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Hey everyone! Tomorrow (8/6) is the last day to give feedback to ACHD regarding their Garden City Bike/Ped plan. With Anser being in the center of Garden City and having so many children walking and biking to school, these plans directly effect our children's safety! Please take a moment and let your voice be heard. Personally, I asked ACHD to prioritize the 43rd St sidewalks, bike lanes, and the proposed bike/ped crossing at 43rd and Chinden as well as better bike infrastructure along Veteran's Parkway to increase visibility and safety for those children commuting from the bench area.

I'm a member of the ACHD's Bicycle Advisory Committee, please feel free to contact me or any BAC members about any bike/ped infrastructure concerns that you have and we will do our best to work with ACHD to address them. Thank you!
Hello Anser families! We are brand new and have a son going into 5th and a daughter going into 7th grade this fall. We would love to connect with some kids so they have some friends and familiar faces before the first day! If anyone would be open to some play dates or even a picnic at the park please PM me!
Another great Friday at Anser! A big thank you to Pete Brooks @ Uncaught Moments!
Hi there! I was encouraged to share my post to your page.
“I’m a musher in the Boise area and I’m willing to come to your kid(s) school and do a presentation on sled dogs! This is a great way for them to meet an actual sled dog and stand on the back of a sled. If you are a teacher or know if your kids teacher is interested in a presentation, please have them message me! Also, please spread the word. Thanks!“
Thank you to our thoughtful Family Council, for the scrumptious breakfast provided to our whole staff today! You sustain us in many ways.

"We are crew, not passengers." Kurt Hahn

Operating as usual

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A phenomenal first day of school. Looking forward to our Kinder crews joining us full time on Monday. Being together on campus is the best. All the hard work our staff has put in to get ready was worth it and we are thrilled to be back it at it with our crews!


Thank you, Tanya Urban PE Lab Leader, for sending parents off with a crew shout out! Happy first day of school indeed.


Entering into our 25th year in education with this crew! Thank you for choosing Anser. Ready and looking forward to seeing crew members in the morning!


Attention Anser crews! We are so excited about tonight's Back to School event. It's raining! Which is great for the field but in an effort to continue to restore the back field grass we can't have high traffic after (during) rain. The Back to School event will be Open House style tonight from 4-6pm, no picnic. All teachers will be on hand and in their classrooms. Please come by anytime between 4-6pm.

Looking forward to the first day of school on Wednesday, August 23rd at 8:30am!


Anser crew leaders and staff are ready for crews to be back on campus! First day of school is August 23rd @ 8:30am. Woohoo!

Photos from erstad's post 08/17/2023

Thank you erstad we are so looking forward to our 2nd school year in this beautiful space!

Photos from Anser Public Charter School's post 08/12/2023

Our new teaching staff is onsite working on all things ELEducation and all things Anser! Next week all staff will be in the building working and prepping and generating so much enthusiasm for the first day of school on August 23rd, 8:30am!

Photos from Anser Public Charter School's post 08/08/2023

Check it out, these Anser kids and their parents were able to attend a special educator focused statehouse tour with two of our House Education Committee Members, Representative Soñia Galaviz and Representative Chris Mathias. The presentation talked about how a bill becomes a law and how we can get people more involved. Then the group toured the capital- including a visit to the dome! Highlights of the morning were standing at the speakers podium and seeing the train depot from the top of the capitol dome. It's exciting to have state representatives, teachers, parents and kids engaged in educating Idaho students, together. Grateful for the opportunity!

Photos from Anser Public Charter School's post 08/03/2023

Anser's new favorite summer tradition at the Nat was the best! Nights like this support and encourage community while also financially supporting Anser Public Charter School. It's a win win. Added bonus, watching the sunset from the pool or the top of the waterslide is the best. Thank you to all that attended, can't wait for next year!


The 23-24 school year is Anser's 25th anniversary! 25 years of educating the whole child, recognizing achievements in and outside the classroom and rewarding character and service to others!

Check out this 2011 picture in the gym! So much has changed but so much remains consistent. Are you an Anser alum? Share pictures and memories of Anser with our Community Engagement Coordinator, Amanda Neill, [email protected]. It's fun to reflect on the past as we plan and engage in the present while looking towards the future. Thank you crews past and present!


Anser has been an ELEducation credentialed school since 2010. Renewing our EL Education credential is important to us and enforces our continued commitment to a high quality EL Education program here in Idaho. Thank you!

We are thrilled to announce that six schools have received or renewed the EL Education school credential for 2023! This accomplishment reflects their commitment to excellence and equity across the three dimensions of student achievement. Congrats, Crew! 🎉 learn more:


We spy supply lists up and ready on our website and in the Flight Plan that will be sent out later today! We are excited for the first day of school over here, working hard on getting the space ready for crews. We are also looking forward to meeting some new families! The front office opens on August 14th but we are just an email away if you have any questions ahead of the start of the school year, [email protected].

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Meet Destin Tonkin! We are happy to announce that Destin has joined Anser as our Interim Education Director. Destin has a long history with Anser and will serve as an important collaborator as we work to build a new leadership structure. Entering into our 25th year in operation offers us a unique ability to reflect on the past 24 years while we focus on ensuring a rigorous education program ground in our expeditionary, EL Education model.

Also, we installed a new gym floor and it's really cool!

We are looking forward to welcoming crew back in the Fall to a space and community dedicated to educating the whole child to thrive as learners and future change makers.

Photos from Anser Public Charter School's post 06/28/2023

Join us for a Five Course Farm-to-Fork Dinner with Special Musical Guest, Joey Burns of Calexico! Only 12 seats left to this amazing night....

A special September Friday night you will NOT want to miss!! Enjoy the summer sky in a pristine setting overlooking the city of Boise that includes musical entertainment by Joey Burns of the internationally famous band, Calexico, a five-course farm-to-fork dinner paired with seasonal craft cocktails. Mark your calendar for Friday, September 8, 5:30-9:30pm.


Check it out! ELEducation put together some fun summer activities.

Are you looking for fun and engaging summer activities? Check out this resource of at-home projects that will foster student creativity and skill sets to keep you learning all summer long! 😎

Photos from Anser Public Charter School's post 06/02/2023

Inspired by Girl Scout Troop 120's installation of a Free Little Library on Anser's campus, the desire to support learning through the summer months and a love of books Anser is excited to give back to our community in the form of garden inspired books! One of our favorite things to do at Anser is to get outside and adventure. We are thrilled to announce a partnership with the Boise Farmers Market, and hope you get outside and try something new!

The first Saturday of every month Anser will have a different book inspired by the Sprouts Kids Club activity, come check us out at the Sprouts Kid Club table. See you at the market!


Just a small glimpse into the fun and festivities of GooseFest! Congrats to the crew members and crew leaders in the Middle School program for putting on such an inspired event and for including everyone in the fun. We can't wait for next year!

Photos from Anser Public Charter School's post 05/26/2023

It's graduation season! At Anser celebrating 8th graders graduation includes each grade level making the graduates a gift to take with them. 8th graders were given crowns, necklackes, geese, bookmarks and personal notes of encouragement. Thank you to our 8th grade families for choosing Anser. We can't wait to see what these crew members accomplish. Happy summer!

Photos from Anser Public Charter School's post 05/25/2023

Kindergarten Gradution and our final Goose Days... It was so lovely to spend the day celebrating our youngest crew members on campus with face paint, bounce houses, bikes, scooters, chalk and more! Thank you once again to our lab leaders, crews, teachers and families for making these days possible!


The calm before GooseFest gets rocking! We are excited to welcome Red Light Challenge, Bread & Circus and DJ Jesse D to Anser's Mainstage in just a couple of hours! Tony's Tamales & Catering will be on hand for food! Fancy drinks, popcorn and cotton candy will also be available. Carnival games, sports ball options on the playground, temporary tattoos and more. What a way to end this year! Cheers to the AMS crew for coordinating!

Photos from Anser Public Charter School's post 05/24/2023

2/3 Crews Goose Days were held at Military Reserve Park. Biking, scootering, skating, art, more art, face painting, games, popsicles, families, friends, fun and more! We love our crews. So grateful to our Lab Leaders for another fun day in the sun. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

Photos from Anser Public Charter School's post 05/23/2023

Thanks to our dedicated Lab Leaders, Tanya, Jess, Kelli and Sarah we were able to switch from the traditional field days to "Goose Days"! 4/5 kicked it off with an afternoon of adventure and fun at Camel’s Back Park. Biking, hiking, art, spikeball, face painting, lunch outdoors, popsicles, parents and more. Year end fun, we love to see it! Thanks to all that particpated and made this happen.

Photos from Anser Public Charter School's post 05/20/2023

Our final Celebration of Learning happened last night! Congrats to the AMS team and the group of hard working crew members. Students were able to share so much last night. The final Art Exhibition once again exceeded expectations. Makerspace showcased built/coded/mixed/edited/constructed projects. Justice students shared their Omnivore's Dilemma and/or food research presentations. World Studies showed off children's books they wrote. Some math students shared business simulations and some demonstrated Rube Goldberg machines! Science was all about Boise River based board games. Families were given more insight into Adventure at Anser. All in all a fantastic success and a great way to end our Celebrations of Learning! So grateful to our dedicated team of Middle School Crew Leaders, crew members and their families that support! Thank you!

Photos from Anser Public Charter School's post 05/18/2023

Anser's Second Semester AMS Art Exhibition opens on May 18th at 5pm. The gallery opening for family and friends will be held in The Commons from 5-6pm, ahead of the AMS Celebration of Learning night. All pieces will be available for a suggested donation of $20. This is our final Art Exhibition. We couldn't be happier with the way these crew focused Art Exhibitions have run. It's been a great opportunity to build crew with families, raise much needed funds and highlight student artwork. We are so impressed by the crew created art with the supportive and important instruction from our Visual Arts team - Anne Moore and Kelli Ott! Thank you to Kelli, Anne, crews, teachers and families!

Photos from Anser Public Charter School's post 05/17/2023

More year end fun! Becky's Justice crews hosted potlucks during class. The idea was to bring something that told a story of family through food. Telling stories, making connections and finding meaning in the stories of others. Thank you Becky for inspiring stories and shared meals!

Photos from Anser Public Charter School's post 05/15/2023

6th grade's Celebration of Learning was all about their Sixth Grade Year of Service, known around Anser as SOS projects. It's amazing how inspired a student can be when given the autonomy to choose a focused learning project. These kids got out and about in the community and made an impact. SOS projects are steeped in ELEducation core practices and go beyond just charitble acts. These students are creating and engaging in tangible service to the community. A great example was one group asking restaurants to switch to compostable take away containers and then following up to ensure action! We are so grateful to these passionate learners, their teachers and their families for supporting the projects! Thank you!

Photos from Anser Public Charter School's post 05/13/2023

Another wonderful night celebrating learners! 1st grade celebrated their Lifecycle Expedition with a lifecycle song "Dig deep to find what you are looking for, or look up, it might be there. Share a shovel, have a laugh with friends old and new. Enjoy the sweet fresh air!" Then it was off to play a fun lifecycle game on the playground, check in on their worms, work with seeds, and check out some interesting plant experiements. The sun was shining and kids, families and teachers were excited to see and learn about all things lifecycles! We are so energized and grateful for the 1st grade team of teachers, crew members and their families. Thank you!

Photos from Anser Public Charter School's post 05/11/2023

Anser Middle School had an epic Wednesday! They started out with a whole school community focused on crew and reflections on the school year. It was creative, introspective and funny. Just like 6th, 7th & 8th graders! They ended the day with an AMS dance! Student government, crew leaders and volunteers made it happen and took great care in making sure that all felt welcome. It was definitely one of those days that exemplified and highlighted crew. Thank you!

Photos from Anser Public Charter School's post 05/11/2023

Shout out to our K-5 lab teachers! Compassion, curiosity, art and PE! Fieldwork to BSU to work with future PE teachers on baseball skills, scooter math races, ultimate frisbee and more! Thank you, Tanya! A cardboard echanted forest! It's hard not to want to spend an entire day hanging out with Jess in the Curiosity Lab.... especially when she was working with worms! So fun. Art in Kelli's beautiful K-5 art space has kids working with every possible art material and our school is covered in child created art. Nothing beautifies a space more than thoughtful art! Sarah's compassion lab inspires friendship, self care, kindness and more. THANK YOU!


Family Council treated teachers to coffee (Thanks to Carson and her mobile coffee van, Joe2u) this morning! What a treat. Appreciating Teachers all day everyday over here this week and every week!

Photos from Anser Public Charter School's post 05/09/2023

Kindergarten crews had their Celebration of Learning last week! This is an Anser favorite. We all love seeing the hard work crew members put into their yearlong bird expeditions. Crews became experts on their chosen bird through classroom work, work with their 6th grade bird buddies and fieldwork. Throughout the year and with multiple drafts they created beautiful bird artwork that was then turned into notecards they sold the night of their Celebration of Learning. The money raised will be donated to a favorite bird centric organization. Endlessly grateful for our Kindergarten crew leaders, crew members and their families. What a night!


We are so thankful for our Teachers! Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Photos from Anser Public Charter School's post 05/08/2023

4/5 Crews Celebration of Learning was so interesting! Crews learned so much about Idaho over the course of the year through geology, manifest destiny and westward expansion. But they ended the year focusing on Idaho's greatest resource, the people who shaped our state in big and small ways. Philo Farnsworth invented the TV! Nell Shipman was one of the original silent move stars! Kittie Wilkins was recognized for the largest sale of horse at one time, 8,000 to be exact. And of course, JR Simplot and his french fries! So many interesting Idahoans. Crew members were well versed in their research subjects and created stunning portraits to go along with their presentations. Thank you to the 4/5 Crew Leaders, students and families! Did you attend the Celebration of learning? Did you learn anything new?

Photos from Anser Public Charter School's post 05/05/2023

Today we celebrated as part of our Whole School Community. All grade levels were present! Abby, our Assistant Ed Director, pulled service projects that happened all year into one slideshow, it was such a good moment for reflection. We celebrated specific crew members with character cards, had a presentation from 6th grade on their service learning projects, heard from some Kinders and a had a song from 1st graders. It was a great time to reflect on the authentic service learning happening at each grade level. We are so proud of our kids, crew leaders, staff and families working together to create a better world! ELEducation


Congratulations to Samantha, a fourth grade student at Anser Public Charter School, for earning an honorable mention in the Wassmuth Human Rights Art Contest!

(Photo credit to Brent Cheffings, )

Samantha's piece "Education Around the World" will be on display with the other award-winning art at the Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial in downtown Boise this Thursday, May 4 from 5:30 - 8:00pm during the Wassmuth Celebration of Education. (There will be an awards ceremony at 6pm, and the public is invited to view the artwork starting at 5:30pm).

Samantha will receive a contribution to her IDeal 529 Savings Account. Thank you IDeal - Idaho College Savings Program!

Photos from Anser Public Charter School's post 05/04/2023

Who is joining us to celebrate Better World Day at Whole School Community this Friday morning? We are highlighting service projects throughout the year and celebrating Better World Day.

is a window into what ELEducation schools do all year! Student projects are great examples of what it looks like to be empowered to make an impact on the world through education:

Photos from Anser Public Charter School's post 05/03/2023

It's the end of the year, which means it's Celebration of Learning time across grade levels! 2/3 Crews met up at Camel's Back Park and crew members presented their work on foothills animals to family and friends. They also made seed bombs, did a fun erosion project using cookies and checked out s**t and track molds! Special shout out to North End Organic Nursery for donating seeds and soil for the seed bombs! Extra, extra special shout out to the 2/3 crew leaders for their time and work! And one more note of thanks to all of our parent volunteers. We are crew!

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Good morning! It was extra thrilling to see buses headed out this morning.
Thank you to our 2/3 parents for providing a luncheon for our staff! Our staff are feeling all the love lately!
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