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If you want to know what happens after those early Montessori years, you should join in tomorrow and hear what these former students have to say!
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Montessori School of Oakton
No tricks here - just a treat for the Montessori School of Oakton which received a belayed Halloween Parade Award from Mayor Linda Colbert this week. The school won second place in the Floats without Music category. Congrats to all the students, teachers and parents who worked hard on their 1920's themed float!
The Montessori School of Oakton is holding their 18th Annual Spring Gala, "A Roaring 20's Gala" on March 12th at 6pm at the Fairfax Marriott at Fair Oaks. All are welcome!
The event is sponsored by:
Alexandria, Kitchen and Bath Studios:
Bello mi piace...
When is the fall fair?
If any Amazon Prime members are planning to shop the big "better than Black Friday" sale on July 15, please remember to link through the orange Amazon icon on the MSO homepage so the school earns credit for your purchase. Thanks!
Official MMUN NYC 2015 Video has been released!
Do we have room for more plants?
Thank you MSO for the beautiful Mothers Day Tea. A wonderful time was had by all.
We are excited to announce that KinderTouch is now available totally FREE! Join today by simply liking this post or visit
What is a "Montessori school"?
IMS recognizes a Montessori school as one that follows laws of nature. In its formal recognition program, IMS gives committed schools a place before the public to declare this commitment to the "true natural" type of Montessori teaching that follows laws of nature - rather than the conventional type that follows personality or culture.
In the general public, since ALL Montessori schools are not the same, this distinction is important, especially to alert those inquiring about your school to know what type of quality and commitment they can expect from what you are offering. Parents especially don't look deep enough to make wise choices for their children. So, IMS offers a distinction that is otherwise not available in the Montessori community.
IMS charges $10 per enrolled child as part of its recognition program. A maximum of $700 per school applies. However, if you school actively participates in IMS training, fees for this training will reduce the recognition fee for the next year - so there is an incentive to get involved in staff and personal training to expand and develop your program's quality and development on behalf of the "new education". IMS schools also receives a certificate of recognition, and regular publications to keep you informed of progress and development in the field. Inquire and apply on line at the IMS website: and Join the IMS discussion

An AMI school, The Montessori School of Oakton has been serving children from three to twelve years

Operating as usual

The Importance of Slowing Down with Young Children 09/21/2023

Our days can be pretty fast-paced. But when a child's world moves too quickly, they can miss out on some important growth. Here are eight ways we can support our young children by slowing down.

The Importance of Slowing Down with Young Children There is so much in the world to discover! And young children are trying to learn everything they can. Maria Montessori described an inner drive that every child has to explore and be independent. If a child’s world moves too quickly and to many things are done for them they can become passive an...

The High Cost of Low Trust - Maren Schmidt 09/20/2023

As our children get older, they need us to trust them more. This post reminds us about the power of being curious and that low trust can have a high cost.

The High Cost of Low Trust - Maren Schmidt ''My parents don't trust me anymore,'' said thirteen-year-old Steve.''Oh,'' I said, but thought to myself, RED ALERT. This wasn't going to be a regular sit-at-the-table-and-eat-pizza party conversation

Montessori at home: Help kids cooperate - Motherly 09/19/2023

Motherly shares 10 questions to ask to get your children to cooperate. These gems are worth printing and posting until they become habitual!

Montessori at home: Help kids cooperate - Motherly Montessori at home: 10 questions to help kids cooperate. Montessori is child-directed. Asking children questions helps them make decisions Category : Parenting, Child, Child Learn & Play

My Montessori Journey 09/18/2023

A Montessori early childhood teacher shares ideas for how to talk with your preschooler about their day.

My Montessori Journey A blog devoted to Montessori education with a little bit of this and that thrown in.


Just in time to celebrate Johnny Appleseed’s birthday(September 26)
Hope to see you at the orchard!

41 Confidence Quotes to Inspire Children 09/14/2023

Does your child need a boost of self-confidence? Here are 41 confidence quotes to inspire children, plus tips on how to use them.

41 Confidence Quotes to Inspire Children We've collected a list of inspiring quotes about self-confidence for your children or students.


Our Upper Elementary Students at the Columnar Jointing at Compton Gap on Skyline Drive. It was an excellent day!😊

How To Talk About 9/11 With A New Generation Of Kids 09/11/2023

On this day of remembrance, it's good to think about how to talk with children about September 11. Although this post is a couple of years old, it still resonates and is worth a read.

How To Talk About 9/11 With A New Generation Of Kids Students today have no memory of the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, so this year's anniversary poses unique challenges for educators and caregivers trying to explain what happened and why.


Thank you to Woody’s Ice Cream Shop for helping to make our “Ice Cream Social” so delicious!🍦

Photos from Montessori School of Oakton's post 09/09/2023

An “Ice Cream Social”- A perfect start to a new school year!😊 It was wonderful to see so many AYM Families making new friends and having fun!!

Self-care for parents 09/08/2023

We all know we need to put the oxygen mask on ourselves first, but it can be hard to remember in the busy rush of each day. Three mental health experts share how they prioritize self-care and the benefits they've seen with their families. With small steps, we can make it happen!

Self-care for parents How mental health experts with kids look after their own well-being

Creating a Healthy Sleep Environment for Your School Age Child 09/06/2023

Even when our children get older, sleep is important! This post looks at how to create a healthy sleep environment for our school-aged children.

Creating a Healthy Sleep Environment for Your School Age Child School age kids function best when they get adequate rest. Creating a healthy sleep environment can help your child fall asleep more quickly and better avoid those too-late nights and early morning grumps.

A better morning routine for kids and parents 09/05/2023

Finding it tough to get to school on time? Here are 12 tips for mastering the morning routine (and experience less stress)!

A better morning routine for kids and parents Nail the right bedtime and morning routine and everyone will have a better day.

Starting School 09/01/2023

Starting school after the summer (or for the first time) is always a big transition. Realistic expectations and good preparation make all the difference. Here are tips (for infants and toddlers through elementary ages) to help get started on the right foot.

Starting School Tips for a smooth transition when starting school from early childhood to Elementary

Happy Birthday, Maria Montessori. | Montessori Foundation | MFA | IMC 09/01/2023

On this 153rd anniversary of Dr. Maria Montessori's birth, we celebrate her legacy and offer thanks for her contributions to the world!

Happy Birthday, Maria Montessori. | Montessori Foundation | MFA | IMC Happy Birthday, Maria Montessori. by Tim Seldin | Free Reads, Maria Montessori, MFA ‹ Previous Montessori Town Hall Meeting: Our Role in Ending Systemic and Internal Racism Friday August 28th, 2020 Next › Adjusting to Life 2020-2021: Social Connections Outside the Home Related Posts Book Review:...


Happy Birthday to Maria Montessori!

How can Parents Best Support Montessori Teachers? 08/31/2023

As the school year begins, we often want to offer support to our children's Montessori teachers. Here are some ideas for how!

How can Parents Best Support Montessori Teachers? How can parents best support Montessori teachers? A resource for parents -- real Montessori teachers give their thoughts on how parents can support their work.

Photos from Montessori School of Oakton's post 08/30/2023

“Make new friends and keep the old…..”
So nice to see MSO parents connecting over coffee on the first day of school.😊
A special thanks to Kim Chin and Arpana Narain for providing the coffee and donuts!👏👏

Why Don’t Most Parents Teach the Golden Rule? 08/30/2023

Many of us grew up knowing the golden rule. A 2023 survey, though, finds that only 14% of parents teach their children the golden rule and over a quarter don't know what it is. Why is the golden rule withering?

Why Don’t Most Parents Teach the Golden Rule? A new survey finds that only 14% of parents teach their kids the Golden Rule, and over a quarter don't even know what it is. Why?


Tomorrow is the first day of school for many children. This is a very good reminder!😊

Discover the Montessori Freedoms and Try Them at Home 08/25/2023

You often hear us talk about freedom and responsibility. Discover three Montessori freedoms and how you can try them at home.

Discover the Montessori Freedoms and Try Them at Home Use the three core freedoms of a Montessori classroom to bring Montessori into your home. The freedoms include movement, choice and repetition.


It can be easy to incorporate Montessori practical life activities at home. Take a look at this post for ideas on how to include your child around the house, how to set up activities to make them attractive to your child, and how to simplify activities for your child's success.


Caring for oneself, others, and one's surroundings is the heart of Montessori practical life. Take a look at this post to learn how these activities come to life for infants and toddlers.

Montessori Practical Life, Age One to Three - Care of Self, Others, the Environment - text The following is the text from this section of the 2009-2010 edition of The Joyful Child, Montessori from Birth to Three To see other sections of this publication return to:

Starting preschool: How to handle saying goodbyes? 08/19/2023

Our little ones starting school is a big and important step in their lives. Although the transition can be hard (usually more so on us as parents!), a few simple approaches can set everyone up for success.

Starting preschool: How to handle saying goodbyes? Before the age of two, the child undergoes a series of developmental changes making them ready for a new social environment. Although the parents are still the most important people in their world, children now need an expansion of their social horizons: the experience of a peer group, of being soci...

What Happens When You Use Your Phone Around Your Kids 08/17/2023

We all know how addictive our phones are. But we don't often think about how our own phone use impacts our children. Take a look to learn more. Spoiler alert: there is an impact!

What Happens When You Use Your Phone Around Your Kids The more often parents are on their smartphones in front of their kids, the lower the children's emotional intelligence.

When parenting is risky 08/12/2023

Sometimes parenting can feel so risky. How do we support our children without being helicopter parents? How do we keep them safe yet allow them to learn from their mistakes? This honest and helpful post is for all of us who are doing our best to be brave.

When parenting is risky I started writing this before my city was wrecked by a tragic school shooting last week. It feels strange to discuss risky parenting right now because parenting itself feels risky. For the past seven days, I have watched my children closer than usual and held them tighter. May this work of peaceful....

5 Free Toys For Your Kids 08/11/2023

What?! Free toys!?! This post shares five free "toys" readily available, no assembly required, and no batteries needed. The author of Playful Parenting shares some great reminders.

5 Free Toys For Your Kids Unleash creativity on a shoestring (literally).

How to Respond if Your Baby Gets Hit: 3 Steps to Follow 08/10/2023

What do you do when you are at the park and your child gets hit? These three steps will help you (and your child) handle the situation with grace.

How to Respond if Your Baby Gets Hit: 3 Steps to Follow Discover Montessori parenting tips for toddlers: Learn how to respond if your baby gets hit and how to help them cope with the aftermath.

Photos from Montessori School of Oakton's post 08/09/2023

We are going to miss “Water Wednesdays”.😎




When we make a mistake with our children, we can model how to recognize and reconcile. Take a look at this post for the 3 R's of Recovery.

THE THREE Rs OF RECOVERY A Positive Discipline Tool Card It is much easier to take responsibility for a mistake when it is seen as a learning opportunity rather than something to be ashamed of. If we see mistakes as bad we tend to feel inadequate and discouraged and may become defensive, evasive, judgmental, or critical of....

Photos from Montessori School of Oakton's post 08/08/2023

Look what pulled into the Main Street Station- “The MSO Express”!!😊👏👏

Making Amends 08/08/2023

As parents and caregivers, we make mistakes, too! Here is a guide for how to make amends with our children when we realize we've done wrong.

Making Amends The power of our example when we offer amends.

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