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We teach busy people how to be centered, focused and calm with our 5-step meditation process. We are the masters of our own mindscape. spirituality.

It has been my mission to help individuals find healthy ways to navigate the great unknown of spiritual, emotional and mental confusion and stress. We are the creators of our perceptions and responses to the world. It is time for each of us to learn more about ourselves, to reveal and use our special gifts to paint a new picture. WE ARE THE STORY TELLERS and this life IS OUR STORY! The Neurosculpt

Operating as usual


You don’t need to change it ALL right NOW.

You only need to take one small step and just repeat that over time.

Lasting change happens in small increments, not grand sweeping gestures.

Can you name one very small thing you can do TODAY to interrupt or shift a pattern?

Will you share that with me so I can hold you accountable?

Time to make neuroplasticity your super power.


Emotions are for feeling and processing, not stuffing or denying.

Don’t buy into the bypass culture where the appearance of calm is the goal.

All humans have lots of emotions, which are energy in motion.

The art of feeling them without letting them define you is what frees you.

The art of processing them without hurting others or yourself is what empowers you.

The art of inquiring about their cause is what informs you.

The art of releasing them is what unlocks you.

They are doors for you to walk through.


Focused AND subconscious attention is one of your greatest currencies.

Be the one who chooses with your long term well-being in mind. Where you put that attention determines the mental patterns you become predisposed to.

Everything you look upon is being eaten by your eyes.
Everything you listen to is consumed by your ears.

You will end up digesting all of it.


Yet you know this is more difficult than you’d like to admit.

Ever think about why it’s just so easy to be mean and judgmental with each other?

Perhaps the real achievement in life is reminding ourselves every day of the kindergarten rules:

🌱Be nice
🌱Don’t hit
🌱Help when you see someone hurting

Einstein said “anyone can make things more complicated, but it takes real genius to simply “

Let’s be geniuses then!


It’s not a badge, a hall pass, a stamp of your identity.
Trauma is an invitation to do the inner work that is uncomfortable and often scary.

But once you are through it…you are through it.


Are you feeling the overwhelm of wishing you could rewrite the past?

Well, even though you CAN, you actually don’t have to.

Change starts right now the moment you choose to move forward differently from just the very last thought you had.

This is the power of response vs reaction.

When you exercise your capacity to reflect and respond you no longer have to repeat the old patterns.

This is the heart of Neurosculpting.

Want to know how you can harness the power of change through our courses?
DM with questions.


No doubt it would have SOMETHING interesting to say.

Whatever you imagine it says is an indicator for you RIGHT NOW about how you truly feel about your current patterns.

Your past was written a long time ago, the future is unwritten, and the only one you actively get to write is TODAY’S.

Don’t forget, you are the author.

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Your growth and transformation is your truest treasure.
Find a teacher, mentor or guide who has your highest good as the priority over their agenda and you will experience profoundly empowered transformation.

Come on, with 8 billion people on the planet how in the world have we allowed ourselves to believe that only a handful can guide us to transformation?

Find the one whose goal is to graduate you out of their program vs keeping you in and dependent on the ever-present “next level”

You will go so much further with teachings vs preachings.

You got this!

Anyone you know need to hear this?


Accepting your mistakes makes you stronger, more credible, resilient, and open to change.

But you already know it’s reeeally uncomfortable to accept your mistakes. So you probably actually shy away from it more than you know.

But hold on…give yourself some credit. Just the willingness to accept your mistakes actually makes it easier to accept them.

Ever try to get an apology from someone who isn’t willing to actually feel sorry? It becomes a hollow gesture.

So don’t confuse the words of “accepting” your mistakes with the actual willingness to own all of them.

Want liberation?
Then it’s time at open to your messy human self.


There are two problems with this: you have to want that and then you have to actually make it a practice.

Truth is the brain makes it very easy to focus on the negative because it perceives those things to be threats. And when we can identify threats we can take life-saving action.

Self preservation prevails as a guiding lens for daily life.

That means to allow for all the good you need to create a practice for recognizing it.

And this is exactly that; A PRACTICE

It not always easy to redirect your focus…but it sure is worth it.

You will likely not say this in your golden years, “I sure am glad I chose not to celebrate all the good things.”

Tell me one good thing you are celebrating today.


It’s cheaper than cosmetic surgery and it tastes better than gross protein drinks.

Brain training is my favorite anti-aging secret.

That includes Neurosculpting meditation daily, neuroplasticity exercises, vagal toning, and lots of creative play.

Want to look and feel your best?
It’s time to focus on your brain.

🌱I am opening up registration for the Beginner Online course.
Link in bio


Neuroplasticity is powerful except when it comes to your but 😆

Truly, your but is one of the most destructive aspects of yourself, and it’s preventing you from changing your habits.

The more you qualify your capacity to change by stating aloud the many reasons you can’t, the less likely you will change anything.

Language is not accidental, even when it’s subconscious.

Every word you say vibrates through your vocal cords which send signals to your vagus nerve, which then tries to tune the nervous system to respond to the way in which you are interpreting the world.

Every “but” is a statement of all the reasons why you won’t.

Here’s a task I would love for you to try.
See how many times you hear yourself say but when it comes to your goals or dreams.

Let me know in the comments what you realize.


I get it, this might sting a little.
But it’s true.

Your memories…both the best and the worst are not accurate today as they occurred in the past.

💫It works like this:
You have an experience and you “file” it. But it is not filed as one consolidated unit of information.

🧩It is fragmented into parts before filing.

🪡When it’s time to remember your brain has to reconsolidate the parts BUT there is often some reconfiguring necessary to make them fit together as though you have to stitch it back together with some small bits of information”filled in” information.

💾Then you store THAT version so that the next time you remember it you are reconsolidating version 2 and adding more stitching to make version 3.

✖️Multiply this by the amount of times you remember the event and you will realize you are many versions away from original form.

Just like your current iPhone is vastly different from the original release.

🥳So the great news is that maybe we don’t have to be stuck in our painful pasts, and choose to create something wonderful moving forward.

This is what we do in our Neurosculpting courses.
If you are ready for this check the courses in the bio.


The paradox is that the only true knowing you have is that there is more in life you don’t know than you do know.

And all learning requires a state of not-knowing in order to discover something new.

So why spend all this time trying to prove what you think we already know? No growth happens here.

Instead, be proud of all the things you don’t know…these are the deepest places of your greatest potential.

🥂Cheers to not knowing🥂


No matter how bad you think it is, your nervous system always has the opportunity to change things.

All you need to know are the 5 key steps of the Neurosculpting meditation process.

1. Down regulate the limbic system
2. Up regulate the PFC
3. Bilaterally stimulate while identifying a stress pattern
4. Anchor into the bilateral shift
5. Assign a linguistic anchor

If none of this makes sense to you, no worries. You only really need to experience it rather than understand it.

So if you want to experience the Neurosculpting practice you can start with a 💫FREE💫meditation on

Or jump in to our classes online: link in bio


Would you rather be ill equipped for change or well-resourced and resilient?

You can’t opt out of change, you can only be in it when it comes.

HOW you move through it is up to you.

Caring for your brain and having a stress management practice is likely the best preparation for resilience during change.

Remember, it’s not IF but WHEN.

Neurosculpting gives you that resilience.

Maybe it’s time to check out our online courses.

Link in bio.


Did you know that with some simple mental and physical practices you can unlock your body’s capacity to balance and heal faster AND gain more access to your own intuition?


Because there is a strong and proven connection between the enteric nervous system (your gut) and your body’s capacity to heal and send you clear intuitive messages. When you use the practices of nervous system regulation, you begin to influence your gut function and balance AND you start to identify and understand the signals it’s giving you. This results in a keen sense of subtle signals about the body and the environment.

Yep, a side effect of true nervous system regulation is a heightened sense of intuitive connection.

You are invited to attend this FREE webinar to start accessing yours right away!

I’m excited to see you on Feb 2 for this LIVE event.

Can’t make it live? That’s ok. You can watch the playback which will be sent out via email within 24 hours of the live event.

You MUST register and check your email receipt for the zoom link to tune in.

Grounding into Intuition - Energetic techniques for balance, intuition, and wellbeing (3 week series in person or online) - Neurosculpting® 01/21/2024

Did you ever want to be more grounded so that in any situation you could feel resilient and connected to your higher-self traits like insight and intuition?

The truth is that supporting your nervous system with grounding techniques opens the door to insightful access to deep subconscious information.
A clean and clear dialogue with the subconscious is the basis of intuitive access. Many of the mystery schools use grounding as the base technique of metaphysical mastery.

Imagine, not only being calm and resilient in the face of stress, but being connected enough to your inner insight so deeply that you discover solutions and approaches you never saw before.

Grounding techniques are the basis of all deeper development of the mind-body connection.

This immersion is for you if:
👉 You are seeking a deeper connection to your subconscious self
👉You are tired of feeling like a passive player in life
👉You are ready to uncover your greater capacity for insight and higher-self knowledge
👉You are ready to unlock a greater sense of self-trust, self-reliance, and personal intuition

Starts Feb 13.
24-hour coupon code! Save 10% with code: grounded
Coupon expires midnight, TOMORROW (Jan 22)

Grounding into Intuition - Energetic techniques for balance, intuition, and wellbeing (3 week series in person or online) - Neurosculpting® Did you ever want to be more grounded so that in any situation you could feel resilient and connected to your higher-self traits like insight and intuition? The truth is that supporting your nervous system with grounding techniques opens the door to insightful access to deep subconscious information...

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Suffering can be a thing of the past!

Living with chronic illness can often feel like a labyrinth of doctor visits, treatments, and unanswered questions. The emotional toll and financial burden can be overwhelming as you navigate a healthcare system that sometimes falls short in addressing the complex nature of chronic conditions.

In a world where chronic illness affects a staggering number of lives (with over 133 million Americans grappling with at least one chronic condition), the personal cost can be daunting. The multitude of doctors, treatments, and prescriptions can add up, both financially and emotionally. It’s time to explore a different path, one that empowers you to take control of your well-being.

Welcome to “Rewire for Resilience: Harnessing Neuroplasticity to Thrive Through Chronic Illness.” This immersive is designed to be a beacon of hope in the often challenging landscape of chronic health conditions. We understand the struggles you face, and we’re here to offer not just a solution, but a transformative journey towards healing.

Join us as we expand beyond the limitations of conventional approaches to chronic illness. Learn how the traditional model, while valuable, may not always address the root causes or provide sustainable relief. Move beyond the financial strain and emotional toll of navigating a system that sometimes treats symptoms rather than promoting holistic well-being.

This immersive introduces a groundbreaking approach rooted in neuroplasticity—the brain’s remarkable ability to reorganize and adapt. Neuroplasticity training is not just a buzzword; it’s a dynamic tool that can amplify nervous system regulation, a crucial aspect of healing from chronic illness. By understanding and harnessing this innate capability, you can reshape your journey towards well-being.

Throughout the immersive, we’ll share the potent and practical Neurosculpting techniques and insights to empower you on your healing path. You’ll experience live NeuroPraxis modules that help you navigate both acute symptom flare up and chronic lingering. Together, we’ll explore how reprogramming your neural pathways can positively impact your physical health, emotional well-being, and overall quality of life.

Don’t let chronic illness define your story; let neuroplasticity be the catalyst for a new chapter. Join us for “Rewire for Resilience” and embark on a journey towards greater self-awareness, resilience, and lasting well-being. It’s time to take charge of your health and embrace the transformative power within you.

January cohort is now open.

Course outcomes:

🧠Increased mental, emotional and physical resilience

🧠Greater navigation of your nervous system

🧠Empowered decision making over your illness

🧠Access to a library of support practices

🧠Clarity to decide the future course of your health

🧠Relief from an oppressive diagnosis

What this immersive covers:

In It (how to navigate the acute experience of chronic illness)

👉Nervous system states
👉Symptom identification
👉Top-down vs Bottom-up regulation techniques
👉Vagal Toning
👉Somatic support exercises
👉Real time nervous system resourcing

Beyond It (how to navigate the lingering experience of chronic illness)

👉Identity and the nervous system states
👉Neurosculpting for rewiring belief systems
👉Neurosculpting meditations for symptom uncoupling
👉Somatic presencing
👉Social support and how to use the NeuroPraxis App




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Some of the MOST influential thought-leaders on the planet endorse and use Neurosculpting!

🙌Marianne Williamson, Dr. David Perlmutter, Dr. Rick Hanson, Dave Asprey, John Assaraf, and Zion Clark

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A Step by Step Neurosculpting Guide to Manifesting - 3 week series in person and online - Neurosculpting® 09/20/2023

You asked, and now IT'S BACK!

Join Founder Lisa Wimberger for 3 Mondays starting Monday, Sept 25th for the real deal, no BS way to manifest.

Yep, it’s a buzz word: manifesting.

But what does it mean? Some magical power? Some sort of spiritual alignment?

Well, maybe. AND it’s also DEFINITELY the result of a regulated nervous system that’s so adaptable it can help you see outside of the box and orient your awareness and behaviors towards something beyond the familiar.

It’s the capacity to get in touch with your true desires, move out of your own limitations around them, and then be able to recognize and hold the changes that present themselves.

If you want to magnetize real change, your nervous system must be ready to adapt to that change.

In person or Online.

A Step by Step Neurosculpting Guide to Manifesting - 3 week series in person and online - Neurosculpting® Yep, it's a buzz word: manifesting. But what does it mean? Some magical power? Some sort of spiritual alignment? Well, maybe. AND it's also DEFINITELY the result of a regulated nervous system that's so adaptable it can help you see outside of the box and orient your awareness and behaviors towards.....


Tired of being tossed around by life and your emotional ups and downs?
🔥Then I have some EXCITING NEWS🔥
I will be offering this webinar to share some of the cutting-edge practices that have made Neurosculpting a go-to brain optimization process on 4 continents!

Join me and I'll give you the down and dirty to pull yourself out of those loops.
Register here now to save your seat👇

SPECIAL CALL to our COLORADO will want to attend this online webinar because at the end I"m going to offer the local audience an amazing gift.


We are thrilled to announce that Dr. Ben Rein, a leading neuroscientist from Stanford University, will be one of the esteemed speakers at the inaugural NeuroWellness Summit September 16.

Dr. Rein's groundbreaking work on M**A-enhanced empathy has garnered international recognition, making him a trailblazer in the field of brain optimization and mental wellness.

Recently, Dr. Rein achieved a significant milestone by publishing a groundbreaking study in the prestigious journal "Nature Neuroscience." In this study, he uncovered the neural mechanisms underlying the profound empathic effects of M**A, shedding light on how this psychedelic compound can enhance interpersonal connections and foster emotional well-being.

His research has revolutionized our understanding of M**A's therapeutic potential, paving the way for novel treatment approaches for conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and social anxiety.

Attending the NeuroWellness Summit offers a unique opportunity for wellness enthusiasts to engage with Dr. Rein and gain firsthand insights into his latest research findings. Driven by his passion for enhancing human empathy and emotional resilience,

Dr. Rein will delve into the fascinating intersection of neuroscience, psychedelics, and mental wellness during his highly anticipated keynote address. His expertise in the field, coupled with his commitment to scientific rigor and innovation, makes this an unparalleled occasion to deepen your knowledge and connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for brain optimization and mental well-being.

Don't miss out on this extraordinary chance to meet Dr. Ben Rein and discover the transformative potential of M**A-enhanced empathy. Join us at the NeuroWellness Summit and embark on a journey toward a healthier and more empathic future. Register now to secure your spot at this groundbreaking event.

Get your tickets here



Grateful to receive the "Most Influential CEO" award for Sleep Support from CEO Monthly.

If you are interested to know how Neurosculpting can support you or someone you love with sleep, anxiety, leadership performance and brain optimization we are offering a very limited number of discovery calls this coming month.

Grab yours here 👇


I'm not a theoretician...I'm a pragmatic user of the tools and practices I teach.
Not because theory is bad at all...but because when you have a life-threatening condition you really don't have time for theory if it's not directly saving your life.

So, Neurosculpting gave me my life back. It can do that for you too.

Sign up here

NeuroWellness Summit - September 16, 2023 06/12/2023

What specifically do you want to know from a Neuroscientist at Stanford Labs researching M**A-Enhanced empathy?

Or maybe you just want to meet him yourself and ask him questions directly.

Then you'll want to get your early bird ticket now for the Denver's FIRST Neurowellness Summit Sept 16th.

You'll get to spend time with Dr. Ben Rein AND a panel of amazing expert mind-body wellness leaders.

NeuroWellness Summit - September 16, 2023 A one-day educational event featuring world-renowned speakers dedicated to enhancing brain health and wellness using the latest advances in neuroscience.


The NeuroWellness Summit is just around the corner and we couldn't be more excited! This one-day event is dedicated to enhancing brain health and wellness, and will feature an all-star lineup of five world-renowned experts.

Attend the summit and discover how you can optimize your brain health and overall wellness like never before.

Early bird tickets are still available - get yours now!


Did you know that "The World is our Mirror"?
Emily Schromm, fitness trainer, host of the Meathead Hippie Podcast and one of our featured speakers at the NeuroWellness Summit, will be discussing this topic in-depth. Attend the summit and discover how you can improve your overall health and well-being through mindfulness and self-reflection.
Early bird tickets are still available - don't wait to secure your spot!

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I'm not a theoretician...I'm a pragmatic user of the tools and practices I teach.Why?Not because theory is bad at all......
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Join us for DEEP transformation through Neuroplasticity





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