Confident Birthing Childbirth Class

Confident Birthing Childbirth Class prepares parents to confidently navigate their birth experience. For more information, visit:

Confident Birthing helps parents confidently navigate this uniquely intense, intimate, and joyous life experience.

“My approach to childbirth is based on a deep belief in and respect for the process of labor and birth, the inherent wisdom, intuition and strength of women and the possibility of great transformation and love available to the family through childbirth. As a childbirth educator I am

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Meet the doulas!


OK, parents, how is this graph of healthy sleep connecting to the sleep habits of the big and little people in your household? 02/22/2019

PURPLE Crying Video Intro - Full

Listening to Dr. Matthew Cox's session on at the IPP conference on childhood trauma. This is not an easy topic AND we need to discuss the truth about how hard it is to parent - especially when our babies are crying.
Being prepared for a period of purple crying gives parents tools to cope. Full intro to the Period of PURPLE Crying shaken baby syndrome prevention program video.


Swaddling both hands for breastfeeding...

One of many great postpartum tips from IBCLC (and mother of 8) Lynnelle King offers in the last class of Confident Birthing. It made me giggle that the two moms who wanted her to slow down so they could film her were A) the mother with the 9 day old and 😎 the soon-to-be mother of 4!


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In Confident Birthing, we build confidence and community! LOVE these CB Boise grads!


Happy Babymoon to this Confident Birthing couple.

Last night I got to witness this family welcome their long awaited baby to the world. They have had quite journey to get to this point and let me tell you, baby Theo did not disappoint! He's 7lbs 2oz of adorableness. There were tears all around from his adoring fan club. Congratulations Forbes family! It was an honor to support you. Blessings on your new adventure in parenting!!


The Confident Birthing Labor Lab is back and is better than before! We are very excited about this class and hope you'll share with expectant couples throughout the Treasure Valley who may not be able to invest the time in the 7-week course or want the birth prep without the Confident Birthing signature relationship/parenting component that comes with the longer series.

The Confident Birthing Labor Lab is back. Perfect for repeating parents or those who can’t make the 7-week series.
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Birthfit Boise, ID

Join us for one of our upcoming Postpartum Series. Whether you are a new mom or you are well past the fourth trimester, the BIRTHFIT Postpartum Series is for YOU! Our wish is that every woman who has ever been pregnant takes this class.

You will heal, connect with other moms, move with enjoyment, and strengthen your body. This is all about self-love and connecting to a foundation for your new body. This class will also help encourage healing your diastasis recti, incontinence, and other pelvic floor disorders. We focus on intra-abdominal pressure, core stability, diaphragmatic breathing, and functional movement.

We still have spots left in both our evening and morning Postpartum Series! Sign up today!


The Confident Birthing Labor Lab Is back!

What if you could get just the labor and birth preparation that the
7-week series provides in a one evening class and then practice at home?
This new and improved Labor Lab is an innovative, experiential and fun evening of learning and practice. Focusing only on the labor and birth experience you’ll go home with dozens of hands-on options, positions and personalized focus and coping tools as well as a proven process for making informed choices that meet your personal needs.

2018 Dates:
Tuesday, October 2nd Eagle
Monday, October 29th SE Boise
Tuesday, Dec 11th Eagle

Register at

The Confident Birthing Labor Lab Is back!

What if you could get just the labor and birth preparation that the 7-week series provides in a one evening class and then practice at home? This new and improved Labor Lab is an innovative, experiential and fun evening of learning and practice. Focusing only on the labor and birth experience you’ll go home with dozens of hands-on options, positions and personalized focus and coping tools as well as a proven process for making informed choices that meet your personal needs.

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Doula Training in Idaho | Confident Birthing Classes | Baby Bump Services

The Confident Birthing Labor Lab is back!


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Wishing each of these Confident Birthing parents a safe and satisfying birth and postpartum!


Scary Mommy Time Out

Yep. Pretty much this.

This might be our favorite video on the internet right now. Just wait for it.


Such a fun group of parents! They wrap up class with certified lactation consultant, Lynnelle King, teaching them about breastfeeding tomorrow night!


The Monday night May-June group gave me a most excellent list of music to explore! We'll be using some of it next Monday night.


Creating family legacy through shared meaning and rituals of connection.

Intention is everything. In Confident Birthing we start with setting intention in class one - from before we walk into the space and each week after that. As shoes are removed, we ask what we need to leave at the door and what we need once in the room together. Helping parents slow down and become intentional with each other, with their baby and together for their family is as important as the mindfulness we practice for the birth. #ritualsofconnection #legacyofsharedmeaningandvalue #secureattachment #youareyourchildsfirstteacher #mirrorneurons #ilistenyou #babybumpservices


Just realized I forgot to post the photo of this great group.

All babies are earth-side now and here are kind words from their parents:
"Your class was so helpful in getting through 18 hours of labor! We used all our class tricks. Thank you for helping us feel so prepared for this."
"We had so much fun in your class. We will definitely recommend your class to other friends and people we meet!"
"We had so much fun and learned so much over the last 7 weeks. It went by so fast and we didn't really want it to end."


Baby Bump Services

“What’s the least you have to do?” applies equally to labor and postpartum!
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Reframing ‘Mommy Brain’

..."science reminds us that if we look at the changes without judgment we may find that they confer advantages. And to understand how data about brain changes impact real people’s lives, it’s important to consider the emotional life of the mind."

In Confident Birthing we see that it is through RELATIONSHIP that the full potential of this resonant neuroplasticity can be harnessed and parents experience increased connection and bonding between each other as well as with baby. Many new mothers experience ‘mommy brain’ as a deficiency, but it may help strengthen the communication between a mother and her infant.


Next Tuesday night series starts on June 5th!

Confident Birthing Families 05/09/2018

Confident Birthing Families


First timers with repeating parents had a great birth rehearsal in Confident Birthing last night. Creating community that supports all families. 05/01/2018

Lamaze for Parents : Blogs : Do I Need to Take a Childbirth Class?

People are always a little surprised by Confident Birthing. Its mostly the dads/partners but even the expecting moms will say: "We had no idea we were going to learn so much and for sure we didn't have a clue about WHAT we would learn!"

That is usually followed by three more comments:
1. "We had no idea it would bring us so much closer to each other and strengthen our relationship."
2. "We didn't know how much fun we would have here."
3. And the last one - that blows my mind..."Our friends think we are crazy. They don't understand why we're doing this."

That last is the one that surprises ME.

If you took Confident Birthing, what would you want expectant couples to know - to understand the value? You don't need to take a childbirth class, just like you don't need to hire a doula, and you don't need to have someone you love with you when you give birth, and you don't need to pack a hospital bag, and you don't even need to let your mother-in-law know you're in labor (maybe).


Class 5 - game changer.

This is the question I teach every parent in my Confident Birthing classes and every person in my Doula trainings. I learned it from a long time L&D nurse and it truly changes everything. #confidentbirthing #babybumpservices #boisedoulas #childbirtheducation #lifeeducation

[04/28/18]   "I wouldn't have an unmedicated and amazingly imprinting birth without your class! Having this birth gave me the confidence to I needed to tackle breastfeeding, my new mom role, basically anything!" S&C


Baby Bump Services

No pep talk or accountability buddy needed. #braxtonhicks #followyourbody #bodyswisdom #confidentbirthing #babybumpservices


Baby Bump Services

Let’s talk about cervixes. They don’t like being labeled or rushed. They are “unpredictable” and underestimated yet manage to get the job done in the way that was needed for the good of all concerned. So here’s to your #highlycompetentcervix #babybumpservices #confidentbirthing


Baby Bump Services

In #ConfidentBirthing we build confidence by learning about your body’s amazing innate wisdom and design. #babybumpservices #childbirthclassesboise #confidentbirthingboise

Confident Birthing Families 04/12/2018

Confident Birthing Families



Here you go...nice front-cross carry, dad!

Today, we are learning Front Cross Carry! What are your experiences with this carry? Have you ever tried this? Share your opinions!


Another thing nursing moms should hear..."Its hard to be in this place. What do you think you need most RIGHT now?"

Love this! Did you know that there are biological reasons that babies fall asleep at the breast? Nursing to sleep is normal, not a bad habit.


This truth about communication and needs is introduced in the very first class of Confident Birthing and revisited in several contexts before we circle back to it in the final class.

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Swaddling both hands for breastfeeding...
Hoola Hooping IS preparation for labor!





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If you've found your way to the Confident Birthing Childbirth Class page, you're probably expecting a big change in your life! Whether you are looking for an experienced birth doula, a fun childbirth class in the Boise area, or if you are thinking of becoming a birth doula or teaching a childbirth class yourself, you are here because you know...birth matters! Confident Birthing Classes are held on Mondays in SouthEast Boise and on Thursdays in Eagle.
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