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Dreamland is every Tuesday and Thursday from 4:00p.m. – 5:15p.m. Nursery Rhymes Gone Wrong is an original play based on the wacky stories we have grown up with. Dive into this comedy filled with old classics as characters learn how to become shooting stars. Join us for a journey to find out why the tortoise challenged the hare to a race. How Old McDonald’s farm came to be and of course what really happens when you pull a thorn out of a lions’ paw. During this Zany 12-week program actors will create their own props and help create the theatre space around them. We are so excited to be partnering up with Harbor Kids Canvas, our students will be painting characters that you would find in the world of these nursery rhymes on 8X10 Canvas!
Join us in this action-packed adaptation of the classic adventure story, adapted by Monica Flory precocious Mowgli grows up believing he's as fierce a wolf as any of the members of his pack. When he learns he is a human, he must discover how to reconcile these very different identities, and decide whether to remain with the pack, or return to the human world from which he was born. What will he choose? And will he be trained in the Law of the Jungle in time to defeat Shere Khan, the most feared animal of all?
Our stargazers will take on the challenge of creating their own backdrop, with the help of Harbor Kids Canvas. They will help create, then paint their own backdrop for this adventure comedy. Stargazers will also help design their costumes, help direct scenes. We hope to see you for this all-inclusive theatre experience!
We had a lot of fun with our kit! Thank you!

Bringing Canvas Painting and Art Classes to children in the Gig Harbor area. In person, on line and

Operating as usual

Photos from Harbor Kids Canvas's post 01/10/2023

I love these cute red pandas pictures!
I used them for inspiration for the red panda birthday painting I did.
I made a few. One as a request and the other for color options.
I won't be here for this one but I am so grateful for the small business support.

🎈Happy Birthday Anniston!!! 🎉

Photos from Harbor Kids Canvas's post 12/29/2022

Aww these gnomes came out so cute!
This one was a little advanced and they rocked it.
Thank you for coming out and painting with me. We learned a lot about layering from shading to highlighting with this one.


Don't forget we have a tree gnome paint class on Wednesday
12:30-2:30pm ages 7and older.

I snapped a picture of my gnome before I added snow. I like them both ways. How will you paint yours?!?

Register at harborkidscanvas.com under events. This guy's on the 16x20 @ $45


Merry Christmas! 2022
🎶 On this day of Christmas, Santa gave to me ....One stye eye! 🤦🤣 .... Gavin won Christmas Monopoly, we made a bomb dinner and We. Are. Super. Blessed. 🎵


Tomorrow is an ornament day ending our holiday after school art classes.
The kids are going to have a blast making these.
I know I didn't post too much during this 5week course....it was busy with K-5th but I know all the kiddos loved it so much and got to take home some amazing projects. (Please share if you were in class. I'd love it!)
If I didn't get to see you this time I know they'll be another round come spring. I hope to see you there.


📣 Calling all my littles.
🌟🌟 I have 6 🎨 paint 🎨 kits left for take home. Pink kit includes image, paint, brushes, paint and painters tips.
Great for a holiday gift or an indoor activity.
Local delivery available. $20 per kit. Message if you are interested.


What a busy week coming out of hosting Thanksgiving right into art classes to undecorating and redecorating for Christmas!
I was able to snag a final outcome of a few of the poinsettia projects to share and my favorite I even got love art notes!

We do so much in 2 hours and I'm just thrilled if they get to take home one new concept from art. I think this one was drawing and painting pine cones and needles.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Thank you for all your support you've given me. I am beyond grateful. 🙏 🥰 🦃


I just sent out an email regarding upcoming classes. Let me know if you'd like to be added to the list.

Photos from Harbor Kids Canvas's post 11/16/2022

Yeah! I managed to capture some of our end products yesterday!!!

I am fortunate enough to teach an after school art program at Pioneer Elementary. We were able to complete a mixed media canvas making scarecrows and scarecrow puppets. Using paints, oil pastels, markers, scrapbook paper and burlap. They turned out fantastic!!

Looking forward to the weeks ahead with these kiddos as we create through the holidays.


Here Are some holiday classes for your kiddo to do in November and December.


I am excited to announce this special art class for my art friends that just need a space to create, mess up, destroy and enjoy the beautiful mess art can end up creating.

We will go through a creative process that allows us to be ok with not being ok. As an artist we should be creating everyday whether it's good or bad and that is also what this class is all about.

Held downtown at It is a 2-day weekend class but both days are not required. Check out my web page in bio or message 253-393-0343 for more questions or registration.

Photos from Harbor Kids Canvas's post 11/12/2022

Happy Birthday Willa!
It was so nice to see a lot of my art friends in class as we made a mixed media night owl.

We painted, We drew woodland creatures, We used oil pastels and made stamps for this beautiful work of art. I'm so happy I got to see and teach some art to all these lovely girls.
A big shout out to all the parents that helped me, you are so appreciated. 🥰

Photos from Harbor Kids Canvas's post 11/11/2022

Painting with preschoolers .llc yesterday was a BIG hit!

Using both tempura paint sticks and tempura paint they got to experience a mixed media like style of painting.

These kiddos were such a big help and are ready to paint again. I can't wait to come back and paint with my new friends.


Aww this makes me like the rain a little more today. 😍😆

Beautiful photograph in the middle of a storm 😌🐸

Credit for respective owners


😃 I am very excited to be hosting this paint class for about 8 ladies in my neighborhood this weekend. We will be able to meet and greet new and familiar faces while we potluck and paint. .......(Oooo cute name for the event!) 🤪
I love my neighborhood tribe of girls. We haven't been together like this for a while and connecting with your village is important. I can't wait to see you all.


Happy Friday! This is my rainy walk as well. 😆 Stay dry and safe today my friends.

Back After Morning Walk...

Photos from Harbor Kids Canvas's post 10/28/2022

Have you ever done a painting?
This was my first ever attempt as a teacher teaching this #2017 years ago and I think it turned out really well.


Happy Friday! Hope you all get some time to create something beautiful this weekend. ❤️

The photo of the day ❤️

Credit for respective owners

Photos from Harbor Kids Canvas's post 10/27/2022

Yesterday afternoon's paint class went awesome!

I thank you artists for coming out and painting with me and I hope you were able to pick up a few art tricks along the way.
I know I got some tips from you guys.

See you next time!

Photos from Harbor Kids Canvas's post 10/27/2022

Happiest birthday to this man right here!
I couldn't imagine life without you. You are such a wonderful husband, father and friend. I hope you have an amazing day today. I love you bebe!

Photos from Harbor Kids Canvas's post 10/22/2022

Working with the schools in the community offering after school art classes to our kiddos is such an honor.

As we gather the kiddos will have a snack then we go over our project and sometimes there's even a book to go along with the lesson.
Two hours goes by quickly here and there is never enough time to finish.🎨 🤪🖌️

Did you also know that 20% of the cost goes right back to the school.
I love being able to give back to help our kiddos in school.



I made some extra kits from our painting and ponies event and would love to share them at a super low price. I've got them on a great deal for $10 each.

This silhouetted horse painting is on a 9x12 stretched canvas (great for hanging afterwards) with all supplies included. All you need is a cup of water and paper towels. You've got your instructions and your painter's tips and an image to follow along as well as paint, brushes and a pre-drawn canvas.

These are great for after school activities to share with a friend or to enjoy with your child or friend.

Message me if you're interested. Local deliver/drop off or meet up available.

Photos from AR Workshop Gig Harbor's post 10/18/2022

Release your inner artist. 🎨 🖌️
Do you ever look at a painting and wonder how they do that or say to yourself, "I could never do that."?
I'm here to crush your fears and anxiety when it comes to painting. In these classes we have so much fun and the directions are so simple. And if there happens to be a happy mistake, I can teach you how to fix that too. You will be so proud of yourself when we are finished painting. So grab a friend, grab your kiddo and let's have some holiday paint fun!

Photos from Harbor Kids Canvas's post 10/17/2022

📣🎉 Hey guys, I have a few guided paint classes NEXT WEEK during parent teacher conferences for ya!

Come join me at on Wednesday, October 26th at 2:00 p.m. to paint a haunted house.
Thursday, October 27th at 2:00 p.m. to paint a black cat eye.

Registration is on the AR workshop's page. All supplies included and I look forward to seeing you all.

Photos from Harbor Kids Canvas's post 10/17/2022

Photos from Harbor Kids Canvas's post

Paint a Black Cat's Eye with Harbor Kids Canvas! 10/17/2022

Paint a Black Cat's Eye with Harbor Kids Canvas!

Hey it's me again. I have one more class to offer the week of conferences. Thursday October 27th at 2:00 p.m. will be painting this amazing cat's eye. I'll supplies are included. Please check out the link below for registration

Paint a Black Cat's Eye with Harbor Kids Canvas! Make a custom project in a DIY class at AR Workshop Gig Harbor on Thursday, October 27, 2022 at 2:00 pm.

Paint a Haunted House with Harbor Kids Canvas! 10/17/2022

Paint a Haunted House with Harbor Kids Canvas!

Hey friends, do you need a place to drop your kiddos while you go to parent-teacher conferences? Then come join me next Wednesday at 2:00 p.m. to paint this haunted house on a 16x20 canvas. Class is held at AR Workshop in Gig Harbor. I'll supplies included and you can register at the link below. Hope to see you there!.

Paint a Haunted House with Harbor Kids Canvas! Make a custom project in a DIY class at AR Workshop Gig Harbor on Wednesday, October 26, 2022 at 2:00 pm.

Photos from Harbor Kids Canvas's post 10/14/2022

Can't make a class!? Did you know that you could purchase a paint kit at any time?
I don't think I've ever mentioned that.....
🤔🤦 🤪
Kits are always available and whenever I'm doing a class and you'd like to have that one for home, don't hesitate to reach out.
All the kits come with instructions, brushes, paint and painters tips ready to go for any painter.

Current classes coming up are;

Sunday, October 16th, 10am - Silhouetted Horse

Wed October 26th, 2:00 p.m. - House on Haunted Hill

Thursday, October 27th, 2:00 p.m. - Black Cat Eye

Registration is on the Fox Island equestrian webpage and the AR workshop webpage.

Photos from Harbor Kids Canvas's post 10/14/2022

Photos from Harbor Kids Canvas's post


📣 Attention New Class

I have joined forces with for a unique painting experience. Join us in learning how to paint this stunning equine sunset silhouette. The event includes canvas instruction with all materials and a horse/ pony ride around their arena. All ages are welcome but parents are recommended to paint with their children five and under.

The time is October 16th 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. cost is $45. Check out HarborKidscanvas.com under Events for the registration link.

Photos from Harbor Kids Canvas's post 09/26/2022

I love you more than you know.

Photos from Harbor Kids Canvas's post 09/14/2022

Oops my bad!!! 😬🤦🤪

I just caught this mistake I made in this ad and thought I should repost. A 3-month paint kit subscription should only be $75, not 90.

It's bound to happen when you're doing all the things.

Working on more canvases today along with fundraising activities and craft activities. Stay tuned and you think a friend would love this content please share. 😃

Photos from Harbor Kids Canvas's post 09/13/2022

New release! Art and Paint kits.

First up is our $10 fall craft kits.
Mix and match any Beaded Corn Cob, a Beaded Pumpkin or Yarn Pumpkins to create your three crafts.
The Yarn Pumpkin Garland is a kit in itself and is also $10.

Next we have our cute fall/Halloween pumpkin on a 11x14 paint kit for $30 or discounted with a monthly subscription.

The kits also come with detailed step by step instructions and a photo image of the project.
YouTube links are made for another option to help in your creating experience.

I will be creating monthly paint kits and art kits so stay tuned.


👋😃 Hey friends, just wanted to say a quick Hi and maybe reintroduce myself.

I'm Stacy and I own Harbor Kids Canvas. Beside my business I enjoy life with my husband Matt, my 14yo son Gavin and my 11yo daughter Brianna. I am also on a journey through healing Multiple Sclerosis naturally. Fun things I like to do besides art are paddle boarding 🌊 golfing ⛳ and being goofy. 🤪 Life is way to short to do other wise.
In my past life I was a licensed massage therapist for 11years and running my own business for 5 years. Due to medical reasons I had to lay that life to rest.

I started this business 4 years ago with a vision to share art with our neighborhood kids and it has bloomed into this wonderful business of paint classes, after school programs, private events, Activity Kits and summer camps thanks to all the small businesses and small business supporters out there. ❤️

Thanks for taking a moment to read and I hope to see you around.

Photos from Harbor Kids Canvas's post 09/09/2022

Hey guys, as I'm getting pre-orders in for the holiday season I thought I would share a little more about the subscriptions that I just released.

As a small business owner and artist these paint kits are all handcrafted at the time of ordering and are hand delivered or scheduled for pick up.

Inside the kit you'll see a 10x10 or 9x12 pre-drawn canvas with brushes, paint image and detailed instruction. Some even have a video you can follow along on my YouTube page.

These are perfect for your busy little artist. Order them all at once or get them once a month. Either way, it's a great deal on these kits.

I'm currently working on art kits to be a part of the subscription as well. I should have my Thanksgiving art kits coming up soon for you to see, So stay tuned for that and the first series for the paint subscription.

Photos from Harbor Kids Canvas's post 09/08/2022

🍂🪲 Ok the Fall big has bit me but I am holding off to set the pumpkins out.

I'm getting excited for the holiday season with so many ideas as well as classes to come. Please stay tuned as I button up these classes and more!

Kids Canvas Painting

My name is Stacy Gargalione and welcome to my business, Harbor Kids Canvas. I am a mom, wive, and entrepreneur, but most of all an artists who loves to share the joy of painting with families in the community.

The idea for Harbor Kids Canvas came from an abstract drawing I made back in 1998. I was sitting on the floor in our rental house; my life in disarray. In 2017, our family had just moved to Gig Harbor and I was suffering a horrible Multiple Sclerosis flare up, which caused me to lose leg mobility and partial sight. In that moment, sitting on the floor in our rental house, I pulled that drawing out of a moving box. I immediately had the urge to start painting. I needed to do something familiar, something comforting and something that would help me escape from the stress I was feeling. I knew if I was this stressed out, my children certainly were too and I wanted to find a way to help them. After that, we started painting together and they loved it.

Painting is the perfect stress relieving activity for kids. It lets them be creative, use their imagination and just be kids. When kids paint, they don't have to worry about school, homework, friends etc...they can just focus on being kids. The thought crossed my mind, what if I could offer paint classes as an outlet for children to let their minds play? Little did I know that at one of the most stressful points in my life, I would find my passion. In July 2018, I opened Harbor Kids Canvas with the vision to offer painting classes for kids of all ages and throughout the local community.

At Harbor Kids Canvas we encourage and teach kids to use their imagination as we guide them through a verity of painting techniques on different sized canvases. Our classes allow kids to express themselves and try something new while sharpening or honing in on their skill set. We offer a variety of classes for all age groups from pre-drawn canvases to step by step painting classes. We also offer private events, workshops and birthday parties.

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Live at the art show!
Come and join us for all the arts and crafts your kiddo can handle. Visit each page and their links and bio for registra...
What are you doing on Wednesday’s!?Come join us in class for a little Art time. Let the creative juices flow and express...
Announcements and a Craft idea with all your boxes!
Pumpkin GarlandI got my mojo by the second pumpkin. Those nerves 🤪 can get ya sometimes.





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