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Stewart Kraintz is a men's mindset, success and relationships coach here to serve men in becoming th

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The first step in starting a business is to actually START. The second is to seek guidance.

Ariana Ulloa-Olavarrieta is a business and life coach with 10+ years experience in supporting entrepreneurs in launching their businesses and growing their sales.

In this episode of Your Inside Track to Success, Ariana shares her insights on what aspiring entrepreneurs ACTUALLY need to know in order to create a successful business.

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The key to unlocking your creativity is to create empowering self-talk.

Alison Caswell (⁠⁠) is a master sculptor, having completed numerous installation pieces for private clients, universities and corporations across the country.

In this episode, Alison shares her wisdom in reinventing how we talk to ourselves, why it is important for creating daily fulfillment, and is also critical in achieving any goal that you have.

To learn more about Alison and her work, check out her websites ⁠⁠ and ⁠⁠

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Cultivating self-confidence begins with self-acknowledgement, which is something we are often not encouraged to do as we create the careers and lives of our dreams. On this episode, host Stewart Kraintz is joined by Deborah Atella for a conversation on how to create massive self-confidence - and results - in the workplace and beyond using her I.N.C.H. Method.

Deborah Atella is a certified coach, reiki master, and author of the international best seller, Is This Job My Jam? She is also the host of the Atella Like It Is podcast. Connect with Deborah on Instagram: ⁠⁠

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I recently made another appearance on the Demystifying Diversity Podcast with my good friend and host Daralyse Lyons 🤝

We got to talk about one of my all-time favorite subjects... Success!

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The SECRET to building your personal network is to give more than you ever hope to receive.

Henry Ga-Fai Lee is a life coach, entrepreneur, wellness advocate and master networker who through his giving approach has built relationships that to last a lifetime.

In this episode, Henry shares his tips to building any empowering relationship whether it be with friends or professionally.

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Mission-driven work does not have to be for profit. Paul Kraintz has 30+ years of non-profit experience, co-founding Meals on Wheels of Contra Costa County (CA), and growing it to over a $3 million operating budget.

In this episode, Paul share his wisdom with his son Stewart on how any listener should go about launching their non-profit to begin making an impact in their community, today.

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Meals on Wheels America


9 years ago today, I became Quailman (from the 90s kids cartoon Doug) for the (the Gwinnett Braves at the time).

Yes, those are tighty whities being worn outside of my shorts. 😂

A lot has changed in nearly a decade.

I no longer work in baseball.
I've lived in 3 additional states after Georgia.
I became a mindset coach.
I met the woman of my dreams.
I became a stepdad.

What I realize now though, almost a decade later is I became my own superhero.

In setting and achieving my goals, I have built self confidence.

I have built integrity.

I have built credibility.

I have built self trust.

We are the sole and uncontested authors of our lives, and we are our own super heroes.

No one is coming to save us.

No one is going to do the work for us.

It's on US to create the lives of our dreams.

And we get to show up and do the work each and ever day.

If we do, one day we get to look back and laugh at how far we've come.

Here's to your success!


You are the sole and uncontested author of your life. Write a story worth reading!

Guest Daralyse Lyons is a TedX Speaker, published author, journalist and podcast host who has carved out her career as a writer after numerous reinventions.

Listeners are encouraged to follow their own dreams and overcome the fears and limiting beliefs that hold them back from writing the stories of their lives.

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Your is your biggest obstacle. Training it to be your biggest asset can unlock your full potential!

Host Stewart Kraintz is joined by mindset coach, fitness expert, and obstacle racing champion Vinnie Dangerfield as he shares his secrets on developing a strong personal mindset for developing thriving relationships, crushing your goals, and creating a life that you're proud of.

Vinnie Dangerfield is an exercise science and psychology specialist with 20 years of coaching experience. Vinnie works with high level professionals and athletes, having created 400+ fitness and mindset transformations to-date.

He is a 3rd degree lack belt in Tae Kwan do and is an Age Group USA Obstacle Course Racing Champion.

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Connect with Vinnie on Instagram .dangerfield
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Healing our bodies can be as simple as listening to what they're trying to tell us.

On this week's episode, host Stewart Kraintz is joined by Kathy Boyle, a coach and personal trainer who takes a holistic, osteopathic approach in treating and healing her clients.

A self-proclaimed body mechanic, Kathy shares her wisdom and tips on how to check in and run a diagnostic on yourself to begin your healing journey.

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Ep 10: How to ACTUALLY take care of yourself 05/23/2023

Ep 10: How to ACTUALLY take care of yourself

Self-care has been coming up for just about all of my clients recently, and is a continued theme in my life as well.

With big goals, or even just having big responsibilities, we push ourselves beyond our limits before we realize it.

I wanted to reshare this episode from the Your Inside Track to Success Podcast for anyone who may be feeling burnt out or stuck.

Wishing you the absolute best on your journey. Let me know how I can help!

Ep 10: How to ACTUALLY take care of yourself If you’re working to achieve anything big in your life, you’re going to need to push yourself. But what happens when you push yourself too far? In this week’...


New episode dropped today!!

Every moment in life is a learning opportunity if we allow it to be!

I've talked a lot recently about running my first half-marathon, and wanted to share the applicable wisdom and lessons learned that apply to any goal or pursuit!

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Ep 12: Lessons from CRUSHING a Big Goal 05/17/2023

Ep 12: Lessons from CRUSHING a Big Goal

New episode dropped today!!

Every moment in life is a learning opportunity if we allow it to be!

I've talked a lot recently about running my first half-marathon, and wanted to share the applicable wisdom and lessons learned that apply to any goal or pursuit!

Ep 12: Lessons from CRUSHING a Big Goal


To unlock our fullest potential, we get to be mindful of our energy.

Not only how we use it and store it, but what types of energy were using and holding onto that may or may not be serving us.

This week we're joined by reiki master and trainer Anthony Penzarella as he teaches you, the listener, the importance of harnessing your energy to manifest the life of your dreams.

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Wouldn't it be great if we could keep going and going and going without crashing and burning?

That's the focus of this week's episode of Your Inside Track to Success. Host Stewart Kraintz explains how we burnout, and what YOU can do about it to keep yourself performing at a high level.

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Doers do, achievers achieve, and winners win... but at what cost?

On this week's episode, host Stewart Kraintz is joined by friend and mentor Valerie Cap for a conversation on why pushing yourself to your limits is NOT sustainable and why self-care is crucial to sustained success and avoiding burnout.

Val is a coach, entrepreneur and founder of The Nurturing Collective, where she empowers women and entrepreneurs in creating personal growth BEYOND their business wins - in their relationships, their mindsets, and their overall quality of life.

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Follow the Nurturing Collective on Instagram:


How many goals have you set that you haven't completed?

What would it feel like to hit them more consistently?

In this episode, host Stewart Kraintz gives you not only the framework that has led him and his clients to countless successes, but also gives you a tool to connect you to your "why" to keep you motivated on the days when you don't want to do the work.

Let us know what your biggest takeaways are, and be sure to like and follow!


We all want thriving, happy relationships, but many of us don't know how to create them.

In this week's episode, join Stewart Kraintz in welcoming his wife, women's empowerment coach Jennifer Johnson, as she shares her secrets on developing your own personal empowerment and cultivating relationships that lift you up to your highest potential.

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"We build self-confidence by keeping our promises to ourselves but ONLY IF we acknowledge ourselves for what we have accomplished."

Photos from Stewart Kraintz Coaching's post 04/10/2023

I don't post these updates to make anyone feel bad.

I post them as a reminder that time is always going to move forward whether you go for your goals or not.

Do you want to start 2024 as the exact same person with the exact same circumstances as you did 2023?

The choice is always yours!

And as always, your self-confidence grows when you acknowledge yourself!

Every single step outside your comfort zone, every time you silence your ego, every time you take action despite what you have going on in your life is a WIN!!


It's the micro-wins that allow you to step back days, weeks, months down the line and see how much you've grown and how far you've come 🙌


What is your purpose?

On this Episode of Your Inside Track to Success, I'm joined by John Yarberry the .

John shares his wisdom and insights on creating a life on your own terms, and how listeners can do the same.

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Photos from Stewart Kraintz Coaching's post 04/04/2023

What have you accomplished so far this year?

Taking time to pause and acknowledge yourself is the key to creating lasting personal growth.

It's not only how you build self-confidence, but it keeps you from mindlessly chasing accomplishments without any sense of fulfillment.

So what can you acknowledge yourself for, so far, this year?

Photos from Stewart Kraintz Coaching's post 03/30/2023

Having a family like this was always a dream of mine, and often felt way out of reach.

It took a lot, and I mean, a LOT of deep work and reflection to see that I was the one who needed to heal, and who had to grow in order to make it possible.

This coming Thursday, April 6th, my wife Jennifer and I will be hosting a free 90 minute workshop to support YOU in doing the work necessary to create the relationships you seek in your life.

Link in below to register - message me for more information!


Self-comparison is killing your personal health! 👀

On this week's episode, host Stewart Kraintz is joined by Alex Joseph, personal trainer and performance coach. Alex takes listeners through an in-depth dive on the mental barriers the keep us from unlocking our health and fitness breakthroughs, and how your mindset is the most important tool you have, regardless of your athletic ability.

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Social media doesn't have to be fake!! 🤯

On this week's episode, author, social worker and social media strategist Sabrina Suarez ( ) explains how to create meaningful connections and show up authentically in a world full of "highlight reels".

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Photos from Stewart Kraintz Coaching's post 03/21/2023

We're already nearing the end of March, aka "The end of the Beginning."

In other words... we're nearly 1/4 of the way through the year 🤯

It's a valuable time to check in with yourself:

-What have you accomplished this far?
-What have you not yet started?

Without beating yourself up, it's also important to really look INWARD, to ask yourself THESE questions:

-What can you acknowledge yourself for?
-How have you moved outside your comfort zone?
-If you're still resisting your own goals, what's the fear behind that?

Whatever results you've created so far in 2023...

Just know that they're perfect. Your current set of circumstances is just data. Data for you to iterate upon and move forward with.

Remember to acknowledge yourself for doing the hard work, and be sure to get back in the race!

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