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For over 10 years I have dedicated myself to helping students achieve their goals in music. Offering the lowest rates and more incentives than any other school.

Call today and see why so many students choose Mike's Guitars & Lessons. Hello, and Welcome to my page!! I love music, it is one of my true passions in life. I have been playing guitar and writing songs for over 23 years. The great thing about playing an instrument, is that it lets you discover your creativity, and it gives you new ways to express yourself. This is especially beneficial to younger

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Many people have asked me how I started playing guitar, and eventually teaching guitar. So I thought I would tell my story.
I always say that, if I could travel back in time, I would go to the 1960s, because I love the music from that decade. For me, that was the beginning of Rock n Roll.
Unfortunately, I wasn't born until 1967, so I missed out on all the great live performances by my favorites bands.

In the mid 90s, something happened that changed the course of my life. I saw The Beatles Anthology, the best documentary about the band. Before seeing the documentary, I didn't really know that much about The Beatles. But by the end of the documentary, I was a complete Beatlemaniac! And I still am!
Like so many other fans, I was inspired to become a musician. At the time, I became interested in playing the drums. I had been shopping for a drum kit for a while, when another event steered me in a slightly different direction.
My nephew received an electric guitar and amplifier as a gift. I was visiting over the holidays and asked if I could play his guitar. He said, sure go ahead. The moment I picked it up, I knew that I was meant to play guitar. By the end of the evening, I was hooked. The next day I went out and bought myself an electric guitar and amplifier. Soon after, I enrolled in lessons with a great teacher, who not only helped me become a really good guitar player, but she also showed me how to be a good teacher. In the two years that I spent as her student, I learned that music is not only an art, but a science. What I learned during that time, helped me develop a whole new approach to music.

After a few months of lessons, I decided it was time to upgrade to a better guitar. So I traded in my beginner guitar, and bought what I consider my first real guitar. It's an Epiphone ES-335 Semi Hollow electric guitar. I still have that guitar, and after 23 years it is still one of the best guitars I have ever played! And I've played a lot of guitars!
Music and playing guitar has become one of my true passions in life. It has given me a creative outlet, and ways to express myself. It helped me discover a talent I didn't know I had.
My guitar is the one thing that has always been there for me through the difficult times in my life. It has become a part of me, and has given me 23 years of enjoyment.
I decided to start teaching guitar about 15 years ago. I already had a lot of experience teaching,(different subject), and I have always enjoyed helping people learn new things. I decided that I wanted to help those aspiring musicians just like my teacher did for me. I love teaching, and sharing my experience and knowledge with others. I especially enjoy working with young people and helping to nurture their love of music.
I have worked hard over the years to develop my teaching method, which breaks down all the elements of learning guitar, making it easy for anyone to learn.

Anyone who wants to learn is welcome. I have taught students from the age of 7 to 76. I have a lot of beginners, as well as players with years of experience, who have heard about my method, and want to become better musicians.

I am dedicated to helping every student achieve their goals. And I hope that every student will develop the same love of playing guitar that I have. For 23 years I have enjoyed playing guitar, writing songs, and helping aspiring musicians reach their goals. I look forward to many more years of playing and teaching guitar.

Thank you to my great teacher, Sarah.
And thank you to all my great students.


A Message for Anyone who is Interested in Learning Guitar.
As a guitarist for over 23 years, I have a true passion for music. As a teacher for over 12 years, I enjoy passing on my knowledge and skills to aspiring musicians.
I am committed to helping my students achieve their goals. I also want potential students to understand what is required of them in order to achieve their goals.

I have seen too many students over the years who wanted to play guitar, but they weren't willing to make the commitment to the learning process.
Learning the guitar takes a lot of hard work. If you want to become a great guitarist, like your favorite guitar players, then you must be prepared to spend years learning and practicing.
In order for a student to make good progress and continue to improve, they must have the dedication to practice every day.
The guitar is not a difficult instrument to learn. But like anything that you want to learn, it takes focus, and dedication.
If you are willing to put in the effort, the guitar will give you a lifetime of enjoyment.

If you are considering taking guitar lessons, ask yourself these questions.
1. Do you have a true passion for music?
2. Is learning the guitar something that you really want to do? Is it a priority?
3. Are you willing to commit to the learning process until you reach your goals?
4. Do you have the time for weekly lessons and daily practice?
5. Do you have the dedication to practice a minimum of 1 hour every day?
6. Are you a focused, patient person who will finish what you start?

If after asking yourself these questions, you still want to learn guitar, I will be happy to welcome you as a student and provide you with all the guidance and support you need.


Are you a beginner guitar player? Are there songs that you want to learn? Do you find yourself searching the internet for guitar TABS that are either inaccurate or don't teach you "how" to play the music?
Mike's Guitars & Lessons has a complete library of accurate sheet music that includes every part of the song, including time signature, key signature, melody and lyrics, chords with strumming patterns, rhythm and lead guitar. All songs available in TAB and standard notation.
All students of Mike's Guitars and Lessons receive unlimited sheet music at no additional charge. And with Mike's method you will be playing your favorite songs in no time. So call today and become the guitar player that you want to be. Guaranteed Best rates on In Home Lessons. Dedicated teacher with 20+ years experience. 667-216-9062


People often ask me why I decided to play guitar.
When I was a kid in school, I didn't have the opportunity to learn guitar. The school didn't have enough instruments to be able to give each student the instrument they wanted. So I ended up with a clarinet. I learned to play it, but didn't keep playing because it wasn't what I wanted.
It wasn't until years later that I decided that I wanted to play guitar. The Beatles were the band that inspired me to become a musician. I actually was thinking about learning to play the drums.
Then I had the opportunity to play my nephew's new guitar, and as soon as I picked it up and started playing, I knew it was the instrument for me. Now 23 years later, I'm still playing, and teaching.

Unfortunately, many young people are facing the same problem that I faced when I was in school. The schools don't have the budget to supply every student with the instrument they want to learn.
It seems that when the schools don't have enough money, the first things that are cut, is the arts and music.

This is very unfortunate and unfair to the students. I believe that every young person should have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument.

Learning a musical instrument is beneficial to students in so many ways.
It helps to improve self esteem, build confidence, and create a sense of pride.
It can also help students to do better in other subjects like math. It also can improve cognition and memorization.

The great thing about learning the guitar is that it helps students discover their creativity, and gives them a new way to express themselves.
I truly believe if more students were given the opportunity to learn more of the arts and music, the greater their potential will be.
Learning an instrument is a journey of discovery through the Universal Language of Music. Students who develop an interest in art and music should be supported and encouraged to take that journey and pursue their quest for knowledge.

Everyone should have the opportunity to fulfill their their dreams and reach their goals. If you or someone you know has the desire to learn guitar, I am always happy to give a student the guidance and support they need to reach their goals.


You say you want to learn to play guitar.
Mike makes it easy as driving your car.
And it doesn't matter if you're near or far.
The classroom comes to you no matter where you are.

You'll learn to read music and play your favorite songs.
With daily practice, it won't take very long.
Blues, Country, Jazz, or Rock n Roll.
Mike is here to help you reach your goals.

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