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Good afternoon! We're excited to share that Master Dan Hyson from Maryland Tang Soo Do School of Karate will be leading another 45-minute lesson today at 4pm. If you missed last week's introductory class, make sure to check it out under the "videos" tab. This week, Master Dan will be adding power, accuracy, and effectiveness to the techniques to be used for self defense.

As a reminder, no equipment or experience is required to take this class. This is a great activity for all ages.
Join Master Dan Hyson from Maryland Tang Soo Do School of Karate at 4pm this Sunday on Facebook & Instagram LIVE for an all-levels Karate class!

Learn basic techniques and forms while engaging your mind and body. No experience or equipment necessary!
Kicking, Punching, and flying!?
Amazing Saturday Morning Class, here at Merritt Clubs in Eldersburg!!

Come check it out, from 9-10am every Saturday! All ages welcome, from 5 years of age and up! You can also check out, for all other class days/times, and information. Our classes are taught by Instructors Master Hyson, and Mark Petenbrink.
🤙 Contact Master Daniel Hyson today, and schedule a free trial class!
Have an excellent weekend folks!! Tang Soo! 🤜
Maryland Tang Soo Do Drop in, any day and watch, or feel free to participate and try it out. Just wear work out clothing/comfortable clothing that you are able to move around in. For our class schedule visit

***You may also call Senior Master Dan Hyson, at 443.862.7325, or message him on his business Facebook account. ( Maryland Tang Soo Do)
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Shout out to Mason’s Mom, Anna for sending me some excellent shots and videos from yesterday’s Color Belt Test and Demo during the Open House at Merritt Clubs here are some more...
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Way to go, Mason! Merritt Clubs #OpenHouse
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Amazing job Jason!!
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Mark Petenbrink and Master Dan Hyson at the #OpenHouse today! Merritt Athletic Clubs #Karate
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Tang Soo! #BruceLee #LegendForever
At the Kim's Karate Mother's Day Celebration.

Maryland Tang Soo Do is Proud to be a part of the Pan-Am Tang Soo Do Federation. Master Hyson has over 15 years of experience teaching Tang Soo Do.

Operating as usual


MDTSD students who are interested in this, check in with Master Hyson this Thursday!


We will have class today! Come in and work hard!


Happy New Year! Make yourself proud!


Karate students. I have only gotten a few report cards so far this year. I want to see if you are being a good student inside and outside of the dojang. Bring me your report cards but don't hassle your teachers.


Caitlyn, 360 jump roundhouse kick


Mr. Mark Petenbrink, six boards!

Photos from Maryland Tang Soo Do's post 12/11/2021

Testing the spring loaded floor at Merritt.

Timeline photos 11/05/2021

Timeline photos

Action speaks louder than words can!


Adult class 7:30-8:30 Monday and Thursday. With our classes being held at Merritt, the kids can go to the kidzone while you train with us. And if the kids want to come at 6:30-7:30 for the children's class, you can warm up on the fitness floor while they train.


Getting back into the swing of things, with the adult class practicing sparring!

Maryland Tang Soo Do 2021 10/13/2021

Maryland Tang Soo Do 2021 holiday shopping time. Support the team. If you know anyone from the state of Maryland who likes to kick, this gear is for them, too.

Maryland Tang Soo Do 2021 Online ordering for Maryland Tang Soo Do 2021 ends on Thu, Nov 11, 2021 (11:59 PM EST)


Good testing group today. Students and leadership team made me proud. -Master Hyson


Ready for the Color Belt Test!


In order to progress in life, one has to improve every day in an endless process. The Hagakure

There is a term in the Japanese language called kaizen. Kaizen, loosely translated, means constant, never-ending improvement. The warrior must strive daily to improve his life and to live up to the standards that he sets for himself. As Gichin Funakoshi stated in his book, Karate-Do Kyohan, “The ultimate aim of the art of karate lies not in victory or defeat, but in the perfection of the character of its participants.”

This should also be the ultimate aim of the warrior, to perfect his character. Of course the perfection of character is only one of many goals that the warrior tries to improve on in his daily life, but each of the other goals ultimately lead to this perfection of character that Master Funakoshi spoke of in his teachings. The perfection of your character is the ultimate culmination of all your training.

The warrior has many areas of training that he has to focus on daily. It is his duty to keep his martial arts skills sharp and to train his mind through visualization and meditation. No matter what area he is working on, the warrior strives to improve his skills daily. There is no slacking off. There is no laziness.

You cannot rest on your laurels and expect to maintain a high level of readiness. There is no such thing as stopping your training and just maintaining your skill level where it is. Your skills are either improving or degenerating. Make constant, never-ending improvement your goal in life. Bohdi Sanders ~ excerpt from, BUSHIDO: The Way of the Warrior, available from Amazon at: or from The Wisdom Warrior website at:


If you're in pain or if you just want to be more efficient in your movements, go see our friends at Prime and they'll keep you kicking! (kicking higher and faster then ever, too)

We are so honored to win Carroll County’s best PT practice for the second year in a row! We are beyond grateful to everyone who voted for us. So thankful for this amazing community and for being blessed with the best staff you could find.


Westminster Fall Festival.

Photos from Maryland Tang Soo Do's post 09/27/2021

Congratulations to our six students who tested at headquarters this weekend. With a special congrats to two students who tested for a new belt level!

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Westminster Fall Festival.
Another great Maryland Tang Soo Do Disney Tour! This is really well done.
Check out this awesome video of Caitlyn and Kee Cho Hyung Il Bu in Disney!
Erin and Brady Chil Sung Il Ro
Maryland Tang Soo Do Instructors Mark Petenbrink and Master Hyson performing together.




Traditional Korean Martial Arts



1388 Progress Way
Eldersburg, MD

Opening Hours

Monday 5pm - 8pm
Tuesday 5pm - 9pm
Wednesday 6:30pm - 7:30pm
Thursday 5pm - 9pm
Saturday 9am - 10am

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