appearance at a college level event. Liam, Yan-Ru, Katherine, Mateo, and Krishaan all made HYSA proud!


Our middle years team will be presenting about their experiment, "Solar Panels in the Stratosphere," at the NASA TechRise Virtual Showcase on Friday, May 5. Community members are welcome - please follow the link in the invitation to RSVP!


Our principal, Mr. Graham, wrote a book! Today, A Teacher’s Guide to Supporting Gifted Middle School Students releases. Please join us in congratulating him! For more information, check out the book on Amazon.

Photos from Herberger Young Scholars Academy's post 04/04/2023

Here are some photos of the Herberger students who competed at the state MathCounts competition. The Herberger team placed 6th and Yan-Ru placed in the top 10 overall individually. The competition had 12 teams of 4 students and another 47 individuals, comprising the best and brightest of the states middle school math competitors. Please join us in congratulating HYSA’s Junior mathletes for their accomplishments this year!

Photos from Herberger Young Scholars Academy's post 03/28/2023

Some photos from last week's Field Day! Thank you to all the students, teachers and parents for participating!


Next week is Spirit Week so make sure to dress up and have fun!


I am so excited to announce that HYSA's own, Biruni Hariadi, is the 2023 Arizona State Poetry Out Loud Champion!

Biruni competed at the state Poetry Out Loud competition on Saturday, March 11, and was crowned the champion! Biruni will now travel to Washington, DC to compete in the National Championship.

We are so proud of everything she has achieved!

Photos from Herberger Young Scholars Academy's post 03/14/2023

Today, local artist Dwayne Manuel was a guest in our IGCSE class. As an extension to History and ELA's Indigenous studies unit, he joined us to share his life story and his passion for art. It was amazing to hear how he found his love of art and how he weaves his passion for his culture, family, and experiences into his work.

Our students continue to express how much they appreciate incorporating guest speakers from the community into our studies!


We are incredibly proud of Biruni and her accomplishment of earning first place at the AZ Central Regional Poetry Out Loud competition this past Saturday, Feb. 18th. Despite having to attend the competition virtually and pre-record her poems, Biruni's amazing talent for reciting poetry radiated throughout her performance. We cannot wait for her to compete at the state finals on March 11th, and all of Herberger Young Scholars Academy will be cheering her on!

Photos from Herberger Young Scholars Academy's post 02/17/2023

The Yearbook class went on a field trip to the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication, located at ASU Downtown. The students took part in an immersive activity with Joanna Alvillar, the High School Programs coordinator, and several other journalism students. They then got a personalized tour of the building and got to see some amazing spaces! In the end, the yearbook team left inspired to bring what they learned back to Herberger Young Scholars Academy.


Congratulations to our MathCounts competitors. They competed in the central Phoenix chapter competition this past Saturday. The Middle Years team of Krishaan, Trillian, Jason and Yan-Ru got 1st place in the chapter. Additionally Yan-Ru and Jason placed 2nd and 3rd overall individually. All four of these students will be representing HYSA at the Arizona State level MathCounts competition on March 25th at Brophy. Wish them luck in their efforts to qualify for Nationals!


Congrats to our Middle Years competitors Emmett, Trillian, Jason and Krishaan who won 1st place at the Chandler-Gilbert Community College Excellence in Mathematics team competition! They explored extensions of the Pythagorean theorem where shapes, other than squares, were extruded from the sides of a right triangle. Their presentation of their solution was deemed the best by the judges.

Photos from Herberger Young Scholars Academy's post 02/03/2023

Look who snuck in the building! Join us tomorrow for ASU West Open Door from 1-5pm!


First day working with NASA scientists on their award winning experiment, The Effects of High Altitude on Solar Energy Output! Way to go Middle Years team!


Tune in to channel 3 tonight at 7:30 p.m. to support our very own Liz Mendoza and watch her compete on Jeopardy!


Congratulations to both Robotics Teams for qualifying for the First Tech Challenge (FTC) State Tournament over the weekend!


Please join us in wishing the Herberger Young Scholars Academy A2 students safe travels as they depart for their trip to Dublin City University Center for Talented Youth exchange program!


The Herberger Young Scholars Academy is going to space!

Congratulations to Trillian, George, Amelie, and Hayden! Their experiment, "The Effects of High Altitude on Solar Panel Energy Output", was one of 60 student proposals selected by NASA for a suborbital flight test aboard a high-altitude balloon.

They will be working with a NASA mentor to build, test, and launch their experiment over the next several months.

Please join us in congratulating them!


Congratulations to our founding Executive Director, Dr. Kim Lansdowne, for being awarded the Dr. Sanford J. Cohn Lifetime Achievement Award at the Arizona Association for the Gifted & Talented (AAGT) 49th Annual Conference!

AAGT presents this award to an individual who, over an extended period of time, has devoted time, expertise and resources to the advancement of gifted education in the state of Arizona as well as nationally so that gifted children of all races, cultures and groups have had the opportunity to achieve their full potential.


This is a great opportunity hosted by AGT. Space is limited, so please sign up if you're interested!


As we approach the next upcoming ASU Online semester, I would like for you to be aware of the session add/drop date. Please note that you will need to request a drop for your Spring A students on or before January 10, 2023 and January 15, 2023 for Spring C students. ASU cannot process a drop after these deadlines.

Please stress to your students the importance of reviewing the syllabus and expected workload as soon as they have access to their course(s).

If your student would like to drop their course, please contact us.

Thank you!


Congratulations to Trillian! She is our school Spelling Bee champion and will be representing HYSA at the Regional Bee on February 17.


Please join us in congratulating Omkar, Jiya, and Sean. Their scores on the AMC 10 and 12 this past fall have earned them qualifying spots in this year's American Invitational Mathematics Examination (AIME). This is a significant accomplishment that no HYSA student has achieved in recent years (if ever), and we had not one, not two...but THREE students who achieved this level of success this year!

Send good thoughts and well wishes to these students in February as they compete for the honor of participating in the United States of America Mathematics Olympiad (USAMO).

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Gary K. Herberger Young Scholars Academy

Founded in 2011, the Gary K. Herberger Young Scholars Academy (HYSA) offers a learning environment designed for gifted middle and high school students. It is located on Arizona State University’s West Campus in Glendale, Arizona. Students utilize the university library, the Sun Devil Fitness Center, university level science laboratories, and participate in university activities and clubs. HYSA is part of the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College and Arizona State University. The academy draws a diverse student population from across metropolitan Phoenix. HYSA opened its brand new 19,000 square foot, $10 million, state of the art building in the fall of 2017 due to a commitment from the Herberger family and Arizona State University to grow the academy and reach more students who need this type of learning environment. Students complete middle and high school coursework at an advanced level and at an accelerated pace. In 2018, the school became a STEM Certified school by AdvancED.

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Herberger families, Fox10 News stopped by this morning to interview our NASA Techrise team - Liz Mendoza, Mat Mullowney,...
Coffee and T - Wednesday, March 16 at 8:30am.Check your email for location details and/or Zoom Link.
Secondary One & Star Wars




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