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YES! Brilliant explanation that totally applies to our kids.

Thank you to The Secure Relationship💙

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Be a part of the incredible journey of childbirth! Discover more about our prestigious doula training programs on our website. We are committed to providing the highest quality education and support to aspiring doulas. Join us today and become a part of the power of birth! Visit our website for more information.


Thrilled to be partnering with Belly Bliss Denver to offer my Birthing from Within Childbirth classes in 2024!

Next Series begins 1/21/24!

Great for those expecting babies in February, March and April!

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Needed a nature reset today! So grateful for this down time with my favorite hiking partner and this adorable black dog.
My schedule is coming in hot in August so I’m getting in my hiking miles now! We DID see 3 snakes on the hike… one was a rattlesnake 😳😮🐍Mother nature was showing off!


NOW Enrolling for Fall and Winter Due Dates!

Want a more mindful childbirth class that meets you where you are without judgement? Are you wondering what you might need to birth your baby - emotionally, physically, psychologically? Do you want a more intimate class setting?

THIS class is for you! Birthing from Within is a childbirth preparation class unlike any other! It INVITES you to ask the deeper questions about birth and becoming parents; it includes all of the nuts and bolts of what to expect as you work to meet your baby ALONG WITH THE HEART STUFF!

My next 4-week series begins on September 9th! Classes take place at Allo Doula Academy Sundays from 5-8pm.

Investment is $320
*There is a 15% discount for my birth doula clients.
** Please reach out with any questions!


Why you should take my Birthing From Within® Childbirth Classes:

My Classes:

🦋Are personalized and more intimate, offering parents a comfortable environment to ask questions and explore their own feelings about birth in a supported environment.

🦋Give you so many amazing tools that are actually useful in the birth room and beyond, as you navigate becoming parents.

🦋Are in-person and hands-on - where you learn direct from an experience childbirth educator and doula about how to navigate mindfully through labor, birth and beyond.

🦋Cover not just labor preparation but postpartum too!

✨YOU know intuitively that birth preparation isn't just about learning the nuts and bolts…

✨You seek to dive deeper into your birth preparation….

✨You are eager to know what you might need to know about birth…that can only found from WITHIN YOU.


My Summer Birthing From Within Series is ENROLLING!!
It begins on Sunday July 9th and takes place at Allo Doula Academy

Please reach out with any questions!

(P.S. My doula clients receive a 15% discount!)

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April is Cesarean Birth Awareness Month.

As a Birth Doula, I have been lucky enough to be allowed to join some of my new families and their medical team during their cesarean birth. Witnessing the courage that they show in the face of such a big moment is awe-inspiring!
One of my favorite memories during a cesarean birth was witnessing the moment a dad just fall so in love with his little girl.🥰 During the hubbub that happens during those early moments, he just stood there calmly admiring his baby with a smile only a new parent can make. It was priceless!


I have scheduled my 2023 Birthing from Within live childbirth classes in the Denver area! Please have a look and share with those who are expecting babies in 2023. Not many classes are in person these days - so I'm happy to be able to offer that option!

Next 4-week series begins on Jan 29th!


I still have some space in my upcoming Birthing from Within 4-week Childbirth Series taking place at Allo Doula Academy starting on Jan 29th!

We will cover the nuts and bolts of labor and birth through the lens of compassion (for self and others), staying solution-oriented through the unknowns of labor and connecting with one another throughout the birth of your baby. This is a birth class unlike any other!

Come find out what YOU need to know to give birth!

I have scheduled my 2023 Birthing from Within live childbirth classes in the Denver area! Please have a look and share with those who are expecting babies in 2023. Not many classes are in person these days - so I'm happy to be able to offer that option!

Next 4-week series begins on Jan 29th!


As a Birthing from Within mentor, my heart really feels this today. I watch through a lens of disbelief that a community so aligned on lovingly supporting those giving birth could have such varied views on how that should look. I know I’m here to stay centered in love.

The birth industry is a s**tshow. It's been contorted by identity politics, individualism, the medicalization of birth, the importation of legality into midwifery.

The Anglo NorthAmerican societal shadows show up in birth, + then get exported worldwide.

Doulas used to be the "cure,” the "answer" to having a good birth-- now, what are we? A placebo, a problem to solve?

I asked myself that so many times in the births I attended- supposed to be quelled by the promise that while it was not a “good” birth, it was better than what it would have been without me.

But after a while, that wasn’t satisfying, it felt like a milder version of collusion, or that I was participating in a big farce.

And these days, anything you say can be and often is interpreted as anti-something.

We are supposed to adopt new language. A “belly” birth instead of a Cesarean or an abdominal surgery. As feminists, we are supposed to laud “choice” as the ultimate freedom. Choice to breastfeed, choice not to breastfeed. Don’t call it breastfeeding, call it chest feeding, no, call it body feeding.

For a long time it was the mothers that were forgotten, and only the baby’s health considered. Now it’s the mother’s health that’s penultimate. And often, trauma is the reason that physiology can’t be respected. Everything is too triggering. Breastfeeding, vaginal delivery, the biological and physiological design of how we work as mammals.

Of course, there is also the all-natural Goddess pendulum that imagines all intervention as “bad” and “unnecessary,” just let the chips fall where they might. This, of course, leaves out all same s*x situations.

Another situation of the oroboro of the far right and the far left.

And my personal biggest lament- the literal birth world factions. Birthworkers have SO LITTLE POWER to begin with. And yet, we have allowed ourselves to be sectioned and divided.

I can only be led to what’s further upstream from these conversations about who birth really belongs to. What will impact real change for how we as human beings are designed to be attuned to the earth and to each other.


Using Doulas and taking childbirth classes, among other things, actually calms the central nervous system of the birthing person and can reduce the need for interventions. :)

"When people were randomly assigned, like tossing a coin, to either having a drug approach or a central nervous system approach, researchers found that people who had the central nervous system approach offered first actually experienced fewer caesarians, fewer forceps and vacuum-assisted deliveries, less use of Pitocin to stimulate labor, and they also had a shorter labor on average."

Interesting read from Evidence Based Birth. :) #:~:text=Basically%2C%20the%20gate%20control%20theory,signals%20from%20reaching%20your%20brain.

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Do you ever just allow yourself to say, “I don’t know where all this is taking me but I’m going to follow where I’m guided?” I feel like I’m having an identity crisis. Apparently it’s those who really embody the “Maven” archetype that never really fit into any specific role but play many. And I’m learning that that’s ok…. As long as it aligns with my path. So yeah… here’s to all the ways in which it lines up!


My next (*and final Birthing From Within Childbirth class for 2022!) is starting on 10/23! It's starting to fill up!

Thank you for sharing with those in your world who are welcoming a baby!


❤️ my doula (Bonnie Slater) was just this. It was never just about witnessing Everly being born.

The Doula 🤩


What would be some internal signposts that you personally might imagine seeing to indicate that YOU are ready to give birth?

Who needs to hear this today?


More un-learning!

Many of us have said this. 🙋‍♂️

It rhymes, so it must be good, right? Meh. We know more now. Kids learn emotional regulation from co-regulating with an adult they trust.

Don't dismiss their emotions. Be there with them as they navigate those big feelings.

This is not permissive.

This is not saying give in, or just give them what they want to stop them from being upset.

This is saying support them so they can build the skills they need to self-regulate. You need co-regulation in order to be able to self-regulate.

❤ this from our friend Stephanie Pinto from Let's Raise Emotionally Intelligent Kids 's Raise Emotionally Intelligent Kids 👏👏

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Sometimes self care looks like taking your own self on a hike in one of your favorite places. When I take the time to do this, I am able to more fully show up in all aspects of my life. AND it’s not always going to be easy. Things come up. But it’s worth it!

Timeline photos 08/05/2022

This is an amazing training!

🌀The model of the Heroic Journey gives us a holistic, zoomed-out way to understand the perinatal experience. Using this metaphor helps us to understand parents’ actions, feelings, and reactions, as well as what type of guidance might be most useful to them in the moment.

🗓️Heart-centered doula & childbirth educator training: Birth as a Heroic Journey. Next course begins in August, last day to register is 8/31. Join us. Be the guide.

✨For FAQs and to register, visit the link in our bio or

⚡Scholarships are available for BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and Disabled birth workers.


I'm still teaching Childbirth Classes! I've just added Birth and Postpartum Doula services to the mix!

After a brief hiatus to recalibrate, find a new location from which to teach, I am restarting my Birthing From Within childbirth classes in Denver THIS September!

My classes will now be held at Allo Doula Academy in Westminster, CO (located just off highway 36 & Sheridan.)

Next series begins September 11th - space is limited!

Find out more information & register at:


Last night, a very tired Everly lost it on our way home from frolicking in a mountain lake. She had had THE best time. We even saw a family of moose! Yet she was tired and as it’s been happening (often in the car), she started to cry uncontrollably.

At first, I tried different approaches to quench her fears but nothing worked and I was overwhelmed myself. So I plugged my ears for a minute and took some deep breaths. (A screaming child in a car is some hard s**t.)

Then in the most soothing of voices I could muster from a place of deep love for her, I validated what she was feeling. And I reached for her hand and she calmed down. She held it for the rest of the ride home.

My own emotional regulation was necessary for hers to happen in that moment. (The old, “it’s your mask on first before you try to help others. “)

As a mama, it can be really easy to get overwhelmed when my children get overwhelmed. But it’s really important to remember that regulating my own nervous system guides me back to a calm place where I can be present and more patient. The love is there. But when my nervous system is totally taxed, or I haven’t had enough time by myself in silence, I can’t do this well.

Put your mask on first. Take care of your nervous system. Lately, that’s been yoga, pole@fotness, hiking and making sure I do lots of yoga Nidra. How do you love on your nervous system?

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