Phoenix ADJA Chapter

Phoenix ADJA Chapter


I just received a phone call from a older woman that lost her husband a week and a half ago. Today would have been their 50 anniversary. She wrote a song and looking for someone that could do the instrumental and record her. It's going to be a slow crooners (jazz) song. Anyone?
I just learned that former Phoenix ADJA member, Paul Askew passed away the other day.

I served with Paul for several years on the board of the Phoenix ADJA about 10-15 years ago. He was instrumental in helping us locate a monthly meeting place. Great, fun memories with him when we attended the Merbecca workshop together, and Paul was one of the group of DJs that would all make the trip together to Las Vegas for the annual DJ convention.

Besides being a very good mobile DJ, he was an elementary teacher in the Phoenix school district.

Join me in sending prayers to his wife and kids during this difficult time.
Hey DJ's! I teach a DJ class at Mesa Community College here in Arizona. On behalf of our class I'm taking a nationwide (10 question 2 minute) survey of DJ's during the Covid-19 crisis. I would love to share the survey's information with my future classes to help us study the industry during such a crisis. I will share the info I gather here as well. Here's the link, thanks!
Is your chapter meeting at the restaurant or virtual for June? Thinking about driving down next week to attend if at the restaurant.
Any member attending MBLV? Hoping to find a member that can bring a few items that I purchased from Drax. Thanks
A bride needs our help ….

Alyssa is getting married in Sedona on OCT 17th 2020 Red Rock CC. Text her at 760-936-3000. Only connect if you are available. Good luck ADJA :)
All Noah's wedding venues are closed in the united states. Over 300 brides out money and venue.
I'm in need of 6-10 pink uplights for an event I'll be in town for on February 15th in Scottsdale. Does anybody have some on hand or have a resource you could point me to?
Does anyone have the ChauvetDJ Freedom Sticks that I could rent for an event on 3/25? I need to find about 40 total. Thanks!
Any chance someone is available for a corporate gig tomorrow night on the west-SIIIDE?

This is the fan page for the ADJA Phoenix Chapter to promote local events & to invite others to lear

Operating as usual

Selling your time 08/10/2020

Selling your time

What every event professional needs to...
Read, Hear, Understand and Practice!

Selling your time We don’t pay surgeons by the hour. And if the person who cuts the lawn shows up with a very fast riding mower, we don’t insist on paying less because they didn’t have to work as h…

ADJA Special Announcement 07/30/2020

ADJA Special Announcement

ADJA Special Announcement Join Drax for a special conversation with industry expert Alan Berg on how DJs can sell more... and Alan will have a very special announcement!


Join US this Friday at 11am Pacific time for an awesome guest. We have Jason Tucher from Virtual DJ to discuss their latest update which clearly raises the par for Mobile DJs. This is one of the most revolutionary changes in DJ software ever. Join us on the ADJA FB page. See you then


Pioneer DJ, and Promo Only, Inc in association with ADJA, MarqueeShow, and Disc Jockey News want to know 3 SONGS THAT YOU CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT.

List 3 songs you can’t live without, take a picture of yourself holding up your song choices and upload it to Instagram with and in the description for a chance to win a Pioneer DJ DDJ-800 Controller, a set of Pioneer DJ HDJ-X5BT Headphones, and 10 Promo Only Specialty Releases.

Click here to get started.

Photos from ADJA's post 06/08/2020

Photos from ADJA's post


Join US this Wednesday 6/3 at 11am Pacific time for an awesome discussion with Scott Faver talking about marketing to stay top of mind. Join us on the ADJA FB page. See you then!

Photos from ADJA's post 06/01/2020

Photos from ADJA's post


Join US today at 11am Pacific time for an awesome guest as we talk marketing, talk facebook, talk industry with Eric Wenning! Join us on the ADJA FB page.


Photos from ADJA's post 05/19/2020

Photos from ADJA's post


Join US today at 11am Pacific time for an awesome guest as we talk tech, talk gear, talk industry with the one and only Ben Stowe! Join us on the ADJA FB page.


Getting the DJ Party started tonight! [Smile]


Join us at 11am Pacific time Tuesday for a business discussion on how to survive and thrive, during Covid-19. These will be practical ways that you can keep afloat. Dr. Drax will be presenting this informative session.


Join us Thursday at 11am Pacific time on the ADJA page for another in our series of If We Work Together.... Series of webinars for an awesome Webinar with the Ron Ruth!

We are going to discuss Disney, Speaking Wow and inspiimaginativity! This promises to be an awesome event that you don't want to miss!

See you there. These are open anyone, ADJA member or not.


Join us Wed at 11am Pacific time on the ADJA page for another in our series of If We Work Together.... Series of webinars for an awesome Webinar with the one and only Wedding Entertainment Director in chief Peter Merry!

We are going to discuss Covid-19, it's impact on the events industry and how you can prepare to hit the ground running when we reopen.

See you there. These are open anyone, ADJA member or not.


Join the ADJA for awesome content provided to you FREE during this crisis. Join us on the ADJA page for a live stream webinar. We are targeting to do one every day until the crisis is over.

Join us on the ADJA page for our daily live stream. We will publish events and schedules as they are available.

Marquee Show - The Premier Dj & Photo Booth Conference 11/27/2019

Marquee Show - The Premier Dj & Photo Booth Conference

Marquee Show - The Premier Dj & Photo Booth Conference The Marquee Show is the premier Dj & Photo Booth Conference for business owners looking for a truly advanced level of education in an effort to grow their business.


Hello my DJ brothers and sisters and industry mates. I had a corporate event on Dec 7 that needed to move to Dec 6 and I'm already booked elsewhere that night. I was going to refund a part of their money but they asked if I would keep it and do another event for them in Feb and we've negotiated something acceptable for both of us.

That said, I'm available Dec 7. If anybody knows of a social occasion that could use a qualified and experienced DJ and Master of Ceremonies, I'd love to be considered.


Bryce, Aaron, Dan, Shawn, Ray and myself are going on a hike Wednesday morning. We're gonna figure out all of the secrets of the universe on the trail because trails and mountains make people think deep thoughts and we think that some of our fellow event professionals might like to join us.

We'll meet at 830 on Wednesday morning at the trailhead of Mormon Trail on South Mountain. From Baseline, go south, toward the mountain, on 24th St until it ends and you turn left and a then a quick right in to the parking lot.
This is not the he-man championship-of-the-world trail but the first mile is a substantial climb. If you're in reasonable physical shape, it's nothing that can't be conquered with some rests along the way as needed. Great city views as you go up then there's a mostly flat mile around a little hidden valley at the top of the mountain with some great rock formations and Sonoran Desert plant life. There's a natural rock bridge/tunnel that's very cool and a crack in a rock, called "Fat Man's Pass" that you shimmy through- if you're not claustrophobic- otherwise you can walk around that part. After that little loop at the top, you walk back down the same trail you came up and that gets you back to your car. It's 3.7 miles total with all the climbing in the first 1.1 miles.

Bring your camera, Scooby snacks, sun screen, hat with a brim, walking stick if you need it, a couple of liters of water- I'd rather have it and not need it rather than run out and wish I had it. Anticipated temperature will be 65ish when we start and 75ish when we end so if you need a jacket that you can take off and tie around your waist or put in your pack bring that.

I usually hike this one in 90 minutes at a very brisk pace but I'm anticipating 2 to 2 1/2 hours for most other hikers for whom this may not be their thang. On that subject, if hiking really isn't your thing, maybe you can join us for lunch at 11A at Farm Kitchen at The Farm at South Mountain. I don't want or need any RSVPs but I'm happy to field questions in the comments below or privately if you need some clarity. Hope to see you on the trail!


May Your Evening Be a frightfully Fun one!

10 Questions to Ask DJs Before Hiring Them 06/10/2019

10 Questions to Ask DJs Before Hiring Them

10 Questions to Ask DJs Before Hiring Them Looking for a DJ for your next celebration? There are many factors to consider when hiring a DJ for your event. That’s why we’ve partnered with the American Disc Jockey Association (A.D.J.A.) to provide 10 questions that you should consider asking DJs before hiring them.


Today, 75 years ago, 156,000 men changed the world forever. The invasion force was the size of a larger than average American city at the time. Imagine if your ENTIRE home town was emptied to fight and die at Normady. Many, tens of thousands of young men. Some just boys gave up their lives in day at the beach of death so that the world could be free. Consider today, that we shall not forget what they did there that day.

My father recently passed. While not serving on the invasion force, he dropped out of high school, volunteered and served in the NAVY in the pacific theatre. He told me of the attacks his ship endured. How he lost his hearing in one ear. They were and are the greatest generation for a reason. They were hardened by the depression and the struggles to survive. They knew sacrifice personally.

They knew what sacrifice meant, and they thought first of others, of their country. They had respect for others, and for authority. They had hopes and dreams like any other young person would. But many, many thousands volunteered, and others were drafted. BUT they all went, they all knew why. I really doubt that we could mount that force today. We as a people have become soft, self indulgent and self important, albeit entitled. Heaven help us if the day ever came that we had to do this again. I am not sure we would be able to repeat this.

Recently I had the chance to see the Sound of Music on the Big screen. It was amazing and awe inspiring the views of the alps presented. To contemplate a family leaving their home and crossing the alps at night to freedom. Watching it reminded me of the lessons my father taught me at the time about what happened and why. Why so many brave young men were willing to die for a cause greater than themselves. Who more than self their country loved, in liberating strife.

This past week one of the last remaining Navajo “code talkers” passed away at 96 in his home on the Navajo nation in AZ. People that left their homes to fight for their country. To help the allies to communicate in a way that allowed them to win because nobody could break their code. Several of them were captured, tortured and endured a tortured death rather than break their honor, for their nation, and the “code” that was vital to the allies winning the war.

Modern computing is built on the back of another that helped to win the war by defeating the German code machine thought to be unbreakable. Yet he, Alan Turing did it. Only to be ridiculed and treated horribly by his country, simply because he was a homosexual. We owe a lot to the greatest generation.

Soldiers, made from all kinds, from all towns, of many nations that came together on this day. To fight to begin the end of N**I tyranny. I thank God for them. For their courage. For being Heroes proved. Who more than self their country loved and mercy more than life. To my dad, your dad, your uncle, your grandfather. They were the generation to stand. They have forever earned the title the Greatest Generation. I will not forget. Lets see that no one ever does.


A few of our DJs brothers and sisters are hitting the trail tomorrow (Thursday, May 23) for a little urban hike. Meeting at Dreamy Draw Park at 9A. (Exit the 51 Fwy at Northern and head east until it dead ends in the parking lot) There's a trail that loops around the east side of Piestewa and drops into a bit of a hidden valley and a then you'll climb up about 2/3 of the height of Piestewa across an eastern saddleback and back down to the parking lot. I'd say it's a medium hike on the strenuous scale. Not for beginners but it's not the He-Man Championship of the World Hike either. If you are in reasonable physical shape, it would be fun to have you. My weather app says sunny and 64 degrees tomorrow at 9A so bring some sunscreen, your hat and sunglasses, a liter or more of water, some Scooby snacks, camera to prove that you were there in case your friends don't believe you...


Can anybody rescue me? I need a karaoke library and a couple of TV screens at Talking Stick pool deck by 6P. I’ve got mics and sound already just need karaoke. Anyone?


Hello all. One of our DJ brothers from Minnesota, Aaron Abramson, is in town for some training and we're meeting for breakfast before he catches his plane home tomorrow (Wednesday). It's also his birthday tomorrow. Meeting at Waffle House on SE corner of I-10 and Baseline at 830A. It will be a good opportunity to hang out see what a successful DJ is doing in a different market and we might incorporate into our own methods. He and I were in a Master of Ceremonies workshop a couple of years ago so I know personally that he's well-spoken, well-adjusted and deodorized! HA!


Just letting everyone in the chapter know that I have some awesome tools for sale. Emulator Elite, Fully configured, Global Trussing 2"x12" box trussing, 2"x12" Tri Truss, 47" LCD TVs with Truss mounts included. a bunch of ADJ lights in great condition. Everything must go as I am cleaning out my storage of things I am not using any longer. Contact me ASAP before it goes up for public sale.

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