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When it comes to parenting a teen with ADHD, communication is key. Make both of your lives easier with these simple steps for positive reinforcement and organization.
Nothing else needs to be added!
ADHD and sensory processing problems frequently coincide with feeding challenges. Pursuing professional guidance and feeding therapy can help mitigate your child’s problems with eating. In the meantime, use these strategies to improve mealtime with picky eaters.
Screen time is a part of many kids’ days — especially lately, since they’ve been spending more time at home. And it’s natural for kids to get caught up in a game or a show and have trouble turning it off.

But maybe you’ve noticed it’s harder than ever to get your child to shut off the screens and move on to the next thing — homework, dinner, bedtime. What’s going on?
A common characteristic many students who struggle share is shallow breathing. The anxiety and worry that struggling causes creates a stress response in the body. When we work with students we will sometimes ask them to take a deep breath to identify shallow breathing. Relaxation and breathing techniques help when done consistently.
Your child needs to express his anger. It is healthy and cathartic. “But the emotion should be like a sneeze: It clears the passageways and is over,” says Dr. Ned Hallowell. Here are his anger-management strategies for kids who feel intensely and sometimes spiral out of control.
6 strategies to help your child stay focused.
Happy Valentine's Day! Are you doing anything special? We gave all our students crazy straws that formed a heart. "I think you're exSTRAW special!
Reading to someone can be a wonderful bonding experience as you share the story.
Do you have a child with ADHD who just won’t listen or follow any rules? Is the situation so difficult that it feels hopeless? If so, the Nurtured Heart Approach created by therapist Howard Glasser might be the answer to your struggles. Learn about the Nurtured Heart Approach and how you can reconnect with your child.
Kids have been learning in new ways since the coronavirus pandemic began. If kids are doing distance learning, they may be sitting in front of a screen for many hours each day. If kids are learning in school, there may be rules for social distancing that don’t allow them to move around like they normally would.

All of this makes it hard for kids to pay attention and stay on track — especially kids who learn and think differently. Kids with ADHD in particular may struggle. Brain breaks and games can help.

Hands On Learning Solutions offers diagnostic tutoring programs developed from the need to find solu

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Thank you to the Orton Gillingham Online Academy for this awesome graphic!

Timeline photos 03/12/2023

Timeline photos

🌟 Current research suggests that the more interactive experiences a child has, the more developed their neural networks and synaptic connections.

📌 Play is critical for brain development, understanding social skills and learning how to spot danger in the world.

📣 Play helps children sharpen their social skills and teaches them how to be assertive and stand up for themselves.

📖 Moira Dempsey, Beyond the Sea Sq**rt 📖


Attitude is everything!

The power of high expectations.


Here is a list of positive things you can say to your child.


Thank you Wimberley Dyslexia Center!

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These movements are designed to be used with a Rhythmic Movement Training reflex integration program as devised by a trained RMTi practioner.

Interested in learning more? Reach out to our office!


The most important qualities ...


Made me laugh...


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We will be open for regular business hours today, Thursday, February 23.




We need to go back ...

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Math word problems....


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We will be open on February 17th, 18th, and 20th.


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Happy Valentine's Day!


THIS is why if your child is struggling with emotional regulation or learning problems, you need to investigate if they have a food intolerance! My son suffered for several years with a food intolerance which made him feel like this. It prevented him from being his best self and complicated his learning challenges.

The worst!


Thank you, National Center on Improving Literacy, for this wonderful graphic.

Make Valentine’s Day Cards Easier: Writing Tips From an Occupational Therapist 02/08/2023

Make Valentine’s Day Cards Easier: Writing Tips From an Occupational Therapist

This has some good tips for children who become overwhelmed with some activities. Wish I had this information years ago!

Make Valentine’s Day Cards Easier: Writing Tips From an Occupational Therapist Does your child dread writing Valentine’s Day cards to classmates? An occupational therapist offers tips for kids who struggle with writing.

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Free Online Training Special Education Rights and Related Services
When: March 16, 2023
Time: 6:00 pm - 7:00PM

What will the training cover?
- How federal education protects a student's right to an IEP
- School responsibly to evaluate students for services
- Options for serving students with related services
- Time for your questions on any special education topic



Download Free Poster! https://bit.ly/FightFlightFreezePoster
Describes three of the different Stress Response behaviors children often display when in Fight, Flight, or Freeze (I know some folks are also looking for the Fawn Response, but that isn't a part of this freebie).
Being able to recognize the different signals or signs when someone is in their "Protective Brain", can help teachers, parents, and counselors to better respond and support their students or children getting through the stress cycle to return to their "Thoughtful Brain".
Great reminders to all those who are trying to cultivate trauma sensitive classroom or mindful family setting. These specific behaviors and signals also apply to teens and adults as well!

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Very true!

A Dose of Inspiration for #‎motivationmonday! How are you using your abilities?


I adore this beautiful quote by Magda Ge**er. Whether you have a baby, a toddler or an older child I think this message is the antidote to a world that is full of pressure and comparison.


Not only is play an essential part of development, learning happens under two conditions, when it is fun and enjoyable or when it is for survival. When children learn through play, through games and other fun activities, they learn well.


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Photos from The Reading Warehouse's post 01/24/2023

Photos from The Reading Warehouse's post

Timeline photos 01/24/2023

Timeline photos

Timeline photos 01/24/2023

Timeline photos

Want to learn more? Check out our Face the Fear course! Email the office at [email protected].

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If the FPR and/or Moro are still active we can feel overwhelmed by these interactions and withdraw, act out or feel the need to control or manipulate our environment in order to feel safe.


So true! I was a substitute teacher years ago, it's not an easy job!


📷 cool cat teacher


Warm cuddles for a cold day.

You can always lean on your best friend ❤️

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So true!

"Special needs parents are the equivalent of Batman, Captain America, and the Incredible Hulk combined with a side of Mary Poppins!"


We hope everyone had a good and safe New Year celebration!
HOLS will be open Tuesday, January 3rd for regular hours.


We love this from the comic Macanudo by the artist Liniers! Once you start counting... it all really starts counting 😀 Happy !



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The world is filled with wonder!

We love this from Angela Anagnost-Repke, Writer 💜

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We admit it, we had a lot of fun this summer with our carnival theme but it's time to recharge for the school year. We w...
Syllable Counting and Dyslexia
Brain Breaks!




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