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David Strauss is an empowerment coach and speaker, and a masterful writer who creates vivid pictures

Ever since David Strauss was a baby, he has been exploring ways to improve his own life, and digging around for ways to help others. As a professional empowerment coach, David brings a unique style of coaching to his clients. Through the perspective of his near-death experience, his professional training, his experiential world travel, and his deep, intuitive understanding of the six human needs a

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Great news. I'm launching the beta version of my first-ever virtual boot camp based on my best-selling book, "Dancing with Vampires."

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Speaking at the United Nations HQ in New York City at the Global Entrepreneurship Initiative. The topic was personal responsibility.  GiggleYogaGuy


Faith is the oxygen that breaths power into your dreams.


CRAZY EXCITING NEWS...I was just invited to speak in front of over 2000 people at the Tycoons of Wealth Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa. I will be presenting in front of celebrities, international entrepreneurs, investors, and billionaires. My dream of being an international Professional Speaker is becoming a reality!


TWO very recent reviews of Dancing With Vampires. I love how much my book is benefiting others! Big Love To All!

"I was lucky enough to run into David, we got to talking a bit and he actually gifted me a copy of his book (sincerely a nice guy). After reading it, I have to say I highly recommend this book, especially to anyone wanting to make a change in their life. I was even moved by his writing, it's authentic and heart felt, no pretentious "guru" tone. The information here is not "new agey" and is not "woo woo hippy-trippy". It is concise and grounded advice on how to become aware of negative influences in your life that can exist as people you interact with as well as in your own subconscious. Thanks a lot David! You're a good guy. "

"This book was really eye opening! Though I had heard of similar concepts of energy before reading this book, I had never gone as deeply into it. From gaining a clear understanding of the power of my thoughts, to energy vibrations, to the laws of the universe, to the seven most important questions that I could ever ask myself, "Dancing With Vampires" has essentially changed my life. It is a book that I now keep next to my bed!"

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Giggle Yoga Project Creator David Strauss featured on NBC as Guest on Success Today. 10/18/2016

Giggle Yoga Project Creator David Strauss featured on NBC as Guest on Success Today.

Featured on PR Buzz

Giggle Yoga Project Creator David Strauss featured on NBC as Guest on Success Today. David Strauss was recently seen on NBC, CBS, ABC, and FOX network affiliates around the country as a guest on Success Today with Bob Guiney. Boulder, CO -- May 6, 2016 – David Strauss, creator of the Giggle Yoga Project, was recently featured as a guest...

David Strauss | Success Today TV Interview with Bob Guiney 06/06/2016

David Strauss | Success Today TV Interview with Bob Guiney

Featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX

David Strauss | Success Today TV Interview with Bob Guiney David Strauss being interviewed by TV celebrity Bob Guiney. Bob is one of the stars from the TV show The Bachelor and also Oprah's Man On The Street. This in...

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Have you ever wanted to write a book about your life story, but didn't know where or how to get started? If you have an important life message to share with others, this may be your chance.

In my newest book project I will be hand selecting 20 people who have had a life transforming experience and would love to share their story with the world. Each person will write their own chapter for the book.

For more information go to:

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Colorado Resident Survives Rock Fall To Head
National distribution today to over 700 print and TV media outlets.
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If you had one meaningful piece of advice to share with all the world, what would you say?

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The purpose of the Giggle Yoga Project is to bring happiness into people’s lives through the sharing of stories, tools and resources which empower, motivate, inspire and encourage.

What is Giggle Yoga?

Giggle Yoga is the practice of living a life filled with happiness and giggles through five core values which came together through David Strauss’ near death experience. Together, these values allowed David to reinvent and transform his entire life. He’s had so much success with these that he can’t help but share them with others.

• Own Your Life: With all your strengths and weaknesses, embrace yourself as you are, right now, set new targets for achievement, find mentors, and commit to learning, growing and self-improvement.

• Accept Responsibility: We are responsible for the meaning we give to our life experiences, and for our feelings, choices and results. Own your life by eliminating negative emotional entanglements, releasing blame, and choosing empowering beliefs.

• Empower Your Progress: Our outer world is an echo of our inner world. Pay attention to the successes and challenges that are showing up in your life. They are your guidance system telling you where you are winning, and where you are ready to learn and grow.

• Feel Grateful: Gratitude is the single most powerful emotion for personal transformation. It is the potion for solving problems and the serum for success. When our life is filled with gratitude for what we have and what we aspire to achieve, we unleash powerful energetic forces that will flood our life with miracles.

• Giggle Out Loud: When we own our life, accept responsibility, empower our problems and feel grateful, we unleash giggles of happiness because we know the secret to life - the reality we live in is the sum total of our thoughts, beliefs and choices. Giggle out loud, and giggle often.

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Thank you to everyone for all your love and support this past year. TWO big gifts to those of you who pre-order my new book



Own Your Life (30 days) - This is a results focused workshop which teaches you how to own your life and your self image. It focuses on releasing emotional entanglements, overcoming limiting beliefs and replacing them with empowering beliefs. This is for people who want to take massive action to make changes in their life, and they are willing to stretch and grow.

Relationship Magic (30 days) – Ready to improve all of your relationships? Friendships, Family, Intimate? Learn about the six human needs and how they shape your behavior, and how to apply them to build healthy relationship, or rebuild stagnant relationships.

Real Results (90 days) – This is a 90 day program broken down into 3 monthly segments. An intensive workshop that guides you in identifying your most important goals, and holds you accountable to take measurable action steps toward achieving your goals. This workshop includes releasing limiting beliefs and replacing them with empowering beliefs. Each 30 day segment builds upon the prior 30 days and sets you up to achieve or exceed your 90 day goals.

Mens Empowerment (30 days) – A fun workshop where we leverage off of each others strengths and weaknesses, and learn how to become a stronger, more self-empowered man, community member and leader.

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Your feelings at any given moment are a direct reflection and indication of what you're thinking about and focusing on.

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What if your garage was actually your imagination and creation room?
What if it was the one place that you could mastermind and create?

These ten businesses started in a garage:

Lotus Cars
Yankee Candle
Harley Davidson

Are you using your garage to build your dreams, or to store all the stuff you bought that represent someone else who created their dream?

And if you don't have a garage, use your imagination, and set aside that one special space for masterminding and creating.

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