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*IMPORTANT INFO!*: Cardiac Testing Opportunity for students at Gahanna Middle Schools on January 28, 29 & 30. To participate & learn more about sudden cardiac arrest register your child’s preventative heart screening @ Special reduced cost thanks to the MCORE Foundation. **See details below for each school**
OPENING NIGHT for “James and the Giant Peach” is tonight! We hope to see you there 😊 This play is full of GCA alumni and the music direction is by a former GCA choir director! Performance Dates: Friday, August 2nd at 7 PM ( Saturday, August 3rd at 2 PM ( Saturday, August 3rd at 7 PM ( Ticket Rates: $15 for adults, $10 for children 10 and under. Tickets can be purchased online through or at the door (cash is suggested). Here is the master link for ticket sales: Tickets go on sale Monday, July 1st. Location: Columbus Performing Arts Center, Van Fleet Theatre (549 Franklin Ave., Columbus, OH 43215) Please visit our website for more information:
Who knew Beezus works at Target??? It was a special surprise seeing her today!
TICKETS ARE 15% OFF FOR THE NEXT FIVE DAYS! Use promo code “DOLLY18.” Come see “Hello, Dolly!” at the Columbus Performing Arts Center this August! Performance Dates: Friday, August 17th at 7pm Saturday, August 18th at 7pm Sunday, August 19th at 1:30pm Ticket Rates: $15 for adults, $10 for children 10 and under. Purchase tickets at the following link: Guts for Glory Theatre Company was founded by GCA alumni in order to form a scholarship for students involved in the performing arts. We are onto year five! We hope to see proud GCA families, students, and teachers at this years show.
Amazing article in the shadows of our most recent tragedy. This is pure brilliance!
I'm looking to host a GCA/ECA Alumni Soccer match next Saturday or the following. It would be nice to get the current school involved. Please contact me so we can share info.
Where are we going with this? As we were preparing for bed tonight our 8 year old & 6 year old were discussing; a fixed mind set vs. a growth mind set! 😳 #beyondimagination #developingcriticalthinkers #proudGahannaChristianAcademyparent This is what is happening at GCA!
Guts for Glory Theatre Company is founded and run by Gahanna Christian Academy alumni. Their yearly summer production raises funds for the annual Myah Sue Knecht Scholarship which is granted to a GCA graduate deeply involved in the performing arts. Please join the group for their fourth summer production on July 28th and 29th! The musical "Tarzan" showcases the classic journey of an orphan boy who finds family amongst those most unexpected. Struggling to find his place with those who do and do not look like him, Tarzan finds himself in the midst of self-discovery and the pursuit of true love. Join us on Tarzan's musical adventure at the Columbus Performing Arts Center in the Shedd Theatre on Friday, July 28th and Saturday, July 29th at 7pm. Tickets are $7 for children ages 10 and under and $10 for those over 10 years of age. Purchase tickets at the following website: For more information about Guts for Glory Theatre Company and about "Tarzan: the Musical", please visit their website at Support GCA in the continuation of a beneficial scholarship for incoming students.

GCA is a daycare, preschool and K-8 Christian school located in Gahanna, OH. Our mission is to unleash the power of every child to change the world through our innovative hands-on environment. Come check us out!

Our academy is a Christian school, educating children and teenagers from preschool to high school. We specialize in STEM learning and provide a curriculum where our students learn in a fast-paced and innovative environment. For more information about a progressive education with project-based learning for your child, contact our school today!

Mission: Providing quality, Christ-centered education in an engaging, fast-paced, and innovative environment.

Yesterday our educators received a surprise visit to celebrate Educator Appreciation Week (socially distanced of course!)

Edited to add: Thank you to all the parents who donated to the PTF to make this thank you special!

Kicking Off Teacher Appreciation Week 2020

We are (literally) kicking off Teacher Appreciation Week! THANK YOU to all our teachers.. YOU make your mark every single day! #StokeTheFireGCA


From Dr. Domine:
Next week is Teacher Appreciation. week!! There are almost no words to describe the compassionate, creative and fearless teachers that I have had the privilege to work with for decades. The research confirms what we have always known ... you matter more than anything else we do in education!

Now more than maybe any other time in our recent history... we all feel your impact even more. When it’s hard to wrangle and teach our kids at home, we pause and remember that you have 20+ kids every moment of every day!! And now for all the work you are doing to reinvent yourselves and how you can still reach kids remotely... we appreciate your love and dedication once again!

We miss you and we will be together again soon!!

We celebrate you! Send a word of thanks and encouragement to a teacher this week!

From kindergarten through twelfth grade, teachers invest about 15,000 hours into a single student’s learning, and that changes lives.

It’s not just about test scores. Teachers are the first responders in our efforts to impart reading, writing, and critical thinking skills to children—building blocks that are so foundational that civil society can’t exist without them. Through middle and high schools they continue to enrich a student’s scholarly repertoire—history, biology, algebra, and the arts—while modeling self-regulation, focus, and emotional well-being.

The impact? Well-rounded kids who, according to researchers, are more likely to graduate from high school and go to college (Kirabo, 2018); are better equipped to support themselves financially (Chetty, Friedman, & Rockoff, 2014); and are able to cope with emotional and psychological setbacks and stress (Luca et al., 2019; Guess & Bowling, 2014). That’s, well…huge.

In fact, according to a RAND report (Opper, 2019), teachers are by far the most important school-related factor contributing to student achievement, up to three times more impactful than other factors like services, school facilities, or even leadership.

The research has spoken: You’re officially the best.

This week's Inside the Classroom blog features Mrs. Calabrese and Ms. Woodard - two of the teachers who make our Kindergarten and First Grade a loving and vibrant learning community.

They share how they are continuing to bring learning to life for their students, fostering relationships and supporting students and their parents through the end of this year.

Governor DeWine announced today that Ohio schools will continue remote learning for the remainder of the school year. While we are sad not to see you, we know that staying safe and healthy is the most important!

Students will continue to receive content and support from our teachers. Parents are invited to share your feedback about how it's going so we can continue to improve this experience for you and your child. Please check your email for the survey to share your feedback. #stokethefiregca

Mrs. Thornton and Ms. Pierce share their thoughts on how emergency remote learning is going with their middle school students on the Stoke the Fire blog. Students are working on how to continue making progress on their projects!

This real life practice in practical and creative problem-solving to find a positive way to pivot in the middle of a project will help them develop critical skills to succeed far beyond the classroom.

Check it out at:

#WorldChangers #StokeTheFireGCA

It's Thankful Thursday and we are thankful for all the businesses and employees still working to provide us with the things we need and the things that brighten our days.

Kona Ice of Lancaster and Buckeye City is taking delivery orders in Gahanna tomorrow 4/17.

Kona Ice sponsored GCA's Spring Splash event last year, and donated a portion of their proceeds that day to benefit GCA students. Tomorrow 5% will be donated to GRIN - an organization supporting Gahanna families.


It's "What are you reading Wednesday?" at GCA! #StokeTheFireGCA

Today's feature comes from Ms. C, one of our Intervention Specialists *it's worth the read!* 🙂

"When I was younger due to my learning disabilities I struggled with reading so much that it became a chore & I didn’t enjoy it at all. I didn’t like to read for fun because I was embarrassed at how much I struggled.

My older sister loved the Harry Potter books & I had seen all the films that were out at the time & I loved them! So I decided to give the Harry Potter books a try & man did they capture my attention instantly! They taught me that reading is absolutely FUN!

A while back I decided to re-read the series to experience the joy all over again that I found with these books back in the day!

There are so many benefits that come from reading & it’s so crucial to the development of children!" 📚

Thanks for sharing your story with us, Ms. C!

💚 What are you reading? Share it with us below! And remember, even if you don't feel "good" at it, keep trying 💚

[04/13/20]   GCA teachers participated in Make Your Mark Monday and made YOU a video to show you how much we miss you!

Watch to the end - you won't be disappointed! #StokeTheFireGCA

Next week starts our SPIRIT DAYS! Each day has a different theme to get us thinking about how we can use this time to KEEP GROWING🌱

We can't wait to see how YOU harness this opportunity to grow individually, foster relationships and and impact our community for good.

Share your posts with us by using #StokeTheFireGCA and make sure you set your privacy to public so we can see them 💙💚💛

On Good Friday, we remember how Christ chose to die on the cross so that we could have a personal connection to Him forever.

We don't know if these are t's or ✝️ but it seemed fitting for today's reminder. We love how our preschool students are still finding ways to connect with each other and their teachers during this time, community . #StokeTheFireGCA

Inside the Classroom: Emergency Remote Learning Edition, Part 1 — Gahanna Christian Academy

Check out our new blog series where we interview teachers and get a glimpse inside their remote classroom experience.

Today's blog features Mrs. Satterfield and Mr. Donelson. Check out what they are doing to adjust and what they are learning about themselves and their students in the process. Teachers and students are learning on the fly how to implement emergency remote learning. In this blog series, we interview teachers and ask what their day looks like, how they are teaching and supporting students and what they are learning through the process.

Today we wore SILVER🥈 for our Easter spirit week because in our devotional today students learned that Judas betrayed Jesus for only a few silver coins.

"Judas betrayed Jesus, yet Jesus still overlooked these sins and loved him - just like Jesus has unending love for us. Even when we make mistakes, he WANTS to forgive us and was willing to pay the ultimate price for that forgiveness for us. He loves us THAT much!" #StokeTheFireGCA

📸: Ms. C in her "signature sweater"

#LaterGram from yesterday's Palm Sunday celebration. Students wore 💚GREEN to celebrate Jesus' triumphant entry into Jerusalem. #StokeTheFireGCA

Tomorrow is 🥈silver or grey day - stay tuned to learn more about what that color represents as we celebrate the Easter season and all that Christ has done for us!

Here's a 🔵BLUE 🔵throwback for today's Easter Spirit Week. Students were encouraged to wear blue today in rememberance of how Jesus cleaned out the temple and also to celebrate how Jesus washes away 💦our sins on Easter.

Share your 💙BLUE💙 with us by using #StokeTheFireGCA and make sure your privacy setting is set to public so we can see

Gahanna Christian Academy's cover photo

We're excited to launch a new hashtag to capture YOU during this time of learning from home. We miss all of you every day and this will be a fun way to see each other virtually. So follow along on #StokeTheFireGCA and post your pictures with the hashtag.

Here's Mrs. Satterfield from 2nd grade, showing off her workspace where she records her daily devotionals. ❤️ Time with the Lord and in the Word is a huge part of how we Stoke the Fire.

Now it's your turn! Post a picture and use #StokeTheFireGCA

One Church

One Church Online | Sunday | 10:00

Visit to get connected, take next steps or give online.

Don't forget to share this experience with your friends and family! Thanks for joining us!

GCA's Innovative Education Prepares Students for Remote Learning — Gahanna Christian Academy

To say we are proud of how our staff and students have responded to a rapid shift to emergency remote learning is an understatement.

"But looking back now, we aren’t surprised at how quickly our team was able to move and how quickly they prototyped solutions and put them into practice because this is what we do and this is what we ask our students to do all the time!"

Our latest blog post shares more of how our teachers and students have engaged their innovation mode and what it looks like behind the scenes. GCA’s innovative approach to learning has uniquely prepared our staff and students to respond seamlessly to the coronavirus crisis. Read more in this blog about how we prepare students to be adaptable and independent learners.

Our latest design challenge: How might we provide HIGH QUALITY learning opportunities to students while they are learning at home.

Collaboration, creativity and design challenges are in our DNA and our teachers are embracing the latest challenge! Our teachers are preparing to take our students' experience learning at home to the next level as we embark on another month of learning from home. #keepsmiling #worldchangers #stayhome

Ohio Channel

Who else wants to grow up and be a doctor or nurse (aka a superhero)?! 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏿‍♂️ #worldchangers

Dr. Amy Acton Inspires the Next Generation of Heroes

Video shared by Governor Mike DeWine's Office.


Today Governor DeWine announced that all schools will continue remote learning through May 1 in order to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus in our state.

While we are sad to hear this news because we love and miss our students, the health and safety of our students and staff are most important.

Thank you to our teachers, students and parents for all you have done to make remote learning a success thus far. We will get through this stronger and more connected than ever.

Today Nurse Jenny and Mrs. Parsons collected some medical equipment from GCA that local hospitals and first responders have requested.

We can’t solve the crisis but we can all do our small part. Together we will get through this. ❤️

How are you supporting others during this time?

This week is GCA's rescheduled Spring Break -- take this week to RECHARGE 🔋

This week you can keep learning with the resources on our coronavirus website page but we encourage all of you to get outside (and keep a safe distance), find ways to be creative and give back to others and as always... keep reading!

This story has us melting. ❤️ One of our teachers was speaking with a parent to check-in and the parent shared just how thankful she was to the whole team for providing support to her student during this time and said it has been a smooth and productive transition.

In the course of the conversation she learned that the student's older brother wasn't getting support from his high school yet and was trying to get his math done on his own to stay busy. When our math teacher Ms. Pierce heard this, she immediately offered to help the older brother with HIS math too!

It's just a small snapshot of the caliber of teachers we have at GCA. Their devotion to learning, supporting and ministering to our students Is truly special.

📸 Ms. Pierce in her natural habitat - the classroom with her students 🥰

Today's teacher shout out goes to Mrs. Linda! She started a YouTube channel for her preschool students. They are keeping up with their letters, reading books and doing experiments.

Subscribe or watch her channel:

Check out Joy's learning space at home. She even made her own classroom signs and schedules to stay on track. Great work, Joy!

What does your work space look like at home?

Miss Pierce's Splash Learn Tutorial

Our school is currently THIRD in the Splash Learn Math competition! Keep it up while you're at home. Miss. Pierce reminds us how to login in this video!

Google Hangouts for the win! Our middle school students are keeping up on their math with Miss C.

Today, we are thankful for technology! We can all keep making progress on learning and we can still see and talk to our students. ❤️

It’s school work pick up day and our teachers are so excited to see you — even if it’s just through the car!

Pick up packets from your teacher, a chromebook if you need a device at home and a fresh&frozen food box. ❤️

8:00-9:00am / 12:00-1:00pm / 3:00-4:00pm

Columbus City Schools

FOOD SERVICES UPDATE: during the period where classes are canceled, CCS is offering free breakfast and lunch M-F for ALL children age 18 and under, not just CCS students. #OurCCS

Please see below for more info and remember to bookmark our COVID-19 hub:

Our K8 teachers are hard at work planning online learning for our students. Creativity and innovation is our DNA — we are ready for this!

Please visit our website for all updates on COVID-19 at GCA.

Where World Changers Learn

Gahanna Christian Academy’s mission is the unleash the power of every student to change the world. God has created each child with unique talents and passions and has a plan for each of them to make an impact in the world.

We teach our students HOW to learn, not just what to learn. This generation of learners are growing up in a world of possibilities, and their competitive edge in life will be the ability to develop creative solutions to problems, have empathy, think of others and utilize the technology and information at their fingertips to create.

Our students learn through collaboration, project based learning, design thinking and in small group instruction with our teachers. Individualized and small group instruction allows our students to master content at their own pace so they can excel in every area and have assistance when needed.

Every lesson and project is uniquely connected to learning about and exploring questions of faith. We explore what God says about Himself, what he says about us and what he says about our community and our world.

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