CommLabASU puts communication into practice through experiential learning, service, and research. To

At CommLabASU on Arizona State University’s West campus, we believe that every person has something to say and our job is to help them say it in an organized, confident, and compelling manner. We promise to meet speakers where they are, regardless of education, prior life experience, culture, or background. We are dedicated to igniting voices and inspiring tomorrow’s advocates. For those who aspir

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We would like to send out a message of appreciation to our team of Fall 2023 mentors! They created such an enthusiastic and welcoming space— and were able to put that in practice in the work they did with mentees and when collaborating with our team!

We wish everyone an enjoyable Winter Break! ❄️

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We are proud to congratulate our CommlabASU graduates! We wish you the best on all your future endeavors!
Congratulations to the class of 2023 📜🎓

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Every semester, our mentors vote for Mentor of the Semester — individuals who show exceptional performance in the lab and help to embody our Mission Statement. This semester we would like to congratulate Kenny and James for their contributions to our space! Thank you for your hard work this semester! 🎉

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Our mentors did such a fantastic job at promoting Speak Like Sparky through their door decorations and group projects! Over these past two weeks they have been hard at work decorating their group’s doors and truly elevated the lab space through their creativity!

Each door corresponded with the group’s focus for the SPARKY acronym: Stay clam, Prepare and practice, consider your Audience, Rock your nonverbals, Keep breathing, and be Yourself.

The door which won our round of voting was Rock your nonverbals. Everyone did such a fantastic job!

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Congratulations to our Mentors of the Week! Both Carlos and Carmina have grown so much in their time with the lab and have a passion for their work they do in the lab. They are such a pleasure to work with and have as they foster a collaborative and welcoming atmosphere. We are proud of our diligent mentors and hope to see them continue to thrive in the future!

Carlos’ easy-going personality makes everyone around him feel less stressed and opens the floor to great collaboration with his peers and mentees. He has been seen recently taking appointments (sometimes working non-stop) for his fellow mentors who couldn’t make it in and jumps at the chance to hone his skills each session. Being able to juggle responsibilities for multiple positions in the lab, both online and in-person, is another one of the many strengths he possesses.

Carmina’s consistently hospitable attitude and genuine care for mentees and team members create a positive and supportive environment. A testament to her commitment, she went above and beyond by voluntarily coming in off her shift to assist her team in decorating their door (as part of a lab competition), showcasing not only her teamwork but also her willingness to contribute beyond her regular responsibilities.


CommLabASU wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving! We hope you all have an enjoyable and restful break. We are grateful for you all!

See you back on Monday!

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Congratulations to our Mentors of the Week! Both Kristen and Hiromi are exemplary mentors who demonstrate leadership through influence and teamwork. Their compassion and efforts of collaboration support and make positive impacts in the lab that we are all thankful for. We are proud to have such committed mentors that make working as a team so delightful!

Kristen’s commitment to not only improving her skills as a leader, but also lifting up everyone around her is wonderful for us to see. She has really been stepping up as of recently when helping her team film and create their team project, and has also been pairing up with other mentors to assist with big group appointments. When we think of a caring, emphatic leader, she is one of the first who comes to mind, and we are lucky to have her for one last semester.

Hiromi consistently offers valuable support to her peers and mentees. Working seamlessly with fellow mentors, she contributes to a positive and collaborative team dynamic, improving the overall effectiveness of the mentoring process. What sets her apart is the calm and composed aura she brings to the lab, creating an environment conducive to learning and open communication. Hiromi's influence extends beyond her individual mentees, positively impacting the entire mentoring team and contributing significantly to the success of the lab.

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Congratulations to our Mentors of the Week! Both Zarahi and Ollie show commitment to the lab through their continued efforts as mentors and as contributors to the lab. They demonstrate proactivity whether with professionalism or dedication to interpersonal connections. We are so proud to have mentors who are always on top of it, and can’t wait to see the great work they’ll do in the future!

Zarahi is prudent in scheduling make-up shifts and additional hours, showcasing her professionalism as an individual. She also has been seen jumping in on group appointments or backing up her fellow mentors in times of need, which boosts the whole team’s morale each shift she works.

Not only does Ollie excel in fostering connections with his fellow mentors through engaging conversations and classroom games, but he also takes the initiative to enhance the lab environment. His enterprising approach is evident in his suggestions, such as making the survey more accessible to everyone.

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In honor and memory of those who have served to protect us. 🇺🇸
The university is closed in observance of Veterans Day.

“To err on the side of passion is human and right and the only way I’ll live.” - Pat Tillman

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Congratulations to our Mentors of the Week! Both Madelyn and Isabella bring positivity and dedication to the lab that makes them exceptional mentors. Their abilities to make connections with mentees, as well as other mentors and leadership in the lab, contribute to a wonderfully collaborative and comfortable environment. We are proud of our mentors, and we’re lucky to witness the incredible impact they continue to make!

Madelyn always has a smile on her face and never hesitates to speak and help other mentors. She is friendly to every mentee that comes to the lab, and her quality of work is exceptionally high as she consistently works to better herself as a mentor and as a person. Her creativity shines through when working with her team, giving every member of the team a chance to express themselves and be who they are. She has assisted other mentors who needed help, and her selfless personality makes her a great influence to others.

Isabella consistently brings an energy which lifts up the whole team each shift they work. Isabella makes connections with their mentees in such a way that they feel super comfortable to present in our space, and also has been complimented many times on her feedback throughout the semester. She is a standout in how she builds rapport with the rest of the team during downtime, pulling in both leadership and her peers together for games and conversations which make us all feel more connected. Her camaraderie is something which inspires others to join in on the fun and aim to become even better friends and team players themselves.

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Congratulations to our Mentors of the Week! Both Lorenzo and Gabe have demonstrated excellence as they uplift the lab with their commitment to helping their mentees and fellow mentors. They go above and beyond to contribute to the lab working smoothly, always lending an extra hand for appointments or events. We are proud of the growth of our mentors, and are sure they will continue to grow as outstanding mentors and leaders!

Lorenzo has shown us time and time again the importance of hard work and dedication to the team and his mentees. He has regularly volunteered to handle extra appointments to not only cover our walk-ins, but to take the chance to improve as a professional every chance he can get. He has also taken multiple chances to aid the lab outside of shift time, both staying past his hours, and even making it to weekend events like CHOPS. Lorenzo is the first on shift each day to check all the rooms and front desk to make sure we are stocked and prepared, and consistently jumps into appointments with unfamiliar speeches or groups.

Gabe exudes a calm and composed aura, which is a reassuring presence for his mentees. Additionally, Gabe's kindness and caring nature are evident in his interactions with those he mentors, always offering support and guidance. He particularly shines during closing shifts when he assists GSCs, making the closing process smoother for everyone. Furthermore, Gabe's helpfulness extends not only to his mentees but also to his fellow mentors, contributing to a collaborative and supportive environment.


CommLabASU is here to wish you a Happy Halloween! Thank you to everyone who visited this October for their ! Here at the lab, we provide a safe and comfortable space for students to overcome their fear of public speaking. We hope you all enjoy your Halloween!

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Congratulations to our Mentors of the Week! Both Journey and Zack are exceptional mentors who show commitment in ensuring their mentees feel comfortable and supported. They bring warmness and positivity to the lab, creating a wonderful environment for their mentees and their fellow mentors. We are proud of our fantastic mentors and the light they bring to the lab!

Journey’s commitment to their mentees, as well as their willingness to assist other mentors and GSCs, is a testament to their leadership and teamwork skills. Journey has truly made an impact on the lab and on their mentees, that professors have even pointed out how much their students appreciate having them at the lab. Their passion and dedication are clearly making a positive difference, and it's inspiring to witness the positive impact they have on those around them.

Zack goes the extra mile in building strong relationships with his fellow mentors, displaying a genuine interest in getting to know them better by asking insightful questions about their lives and experiences. He's proactive when it comes to maintaining the cleanliness of our lab, particularly during closing shifts. His positivity and willingness to assist others are truly commendable, as he is consistently ready to lend a hand, whether it's helping a fellow mentor, GSC or covering and switching shifts when needed.

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This past Saturday, our mentors helped students of ASU's Cybersecurity Hands On Problem Solving (CHOPS) program practice their interview skills in mock interviews. From finding your voice to rocking your non-verbals, our mentors can prepare you to present yourself in a confident and personable way that can help you get that job.

Great job to our mentors for their incredible work on Saturday!

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Congratulations to our Mentors of the Week! Both Grace and Uyen have made truly positive impacts for our team through their dedication. Whether through leadership or through their growth, they give inspiration to the rest of the lab. We are proud of our awesome mentors and are excited to see as they continue to grow!

Grace’s enthusiasm, reliability, and willingness to help her peers and mentees make her a valuable asset to the team. It's clear that her dedication and support have made a significant difference in creating a positive and supportive environment within the Lab. This kind of teamwork and attitude greatly contributes to the success and growth of the entire team here at the lab. Grace has shown tremendous leadership qualities and her commitment to helping new mentors and providing academic advice is truly commendable.

Uyen's journey as a peer mentor is indeed impressive and inspiring. Her willingness to step out of her comfort zone and take on new mentees daily demonstrates her dedication and commitment to her role. Her growing confidence in handling appointments, volunteering for walk-ins and extra hours, and seeking assistance when needed all highlight her proactive and adaptable approach to her work. Uyen's dedication and adaptability are qualities that can inspire and motivate others in the lab to reach their full potential.


It’s October 16th, which means the start of Free Speech Week!

Every October, a week (Oct 16-22) is dedicated to spreading awareness of the importance of free speech. This week we encourage you to utilize your unique voice and positively engage with your community. Freedom of speech allows speakers to ignite their voices and advocate for themselves and for others!

For more information on Free Speech Week and how you can elevate your voice, visit

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Congratulations to our Mentors of the Week! Both James and Janine have shown dedication and enthusiasm as mentors of the lab. They both consistently offer their help and take on tasks with care and commitment. We are proud of our hardworking mentors and their devotion to their roles!

James has excelled as a role model for all mentors. His dedication shines through as he arrives early for all of his shifts, readily accepts walk-in appointments, and generously offers his assistance around the lab. Beyond his exceptional work ethic, James possesses a friendly, kind, and caring demeanor, making him approachable and always ready to engage in meaningful conversations with his fellow mentors, GSCs, and mentees. His impact and commitment to the lab has only increased upon his return, and he has embraced his role as a leading mentor to his peers.

Janine has demonstrated remarkable dedication and a deep passion for mentoring. Throughout her training, Janine exhibited a genuine thirst for knowledge and always eagerly looked for ways to help out. Now a few weeks into the semester, her performance in mentoring appointments continues to shine, making her a critical asset of the lab. Whenever she walks in, her first question is always, "Is there anything I can help with?" Janine is our go-to person whenever we require support during appointments or assistance for the GSCs. Her level of care and commitment to her role is truly commendable, and her unwavering enthusiasm for learning and personal growth is something we all deeply admire.

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This past class our mentors gathered to discuss their Strengthsfinder results! The Clifton Strengthsfinder provides us insight into our various strengths and how we use those strengths in mentoring and group projects. They help us to understand our unique abilities and how we can better build off each other’s strengths in the group setting.

This past class, our mentors created their own group pizzas with each topping representing a different strength theme: executing, influencing, relationship building, and strategic thinking. Group members got to creatively represent their skills and learn about group cohesion.

Similar to how a good pizza’s toppings go well together, a good team knows each other’s strengths and how to build off of one another.

The most common strength theme across our mentors was relationship building.


We are always here to help students find their confident voice!


Welcome to your Fall 2023 semester! Our mentors have just finished training week, and CommLabASU is now open for appointments! Students enrolled in communication courses are able to visit the lab to practice their speech delivery, brainstorm ideas, and receive feedback. We are here to help you with your public speaking abilities and finding confidence in your speaking skills. We are so excited to have you all back for the Fall 23 semester! Come visit us on the third floor of SANDS building, we are open Mon-Thu 9am-6pm and Fri 9am-5pm.

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We're thrilled to announce our Online Mentor of the Week, Xavier Leal from CommLabASU! Xavier is an amazing mentor who is dedicated to helping his students succeed.

Xavier is organized, punctual, and always delivers work on time. He's reliable, responsible, creative, and knows how to make learning a fun experience for his students. His feedback is exceptional - he provides valuable insights that have helped his students grow in countless ways.

Thank you, Xavier, for your commitment to your students and your passion for teaching. We're proud to have you as part of the CommLabASU team!

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Congrats to this week's Mentors of the Week, Pablo and... Pablo?!

Yes, Pablo is a special mentor of the week this week. He is always enthusiastic and willing to go above and beyond. His amazing personality always shines through, making him a double star. ⭐⭐

Congrats again!

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Congrats to last week's mentors of the week, Olina and Shalae!

Both Shalae and Olina came in for extra shift coverage and were very flexible with their time. Both were very gracious and kind to their mentees.

Congrats again to both!

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Meet John Francis, the Online Mentor of the Week at ASU's CommLab! Looking to further your knowledge and skills? John is here to offer guidance and support on the path to success.

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The journey of self-discovery as cultural being has a phase where we are eager to sacrifice and suffer. The path is perilous & our comforts challenge the self to give up. Looking at one’s world through the lens of a mirror helps in our search for self-healing and community love.

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Congratulations to our Mentors of the Week, Andie and Grace!

Andie was very flexible and was eager to help out with lab duties during the week.

Grace stepped up and was very engaging with her fellow mentors during tabling events.

Both helped out with a smile!

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Congrats to our mentors of the Week, Ricardo and Yadhira!

Ricardo always has boundless enthusiasm when he comes to the lab and helps students.

Yadhira is consistently kind and gracious to everyone that comes into the lab, always with a smile on her face.

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“If the unexamined life is no life for a human being to live, why do we run into the fields when we are at our worst? Shouldn’t we run towards ourselves and face the false stories we have been telling ourselves, especially if these stories become me."

Timeline photos 03/31/2023

Congratulations Laura, our latest Online Mentor of the Week! 🎉🌟 Her hard work, passion, and dedication to helping others is truly inspiring. As a responsible mentor, she always comes on schedule, ready to guide and support anyone in need. Thank you, Laura, for your amazing work and for making a difference in the lives of so many. 🙌

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Congratulations to our mentors of the week, Lexia and Joanna. We are proud of their consistent leadership and willingness to help others throughout the semester!

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