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Our counselor, Ruth Friedman, is available for e/video-therapy sessions with St. Matthew School students and families. All you need on your end is a phone, tablet, or laptop with internet access. You can check out Mrs. Friedman's virtual "office" at To schedule an appointment, just email Mrs. Friedman at [email protected], and let her know what day/time would work best for you. Let's all keep working hard to keep our "WorryBugs" at bay!
Dear St. Matthew School Parents and Family Members: I wanted to let you know that I am available for phone consultations during this period of school closings, disrupted routines, and increased stress and anxiety. I am happy to talk with you about any concerns you have regarding your children and to serve as a resource for helping your children and family weather this transitional period. To schedule a phone consultation with me, please send me an email at [email protected] with your name and phone number. I will be checking email daily and will do my best to call you within 24 hours. Take care! Ruth (aka Mrs. Friedman, the Counselor)
Dear Kindergarten and First-Grade Parents: The WorryWoo Monsters have released a free coloring book available here: Our younger students may enjoy seeing our Feeling Friends again while they're at home. Take care! Mrs. Friedman

As a Catholic school community of believers who know, love, and serve Jesus Christ, we celebrate the sacramental life of the Church, proclaim the saving message of Christ, and share the love of the Lord through academic rigor, self-discipline and service.

Fitness Friday 4/3/20

Here’s a link to the latest edition of Fitness Friday.

Here's the basic rundown for this week's challenges:
Fitness walk challenges: 1 point each
Stop sign: squats 5x
Step on a crack: jump/leap on the next 5 sidewalk blocks
Speed limit sign: walking lunges 5x
See a car: jump and wave 5x (bonus point if they wave back!)
Almost home: sprint from neighbor’s driveway to your door
Feel free to add your own challenges!

Fitness walk challenges: 1 point each Stop sign: squats 5x Step on a crack: jump/leap on the next 5 sidewalk blocks Speed limit sign: walking lunges 5x See a...

Take a look at a few pictures from a few 8th graders that have been extracting DNA from fruits and vegetables at home.

4/3 Announcements

St. Matthew the Apostle Catholic School, I am missing you today! The weather is beautiful, and it it is Friday, 4/3/2020. Won't you join me, Mrs. Tiberio for announcements? Thank you to Julia in grade 2 for the wonderful job she did leading us in The Pledge today-- she even had an American flag! Thanks for volunteering.

Here are the links for today:

Lenten Reflection (page 52 of 61) Art by Theophanes the Greek:

April 3, What Happened in History: scroll to 1973 to read about mobile phones:

The History of the Mobile Phone, Washington Post newspaper article, written in 2014 by their staff when Apple had released the iPhone6:

Riddle #3

Let's wrap up the week with another riddle from Mrs. Rees!

[04/03/20]   Let's see some photos of some fun in the sun this Friday and Saturday. Let's lift peoples' spirits by posting some fun photos as we catch some rays. We wish our community a nice weekend!

Remeber, you can be physically distanced, while still being supported socially and emotionally by your friends and famiy (especially with all of the technology today).

Here at St. Matthew the Apostle Catholic School we are thankful for these days even in the midst of new experiences and big changes. #OCSBeatingTheCurve

The Knights of Columbus offer this incredible coloring book for Stations of the Cross— what a great idea as we look forward to this Friday; Fr. Peter has been streaming stations for the Parish too.

Pre K students are doing their best learning at home. We are so proud of them, and we can't wait to see their beautiful smiling faces. Good job PreK!

VID 20200331 145305 3

Mrs. Ohm is here to share a Thinking Thursday video! Click to watch an episode of Science with Mrs. Ohm!

Riddle #2

Here's the next riddle video from Mrs. Rees!

[04/02/20]   Good morning, St. Matthew! Please join me, Mrs. Tiberio, today, 4/2/20 for announcements. Thank you to Anissa in 3rd grade for doing such an incredible job with leading The Pledge. Have a great day, today. Keep working hard, everyone on your studies. I miss you!

Here are today's links:

Lenten Reflection (Page 51 of 61), the art is entitled Christ Giving his Blessing by Memling:

Our Father Song via Youtube, The Lord's Prayer Catholic Mass Song:

Thinking back to some of our fun so far this year today including the Bishop’s visit and our annual Halloween festivities. What an incredible and dedicated faculty and staff we have to serve our kids! Don’t forget to thank your teachers and the adults who help out and answer questions even while we are away, St. Matthew.

Poetry Riddle Day 1

Check out our first Poetry Riddle from our trusty librarian!

Mrs. Tiberio's Announcements for April 1

Hello, St. Matthew the Apostle Catholic School. Join me, Mrs. Tiberio, for our announcements, today 4/1/2020. I think my technology was tyring to play an April Fools' joke on me because the first time that I did this video today there was no sound once it was recorded-- you can imagine, I was not a happy camper; but luckily, I restarted everything and there was my sound! It appeared-- what a relief!

Thank you to Cecilia in grade 3 for leading The Pledge today and doing a wonderful job. I am looking for Pledge leaders for next week; so, have you parents email me if you would like to do it. I would really appreciate the help!

Here are the links for today:

April Fools' Day, from the History Channel:

Lenten Reflection (page 49 of 61) the art today is entitled,Christ Pantocrator by Catalan :

Song, "Grace to Grace" published by Hillsong Worship:

Thanks to Lila for sharing a few pictures from her science lab experiment. Her challenge: how many books would eggs hold. Her results: 18 books before the eggs broke! Excellent work, Lila!

Mr. Frazier sings us a song!

Holy is Your Name

Thanks to Mrs. Ohm for sharing more pics of our chicks as they continue to grow! Check out how their wing feathers are starting to show and how important eating and napping are to their growth. They are now living on a farm with Mrs. V. from Pre-K where they'll have a lot more room to spread their wings, so to speak!

3/31 Announcements

Good morning, St. Matthew the Apostle Catholic School! Please join me, Mrs. Tiberio, for the announcements for this final day of March. We learned yesterday that our school closure will extend until May 1st when Governor DeWine will re-evaluate. Keep up the hard work with your distance, learning, everyone! You are making your teachers very proud!

Thank you to our Pledge leaders, Aiden and Logan in grades 3 and Kindergarten-- awesome job, boys!
Here are our links for today:


Lentend Reflection (Page 49 of 61) with art for today entitled, Christ as Saviour by El Greco:

The Calendar:

Song, "Passion, the Cross of Christ" Feat. Chris Tomlin:

[03/30/20]   A big thank you to Mr. Rathburn for coordinating the socially distanced Chromebook pick up today with Mrs. Smith.The faculty and staff here at St. Matthew have been going above and beyond.So many people are giving of their gifts and talents thus far to join alongside our community of parents, and the Parish and school faculty and staff during this time to serve our kids! Keep it up, St. Matthew. - Mrs. Tiberio

iPhone Template.pdf

Mrs. Cox created another (optional) art lesson to share with everyone. See the links below for the complete instructions on how to make a Silly Selfie as well as a demonstration video!

Our Catholic Schools is hosting a Virtual Spirit Week this week! Check out the themes and be sure to share your spirit using the theme of each day (either in comments or by emailing the school) . Be sure to #OCSBeatingtheCurve!

6 Ways to Help Your Kids Love Learning

Dynamic Catholic is based just down the road in Cincinnati and offers a plethora of incredible resources to support our Catholic Faith. This article, "6 Ways to Help your Kids Love Learning" is filled with some solid reminders from Matthew Kelly: If you’re like every other parent, you want your child to be well-educated. You want him to learn all he can, discover his mission in life, and succeed at whatever he does. The very best way to make sure this happens is to instill in your child a great love of learning.

[03/30/20]   Sometimes talking to a friend helps us learn—study by explaining or practicing; you could call a friend or teach your mom and dad or brothers and sisters in your house while we are away.

3/30 Announcements

Good morning:

Join me, Mrs. Tiberio, for the announcements for today, 3/30. Thank you to Aubrey in Kindergarten for leading The Pledge today. Wow! Outstanding job. If you would like to be a Pledge Leader from home, have your parents email me.

Here are links to things that go with the announcements for today:

Lenten Reflection PDF (page 48 of 61 was today, art is Bordone's "Christ as Light of the World":…/Lent-for-Children-Daily-Di…

Youtube Video of "Greatest Light of the World" song, by Bebo Norman

A reminder: all updates related to the School Closure are available on our website. Look to the top right corner once the page loads for: School Closure Updates & Distance Learning

How to pray with the Pope on Friday - Vatican News

Join us in prayer with Pope Francis at 1 PM (6 PM Rome, time) Join Pope Francis in prayer and receive his extraordinary “Urbi et orbi” blessing and plenary indulgence on Friday at 6pm Rome time.

How to Support Your Child’s Health and Well-Being During Ohio’s Ordered School-Building Closure | Ohio Department of Education We know you and your child may be experiencing stress, confusion, fear or anxiety during this time. Below are some steps you can take to support your child.

3rd Grade Reader's Theater

Take a look at some of our 3rd graders enjoying a reader's theater for the story Charlotte's Web!

[03/25/20]   We are missing the chance to celebrate Mass as a school and parish. Take a look at this article, "If You Can't Receive Communion, Make a Spiritual Communion" to help stay connected to faith in the meantime.

Pope announces extraordinary Urbi et Orbi blessing - Vatican News

Two opportunities for prayer with others in the world this week
-- this is a beautiful way to find hope in prayer. They are:

1) Tomorrow, Pray the Our Father with Pope Francis, (7 AM our time)

2) A special Blessing, typically done for Easter or Christmas will happen this Friday.

Here are the details from the Vatican News: At the Angelus on Sunday, Pope Francis invited all Christians to join together in praying the Our Father as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Lent 2017: “The Word is a gift. Other persons are a gift”. | Francis

Pope Francis's Lenten Message from 2017: Message of His Holiness Pope Francis for Lent 2017: “The Word is a gift. Other persons are a gift”.

[03/23/20]   Happy Monday (and happy 1st day of Spring Break), St. Matthew the Apostle Catholic School. Are you feeling rested? I sure am, having gotten to get a little extra sleep and spend the day with family. We've rediscovered board games at our house... pretty fun! - Mrs. Tiberio

Our counselor, Ruth Friedman, is available for e/video-therapy sessions with St. Matthew School students and families. All you need on your end is a phone, tablet, or laptop with internet access. You can check out Mrs. Friedman's virtual "office" at To schedule an appointment, just email Mrs. Friedman at [email protected], and let her know what day/time would work best for you. Let's all keep working hard to keep our "WorryBugs" at bay!

Check out this: one of our kindergarten kiddos tapping out their letter sounds with their “witchy fingers” while playing roll and read.

St. Matthew the Apostle Catholic Parish

A few teachers and parish staff recorded a video to our community! We hope you like it!

Fr. Sill and our St. Matthew staff have created a video concerning our response to the current pandemic. Please watch! You will find a ton of resources here.

(We can't get a preview to show up, but we promise you, it's there!)

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Another video of the chicks!

Heartsforhealthcareworkers Craft

Mrs. Cox wanted us to share this craft video inspired by the group Heartsforhealthcareworkers. The group is asking people to decorate their door with hearts in honor of all the people in the medical field.

We know you love seeing our chicks, so take a look at another video!

[03/20/20]   Have a fun, safe Spring Break!

Were you able to join in praying the rosary with the rest of the world yesterday at 4 pm? Thanks to Ms. Tate for sharing pics as she and her lil one were getting ready!

Fitness Friday 3/20/20

Good afternoon! Ms. B wants you to check out her first Fitness Friday video today! Special shoutout to a very special guest :)

Don’t forget to wash hands, pray and eat something healthy for lunch then have a little break and play before you get back to work each day while we are away.

Mr. Frazier Teaches Music at Home

Mr. Frazier is busy working from home and wanted to share this video with everyone! Special shoutout to Flash for filling the role of "student!"

Created with WeVideo

Announcements, Friday March 20

Good morning:
Please join me, Mrs. Tiberio, for announcements for today, Friday 3/20. We have a helper from grade 4 leading us in the Pledge of Allegiance; thank you!

Here are the links for today:

Lenten Reflection (page 33 of 61), art today is Herz-Jesu Bild:

Virtual Field Trips (something fun for next week if you like, scroll down once opened):

"Thank you Jesus" song including American Sign Language & Dance

ASL Resources for enrichment if you like:

[03/19/20]   Did you have a good day, today, St. Matthew friends? What signs of Spring did you spot outside? It may seem early, but today is in fact the first day of Spring. I learned a lot reading all about the Spring Equinox. -Mrs Tiberio

Interested to learn more, check it out:

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4/3 Announcements
Riddle #3
Riddle #2
Mrs. Tiberio's Announcements for April 1
Poetry Riddle Day 1
3/31 Announcements
Mr. Frazier sings us a song!
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3rd Grade Reader's Theater
Announcements, Friday March 20
Another video of the chicks!
Announcements 3/19/2020





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