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D-Star 12/29/2022


Time for practicum? Let's study to GOTA for National Parks. Get on The Airwaves

D-Star D-Star W4FJ – D Star Gateway Information The W4FJ repeaters operate on 147.255 (+600 Khz) — 443.7125 (+5 Mhz) — 1284.0000 (-20 Mhz) The repeaters have a 50 megabit internet connection to the D Star gateway. Any user who is registered on a D Star gateway is welcome to use to the repeaters and t...


"Talk to me," Peter Gabriel ( audio accompaniment )

Information Security Society is presently screening candidates and tabletop scenarios. We are currently an example of how the Beverage Cooling Contraption Competition (BCCC, DC 23) meets Packet Hacking Village (DC 20, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27) in a rural fast-Fourier signal computation environment.

Call it COVID, call it threatscape, INFOSOC are the first to stand down in CONUS travel. NOC FED UAS zones apply here in community and good samaritan ethics.

If folks from the INFOSEC zone can read and repeat this message: Please move on from ChatGPT:

March 2023 is around the corner.

O Street Mansion and Museum - reservation form 12/12/2022

O Street Mansion and Museum - reservation form

Note Bene: Hello Stamp Collectors; Hello whistlers of 2600hz anthropological bird songs (to the timbre of Leonard Cohen); Hello connoisseurs of Rock & Roll:

The O Mansion Summer of Soul presents:
Chai Treasure Hunt for Judaic historical artifacts donated to the Museum by local & international patrons!

Please send a calendar note to Information Security Society if you will be attending!

Tickets for 12/14/2022 Chai Treasure Hunt

O Street Mansion and Museum - reservation form Reserve with this form


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"Whatever folks, I love YOU more"

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Chris Christmas Rodriguez 3 11/25/2022

Chris Christmas Rodriguez 3

Kitchen Material Science
Super Hot Peppers
FCC Policy and Permits
Outdoor Rec by Permit and Appointment
Building Coursework for a Rennaisance in International Film Camp (Identification Required for the first round)

Scout Comment (KM4NNP):
BBC 2 Hash House Harriers: Do you remember that time at DEFCON 24 when you spotted me in the Aries Packet Hacking Villages? I was wearing a fox hat, blinking lights, and sweeping for a radio signal I later decoded across two bases. I still have the capture of the code. Are you curious? You thought I was cool (Yep, Sadler and I placed on the scoreboard Internationally that year for sweeping or Aries Security Packet Hacking Village), and it turns out you're right! And ... I'm English, and an Aries, too. =].
Tl; Dr. Yes! I will accept that interview request if the terms are correct
If you want to meet the international flight crew who are the notorious Hacker Women I may be able to assemble one

: anyone who is interested in being recognized can reach us during business hours

Vote Rod Soto for Chris Christmas Rodriguez

Chris Christmas Rodriguez 3 Uncle Mark and Uncle Thomas. Vote for Chris Christmas Rodriquez to replace Santa this year.For more: ad...


If you take the high road &&
I take the low road, I'll get to scotland
before thee. For me and my true love shall never meet again
On the bonny cranky banks of NOC FED UAS land


Polish team hacked American satellite. And they won a prize! - PoLAND of IT Masters 05/06/2022

Polish team hacked American satellite. And they won a prize! - PoLAND of IT Masters

Polish team hacked American satellite. And they won a prize! - PoLAND of IT Masters Successful mission of the Polish team Poland Can Into Space was a part of prestigious global competition -A-Sat2, run by US Air Force and US Space Force last year in December. Top cybersecurity talents from around the world competed by attacking and defending virtual satellites.


Information Security Society


Happy Halloween, hackers!!! The InfoSec Society drew inspiration for carving this fantastic DEFCON themed jack-o-lantern from the DEFCON page. If you haven't already, go give them a huge LIKE. HTTPS://


We've been very busy here, researching up a storm to bring great new tradecraft coursework your way just in time for summer!


Lockpickers and Lovelocks - Ethical Rules of Engagement.

Problem: In many places, lovelocks are clipped from the public property they inhabit, and thrown to waste by ordinance workers. Here at Information Security Society, we have a great passion for the art of lockpicking and a great respect for other people's lovelocks, so we've asked how we can help preserve these tokens of love, while protecting lovelocks from hitting the inevitable metal bottom of a municipal dumpster.

In sum, "lovepicking" is the answer! To best explain lovepicking, we've shared the "Ethical Rules of Engagement", authored by The Open Organisation of Lockpickers (TOOOL).

Ethical Rules of Engagement for Love Picking, by TOOOL.

1. Public Locks Only - The first Golden Rule of all sportpicking is "Do not pick locks that don't belong to you." Thus, Love Picking can only be considered OK if you are working with locks that local ordinance would define as "abandoned property" and which therefore do not belong to anyone else. This may seem like a stretch, but what we wish to make clear is that it is NOT ok to pick locks — even "unused" Love Locks — if they are on private property or otherwise not in a public space.

2. Threatened Locks Only - This takes the above principle a step farther... TOOOL finds locks beautiful and we applaud the sentiment behind Love Locks. Therefore, if any city or municipality does not take action to remove Love Locks, we feel that sport pickers should similarly refrain from opening them. We only support the picking of Love Locks in places where they are regularly cut off by work crews or maintenance teams.

3. Pick to Preserve & Display - Love Locks that are removed as part of a sportpicking outing should not sit idle in someone's personal collection, nor should they be kept as trophies on someone's shelf. A Love Lock, once opened by Love Picking, should ultimately be locked closed again... ideally on some other artistic structure, and one that is designed for this purpose and which will not be subject to removal.

4. Care & Kindness Trump Speed & Glory - While sportpicking competitions often feature boastful posturing and frenzied hand movements as everyone involved seeks the fastest times and the highest rank, we feel that Love Picking should be conducted with an atmosphere of casual camaraderie. At the end of the day, measuring the total weight of the locks that have been removed may be permissible as a matter of interest... but anything to do with stopwatches, leader boards, and other features typical of events like LockCon are out of place, in our view. 11/22/2014

Elonka's Kryptos Page

Jim Sanborn releases a new clue to Kryptos this week, the 70th through 74th positions, which read MZFPK, will read CLOCK when decoded. Kryptos is a sculpture located on the grounds of CIA Headquarters in Langley, Virginia. Installed in 1990, its thousands of characters contain encrypted messages, of which three have been solved (so far). There is still a fourth section at the bottom consisting of 97 characters which remains uncrack…


At the Conference in McLean, fascinated by Cyber Work Force panel sharing tactics on recruiting veterans and veteran spouses into US domestic IT work force 08/19/2014

DEFCON 22 Insider’s Report

Read DEFCON 22 Insider's Report by Ivy Thomas, Founder of Information Security Society | HT ClearedJobs.Net DEFCON is the world's longest running and largest underground hacking conference, held annually in Las Vegas. We asked DEFCON veteran Ivy Thomas to share her


Those who build beneath the stars build too low.

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Happy Halloween, hackers!!! The InfoSec Society drew inspiration for carving this fantastic DEFCON themed jack-o-lantern...






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