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Hi all! Just a heads up there is a fundraiser going on in Oakton for Merritt Academy!




Option to order online by going to:Chipotle:— Order Now use the promo code WNW8HV4. 33% of the Sales return to the PTO! Legh Penrod
With your support, FACETS was able to provide an astonishing 725 backpacks, filled with school supplies, to deserving kids all over Fairfax County! We are so grateful, and could not have done it without these incredible community partners: St Matthew's UMC, St. George's UMC, INTEC Group, LLC, Parkwood Baptist, Serco Inc., Emmanuel Lutheran Church - Vienna, VA, Sunrise At Silas Burke House, Merritt Academy, Fairfax Presbyterian Church, St. Peter's in the Woods Episcopal Church, Fairfax Baptist Church, Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Accenture, Fairfax Bar Association - Paralegal Section, Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services, Staples, Church of The Good Shepherd, St. Alban's Episcopal Church - Annandale, VA, McEnearney Associates, Falls Church Academy, Freddie Mac, Ambassador Bible Church, Region 10, Molina Healthcare, Curran Moher Weis, P.C., Blankingship & Keith PC, and Bean, Kinney & Korman, P.C.!
I am sharing this with the hope that no one experiences what we did. Please view the Dept. of Social Services findings (link below) if you want additional details.

Our 18 month old daughter’s elbow was dislocated by her teacher at Merritt Academy in a horrific act that they defend as age appropriate disciplinary action. My daughter’s teacher lifted her by her forearm from a seated position to a standing position, dislocating her elbow immediately and causing her agonizing pain. We were called (nearly 2 hrs later) to come pick her up and take her to the ER, where she had to have her elbow reset (a painful procedure). We know exactly what happened because there is video surveillance. The Department of Social Services investigated, cited Merritt for 3 violations, and provided details of their investigation in their report. Their findings against Merritt are public info:;Inspection=135089;ID=9599;search_keywords_name=Merritt%20academy;

Thank God for cameras or we never would known what actually happened. As of the date of this post, the teacher is still the lead teacher in the same classroom.
Merritt Academy Vs. Atherton | High School Football 🏈
Mustangs Vs. Wolverines
📺📲 Live Match :
The Atherton (Burton, MI) varsity football team has a home conference game vs. Merritt Academy (New Haven, MI) today @ 7p.
Support your team to be the best
Like And Share This Match, Thank You
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It's Teacher Appreciation Tuesday! Every hero needs a squad and ours is simply the best! Each Tuesday in February, we will be recognizing one of our SUPER squad coordinators. This week's spotlight shines on Mick Holmes (and his daughter Delilah) of Merritt Academy!

The Merritt community has been working with LLS for over 15 years, spreading awareness and fundraising for a cure. This year, despite being completely virtual, they've had their most successful year yet! Check our story throughout the day to learn how.
We want to send a huge thank you to the students at Merritt Academy for operating a bake sale and other fundraisers to help support the ACC animals! These awesome kids not only purchased lots of food and treats for the animals, they even handmade a super cute bowl and sent us Amazon gift cards for our most pressing needs! You kids rock!
Field trip for the Merritt Academy Summer Camp on Lake Audubon Bring your group out to paddle with us before you run out of summer!
Looking for counselors!
Love the new website! :)
My daughter as well as her 6th grade class at Merritt Academy are staying there for the week. Cant wait to hear how she likes it as I would love to come there myself some day!
Looking to get your kid involved in soccer and so much more? Come join Lil' Kickers DMV. Our balanced and creative approach to coaching will have a positive impact on your child that goes far beyond the soccer field. We provide in-depth classes for boys and girls ages 18 mo to 9 yrs old, indoor year around!

Come to a FREE trial and bring a friend! Check out our open house events at a location near you.

Open house dates and times:
November 19 from 10am-1pm at NOVA Field House
November 20 from 11am-1pm at McLean Sport&Health
December 4 from 10am-1pm at Cassel's Sports Complex
December 11 from 10am-1pm at Merritt Academy
In case anyone doesn't get the texts... Merritt has closed for tomorrow, Monday January 25.
Merritt's SCA (Student Council) decorated the Angel tree in the front office with lambs and angels so families can support local people in need as well as those in Honduras.
This week's Donatos Pizza Northern Virginia 'A Slice of Gratitude' recipient is Leah Bruch!

Leah is a one of a kind. Every single time I see her, it is a guarantee that I will have a good laugh & walk away with a big, big smile.

Between balancing multiple part-time jobs, being a volunteer EMT at the Vienna Volunteer Fire Department for 6 years now!), & taking graduate school classes at George Mason University, Leah leads quite a busy life.

At the moment, Leah is a supervisor for the GMU’s Office of Annual Giving's Call Center, an Athletic Instructor at Merritt Academy & a Barre-tender at Pure Barre Vienna (hopefully a soon to be instructor!).

Recently, Leah registered for her last semester of graduate school. In the Spring, she will receive her Masters of Public Health—which she can add-on to her Bachelor's in Community Health (minors in Psych & Biology). She insists that this will not be the end of learning for her. She hopes to (one day) get her PhD, & possibly go to PA School.

(Sidenote: If you know Leah in-real-life, you know that she will openly talk about subjects that one might be bashful to talk about—sex, mental health, etc. Leah truly believes these are important topics that should be openly discussed. Because she is willing to “go there” with others, GMU has made her a TA for Global & Community Health.)

Now, what I didn’t know about Leah until I approached her to be my weekly winner (which proves she doesn’t let her disease define her!)... although she is constantly out-and-about and very much involved with the community, Leah has a chronic illness — Dysautonomia: Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS).

Those living with this disorder have been said to have the same quality of life as people with congestive heart failure. It takes a lot of motivation, rehabilitation & medications to perform daily tasks (sometimes, simple things like bathing can be an exhausting task).

Although her condition is not near where it was a few years ago, she does occasionally suffer from issues such as dizziness/nausea/fatigue/weakness. However, she’s learned that the best way to tackle this disorder is by always having a positive outlook on life and to not let it control your life. She challenges herself everyday by just getting out of bed & everything beyond that is an accomplishment!

Leah is an inspiration. She works hard, stays strong, & proves that the sky is the limit.

When she’s not being the ultimate cool-girl-on-the-go, you can find her hanging out with her grandparents (she proudly states all four of them are her very best friends) or cuddled up at home with her sweet boyfriend who has got her hooked on Game of Thrones.

Visit 's Blog:

Established in 1963, the mission of Rachel O. Merritt Academy has been to nourish and challenge the i

Operating as usual


Happy First Day of School to our students, families and staff! Tuesday morning, look for our campus smile stations or celebration spots to take & share your first day photos.

Photos from Merritt Academy's post 08/15/2023

Helen Keller once said, “alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” Field day yields fun lessons at


Ready to inspire children? Consider teaching in our school's early childhood program! To schedule your interview, scan or go to:

Photos from Merritt Academy's post 08/04/2023

Happy Graduation Day to our outstanding K4 class of 2023! We are so proud of you!
Next stop: Kindergarten!

🎓 🎉

Photos from Merritt Academy's post 07/21/2023

Summer STEAM activities are in full swing!
K3 and K4 students are investigating STEAM concepts that engage both their fine and gross motor skills with an outdoor water wall physics activity and octopus arm math. K2 scientists are learning all about animals that live in or near the ocean!

Photos from Merritt Academy's post 07/06/2023

As part of our curriculum students learn about new character traits each month. Students say the Pledge of Allegiance daily as part of practicing July's character focus on citizenship & loyalty. Students celebrated the USA with our traditional 4th of July parade and festive arts & crafts activities.


Photos from Merritt Academy's post 06/29/2023

Summertime means lots of summer fun here at Merritt Academy!
We are making the best of a Red Air Alert "No Outside" Day with an infant tea party and fitness fun in our gymnasium for preschoolers today.

Photos from Merritt Academy's post 06/23/2023

Searching for a preschool? Begin your search today by using our "Choosing Your Great Preschool" parent checklist to help you determine the perfect preschool for your child! 🔍🚂
Be sure to watch our story to screenshot the checklist!

Photos from Merritt Academy's post 06/09/2023

Next stop: High School! The future is SO bright!

Congratulations to the Merritt Academy Class of 2023! You did it!

Photos from Merritt Academy's post 06/07/2023

Congratulations 2023 Merritt American Scholastic Award champions!

Did you know that Merritt Academy has had eight Virginia state American Scholastic Award champions in the past nine years?
We are proud of all our 6th and 8th grade students who took on The Scholastic Challenge this year, especially our 8th grade school champion and 6th grade Virginia state champion!

Photos from Merritt Academy's post 05/31/2023

Merritt Academy’s annual Spring Fling brought bunches of excitement to our campus community!

Attendees of all ages enjoyed activities such as face painting, balloon art, pony rides, & so much more. Thank you to the Merritt Academy PTO for organizing this event & to all the families who attended!

Photos from Merritt Academy's post 05/25/2023

Amazing, stupendous, fantastic! The Middle School Food Drive was a smashing success.

The students set a goal of collecting 750 food items in a little over a week and not only did they reach their goal, but they surpassed it by collecting 873 food items! When donated to Food for Others the donations weighed in at a whopping 982 pounds! The middle school students worked very hard for this food drive to be a success, but they could not have surpassed their goal without the generosity of Merritt's parents, staff and involvement of all of the students.

What a great service project to end the school year and give back to our community!

Photos from Merritt Academy's post 05/24/2023

All aboard! 🚂

Did you know that Merritt Academy’s campus has a red caboose!? K2 students had a blast learning all about magnets, force & motion inside the caboose for a special STEM lesson last week!


7th and 8th Grade students took a bite out of the Big Apple on their recent class field trip to NYC. Students visited several iconic landmarks including Central Park, Times Square, Ellis Island & even the United Nations Headquarters! What a trip! And a very special thanks to all of the parents and staff who made this experience so memorable for our students!🍎🗽🏙

Photos from Merritt Academy's post 05/15/2023

Our todds bring such joy to all the special friends that they meet!

Merritt Academy offers an intergenerational program that allows for our learners to practice their communication skills & build relationships across generations.

Photos from Merritt Academy's post 05/05/2023

Just a little something to show how much we care! 💌 🍩💐

Our school community has shown so much love + appreciation for our outstanding teachers & staff this week!

Photos from Merritt Academy's post 05/03/2023

Insects, rocks & towers! Oh my! 🐞🪨

In the story, “Bring Me A Rock”, the insects try to build a tower for King Grasshopper, but it keeps falling down. Our young engineers practiced great perseverance while they investigated the principles of balance & stability to create rock structures for their (pretend) insects just like the insects did in the story!

Photos from Merritt Academy's post 04/25/2023

Inspiration is everywhere! 🎨

5th grade had an art-filled field trip to the Tidal Basin where students had the opportunity to paint watercolor landscapes inspired by the beauty all around them!

Photos from Merritt Academy's post 04/21/2023

Care for the Earth 🌼🌎☀️

Our young learners had lots of fun planting radish seeds with Ms. Latoya! Now students will be able to nurture their tiny seeds & watch them grow!

Photos from Merritt Academy's post 04/21/2023

6th grade had a fantastic time on their trip to Vermont! Students spent time caring for farm animals & exploring Vermont’s picturesque landscapes!

Photos from Merritt Academy's post 04/19/2023

Preschool nature walks are oh so fun & full of flowers, smiles & sunshine ☀️

Photos from Merritt Academy's post 04/06/2023

Spring is in the air! 🐰🌸☀️

Early childhood students & staff have been enjoying the warm weather & soaking up every ounce of this glorious Spring sunshine!

Photos from Merritt Academy's post 04/03/2023

Dare to dream ✨

Recapping our incredible Auction Gala that transported guests back to the roaring 20’s. Thank you to all of our supporters who attended & helped us advance our initiatives to enrich arts & music education for all students at Merritt Academy! 🎨🎶🎭

Photos from Merritt Academy's post 03/24/2023

Spring showers bring May flowers! ☔️ 🌸

Preschoolers were well-prepared for the weather today celebrating the start of Spring with the Umbrella Parade!

Photos from Merritt Academy's post 03/18/2023

Around the world in two days!
🌎 🌍 🌏

Our classrooms celebrated International Days by immersing themselves in the cultural traditions of various countries around the world, including Ireland, for special St. Patrick’s Day festivities!

We are so lucky to have such a diverse school community with staff & students who come from countries both near & far!

Photos from Merritt Academy's post 03/15/2023

This sweet bunch of Kindergartners showed off their mentoring & leadership skills by helping their fellow K3 friends to create friendship bracelets! Project pals are a great opportunity for students to build positive relationships with one another across various grade levels & age groups.

Photos from Merritt Academy's post 03/03/2023

“Oh, the thinks you can think! Think and wonder and dream! Far and wide as you dare!”
K-8 students and teachers have had such a blast showing their spirit for Dr. Suess Week!

Photos from Merritt Academy's post 03/02/2023

Ms. Latoya made our K2’s feel so special with an HAT-tastic outdoor reading of “The Cat in the Hat!”

With the fun rhymes schemes in this story students begin to recognize important phonetic patterns and build their vocabulary repertoires as well! 🎩 🧢 👒


Photos from Merritt Academy's post 03/02/2023

Happy Read Across America Week! 📖
Our Preschoolers have been busy practicing their reading, writing & listening skills. Some students even dressed up as famous Americans to bring their favorite stories to life!

Photos from Merritt Academy's post 02/27/2023

Scientists at work! 🧬
Students hypothesized and researched a wide variety of topics, ranging from chemistry to coding, for their STEAM fair projects. They presented their conclusions to an expert panel of judges based on the results of their experiments. We are SO proud of our scientists! Thank you to our judges, teachers and other staff who helped make the STEAM Fair such a success!

Photos from Merritt Academy's post 02/27/2023

Stop! 🚦
Did you know that this life saving device was invented by Garrett Morgan!?

Mr. Morgan’s invention helps our toddlers learn that the signal means Stop, Wait and Go.

At Merritt Academy we are proud to share stories like these as we inspire the next generation of inventors and leaders.

Photos from Merritt Academy's post 02/21/2023

Merritt Academy’s Mardi Gras parade was full of joy & pizzazz! Happy Mardi Gras to you all! ✨💜💚💛



Wishing you a Happy Presidents’ Day! 🇺🇸
Please remember that Merritt Academy will be closed tomorrow in observance of the holiday. Enjoy your day!

Photos from Merritt Academy's post 02/17/2023

2nd grade did a pHENomenal job with their production of “The Little Red Hen”! Bravo!

Photos from Merritt Academy's post 02/16/2023

Grooving and moving in Creative Movement while developing our creative, imagination, and gross motor development.

Photos from Merritt Academy's post 02/15/2023

Yesterday was full of so much love! Our elementary students enjoyed so many sweet Valentine’s Day celebrations! 💌💓

Photos from Merritt Academy's post 02/15/2023

We’re spreading extra love today. ✨♥️ Happy Valentine’s Day from K3 & K4!

Photos from Merritt Academy's post 02/14/2023

Happy Valentine’s Day from our toddlers and twos! ♥️


💞Happy Valentine's Day!💞
Enjoy this beautiful rendition of "Love Me Tender" performed by our 6th graders on handbells. We hope you are feeling the love today! 🎶

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