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http://michelletuesday.com - You can't stop the music. Locations in Gahanna and Polaris.

Michelle Tuesday Music School offers one-on-one music lessons in most instruments and voice, music classes for preschoolers, coaching and direction for bands, choirs and ensembles, and music festivals and day camps. OUR MISSION: At MTMS, we strive to instill a lifelong love of music performance in all our students. We do this by catering to the individual music education needs of each student and teaching with an enthusiasm that demonstrates our own lifelong love of music performance. You can't stop the music! With locations in Gahanna and Lewis Center in Central Ohio.

Mission: Our mission is to instill a lifelong love of music performance in all our students. We do this by catering to the individual music education needs of each student and teaching with an enthusiasm that demonstrates our own lifelong love of music performance.


Columbus’ Own: Loose compositions lead to tight-knit friends for BareFuzz

Share your favorite local band in the comments below, and check out this article about BareFuzz:




Daniil Trifonov’s Sleight of Hand

Mr. Elias recommends you check out this pianist, one of his favorites!


newyorker.com On his latest recording, he plays some of the most taxing piano writing ever put on paper with stupefying effortlessness.


Three Beginner Brush Patterns For Snare Drum

Some brush techniques for those jazzy Christmas tunes.
BUT, you can use these all year.
They are cool and you can practice them anytime without making too much noise at home 😁


Three beginner brush patterns every drummer should know. Visit www.chrismattoon.com for more information!


5 Tips for Playing Jazz Piano Ballads

Tips on playing jazz style ballads on the piano.


keyboardimprov.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=chMnL_OiWI0 Jazz ballads are wonderful to play on piano. For inspiration, we can listen to recordings by Art Tatum, Bill Evans, Teddy Wilson, Chick Corea and many others. In fact, just about every major jazz pianist in history enjoyed playing songs at slow tempos. But...


The Christmas Song Tutorial | Chestnuts Roasting On A Open Fire Lesson

Here is a nice series. Some free tutorials on how to jazz up Christmas songs.


pianogroove.com The Christmas Song is also known as ‘Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire’ and this sentence is also the first line of the lyrics.

Check out this event, accompanied by our very out Mr. Brennan!

Our annual Choir and Orchestra Concert is this Friday, December 13. "On A Winter's Night" will take place at the Grove City Church of the Nazarene, at 7pm. PRESALE TICKETS are available through Wednesday, December 11, and tickets will also be available at the door. We will have baked items and choir merchandise available for purchase. We hope you'll join us.


パルフェ Icecream Suit Rag

A percussion group in Japan having fun with a ragtime tune I wrote :-)


Angela's famous sweet and salty chex mix and punch.

What a great end of the night! 🎼🎃

Day 2 of Halloween recitals! 🎃🎵

So proud of our students for going above and beyond in music and costumes!

More pictures from Day 2 of our Halloween Recitals!! 🎼🧡

Ever seen a dinosaur play the ukulele? We have #mtmsrecitals

Ever seen a dinosaur play the ukulele? We have #mtmsrecitals

So proud of our students for going above and beyond in music and costumes!

More pictures from Day 2 of our Halloween Recitals!! 🎼🧡

Day 2 of Halloween recitals! 🎃🎵

What a great end of the night! 🎼🎃

Amazing staff=amazing costumes! ❤️

The Halloween recitals have started in a high note! 🎵 look at these amazing costumes! 👆🎃

Dolly is the official MTMS mascot, and she's claimed the Flower Chair.

MTMS Halloween Parties are Oct. 26 and 27.

We're not ashamed to say we'll bribe students to perform!


Recitals – Michelle Tuesday Music School

Recital sign-ups for the MTMS Halloween Parties are open!




Piano Lessons for Beginners: Part 2 - Interesting chord accompaniment patterns

Watch Part 1 first for the basics in finding the I vi IV V chords in C major. (C Am F G)
This video adds some tips to make up your own accompaniments to make things sound more interesting.
Experiment with these concepts and add your own.

Course playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLP9cbwDiLzdL6IS4-rmzR42ghq3T56XnK Did you just buy your first keyboard and have no idea how to get st...


Piano Lessons for Beginners: Part 1 - Getting Started! Learn some simple chords

Good tutorial on simple chords in C major for harmonization.
I vi IV V (C Am F G)
Many songs use this chord progression.

The video shows good voice leading in moving from chord to chord. One thing that might be helpful to find chords is to always find them in the ROOT position first and make a note of the notes (root-3rd-5th) and be aware of the two inversions.
In other words, a C major chord will ALWAYS ONLY have these 3 notes.
No other notes exist concerning the C Major chord.
However, any three note chord has a first and second INVERSION.
Here are the three positions for any triad (3 note chord).
I will use the C major chord as an example.
Root position: C E G
First inversion: E G C
Second inversion: G C E

You will have a doubling in the left hand of the root note of the chord.

For good voice leading, when moving to the next chord, keep all the common tones between the chords and move what ever is left over to the nearest chord tone.
If there are no common tones, just move to the next chord in the simplest way possible, do not make large JUMPS from chord to chord. This is not good voice leading and it makes things harder to play if you jump, plus it does not sound correct.

I hope this video helps you to get started on your chords.

Course playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLP9cbwDiLzdL6IS4-rmzR42ghq3T56XnK Some mistakes to avoid as a beginner: https://youtu.be/wE75Oim2PSE ...

Sohan got really creative after he mastered his song today!


Jazz Scales: The Pentatonic Scale

Nice reference page for various uses of the pentatonic scale for improvisation.


musikalessons.com The pentatonic scale is one of the most commonly heard yet underutilized scales, but not anymore! Check out this article on different pentatonic scales!

Lol! If you don't get it, ask your music lab attendants to explain it. ;-)


Michelle Tuesday Music School's cover photo


Learn the theory behind chords

A reference for you!

pianoscales.org In this article, it is explained what a chord is and which the most common categories of chords are. Pianoscales.org does not primarily focus on chords, and therefore there are no diagrams here for particular chords. In that case Pianochord.org could be recommended.


Recitals – Michelle Tuesday Music School

MTMS Contest, Aug. 10th:
Your best performance played for a panel of judges




Minor Pentatonic vs Blues Scale

Something to help you with your improvisation.

Sign up for FREE at http://www.pianopig.com This is a quick one comparing the minor pentatonic scale to the blues scale. The minor pentatonic scale consists ...


Simple Jazz Piano Blues on LearnJazzPiano.com

Here's some information on starting to learning blues improvisation on the piano. The theory applicable to all the other instruments, too.

learnjazzpiano.com This lesson covers a the basic jazz style of blues and includes the pentatonic and blues scale, chord voicings, the 12 bar blues form, and a couple examples of playing the entire form, including some bluesy improvisation.


Flute Choirs – Michelle Tuesday Music School

Enroll today in a flute choir at MTMS in Gahanna under the direction of Dr. Angela heck Mueller for $51.95/month. Rehearsals are 50 minutes per week.

MTMS Flute Choirs perform regularly at MTMS recitals and parties and have been featured in the Central Ohio Flute Association's Annual Flute Choir Showcase, the Creekside Jazz & Blues Festival, the Gahanna Holiday Lights Celebration, in multiple recitals at the Columbus Metroparks, and at various churches throughout Columbus, Ohio.

Junior High/High School Flute Choir: Mondays at 6pm
Advanced* High School Flute Choir: Tuesdays at 7pm
Adult Flute Choir: Tuesdays at 8pm

*by audition only

For more information, please visit:


michelletuesday.com Flute Choirs Dr. Angela Heck Mueller directs three flute choirs at Michelle Tuesday Music School in Gahanna, Ohio: a Junior High Flute Choir that meets on Mondays at 6:00pm, an Advanced High School Flute Choir that meets on Tuesdays at 7:00pm, and an Adult Flute Choir that meets on Tuesdays at 8:00p...


First Month Goals for a 4 Year Old Piano Student - Colourful Keys

We recommend age 4 as the earliest age to start piano, percussion and violin.


colourfulkeys.ie What can you expect to achieve in piano lessons with a 4 year old? These are my top four goals for the first month with a 4 year old piano student.


Music Training May Improve Attention, Cut Kids' Anxiety

How music lessons may improve attention and reduce anxiety:

psychcentral.com Musical training may help children focus their attention, control their emotions, and lower their anxiety, according to a new study by psychiatrists at the University of Vermont College of Medicine. The findings are published in the Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry. T...


Greater Dayton Disaster Relief Fund

We raised $330 for the Greater Dayton Disaster Relief fund at tonight's Benefit Recital event. THANK YOU!



Unsquare Dance

See if you can figure out this meter.
Dave Brubeck was a famous jazz pianist who often played in odd time signatures or multimeters.

Provided to YouTube by Sony Music Entertainment Unsquare Dance · Dave Brubeck Dave Brubeck's Greatest Hits ℗ Originally Released 1961 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAI...


Single Stroke Roll: Vic Firth Rudiment Playalong

The Vic Firth Rudimental practice lessons are now on YouTube concerning all the rudiments. This is a very good way to practice them, know exactly where you are concerning skill level, and to be able to set goals for speedier execution using their different speed levels.
Just look up whichever one you are working on for your lesson on YouTube.


Practice your Single Stroke Roll rudiment along with this Vic Firth play-along track! For lessons, video breakdowns and MORE, check out Vic's rudiment featur...

Emily Miller is my favorite person today.


4 Easy Piano Pieces by Bach for Every Beginner Piano Student

Here’s several pieces you should start with concerning Bach.

instructables.com 4 Easy Piano Pieces by Bach for Every Beginner Piano Student: Every piano student gets excited about playing their first piece because it's a little more fun and interesting than when we're learning notes, counting, and where our notes are on our keyboards. Pieces also let us see how much we've lear...


Common Chord Progressions Every Beginner Should Know

Here are some common chord progressions in songs and how they work. How many of these have you heard before?

Here are three simple chord progressions that all beginners should know how to play on the piano. I go over some very basic theory explaining how to construc...


What Makes a Great Music Teacher - NAfME

On what makes a great music teacher:

nafme.org Understanding the qualities of a great music teacher can give all would-be teachers a standard of excellence to strive for.


How to Start Playing Chord Changes By Using Guide Tones

On chord changes using guide tones:

One of the top questions I get asked is "how do I get the chord changes to come out in my jazz solos?" It's a great question, and a whole lifetime of study i...


MusicLearningCommunity.com - Welcome

Music games families can play at home to supplement learning:



Our Story

Michelle Tuesday Music School in Gahanna and Lewis Center offers one-on-one music lessons, music classes, and coaching for bands, choirs and ensembles. OUR MISSION: At MTMS, we strive to instill a lifelong love of music performance in all our students. We do this by catering to the individual music education needs of each student and teaching with an enthusiasm that demonstrates our own lifelong love of music performance.

Locations in Gahanna and Lewis Center in Central Ohio.

...you can’t stop the music!

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Liam and Mr. Walt performing Autumn Leaves at the Halloween Recital! Amazing!




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