Victory Faith Christian Academy

We are here to provide an ample education to any and all students that God sends our way. We are located in the building that houses Victory Faith Church.

God has been good to us in that He has allowed us to have a great working relationship with the other schools that are around us. We have kids that come to school from Santa Fe, Taos, Mesa Vista, Pojaque and all over the Valley.

Operating as usual

[02/05/21]   At VCA (Victoria Christian Academy)we've had, with the coverage and care of the Lord, a successful school year.
Thanks to God we've had no student nor staff contaminated with Covid-19.
We've had a good time with our students and thankfully they are advancing in their academics in a safe environment and atmosphere.
Check us out!!

[11/24/20]   We are currently racing towards the end of the first semester. How time flies.
We're an in person, half day, Covid-19 safe and personal school.
We're also NCA Accredited, with all its benefits.
Come check us out!
If you're an adult that, for whatever reason didn't get a diploma, call us, we will work with you to get you to graduate. You're never to old!
Call or come by 505.753.5873

[02/27/20]   As we approach the spring season things that looked dead start to show life. The church, like the spring season, is being made alive by the Spirit of God.
There might be some things in your life that have not given fruit, shown growth nor responded to God. Well your spiritual spring is on the horizon, speak life, plant life, see life and life will spring forth.
Don't give in to the pressures of life and others opinions, follow God's guidance, and be productive.

[10/10/19]   Reminder: Those of you that dropped out of high school for whatever reason and want to do a credit recovery and get a high school diploma (fully accredited) call 505.753.5873/505.747.0039 (ask for Marie Martinez) to get you on your way to getting your diploma.
Last school year we graduated around 11 adults and their lives were changed at home and at work.

[09/18/19]   Come check us out you'll be surprised at what we do!
Victory Christian Academy

[09/14/19]   We're well into the school years, but there is still room for your child/children to become a part of our school family.
Check us out, we'r small, safe and family oriented.
Victory Christian Academy 823 Angel Duran Drive Española.
For more info call 505.753.5873 or

[07/27/19]   We are going back to school on August 12th.
Please check us out, you'll be pleasently surprised.

[07/16/19]   The 2019-20 school yr. will be upon us real quick. If you are lacking credits, are being bullied, or simply want something smaller and family oriented try us at Victory Christian Academy 823 Angel Duran Dr. 505.753.5873/505.747.0039
We have school Mon-Thur. from 8:00-3:30
We are NCA accredited so your credits are transferable anywhere.
Come check us out!

[06/07/19]   VCA has started it's Summer School credit recovery program. Come in and inquire how we can help you graduate. 505.753.5873

[06/03/19]   We finished another school year, by the grace of God. We had 19 graduates, [email protected] school in Española and 8 at a pilot school in ABQ. To God be all the glory always.
We are reaching out to Valley students having difficulties either with credit recovery, bullying, ESL issues, with one or all of the above.
Come find out how we work, how we operate, and who we are.
First of all, contrary to what some would say, we are NCA accredited and have been for a number of years. Your credits are totally transferable, your diplomas are state recognized just as they are from EVHS, McCurdy & NNMC.
Come by or call us @ 505.753.5873 or 505.747.0039.

[01/23/19]   We're well into the school year at VCA.
God is good, He, gives us the provisions, resources, and school team.
Our attitude is " If YOU do not go with us, we will not move.
Our total dependence is on God alone, without Him we are nothing, get nowhere, and achieve very little. Continue to pray for us.

[12/02/18]   The end of the first semester is almost here. Soon we'll be back from Christmas break and it's downhill to graduation.
If you're a senior and are short on credits and you'll not graduate with your class, come see us.
We can help you, and we are NCA accredited.
Stop by, you have nothing to loose!

[10/26/18]   Quiero invitarles a nuestra escuella Victory Christian Academy. Es un ministero de nuestra iglesia.
Servimos a chicos desde el 1er grado-12.
Es un ambiente sano y salvo, tranquilo en un atmosfera de familia.
Ven, mira quienes somos!

[10/26/18]   We are well into the academic year at Victory Christian. God again proves Himself real, present, and available.
Come check us out, you'll be glad you did! Serving students 1st-12th, in a safe, wholesome, and NCA accredited.

[02/01/18]   Due to excessive cold and flu symptoms, classes at Victory Christian Academy are cancelled until Monday.


Awaken Student Ministry

If you or someone you know between the ages of 12 and 18 is seeking growth with other teens please share with them and encourage them to join us Fridays.

Come be apart of a spiritual awakening with us. Please Share!


Victory Faith Christian Academy's cover photo


Victory Faith Christian Academy


Victory Faith Christian Academy's cover photo

[07/11/17]   We're looking forward shortly to a brand new year of school. It's SOUNDS unbelievable that this will be school year 2017-18 wow, time flies. Check us out as an educational alternative for your child/children.
We are an extended family, safe, small one on one educational help in a Christ like atmosphere.
It's not an expense its an investment!
Pastor J.D.

[03/03/16]   The fear (respect, honor, reverence ) of the Lord is the inception, beginning of wisdom.
With the world evolving quickly into a secular and godless society, we get the residual effects of chaos and vicious disorder.
The end result is waned or diminished fear for the things of God. His holiness is erelavant, dismissed, or denied altogether.
We are seeing a society filled with messed up children, rampant drug and sexual abuse, amongst many other things.
Even churches that at one time stood for orthodoxy have given in to the pressures of the need to be " politically correct, user friendly or modern."
Not to worry, the bible explicitly tells us what the end times would look like. And it looks just like the evening news.
Wake up, get serious, Jesus is coming soon.
Will you be ready to meet the Lord when He comes for His church, or will you hear him say, "depart from me workers of iniquity, I never knew you."

It's your choice!

Pastor JD

[02/17/16]   Winter is quickly giving way to spring. With it comes basketball tournament, Easter break, and eventually graduation.
We appreciate God for giving us another great year. Our students and staff are aware that without God's grace and assistance we are an absolute zero. To God be glory, honor and praise.

[12/16/15]   Christmas break is right around the corner. We will be having a half day, dismissed at noon, tomorrow Thursday, in order to be able to spend some time with our staff.
You have a blessed, peaceful, joy filled Christmas and be anticipating a wonderful Spirit filled new year!


Victory Faith Christian Academy's cover photo


Victory Faith Christian Academy's cover photo

[07/20/15]   It will not be long now that school will be back in session. We are looking for a year of success, great students, reinforced academic strides and through it all bringing glory to God.
Why not consider being a part of our student body, to learn, grow, mature and learn more about the path God had forged for us to follow.
See you soon.

[03/08/15]   Don't forget to spring forward today. More signs of springs arrival. Be blessed and see you'll at church.

[02/19/15]   The school year is quickly winding down. It seems like after the holidays are over time flies even faster.
Soon we will be celebrating our graduation and the cycle continues even faster.
All of our efforts are to educate our students, make them productive people rather than stats. Ingrained with the academics is something as important if not more. The spiritual aspect, the need to have a relationship with the Lord God. One is temporal the other is eternal. Both at the same time are an awesome combination.
We try to make the most of the time this kids are made available to us. Please feel free to pray for us, loan a hand, or just stop by and say hello.

[01/22/15]   Two hour delay today, please drive carefully and be safe.

[01/01/15]   We return on the 5th to continue pouring principles of education mingled with eternal truth, Jesus Christ is the foundation for all academics. All else is futile. Pray for our kids, their homes, and lives. We see our school as a "home mission" field.

[12/16/14]   More than every before the devil is working overtime to destroy the lives of young people. Drugs, STD, liquor, the web and society as a whole are working against standards, morals, Christian principles and good standards.
The church must stand as a guard against this attacks, but can only do it If it is aware of the plan of the devil. He is sly, clever and crafty, but inferior to the power of our great God.
Commit to pray for our youth, they are the life, flower of the church. A church without youth is a dying church.
VCA commits to do It's part to "bring up a child in the way they ought to go."
We leave the results to God.

[08/22/12]   The beginning of wisdom is the fear ( respect) of the LORD!

[01/28/12]   VCA is a school that is not funded by anyone besides the school tution paid by our students. I realize that money does not grow on trees, yet when we are good stewards with the money that God places in our hands, He multiplies it. Please if you are an an alumni, a former student, and you want to help out one of our students, send in your donation. Mind you we are not begging for anything, God always supplies. Send your donations to VFC PO Box 540 Espanola, NM 8753.2

[10/14/11]   VFCA is sad to announce the death of still one more of its students. Adrian Romero passed away a couple of days ago. We want his mother and family to know that we present them to the Lord to be their comfort and strength. The bible says, "today if you hear His voice, do not allow your heart to get hard" accept and invite Jesus into your heart and He will change your life around.
The services for Adrian will be held at the Catholic church in Penasco on Sunday night and a funeral service on Monday.



NCAA Accredited, Christian atmosphere in a safe and secure place.



823 Angel Duran Dr
Espanola, NM

Opening Hours

Monday 8am - 4pm
Tuesday 8am - 4pm
Wednesday 8am - 4pm
Thursday 8am - 4pm
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