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Operating as usual

DOT Med Certification 03/03/2024

Need a DOT physical???

Our certified DOT nurse will be in tomorrow morning. There are still appointments available for those that need a new DOT med card. Head over to our website to book an appointment as to avoid an unnecessary license downgrade.

DOT Med Certification *Please Read*Upon selecting the service needed and appointment time, you will get an email signifying that you have made a reservation and if there aren’t any conflicts you will receive anot…


Here we GROW again. 😎

In a short 6 years we went from 4 tractors and trailers to 11 tractors and 10 trailers more than doubling our fleet with the recent purchase of two new pup trailers. Why is this so noteworthy of a Facebook post?

More equipment + small classes = A LOT of wheel time!

We may have to cool it somewhat so our members and office staff still have a place to park at the union hall!

This wouldn't be possible without the unbelievable training staff employed here at the school including local 251's administration and our steadfast partnership with the RIDLT.


Proud day for 20 new brothers and sisters training at the driving school who were sworn in today by Local 251's President Paul Santos! We want to thank Paul for taking time out of his busy day to properly swear them in and inform them what it truly means to be a Teamster.

This is going to be a monthly occurrence going forward and for my previous trainees that are looking to be sworn in we will also be doing this at the monthly meetings.


Huge congratulations to another one of our Real Jobs RI participants and Teamster member, Cameron Andrews who successfully completed his RI CDL road test! Everyone at the driving school wants to wish him the very best as he embarks on his new career path! 🚛🚛

Teamsters Local 251 Driving School 01/01/2024

With the new year comes new possibilities...

We have been very hard at work rebuilding the website to make it (hopefully) as easy to navigate as it is to train with us to get your CDL-A. We are not done adding information to the site and it is something that we will continue to add to, so some links may not work or we are still adding information to the site. We took an approach to share as much information about our training, along with enrollment opportunities and information about the industry and we feel as though we have done a pretty decent job of doing so. If you or someone you know is thinking about getting a CDL that will change their career path and provide better wages please share the page or the link to the Driving School's revamped website.

Anything specific that you think we should add, or modify to make the site easier please or more informative, let us know!

Happy New Year everyone!

Teamsters Local 251 Driving School The only Teamsters endorsed CDL-A professional tractor trailer training school in Southern New England


From the entire staff at the Driving School, we want to wish all of our past, present and all of Local 251's administration a very happy, healthy and above all, SAFE New Year in 2024! We are looking forward to another great year of training some of Southern New England's SAFEST CDL drivers! 🚛 🚛

Please drive safely if ringing in the New Year away from home tonight and don't drink and drive!

Christmas Party Toy Drive For The Children of Hartford 12/24/2023

We have proof Santa is a Teamster 🎅🏼🎄🎁

Pretty awesome video that was shared with us for the toy drive we helped out with two weeks ago featuring our own elves, trainers John Hackett and Paul Reis.

The Driving School wants to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and above all SAFE Holiday Season.

Christmas Party Toy Drive For The Children of Hartford


Huge thank you goes out to Smith's General Trucking for temporarily allowing us to park our rig at their terminal in West Greenwich over the last week and a half. By doing this we were able to avoid the Washington Bridge westbound traffic making certain we were able to make it to our pre scheduled RIDMV road tests early in the morning.

Thank you!


The Christmas season came a little early for Kristen Rose McDougall in the form of a CDL-A license!

We are extremely proud of another Local 251 sister and her accomplishments here at the school! We can't wait to see her on our local roadways real soon! Everyone at the school wants to wish her nothing but the best in her new career path!


As much as it pains us to lose any training time, safety is our top priority and paramount here at the school not only for our trainees but staff as well. We regretfully are going to pull the plug for training tomorrow and will be back at it again on Tuesday morning. Be safe out there everyone!


Huge congratulations to another one of our recent Teamster graduates, Steven Smith.

Steve's story is somewhat of a unique one in regards to the timeline in which he got his CDL. Nearly 8 months ago Steve was ready to take his road test and due to a clerical error he was ineligible. It would have been very easy for him to walk away but he didn't and we made sure we stood behind him to see and help him to the finish line.

Fast forward to this week and with all the chaos of the Washington Bridge closure Steve was finally able to successfully take and complete his RI CDL-A road test and we couldn't be prouder of his success!

Everyone at the school including the Director, Training Staff and trainees all want to wish Steve the best of luck in his new career path!

Photos from Teamster's Local 251 Driving School's post 12/12/2023

Like everyone else we are trying to navigate the traffic disruptions in the most efficient and above all SAFE manner with the I-195 Washington Bridge closure. We will be adding a page to our website specifically addressing how we will be operating in the coming weeks and will post here when we update it. We however WILL NOT LET THIS SHUT US DOWN. Of course that would be the easy way but we are the mighty Teamsters and we don't quit! We will make sure that our trainees and training staff are taken care of while we still continue to train Southern New England's safest drivers!

Photos from Teamster's Local 251 Driving School's post 12/10/2023

The Driving School helped out once again this year with the Providence Housing Authority annual toy drive and we were more than happy to do so!

We want to thank trainers, Paul Reis and John Hackett for donating their time on a Saturday night to help move a completely loaded 28' pup with all the toys to the distribution location. By doing this they helped make all those kids' Christmas that much brighter! 🎅🏼 🌲🎁🎁


All these tractors are just patiently waiting to get back to work Monday morning. 😎


I stopped in to see our friends at the Teamsters Local 251 and Teamsters Local 251 women’s committee to drop off a toy for their Toy Drive. Stop in to 121 Brightridge Ave and see them now through December 15, 2023 Monday - Friday 8 - 4:30 to drop off a toy.


Huge congratulations to Teamster member and Real Jobs RI participant, Raymond Blandino in successfully completing his Class A CDL training and obtaining his license on the first try yesterday!

Everyone at the driving school wants to wish him nothing but the best as he embarks on his new career path!

Photos from Teamster's Local 251 Driving School's post 11/28/2023

Trying to do our part by spreading the word.

The Local 251's Women's committee is collecting new and unused toys for the Toys for Tots drive. If there are any past, present trainees or any Teamster member that sees this post for that matter, and can help fill this box and hopefully many more to make the holiday season that much brighter for those kids that may not be as lucky as others. The toys will be collected through December 15th.

Lucky for us that we have plenty of equipment to haul all the boxes to the drop-off location if necessary.


The driving school would like to wish active trainees, past graduates, General Teamsters Local 251 staff and of course some of the most professional trainers in the industry that work here at the school along with their families a very Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!

We have a lot to be thankful as we start the 2023 holiday season and as the only Real Jobs RI partner in the transportation industry that is getting ready to once again train another cohort of future CDL drivers this upcoming year. Through this grant, those that are ready to enroll (and there are quite a few) will have an opportunity to get into a well paying career that will cost them next to nothing to train here at the school. When trained properly along with the support of Local 251 and its phenomenal Business Agents there is an undeniable recipe for success for rookie drivers in the industry. It also goes without saying without the help and support of the Rhode Island Department of Labor & Training those under employed or unemployed may not have had this great opportunity.
As we look forward to next year we will continue to build on our previous success with hard work and dedication to see that our school, trainees and the Teamsters continue to set the standard of which others look to follow.


Getting a CDL is nowhere nearly as scary with the Teamsters!

Everyone at the Teamsters Local 251 Driving School wants to wish everyone a safe and Happy Halloween!


Another day, another Real Jobs RI success!

Huge congratulations to Teamster member Michael Valcorba who successfully completed his training and passed his CDL-A road test on the first shot!

Everyone at the driving school wants to wish Mike all the best as he starts his new career path in the transportation industry!

Interested in following in Mike's steps? Head over to the driving schools website for more information!


So this happened again... 😎

Huge congratulations to our Teamster, Real Jobs RI participant and Town of Middletown represented member, Ryan Pine who successfully completed his training and obtained his class A CDL!

We are extremely proud of his success. The amount of time Ryan was enrolled to the time he road tested was EXTREMELY impressive! In about 5 weeks Ryan was prepared to take his road test and through discussions with the training staff and the Director of Training, we felt as though he was a natural and we had no hesitation in booking his road test a little early.

Knowing that he had some of the best CDL training in all of New England, we also know he will have a long career working for the town of Middletown! All of us at the driving school wish him nothing but the best in the future!

Interested in following in Ryan's footsteps or know someone that does?? Head over to our website for more information!


Even on this rainy damp Saturday we can ALWAYS find a shining bright spot!

Huge congratulations to Teamsters sister and brother, Holly Caparrelli and James Brown who both successfully completed the training course and obtained their CDL-A licenses! As Real Jobs participants they were able to change their career paths for the better for little to no cost out of pocket and we couldn't be prouder of their accomplishments!

Everyone at the school can't wait to see them on the road real soon and we want to wish them the very best as they embark on their new careers!


As promised we are still catching up with recent graduates!

Another huge congratulations to our Teamster brother Shaun Finnemore who successfully completed his training and obtaining his CDL-A!

Shaun is already working since his graduation and literally secured LOCAL employment in about 2 to 3 weeks! We couldn't be more proud of his accomplishment and his tenacious attitude while at the school. We want to wish him the very best in his new career path and look forward to seeing him navigate and deliver on our local roadways!

Interested in joining the rest of the successful trainees like Shaun Finnemore at the Teamsters Local 251 Driving School?? If so head over to our website for some valuable information about our training, the industry and what you can expect upon completion.


Huge congratulations to Local 251's Teamster member and Real Jobs RI participant, Collins Umoh who successfully completed his road test and obtained his CDL -A license!

Everyone at the school including the Director, training staff and students want to wish him the very best as he embarks on his new career path!

Welcome to the Teamsters brother!


So we have some catching up to do with all of the recent graduates we have had since the end of August and there have been quite a few!

Huge congratulations to Teamster member, Chris Domeicone for completing his training and passing the RI road test on the first try!

Chris knew that he had to get a class A CDL to further his career opportunities after unfortunately being laid off from his previous employer and we were more than happy to help him out! As a Real Jobs RI participant he was able to enter into our program for little to nothing out of pocket with the help of this grant that is only available at the driving school.

Interested in following in his footsteps? Head over to our website for more information on our training and the grants we offer.

Photos from Teamster's Local 251 Driving School's post 09/04/2023

Seemed fitting on this Labor Day to post some of the recent graduates of our program Bernard Gonzalez Jr., George Silva, Eddy Vieira, Victor Pena, Thomas Hazel and, Helder Garcia Gomes since their labor will be helping to support the backbone of the US economy. We want to wish them all the very best as they begin their new careers in the transportation industry!

Our Teamster members and Real Jobs RI participants are spread all over Rhode Island and in many cases have more than likely delivered some of the very things you are eating, drinking or using to celebrate what has customarily been the unofficial end to the Summer.

Please drive safely and enjoy the holiday!


This congratulatory post is going to be a little different than those in the past and in no way is meant to be political in any sort of way so don't just scroll past. The driving school embraces everyone, their different backgrounds, races and all those things that make us all unique in our own way and we train everyone just as equally. While some places just try to hustle those through a program in a hurry to get the next trainee in we on the other hand listen, engage and explain to all what it means to be a Teamster and what the trucking industry is all about and want to make sure our trainees succeed.

At one of our open houses we were fortunate to meet one of the most humble individuals that has trained here, Oleksander (Alex as he became to be known) Herasymenko who immigrated to the United States from Ukraine. We can't soon forget what transpired on February 24th, 2022 when his country was invaded. When we met Alex he was looking for an opportunity to change his and his family's life and we were more than happy to help him in conjunction with the Real Jobs RI grant, find that opportunity.

Just this past Tues, Teamster member, Alex O successfully passed his RI DMV CDL road test on the first try. We are extremely proud of his accomplishment and truly wish him all the very best in not only his new career path but with a fresh start here in RI and the US.

The driving school is and has always been thankful for the partnership that we have with one of the best government agencies, the RIDLT. There are so many hard working individuals there including our grant advisor, Keith Murray and his whole team that help to make this possible for those like Alex. 🇺🇦 🇺🇸


Huge congratulations to another Real Jobs RI graduate and Teamsters member, Joe Rubiano who successfully obtained his CDL-A license!

Everyone here at Local 251, Director of Training, trainers and trainees all want to wish him the very best as he embarks on his new career path!

Photos from Teamster's Local 251 Driving School's post 07/14/2023

Huge congratulations to Teamster members and Real Jobs RI participants, Joan Hernandez and Christian Zapata who recently passed their RI CDL road test! Everyone here at the driving school including the Director, trainers and trainees want to wish them nothing but the best as they embark on their new career paths!

While not required it is something of a unique tradition here at the school. Every participant that completes usually brings in lunch for the active class and yesterday was no different! There has been a lot of good food that the trainees have brought in and this is what makes our training feel like a family and not just a number. We are all Teamsters and we set the standard in not only safety but unity!

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