DISD Truman Price Elementary

DISD Truman Price Elementary


Well done Ms. Gina Ortega, 4th grade teacher at Truman Price Elementary for nurturing her students' development of critical thinking skills and the ability to analyze texts effectively. During her recent lesson, Ms. Ortega's students displayed habits of evidence by actively engaging in close reading strategies. They diligently circled and underlined key words and phrases in their myBook consumables, demonstrating their attentiveness to important details in the text. Additionally, Mrs. Ortega guided her students in developing a clear understanding of literary devices such as similes and metaphors. To stamp their comprehension of these figurative language elements, the students provided evidence in the form of definitions, examples, or synonyms for the identified word or phrase. This practice fostered the habit of using textual references to support their interpretations. Great job Ms. Ortega! 🎯#everychildeveryclassroomeveryday#goaloneDISD Truman Price Elementary
As the district celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week, the C & I department would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all of the amazing teachers in Donna ISD. We see the work that you do and are inspired by your passion and creativity. Thank you for the countless hours you devote to your students and for your unwavering focus on student success. Every child, every day, in every classroom, you make a difference.
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Shoutout to Mr. Candido Martínez, 3rd Grade teacher at Truman Price Elementary for his excellent implementation of the exit ticket process! During Spanish RLA, Mr. Martínez guided his dual language students in a discussion on the central idea of an essay and how to identify sentences that support the idea. After modeling an example and class discussion and practice, students worked on an exit ticket independently. Mr. Martínez aggressively monitored, noted individual student observations on how well they understood the task, and provided coaching/feedback to help clarify misunderstandings. In order to provide further support on a word that students especially needed to understand in order to answer correctly, Mr. Martínez briefly implemented translanguaging, as students recognized the word in the opposite language. This facilitates cross-linguistic transfer of concepts and deepens understanding. Great job Mr. Martínez! 🎯#everychildeveryclassroomeveryday#goaloneDISD Truman Price Elementary
Check out these third graders in Ms. Maria Navarro's classroom at Truman Price! They're tackling the challenge of calculating the area of irregular polygons with gusto! Ms. Navarro's innovative approach incorporates manipulatives to help students break down the polygon into separate quadrilaterals, allowing them to find the area of each before combining the sums. Ms. Navarro circulated the room during this independent practice and gave individual feedback and support to all her students while keeping a watchful eye on their progress. Great job Ms. Navarro! 🎯#everychildeveryclassroomeveryday#goalone DISD Truman Price Elementary
2nd grade students at Price Elementary had a blast preparing little temporary homes for their Painted Lady butterfly larvae by transferring food media, then the larvae themselves, to individual containers. Hands-on investigation is a great way to make visual and tactile connections to ideas…and to learn from phenomena in the natural world. Even better, when released, these flying insects are integral to our native habitats; pollinating flora and becoming food for other fauna! Look for updates on the growth of these larvae and release of the adults across the district. Great job, Price 2nd grade! 🎯 DISD Truman Price Elementary
Ms. María Navarro, 3rd Grade teacher at Truman Price Elementary introduced three-dimensional figures to her dual language students by using realia with objects labled in both the L1 and L2 for cross-linguistic connections of academic vocabulary. Students were then given the fun task of creating three-dimensional figures with a hands-on activity, listening for the assigned figure and referencing the available realia for clarification. After questioning and team discussions, the students worked independently on their exit tickets as Ms. Navarro aggressively monitored, providing feedback and making notes on individual students’ progress. When it was apparent that students were unsure about a question, Ms. Navarro drew students’ attention to the vocabulary word that appeared to cause the breakdown in comprehension, providing a brief explanation to clarify, which helped students answer successfully. This lesson hit all of the goal one targets! Great job! 🎯 DISD Truman Price Elementary
Shoutout to all of the 2nd grade teachers at Truman Price Elementary! Teachers were in action today implementing the exit ticket process in order to ensure student mastery with complete fidelity. While students worked on their exit tickets, Ms. Espionza, Ms. Bermea, & Ms. Moreno were all aggressively monitoring with pen in hand to track student progress and give immediate feedback. Great job 2nd grade teachers, you nailed it! 🎯 DISD Truman Price Elementary
Ms. Emily Guerra’s 5th grade science students at Truman Price elementary are soaking up the sun! Prompted by probing questions, her students built models of the Sun, Earth, and Moon using straw, clay, rulers, and table tennis balls. They also physically modeled the rotation and revolution of the Earth and Moon around the Sun with their bodies to internalize the motions. To top it all off, students then recorded the learning in their notebooks, connecting visual (physical) stimuli with interactive notebooks and processing tools…We’re over the moon for you, Ms. Guerra! 🎯 DISD Truman Price Elementary
PreK 4 is making it happen at T. Price Elementary! Way to go Ms. Martha Reyna and Ms. Sara Gonzalez for doing an exemplary job during their small group instruction, working on letter recognition and rhyming. Teacher Assistants Ms. Belinda Romero and Ms. Priscilla Rojas were also doing a phenomenal job with their small groups, providing hands-on practice for students in order to solidify their learning. Great job and great teamwork ladies! 🎯 DISD Truman Price Elementary
Mr. Candido Martinez, 3rd grade teacher at Truman Price Elementary was caught implementing Goal 1 vocabulary development strategies! Mr. Martinez modeled for students how to find synonyms for words. Tier two vocabulary consists of high frequency words that occur across all contents and grade levels and are vital for student comprehension. Mr. Martinez had his students pair up and read words to each other and came up with synonyms. Furthermore, students were asked to come up with a sentence using their new vocabulary word. Keep up the great work Mr. Martinez! 🎯 DISD Truman Price Elementary
We look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow! The Homecoming Parade, Pep Rally, and Festival kicks off on Wednesday at 6 PM at Donna North High School. We invite everyone from the community, feeder schools, family and friends as we showcase our students. We have a great line up for our parade and pep rally as we partner with our feeder schools to showcase our students!

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Dyslexia Parent Academies will be offered to parents throughout the school year. For more information, call (956) 464-1600, Academic Support Department.
Dyslexia Parent Academies will be offered to parents throughout the school year.
For more information, call (956) 464-1600, Academic Support Department.
Muffins with mom🧁👸
I couldn't be prouder of my big boy who became a millionaire today. I love you. I'm super proud keep it up. You are awesome. Thank you to all his teachers, Mrs. Cervantes, Mrs Guzman, Mrs Gonzalez, and Mrs Mendez for always believing and encouraging him.

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Operating as usual

Photos from DISD Truman Price Elementary's post 05/19/2023

3rd graders enjoyed at day at the zoo and some bowling today.
Mr. Martinez's and Mrs. Navarro's students had a great time. It was hot, but they had a blast!

Los estudiantes de 3er grado disfrutaron un día en el zoológico y jugaron bolos hoy.
Los alumnos del Sr. Martínez y la Sra. Navarro se diverieron mucho.


The gift of time lasts forever. Thank you bringing joy to your child with your presence.
Happy Father's Day from Truman Price Elementary.

El regalo del tiempo dura para siempre. Gracias por traer alegría a su hijo/hija con su presencia.
Feliz Día del Padre de parte de Truman Price Elementary.


Kites & Bubbles with Dad 2023 :)


It was all work and play today with dads and grandads! The kids and kids at heart had a lot of fun.

¡Hoy todo fue trabajo y diversión con papás y abuelos! Los niños y los niños de corazón se divirtieron mucho.


The sights and sounds of this morning were spectacular. So thankful for a beautiful day @ Kites & Bubbles with Dad!


Kites & Bubbles with Dad 2023!


What a beautiful morning it turned out to be for our Kites & Bubbles with Dad celebration.
Thank you all for your time and attendance!

Qué hermosa mañana resultó ser para nuestra celebración de Cometas y Burbujas con Papá.
¡Gracias a todos por su tiempo y asistencia!

Photos from DISD Truman Price Elementary's post 05/18/2023

All are getting their kites ready to go! Ready, set, fly!

¡Todos están preparando sus cometas para partir! ¡Listos, listos, volar!

Photos from DISD Truman Price Elementary's post 05/18/2023

Thank you to all the super amazing dads and grandpas that came out to share a sweet time with their children! All of them were smiling and so proud to have you here. Have a fantastic upcoming Father's Day!

¡Gracias a todos los padres y abuelos increíbles que vinieron a compartir un dulce momento con sus hijos! Todos ellos estaban sonriendo y muy orgullosos de tenerles aquí. ¡Que tengan un fantástico próximo Día del Padre!


- For Dads/Grandpas Only
- Bring your own kite

Rain or Shine...we are getting our kites ready for Kites & Bubbles with Dad
Tomorrow, May 18 | 8:30 - 10 AM

- Solo para papás/abuelos
- Traiga su propia cometa

Llueva o haga sol... estamos preparando nuestras cometas para Kites & Bubbles with Dad
Mañana, 18 de mayo | 8:30 - 10:00


ATTENTION PARENTS OF UPCOMING 3rd-5th grade students:

A mandatory parent meeting for cheerleader tryouts is THIS Friday May 19 @ 4pm.
We encourage any interested student to tryout. We love seeing new faces and are very excited to meet you here. We have great things planned for our new and upcoming team!! Thank you!


Una reunión obligatoria de padres para las pruebas de porristas es ESTE viernes 19 de mayo a las 4 p. m.
Alentamos a cualquier estudiante interesado a probar. Nos encanta ver caras nuevas y estamos muy emocionados de conocerte aquí. ¡Tenemos grandes cosas planeadas para nuestro nuevo y próximo equipo! ¡Gracias!

Photos from DISD Truman Price Elementary's post 05/17/2023

La comunidad de Donna ISD está invitada al primer día de mercado del programa Student Transitional Eighteen Plus programado para el viernes 19 de mayo en el Departamento de Educación Especial de DISD ubicado en las instalaciones de Runn. Muestre su apoyo a nuestros estudiantes comprando en Thrift Store, Cricut Lab, Coffee Shop y Garden, todo administrado por los estudiantes. Las puertas se abrirán de 10:00 a. m. a 2:00 p. m. ¡Esperamos verle

Photos from DISD Truman Price Elementary's post 05/12/2023

It was a great and fun week for teachers as they were feeling the love all week. Thank you, parents for also showing your teachers how much you appreciate them! Happy Teacher Appreciation Week 2023!

Fue una semana divertida para los maestros, ya que sintieron el amor durante toda la semana. ¡Gracias, padres por mostrar también a sus maestros cuánto los aprecian! ¡Feliz Semana de Agradecimiento a los Maestros 2023!

Photos from DISD Truman Price Elementary's post 05/10/2023

We appreciate our teachers a waffle lot! Teachers enjoyed a delicious breakfast and a charcuterie treat on Teacher Appreciation Tuesday!


2nd graders ROCK!
Dress Like a Rock Star Day!

Photos from DISD Truman Price Elementary's post 05/10/2023

Attention Moms:
Muffins with Mom morning celebration this Friday, May 12 from 7:30 to 8:30 am.

Atención mamás:
Celebración matutina de Muffins con Mamá este viernes 12 de mayo de 7:30 a 8:30 am.


2nd grade had a class full of mini Ms. Bermea's on Dress Like Your Teacher Day! A big shout out to Ms. Bermea for always going above and beyond to teach, to love, and to inspire! Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!


A very Happy School Nurse Day to our amazing school nurse, Mrs. Buenrostro! Thank you for helping us keep safe and well on campus! You truly are indispensable and we appreciate you! :)

Photos from DISD Truman Price Elementary's post 05/09/2023

Friday clubs are the best! Students love joining their clubhouse friends for some fun, and these would not be possible without our amazing teachers leading the clubs. Thank you, teachers, for always going the extra mile for our students! :) We truly appreciate you!

Photos from DISD Truman Price Elementary's post 05/09/2023

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, teacher celebrations began with delicious tamales for breakfast and some lovely gifts on behalf of DISD and Truman Price Elementary administration. Thank you, teachers, for teaching with heart! You're simply the best!


A huge shout out to our super cafeteria staff!
Thank you for providing us meals
morning, noon and afterschool!
We appreciate all your hard work
to serve the nutrition we need throughout the day
to help us learn, grow, and play!
Happy School Lunch Hero Appreciation!

Photos from DISD Truman Price Elementary's post 05/08/2023

HOORAY! We are super excited to now be a Capturing Kids' Hearts National Showcase School!!
Truman Price Elementary is being recognized for doing a great job implementing the Capturing Kids' Hearts process. It is an honor to represent the CKH program and so rewarding to see our students' growth throughout this year!!
CONGRATULATIONS, Truman Price Elementary students and staff!

¡YAY! ¡Estamos muy emocionados de ser ahora una escuela de exhibición nacional de Capturing Kids' Hearts!
La Escuela Primaria Truman Price está siendo reconocida por hacer un gran trabajo implementando el proceso Capturing Kids' Hearts. ¡Es un honor representar al programa CKH y es muy gratificante ver el crecimiento de nuestros estudiantes a lo largo de este año!
¡FELICITACIONES, estudiantes y personal de la escuela primaria Truman Price!


Mrs. Cervantes and Mrs. Mendez started the day spreading Cinco de mayo cheer!

Photos from DISD Truman Price Elementary's post 05/05/2023

So proud of our Cinco de mayo performers! Thank you, students, for working hard and entertaining us with your wonderful dance! May you continue in the joy of music and dance!


Muchas gracias, Mrs. Cardona, for your generous gift to our staff this Cinco de mayo! Mrs. Cardona treated us with her delicious homemade mole, rice and dessert! We appreciate you and your time with us here at Truman Price Elementary. You are truly the best!

Photos from DISD Truman Price Elementary's post 05/05/2023

The fiesta was on and all were looking so colorful and festive!
¡Feliz cinco de mayo!


Congratulations, Ezra Villarreal, on reading over 1 million words and reaching Distinguished Reader achievement!!

Photos from Donna Independent School District's post 05/05/2023

Donna ISD is inviting you to our annual Cinco De Mayo Celebration to be held today, Friday, May 5th at the Frankie Jimenez Technology Complex Courtyard from 5:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m. Informational booths, snacks, and door prizes will be available and student performances will be held throughout the evening to entertain everyone.

Donna ISD lo invita a nuestra celebración anual del Cinco de Mayo que se llevará a cabo hoy, viernes 5 de mayo en el Patio del Complejo Tecnológico Frankie Jiménez de 5:00 p. m. a 7:00 p. m. Habrá puestos informativos, refrigerios y premios en la puerta y se llevarán a cabo actuaciones estudiantiles durante toda la noche para entretener a todos.


There's still time to make it to the Cinco de Mayo celebration! Starts at 5 pm.
Our Truman Price students will be performing! Come an support our team! All are dressed and ready to see you there! ¡Arriba Truman Price!

¡Aún están a tiempo de llegar a la celebración del Cinco de Mayo! Comienza a las 5 p. m.
¡Nuestros estudiantes de Truman Price actuarán! ¡Ven y apoya a nuestro equipo! ¡Todos están vestidos y listos para verte allí! ¡Arriba Truman Price!


¡Les deseamos a nuestros alumnos de tercer grado lo mejor en el examen mañana!
Padres, por favor asegúrense de que su hijo/a descanse lo suficiente y coma un buen desayuno mañana. Nos vemos alertos y temprano. 🙂

Photos from DISD Truman Price Elementary's post 05/01/2023

We wish our fifth graders the best! Tomorrow is a big day.
Parents, please ensure your child gets plenty of rest and eats a good breakfast tomorrow. See you bright and early. 🙂


Fifth grade classes couldn't help but cheer...and we agree!
"Whooooooo has the best principal? We do!"
Happy School Principals Day, Mrs. Cervantes!


Fifth grade classes couldn't help but cheer...and we agree!
"Whooooooo has the best principal? We do!"
Happy School Principals Day, Mrs. Cervantes!

Photos from DISD Truman Price Elementary's post 04/30/2023

From sunrise to sunset, rain or shine
You are the heroes that get our students there on time!
DISD bus drivers, thank you for going the extra mile always
with a greeting and a smile!
Happy Bus Driver Appreciation 2023!

Photos from DISD Truman Price Elementary's post 04/30/2023

3rd-5th grade students will be taking the math STAAR exam beginning this Tuesday. The schedule is as follows:
5th grade on Tuesday
4th grade on Wednesday
3rd grade on Thursday

Please ensure your child gets proper rest beginning tonight. The test may be a few days away but learning is still happening every day! Thank you, parents, for being the lighthouse that guides your child to great success!

Los estudiantes de 3º a 5º grado tomarán el examen STAAR de matemáticas a partir de este martes. El horario es el siguiente:
5to grado el martes
4to grado el miércoles
3er grado el jueves

Asegúrese de que su hijo/a descanse lo suficiente a partir de esta noche. Puede que falten unos días para el examen, ¡pero el aprendizaje sigue ocurriendo todos los días! ¡Gracias, padres, por ser el faro que guía a su hijo/a hacia el gran éxito!


Good afternoon,
We hope you and your family are well! We’d like to inform the Donna ISD community we will be having classes tomorrow, Monday, May 1, 2023. All of our buildings have electricity and classes will resume as normal. Have a wonderful rest of your Sunday!

Buenas tardes,
Esperamos que usted y su familia están bien! Le queremos informar a la comunidad de Donna ISD, tendremos clases mañana, lunes 1 de mayo de 2023. Todos nuestros edificios tienen electricidad y las clases se reanudarán con normalidad. Que tengan un bonito resto de su domingo!

Photos from DISD Truman Price Elementary's post 04/28/2023

These ladies have been showered with appreciation all week...so a shout out and special treats from Teams PreK, Kinder and First are well deserved! We are truly blessed to have you on our T. Price Team!


The DISD Parent and Family Engagement Department celebrated all district parent volunteers today.
In appreciation for all that you contribute to make Truman Price Elementary shine, thank you, Mrs. Salinas!

"Like a lighthouse, parents are the shining light who guide the way to their children's future!"

¡Como un faro, los padres son la luz brillante que guía el camino hacia el futuro de sus hijos!


2nd Grade teachers and students showing their love and appreciation for Ms. Handy, Mrs. Soto, Mrs. Garza, and Ms. Cordero today on their special day!


Behind every great administration is a great team of administrative professionals working diligently to keep the campus running. Today, we honor and say "many thank yous" to our very own Fantastic Four. We appreciate you so much, Ms. Donna Handy, Mrs. Janie Soto, Mrs. Maritza Garza, and Ms. Mina Cordero for your dedication and service to our Truman Price Elementary. You're simply the best! :)
Happy Administrative Professionals Day!

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