SoA Green Studio

George Mason University’s School of Art Green Studio is an outdoor studio/lab which hosts creative projects that merge art and ecology.

The Chicest Gardens Today Are Not Groomed Or Tame, They Are Wild 03/31/2022

The Chicest Gardens Today Are Not Groomed Or Tame, They Are Wild

The Chicest Gardens Today Are Not Groomed Or Tame, They Are Wild For some time, enlightened gardeners have grown away from contained, stiffly regimented beds organized around lawns in favor of free-form swaths of native plants, pollinators once considered weeds, grasses and wildflower meadows. 03/02/2020

Visiting Filmmakers Series at Mason: Anthropocene: The Human Epoch with Jennifer Baichwal

Don't miss this! Wednesday, April 8, 2020 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM: A cinematic meditation on humanity’s massive reengineering of the planet, Anthropocene: The Human... 01/08/2020

Undergraduate helps preserve American ginseng with help of Smithsonian | George Mason George Mason University, the largest and most diverse public university in Virginia, is conducting a comprehensive search for its next president. 01/03/2020

'Every plant and animal is useful to us': Indigenous professor re-thinking how we deal with invasive species | CBC Radio Nicholas Reo, an assistant professor at Dartmouth College, is bringing Indigenous ways of understanding invasive plants and animal species into academia. 10/02/2019

17th Annual P3 Awards: A National Student Design Competition Focusing on People, Prosperity and the Planet | US EPA The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) – as part of its People, Prosperity and the Planet (P3) Award Program – is seeking applications proposing to research, develop, design, and demonstrate solutions to real world challenges.


Transparent GMU

Transparent GMU has shown what dedicated students can do to protect public education from private interests. Consider joining!

We aim to shed light on the potential undue influence of GMU donors. We are calling on GMU to ensure academic freedom and integrity are upheld.


Submit a Public Art or Creative Sustainable Infrastructure Proposal

Mason Mural Brigade is embarking on its next project exploring the dynamic relationships between art, humanity, and the ELEMENTS: EARTH, WATER, FIRE, AIR. This open theme invites meaningful creative interpretations of contemporary society and our relationship with the environment from a variety of perspectives.

The three focus areas of ELEMENTS are:
1. Location-specific environmental issues, such as the California Wildfires or the Flint Water Crisis
2. Creative, sustainable infrastructure such as an innovative way to divert/reuse campus plastic waste, alternative power, a way to reuse storm/gray water, or a plant-material mural to clean the air, that will lessen the eco-footprint of the campus
3. Art that promotes environmental consciousness from lenses such as consumption, commoditization of natural resources, intersectionality and human rights (Ex. EcoFeminism, Environmental Racism), and more.

Student proposal form

Professional Artist proposal form


Mason Mural Brigade

Hey everyone! If you're an SIS major, you can get Independent Study credit, Experiential Learning, or internship credits for participating with the Mural Brigade! If you have experience/are studying something related to marketing, event planning, public relations, arts management, fundraising, sustainability, or social justice, consider this opportunity! 09/03/2019

Wish Tree for Washington - Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden | Smithsonian On view July 2 through September 2, 2019 “Artists are going to be the metronome of this society” – Yoko Ono Every summer through Labor Day, visitors are invited to the sculpture garden to tie their written wishes to the branches of Yoko Ono’s Wish Tree for Washington, DC. For most of the yea...


Smithsonian-Mason School of Conservation

Ecology + Art = AVT 385: EcoArt!

Undergrads from all majors, explore the fascinating combination of these two fields this summer in one exciting offering! Worth 3 credits, EcoArt includes residency at SMSC, located minutes from the entrance to Shenandoah National Park in Front Royal, VA (USA).

5/20 - 6/1, 10:00am - 2:00pm

Course includes enviro-sculpture & sculptural habitats, enviro-photography, sustainable garden & landscape design, home-scale permaculture, and more!

For information contact Mark Cooley at [email protected].



A new proposal from Washington D.C. threatens what’s most important in the South.


Transparent GMU

We aim to shed light on the potential undue influence of GMU donors. We are calling on GMU to ensure academic freedom and integrity are upheld. 02/01/2019

Exploring North America's Oldest Food Forest Anyone who cares about our ability to grow food in the next 100 years should know about this place. The oldest food forest in North America shows us both where we have come from, and where we need to go if we want to thrive in an uncertain future. If we want to create an abundant perennial agricul 03/26/2018

Attend the Trial of Transparent GMU v. George Mason University Foundation We are calling for accountability! George Mason University Foundation has refused our requests for the public records concerning GMU's private donors. We are going to have our day in court on April 24, 2018. We want you to attend and support university transparency. RSVP to let us know you are ready...


"Green" volunteer opportunities at Mason. Here's just a few initiatives to get involved with!

Presidents Park Greenhouse
Weekly Walk-In Hours:
Mon/Wed/Fri 4-7 pm and Tue 11-2

Innovation Food Forest
Weekly Walk-In Hours: Wed/Fri 12:30-2:30
(subject to change with student demand)

GOGA (the student-led GMU Organic Garden Association) by contacting Alex, our Garden Team Leader, and GOGA President, to talk about membership and leadership roles that are available.

Check out their free event coming up soon:
Volunteer when it’s warm and not rainy at the GOGA-led:
Potomac Heights Organic Vegetable
Garden Weekly Walk-In Hours:
Mon/Wed/Fri 3-5 pm



Depressed? Get out there and dig in the dirt.



Depressed? Get out there and dig in the dirt.


George Mason University’s School of Art Green Studio is an outdoor studio/lab which hosts creative projects that merge art and ecology. You'll notice, we don't update this page often. We tend to prefer working with greens rather than screens. 02/08/2017

Recycled Outdoor Art Competition | Manassas, VA - Official Site Rules and entry form for the City of Manassas Recycled Outdoor Art Competition 11/20/2016

National Park Service Climate Communication Internship Program | Center For Climate Change Communication

The Summer 2017 application period for the paid 4C/NPS Climate Change Communication Internship Program is now open! Mason's Center for Climate Change Communication is seeking upper-level undergraduate and graduate students with diverse backgrounds to form an interdisciplinary team with natural science, social science, and multimedia backgrounds. For more information about the internship program and how to apply check out their website @:


Did you know you can get free training on how to grow your own food? Volunteer in the greenhouse and gardens on campus to gain hands-on experience with growing food in hydroponics, in soil and with permaculture techniques. Bring your group for a fun activity or schedule a tour to check it out.

The weekly fall schedule to walk-in and volunteer in the President's Park Greenhouse is:
Mondays through Thursdays 11-2 (Harvest on Tuesdays)

The weekly fall schedule to volunteer at the Innovation Food Forest is:
Wednesdays and Fridays 3-6 PM

The weekly fall schedule to volunteer at the Potomac Heights Organic Vegetable Garden with GOGA (GMU Organic Gardening Association) is:
Mondays and Thursdays 3-5 PM

Just show up during these times and we will show you everything you need to know to volunteer. If you would like to schedule a private or group tour, feel free to contact me.

Not a student? Not a problem. Anyone is welcome to come help and learn. Also, you can bring your friends, your group of boy/girl scouts or your organization’s team for a fun, educational group tour and hands-on activity.

You can find these locations on any GMU Fairfax map. Feel free to call or text me if you have trouble finding the site.

To learn more, go to our webpages: 10/27/2016

Aviva Rahmani : Ecological Artist

EcoScience+Art invites you to join a very special evening with internationally acclaimed eco-artist Aviva Rahmani.

Talk: The Blued Tree Symphony
(Featuring a surprise performance by University Chorale directed by Dr. Lisa Billingham)

Venue: Research Hall, Rm. 163
Time: November 3, 2016, 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm

Aviva Rahmani’s work is exhibited and published internationally. She is an Affiliate of the Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research (INSTAAR), at the University of Colorado at Boulder, CO., and received her PhD from Plymouth University, UK on the topic of “Trigger Point Theory as Aesthetic Activism.” In 2015-16 the Blued Trees Symphony won a National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) residency to work on the Newtown Creek superfund site in Brooklyn, NY with the International Studio and Curatorial Program (ISCP), NY, received an Ethelwyn Doolittle Justice and Outreach grant, and was awarded a New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) Fellowship in the category of Architecture/ Environmental Structures/ Design. Previous ecological art installation projects resulted in the restoration of a former dump site to a flourishing wetlands system, Ghost Nets 1990-2000 with help from the Nancy H. Gray Foundation for Art in the Environment. Her Blue Rocks project helped catalyze a USDA expenditure of $500,000 to restore 26 acres of critical wetlands habitat in the Gulf of Maine.


Students from GCH 360 (Health and Environment) will be hosting a kiosk in the JC next Wednesday afternoon to bring awareness to water bottle waste and drinking water safety, encouraging students to use the filtered water stations located around campus and to taste test leading bottled water brands compared to our filtered water!


George Mason University's Visiting Filmmakers Series is bringing City of Trees with Lance Kramer and Brandon Kramer to the Johnson Center Cinema on Wednesday November 9, 2016 at 4:30pm.

City of Trees is a deeply personal story about the struggle for good jobs and environmental justice in our cities. During the recession, the documentary follows three trainees and the director of a stimulus-funded green job-training program designed to put unemployed people back to work by caring for parks in DC. As they navigate the community’s distrust of outsiders and a fast-approaching deadline before the grant money runs out, City of Trees thrusts viewers into the inspiring but messy world of job training and the paradoxes changemakers face in urban communities every day.

GMU Visiting Filmmakers Series: City of Trees with Lance Kramer and Brandon Kramer is sponsored by Film and Media Studies, Film and Video Studies, Mason Reads, University Libraries, Honors College, Off Campus Student Programs and Services, Center for Climate Change Communication, African and African American Studies, English Department, BSA, DKA, and University Life.

For more information, see GMU FAMS or contact [email protected]


Amazing EcoArt class field trip to Polyface Farms today!


EcoArt class moving an unhappy Asian Pear tree. We hope it likes its new location better!


EcoArt class joining in to help out SoA Design Graduate student Shangjiao Sun with implementing her design for a section of the Green Studio. The design features rainwater retention through the use of swales and berms, and the inclusion of plants beneficial for both humans and pollinators - including the rapidly diminishing Monarch butterfly, which uses only the Milkweed plant for its eggs. 09/16/2016

FDA Finds Monsanto's W**d Killer In U.S. Honey | Huffington Post

O.k. Let's get together to ban chemical herbicides/pesticides, including Monsanto's RoundUp from George Mason University. The University is sending mixed messages when it asserts the importance of maintaining bee populations, which the university hosts on campus (President Cabrera has bees at his home as well), while spraying chemicals toxic to bees and humans all over campus!

Anyone want to start a petition? The Food and Drug Administration, under public pressure to start testing samples of U.S. food for the presence of a pesticide that has been linked to can... 05/06/2016

Noise Awareness pizza boxes laid to rest in front of the Art and Design Building – Noise now infused into the DNA of the living soil.

It was the best year yet for the Noise Awareness festival, and once again pizza was the sustenance that helped sustain the sonic mayhem into the early hours of the morning. Could it be that the intense sounds of that evening are now somehow encoded in the fibers of cardboard like grooves on a record – or perhaps in the way the history of a forest is encoded in its soils.

Embedded in this act is the thought of a tree farm, a pine tree grown for decades, fed a steady chemical diet, finally cut, trucked, milled, pulped, printed, shipped, and stored, all to be finally put to a functional use in transporting pizza for the absurdely brief interval between the strip mall down the road and our doorsteps.

Wouldn’t it be nice to extend the function of these incredible objects we call boxes (being the products of prolific resource extraction and a whole array of industries and technologies), which are doomed to serve the most mundane tasks of a civilization built on the impossible dream that we might extract infinite resources from a finite planet.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to release the frozen organic potential of these amazing objects, to return them to the basic processes which might give them a new life.

Wouldn’t it, in the process, be nice to feed the microbes, fungi and earthworms knowing that they will give back life – as the the cardboard fibers of pizza boxes are digested by the living soil, made elemental and reassembled into the the fibers of a living plant.

Wouldn’t it also be nice, if in the process, the cardboard, could be employed to nurture and protect a young and vulnerable plant from undo competition.

And wouldn’t it be amazing if in some way the life of the soil itself, busy digesting right now, were at some deep level functioning as positive receptors for the encoded vibes of an amazing evening of signal / noise experimentation called Noise Awareness.

The medicinal qualities of currants are well known, may they these currents be somehow infused with the healing potential of sound.


Revive Our Mason Pond

A project started by a group of students in Eco-Art.

Revive Our Mason Pond (ROMP) is a project initiated by George Mason University students with the intention of creating awareness and inspiring action to transform Mason Pond into the environmentally friendly pond we know it can be.

With dredging, the installation of aquatic plants and an ecologically focussed landscape design, Mason Pond could not only be a much more beautiful place, but also help the environment by creating habitat and importantly helping to filter stormwater run off, which is currently the biggest source of pollution in the Chesapeake Bay (into which Mason Pond eventually flows).

From strictly an engineering perspective, Mason Pond does it's job as a stormwater retention pond, but it could do so much more. As a familiar beacon of the George Mason Campus, Mason Pond should serve as an example of the kinds of innovative collaborations we're capable of when creative folks from across campus come together.

Let's make Mason Pond an example of STEAM in action!
Let's Revive Our Mason Pond!

The Mason Pond at GMU needs some work. It isn't clean or safe for the environment and isn't even that nice to look at. Help us make it better!

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