The Child's Nurturing Center, Inc.

The Child's Nurturing Center, Inc.


Thank you to the Doering Family for providing such an amazingly good lunch for all the staff today! It was so-o-o-o-o delicious- YUM!!
Oh what fun . . .
Our annual (minus 2020) Gingerbread House and Cookie Swap event was better than ever!! We saw a train, camper, patio, house with multiple living spaces and so much more!! Thank you to all of our families who came today. A special shout out to those Dads who were true team builders and everyone who brought delicious cookies. Happy Holidays everyone!!
What a wonderful comeback in 2021! Over 100 in attendance at the Thanksgiving luncheon! Happy Thanksgiving everyone 🦃💖

Full day child care services for students from 6 weeks through 13 years of age. Center open twelve months of the year. Utilizes a developmental approach to early learning.

Licensed since June 16, 1986. We have been in business since 1986, and we pride ourselves on the superior quality of child care services we deliver. Our classrooms are language enriched and designed around thematic driven learning centers to foster developmentally appropriate activities for children from six weeks through middle school. Our classrooms serve children of the following ages:

Operating as usual


Thank you to the Doering Family for providing such an amazingly good lunch for all the staff today! It was so-o-o-o-o delicious- YUM!!

Photos from The Child's Nurturing Center, Inc.'s post 12/11/2021

Oh what fun . . .
Our annual (minus 2020) Gingerbread House and Cookie Swap event was better than ever!! We saw a train, camper, patio, house with multiple living spaces and so much more!! Thank you to all of our families who came today. A special shout out to those Dads who were true team builders and everyone who brought delicious cookies. Happy Holidays everyone!!


What a wonderful comeback in 2021! Over 100 in attendance at the Thanksgiving luncheon! Happy Thanksgiving everyone 🦃💖


Good Afternoon!

I am posting so you will each pick up a copy of the letter that explains our timeline for Brightwheel setup.

At this time I have been burning the late night oil setting up your accounts and have placed at least one person for contact in each of your children's profiles. You must be a contact with an email or phone number associated with your student to do drop off and pick up. This along with uploading your child's information is the first step in your set up to go live with us for check ins starting on October 25th.

The letter will give you the remainder of our timeline information. Brightwheel offers a tremendous amount of support but if you have any confusion I will be happy to assist.

My response time may be a little slower than normal as I am doing the admin work for the app but, for those who are unaware, I am also the Room 2 (three year olds) teacher. These in addition to my normal admin work.

Please reach out after you read the paper with any additional questions. Of course, Brightwheel wanted us to go live immediately; however, I know it takes time to process this along with your normal daily routines and obligations so spread it out just over a four week period.

I have been using it in my classroom and the early response, as one client said today, that 'it's a really cool app!!'

Thanks you for your help!


New Brightwheel app!!

I am in the process of setting up our new app. You will receive an invite and I ask that you review your child’s information and bring it up to date over the next two weeks.

I am hoping to have everything onboard by November 1st but it may take until December 1st.

I am hearing from many of you that you have used this app in the past and feel comfortable with it.

You will be able to pay online (or not), upload current paperwork, make changes, scan the QR code in your child’s room to sign in and much more!

We still want to offer the option to pay us directly as an ACH charge of .90 cents per transaction or Credit Card/Debit Card fee of 2.9% will be charged to you for online payments. This way you have the convenience only if you want or need it.

We are excited about the new changes and hope you will enjoy all the new benefits of Brightwheel!


Our two year old room has been opened up by the health department because the positive rapid test turned into a negative PCR!!
We are so happy to be back to normal again.
Thank you all for working with us-


We did fog our building with viralcide on Sunday which was a week earlier than the scheduled time. This was done as soon as we found out about the positive student.

Our center classrooms are:
Infants 1- youngest infants
Infants 2- toddling infants
Transitional- nearly two
Room 1- Twos
Room 2- Threes
Room 3- Fours
School age:
K1 and 2M

Hello Everyone-

I just spoke to Lillie Rebert from the Carroll County Health Department.

We have a positive test result in Room 1 so the classroom is currently closed.

For your information, when we have an exposure the criteria is as follows:

Beginning on the first day of exposure we count five days beginning with '0'. For this group, on Wednesday, September 29th all children can test out.

When a negative test is received the children can begin coming back into the program on day 8 (for this group it is October 4th) ONLY IF THEY CAN REMAIN FULLY MASKED FOR A FULL FOURTEEN DAYS (if they cannot, the return date for them is 0ctober 11th).

I ask the parents of any student who tests positive to provide a copy of that test which I then give to the Health Department. They begin contact tracing which gives clear guidance and support to each of our clients directly effected.

No other rooms are effected by this current situation but I wanted everyone to know our status and how these situations are handled.

Thank you!


Today the fire department came to our program to investigate the smoke detectors going off. The children did an excellent job in practicing their evacuation from the program and our staff were amazing in the way they handled the situation.

Apparently the new detectors (10 year warrantied smoke and CO2 models) which were installed within the last two years have one that is malfunctioning. We have WFX coming in to replace it.

The good news is that the firemen checked out all our appliances and lines finding that they are in excellent condition.

We wanted to let you know as the children will most likely find this an interesting topic to discuss tonight.


On September 11, 2011 a relationship began in our center that has endured for a decade. Ms. Michele walked through our door for the first time to begin her journey as a classroom teacher.

Today she remains our two year old teacher giving her loving, caring and educated guidance to another generation of our energetic and curious twos.

Thank you, Ms. Michelle, for being in the moment every day and working with such focus and dedication. You have taught so many babies the meaning of trust by modeling dependability and consistency.

You are a blessing to all of us!

Happy work anniversary 🤗🎉


Please sign your child in and out of the building on the roster found inside their classroom.

Thank you!

Photos from The Child's Nurturing Center, Inc.'s post 08/27/2021

Preschool 2 room had an exciting week: The children worked on showing their knowledge of one-to-one correspondence by stacking blocks. They also helped the teacher to create Magic Milk:

Photos from The Child's Nurturing Center, Inc.'s post 08/19/2021

Ms. Tana surprised the school age kids yesterday with Mr. Skip's School Age Summer Science. We made Oobleck and Ice Cream. They were excited and surprised

Photos from The Child's Nurturing Center, Inc.'s post 08/19/2021

Today in Preschool we used our fine motor skills to see how many drops of water fit into different size circles


Policy Clarification:

After speaking with many of our clients we want you to know that we will not be requiring masks unless the Governor states we must do so.

We deeply appreciate how so many of you have been working with us during this transition.

Have a wonderful summer weekend!!


Good Afternoon Everyone!

We stated our revised policies on masking when the Governor opened everything up. At that time the positivity rate had decreased to about 4.1% in the state. We asked that, if you chose to remove your mask you must make certain you are immunized first.

In addition, we stated that if you chose to keep your child or yourself masked (as I did for a period of time after travel) that we would support this and assist you with your child remaining masked.

As our county is seeing a rise in the number of cases we are keeping a close eye on this. I have stated from the beginning and will reiterate that I am using the 4% county positivity rate as an indicator for us to begin masking again. At this time the county is at 3.64%

This is one layer in a group of strategies that we have addressed, and continue to address, throughout this transitional time.

You may have seen the dumpster in the driveway. We are removing all previously used classroom items that have been in storage as we feel it is necessary to start fresh in each room. We will no longer take donations but deeply appreciate that many of you have offered in the past.

We continue to have the cleaning/sanitizing overnight done twice weekly, fogging of rooms on the first weekend of each month and maintain the other threshold behaviors required by MSDE (including temperature taking, answering exposure questions, etc).

For those of you entering public school in the Fall, masks are required on the buses and indoors on school grounds with social distancing at three feet.

If you have any questions of me at any time, please do feel free to email me at [email protected].

Thank you for working through the transitions with us as our focus is to keep your children safe!


Classroom update:

In our continuing evolution toward our program model pre-COVID we are excited to announce that Ms. Melissa will be returning to Lower School this week. She will return to her classroom in young infants starting Friday.

Ms. Pam will be taking some time off to be with her son prior to his starting kindergarten in the Fall and then she is considering opening her new home up as a home provider in the future. We will miss her and the door is always open for her to return if she ever would decide to do so.

Ms. Regan and Ms. Makenna will be in school age. In the event Ms. Regan is picked up for public school teaching, Ms. Tana and Mr. Steve will take over school age. Mr. Steve will drive the van every morning and afternoon to Mechanicsville.

For those of you who have been continuing to drop your children at the door, please know that we will no longer have the additional staff to leave the school age room to es**rt your children. All teachers have students assigned to them.

Thank you and, although none are currently planned, we will continue to update you regarding any changes that may occur.

Happy Summer!!


Unstable front today has come in earlier than expected. We will move water day to next Thursday giving us two weeks in a row of sprinkler fun.

Have a wonderful July 4th holiday weekend and we will see everyone on Tuesday-


We will be closed on Monday, July 5th to celebrate the 4th of July holiday.



Happy Father's Day weekend:

Happy Father's Day weekend:


Happy 35th birthday to The Child’s Nurturing Center 💖

June 16, 1986 - June 16, 2021


Good Afternoon Everyone-

I am writing a short post to ask for a little patience in my response time to each of you.

I will need a couple of days to get through the initial shock and the sorrow of the loss of my sister, Pammie. I am sorry that none of you were ever able to meet her as she was a very bright light to anyone who did. There is a great silence and heavy weight in my heart at this time.

Thank you for your words of support throughout this journey.







The week before Mother's Day each year we celebrate our children's teachers. This past year I have seen our staff overcome hurdles that none of them ever expected to face. Nevertheless, everyone worked as a team to make certain we have remained open and safe throughout these unprecedented times.

Our clients were amazing in how they supported everyone in so many caring ways. For this I thank you.

I want to take this moment to express my deep gratitude for what I have seen in these individuals. Behind the ever-evolving changes that continue to effect our daily operations, they have remained flexible and never lost focus of their purpose: The loving care of your children while you do your work to support your family.

We are truly blessed to work with them.

Thank you ladies, and Mr. Steve, for being the foundation we can all confidently work from.




There appear to be some instances of illness in children currently which is expected during the Spring of each year. Even during this time of COVID we realize there will be other illnesses that come into play.

I am sending out our guidelines so each of you can continue to work with what MSDE expects of us and that which you, also, expect of us:

If your child exhibits symptoms of illness:

1) Monitor the symptoms to see if they are in alignment with COVID protocol for the condition. If so:
a. contact the pediatrician
b. If a test is given, make certain we receive a copy and it is to include a negative PCR as, without this, the test can have a high frequency of false positive or false negative
c. If you choose not to test for PCR, 10 day isolation remaining asymptomatic is still acceptable (since this question has come up)

2) Let us know immediately so we can monitor our classrooms

3) Any absences lasting less than three days (1 or 2) can return with a parent note (unless the doctor wants testing to be done) and as long as the child has remained asymptomatic for 24 hours without medication (MSDE protocol with or without COVID)

4) Absences of 3 days or more must return with a doctor’s Return to School note (MSDE protocol with or without COVID) and the negative PCR test result if doctor ordered.

Remember: Any siblings are considered to be close contacts unless the symptoms started when the child was away from them and isolation from the sibling is continued.

We are all beginning to feel the much anticipated change toward normalcy but must remain cognizant that we are on the cusp of getting vaccines for those 12 to 16 years old who are still vulnerable along with younger children.

Adults are now vaccinated on the upwards side of 60%; however, being vaccinated means we can potentially carry the virus remaining asymptomatic. The sub-strains of COVID have proven to be more harmful to children regarding their immune response and so, for this additional reason, we need to remain vigilant.

We work very hard to make certain our classrooms can stay open for all families. Please help us in our work by following the above protocols.

We are here for you!!


School age Parents:

In light of the Governor's announcement yesterday and most of our staff fully vaccinated, we are preparing ourselves for the next steps in capacity changes in our program. There will be a rate reduction in school age that will include optional Wednesdays. Please watch for this information to come out this week.

Discovering Nature Classrooms in Early Childhood (Video #191) 03/03/2021

Discovering Nature Classrooms in Early Childhood (Video #191)

In an effort to help each of you understand the reason why we are required to have children play outside daily (following the Weather Chart guidelines) I am providing the following information:

Children who play outdoors are healthier in many ways.

Their Sensory Processing related to the Proprioceptive and Vestibular Systems: When children cannot work their muscles in conjunction with their brains (balancing, walking in different manners, running, hopping, etc.) it can effect their learning. Having them outdoors provides teachers the opportunity to observe their behaviors and assess if there may be a problem or if it is a superpower they possess.

Myopia diagnosis: More and more children at younger ages are being diagnosed with myopia (nearsightedness). This comes from the physical change in the eyes from working within a set distance. Taking them outdoors gives opportunity to look at things at further distances to work the eyes into a more flexible shape that makes 20/20 vision more obtainable.

These are just a few of the many reasons for outdoor time in our programs. Please make certain your children are 'outdoor ready' when they arrive each day. We are NOT ALLOWED, BY STATE LAW, to keep them inside the building all day. If you send a change of clothing we will be happy to have them change into clean clothes if they get too muddy or dirty. We will also be cleaning shoes upon entry because our carpets appreciate it :)

STAY TUNED: Make sure you LIKE our page so you will get the updates. We are currently formulating our plans for an outdoor nature classroom space.

To learn more:

Discovering Nature Classrooms in Early Childhood (Video #191) Discovering Nature Classrooms in Early Childhood showcases the UPC Discovery Early Learning Center located in Peoria, Illinois. In this video, UPC Discovery ...




Get tested with a viral test (PCR) 3-5 days after your trip and stay home and self-quarantine for a full 7 days after travel, even if your test is negative. If you don’t get tested, stay home and self-quarantine for 10 days after travel.

A copy of the negative PCR test is to be forwarded to the center prior to your child's return.

Maryland requires that, in the event of an absence of one or two days, a student can return to care with a note from a parent. Three days or more requires a doctor's 'Back to School' note.

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Ms. Nita called it a Jump Bunch Snow Day and had all the students who were in attendance join her for a work out!
Ice Skating Race:
Pretending to have snowball fights
Winter 'snow' exploration and some warm hot chocolate to follow in PS2-
Making our Ring Toss games and using them for positive peer relationships and eye/hand coordination. So much fun being t...
School age building and testing rockets with Mr. Skip from Carroll County Astronomical Society



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