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When memory, attention, reading, or comprehension skills are weak, learning and life can be harder than they need to be for children and adults. At LearningRx, our brain training programs target and train these weak skills using a series of intense (but fun!) mental exercises that work on the way the brain learns, thinks, remembers, and performs. Clients work one-on-one with their own personal brain trainer, which is a big part of what makes us so unique and our results so effective.

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Studying, organization, and test-taking skills are REALLY hard for students with weak cognitive skills. At LearningRx, we combine study skills training + cognitive skill strengthening to tackle the problem from both directions!

Learn more about this powerful program here: https://bit.ly/44q26y7


We LOVE seeing this kind of real-life improvement in our clients! If you have students struggling through this part of the school year, you are not alone. Call us today to get started with brain training!


After brain training, one of the things that we see often is that parents and kids report...

✨Better Cooperative Behavior✨

When cognitive skills are strong, kids tend to be more willing to try hard things, persevere, problem-solve, and manage impulses. Lots of families come with learning struggles that are partnered with behavior challenges, and the reality is that a lot of those things are rooted in the same cognitive deficiencies.

We can't guarantee this outcome for every client and every result is unique to each individual, but we'd love the chance to share more!


We love hearing the stories of adults who feel more confident in their own brainpower after brain training! While every situation is unique and results vary person-to-person, these are some of the common things that clients share with us that they see the biggest improvements in.

We'd love to chat about how brain training may be a helpful tool in your life (or for a loved one)! Learn more here: https://bit.ly/3JLf5lP


We are so thankful for each and every member of our community!

Shoutout to our staff, clients, professional partners, friends, and community members who all work together to change lives every single day. We are grateful for you now and every day! 💜🍂🦃


This is the most thankful week of the year, right? 😉

We loved hearing this story of improved confidence and skills from one of our clients this fall.


What does that mean?

Each client is tested before and after their training program, then we had over 2,000 students come back over a year later. The results are pretty exciting... these students maintained 97-99% of the skills they gained during training!*

The lasting improvements of brain training are one of the things that makes it different from tutoring or other interventions. Call us today to learn more!

*Results based on past clients. Outcomes may vary.


Reading can be especially hard for kids with ADHD. Not only do they often struggle to stay engaged and focused, but weaknesses in skills like working memory, long term memory, and processing speed contribute to their struggles with both attention AND reading.

At LearningRx, we've worked with thousands of individuals with ADHD and reading struggles. In a research study on struggling readers in particular, researchers found no significant difference in results based on whether or not a child had ADHD.

What does this mean?

Targeting the root cause of your child's struggles with reading (and all areas of learning) is a great way to help them build the skills they need to have in order to learn more easily.

Learn more about our evidence-backed reading program here: https://bit.ly/3tcN8Ok


We all know that keeping the brain active is one of the best ways to ward off cognitive decline, but a more targeted approach has been a huge help to many aging adults!

Our brain training programs target the skills you need to have to feel confident in your memory, problem-solving skills, and so much more. Learn more about our training programs for adults here: https://bit.ly/3JLf5lP

*Results based on studies and surveys of past clients. Outcomes may vary.


LearningRx programs can be delivered in person or online! Researchers found no statistical difference in the gains experienced between these two methods.*

Even if you don't live near a LearningRx center, or if getting into a center a couple times each week feels like too much, there are still options to target learning skills from home!

*Results from studies of past clients. Outcomes may vary.


Brain imaging done before and after brain training programs has shown changes in connectivity in key areas of the brain that are responsible for reading, problem-solving, focus, language, and more!

Curious about our research? Check it out and download the full report here: https://bit.ly/3Qbr6C5


Such an amazing story from this client. Unlocking each learner's greatest potential is why we're here!😍🧠💪


Every brain is different and every outcome is unique, but it's SO powerful to see kids and teens who have struggled for so long finally gain momentum and confidence!

Read more about our ADHD training program here: https://bit.ly/3WLqLKw


The world just moves too fast for them."

👆 this is a common phrase we hear from many clients who are seeking help for their loved ones. The world is too overwhelming. They get bogged down and stressed out. They just can't keep up.

These are all signals of weak cognitive skills that can be targeted through brain training!

It's about more than just learning; it's about keeping up with the pace of the world we live in with ease and confidence.

Call us today to learn more.


Improving brain skills can help in so many areas of life! Check out this awesome story...


Auditory processing is a critical skill for effective reading and learning! Strong auditory processing helps you...

👉Read efficiently
👉Sound out and figure out new words
👉Follow verbal directions
👉Pay attention in a classroom
👉Comprehend what you read
👉And more!

Targeted training of this skill has helped thousands of individuals unlock stronger learning skills.

(Curious why cognitive skills are so important? Click here to learn more: https://bit.ly/3QXpgIq)


These students gained an average of 3.5 years in learning skills! This kind of growth is a game-changer for many students who have previously been labeled, dismissed, and discouraged. While these results vary for every individual, we'd love the chance to talk more about your options to help your struggling learner!


The beauty of building brain skills is that no matter the label, diagnosis, or previous experience, we meet you where you are and work with you to help your student reach their fullest potential.

Learn more about our work with students with learning differences here: https://bit.ly/3QTQyiE


Kids who struggle in school often carry a burden of fear and embarrassment regarding reading, test-taking, and performance in their classes.

It's so refreshing to see this burden lift for our clients as their brain skills get stronger and more efficient!

Learn more about our results here: https://bit.ly/3Qbr6C5


October is , so here's a fun statistic to kick it off:

After brain training, students with dyslexia improved their learning and thinking skills by 3.3 years on average. Even more impressive, the average student improved by 5.4 years in Sound Awareness — the cognitive skill most commonly linked to reading difficulties!*

Finding an intervention that targets the root cause of your child's struggles is essential to help them become more confident and successful in their reading abilities. Learn more about our approach here: https://bit.ly/3mXVYt0

*These are results from past clients. Outcomes may vary.


We customize MathRx® for different ages, skill levels, and learning styles. This makes our math program a great choice for elementary students who are struggling or any individuals who want to make math more intuitive and less frustrating!

While every brain is unique and you may or may not achieve these same results, we'd love to tell you more about what makes our approach to math help so different.

Get started today: https://bit.ly/4416v9H


LearningRx targets the skills you need for successful thinking and learning—even in math class!

Clients have reported improved math confidence, speed, and proficiency after training. Every math struggle has a deeper underlying root cause, so what we do differently is dive into the core learning skills that your brain needs to have in order to learn efficiently. Then we can build those skills—and specifically work on math proficiency as well!

Every situation is unique, but we'd love the chance to talk more about math training at LearningRx and what it may be able to do for your student.

Learn more about our math training program here: https://bit.ly/3DQ1lTq


We know the frustration of trying that new intervention, tutor, curriculum, etc. with high hopes that maybe this will *finally* be the thing that works... only to be left wondering if you're ever going to find the right fit.

Many clients come to LearningRx as a last resort because, after years of struggle, they're finally ready to branch out and try something "different."

If you're in the midst of a struggle right now, know that you are not alone—and you have options!

You don't have to just wait it out and hope something clicks. The unique approach we take at LearningRx may just be what finally helps your struggling student gain some ground!

Call us today to learn more.


Does your child struggle to keep up with the world around them (both in the classroom and in life)?

Weak memory and processing speed are common root causes of learning struggles, but these skills trickle over into every area of life.

Strong memory may help your child be able to remember instructions—the first time you tell them (imagine that 🤯)
Faster processing speed may help your child feel less overwhelmed by new situations, people, information, etc.

And this is only the beginning... Clients report so many real-life improvements from brain training (like these) because a strong brain makes all the difference!


When you have a weak muscle group, what do you do?

Train it. Target it. Strengthen it.

When you have a weak cognitive skill that's impacting your ability to focus, read, learn, and remember, you can do the same thing.

Brain training at LearningRx feels less like teaching or tutoring and more like a personal trainer for your brain. We're going to look at the areas that are strong (and weak) and build a program to help you achieve your fullest potential!

Learn more here: https://bit.ly/45phoDC


In a research study, TBI survivors reported improvements in each of these areas following brain training programs! When you strengthen brain skills, many different areas of life are impacted. While every situation is unique and your results will be unique to you, give us a call today to learn more about our brain training programs!


A new sports season is picking up—and sometimes, so are injuries. Many individuals have experienced cognitive improvements following an injury after brain training, restoring confidence and getting them back on track! Every case is unique, but we'd love to share more about the options you have to get your cognitive strength back!

Learn more: https://bit.ly/44rvoMU


When you're looking for an intervention to help your child, it's important to ask for specific research on THAT intervention. At LearningRx, we're committed to providing research-backed programs to move the needle on your child's ability to focus, read, learn, and remember!

In this study, researchers looked at over 3,500 struggling readers and saw an average improvement in ALL cognitive and reading skills across the board. While every outcome is different, we'd love the chance to talk to you about the best ways to support your family!

More about our research here: https://bit.ly/43FEip3


If you're a parent of an ADHD kid, this question is probably constantly on your mind.

Whether it's after school activities, academic interventions, or some other support, ADHD can absolutely make it harder for kids to thrive in typical environments.

Here's some great news for you today: research has found that both neurotypical kids and ADHD kids experience similar results after of brain training!

Brain training is a great way to help your ADHD grow their thinking, learning, reading, and focusing skills in a way that is tailored to their unique strengths and weaknesses.

Learn more about our approach to ADHD help here: https://bit.ly/3WLqLKw

*Outcomes may vary. You or your child may or may not experience the same results.

Jacob Came for Reading Help; Look What Else Improved (2023 LearningRx Student of the Year Runner Up) 08/30/2023

When Jacob began training, he was skeptical that anything would help to improve his reading skills and was not confident in his abilities to complete the tasks at LearningRx. As training progressed, he was able to see vast improvements academically and personally!

After several weeks of training, Jacob began to realize that his training was not only helping to improve his academics, but that it was also having a positive effect on his baseball skills and his self-confidence. He learned to laugh at his mistakes and give full effort in school, at home, and on the baseball field!

Congratulations to Jacob, our 2nd runner-up for 2023 LearningRx Student of the Year🥳 Watch his whole story here:

Jacob Came for Reading Help; Look What Else Improved (2023 LearningRx Student of the Year Runner Up) When Jacob began training, he was skeptical that anything would help to improve his reading skills and was not confident in his abilities to complete the Thi...


Is your child dreading the back-to-school season?

If learning is always a fight, kids frequently respond by saying that they "hate" school or that it's "boring." These avoidant behaviors are often signs of deeper learning struggles that can be addressed with brain training!

While every brain is unique, we'd love the chance to talk with you more about the way cognitive skills not only impact learning itself—but also attitudes about learning.

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Brain training is life changing and this is the perfect time to train!

We are Training Students Live Online via ZOOM!

LearningRx Brain Training focuses on improving the cognitive skills the brain uses to think, think faster, read, learn, remember accurately, and pay attention. We have been working on the weak brain skills to improve problem solving abilities, focus better and longer and more for well over 30 years.

Our clients get great results. Our students work face-to-face online with a personal brain trainer, doing fun, challenging mental exercises that improve core brain skills including auditory and visual processing, long term and working memory, logic, reasoning, word attack, processing speed and more. Call us to schedule your time to try it for yourself?

While many of our clients (over 100,000+) are children who are struggling in school and life, we find adults wanting to improve their skills for the workplace, develop new skills, regain soft competencies--we also work with many good, great and AP students to improve speed and accuracy, study skills/strategies, note taking and testing skills.

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After the training is complete, we have a brief survey that is filled out. Here is a response from some of our student's...





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