The Art Of Singing with Joanne Vecchio

The Art of Singing with Joanne Vecchio
Private and On-Line Vocal Lessos
"Sing from your heart; touc

Sing from your Heart touch a listeners soul
Joanne Vecchio has been involved in music and performance for much of her life, singing and performing throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts. She was a private student of classical voice with Professor Blaine Corey for seven years and studied jazz vocals with Rebecca Parris at Interplay Jazz Camp, for three summer sessions. She sang professionally in

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Hope to see you Monday 5-8 Captain's Resto-Bar on Waterfront Dr. in Warwick! From Ryan, Cyndi & Greg



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Photos from Yo-Yo Ma's post 10/23/2022
Too Far 10/23/2022

Too Far Click to save Too Far by Cold Soul, Mega Mango to your library. Available 31/10/2022!



Heart - Stairway to Heaven (Live at Kennedy Center Honors) [FULL VERSION] 09/07/2022
When you know the history, understand the lyrics,and relate them to your emotional self, then translate that using vocal techniques into a story, the essence and emotions will not only inspire your audience, but all of the musicians around you. This entire performance was inspired by the singer. It is a perfect example of a group of artists abandoning self and surrendering to the power and poetry of the song.

Heart - Stairway to Heaven (Live at Kennedy Center Honors) [FULL VERSION] Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart, along with Jason Bonham, playing Stairway to Heaven as a tribute for Led Zeppelin on Dec. 2, 2012 at Kennedy Center.It was tel...


A Music School in Korea. 🎶🎶😍

Timeline photos 06/07/2022


Timeline photos 06/07/2022

Our own Gabby Gonsalves, now Gabby Gonsalves Crowell and her husband Scott are expecting! Gabby, beautiful inside and out, will soon be singing lullabies with her lovely voice to her little baby_____? I know but I am not telling... Congratulations Gabby! ♥🎶♥


Just need to finish the lights!


Months and months have passed since we have worked together, and I miss you all so much! It has been a while since we communicated. COVID-19 has kept me immersed in keeping our family business afloat, and I am sure the virus has impacted your lives too.
Despite the development and distribution of a vaccine, it seems that it will be necessary for all of us to remain masked and socially distanced for the majority of 2021
Though I considered teaching online, I could not get my head around the process. However, after extensive research, I finally found a subscription program: Voice Recommended by NATS (National Association of Teachers of Singing) was a plus, and I have been painstakingly setting it up.
I will be sending you an invitation to access the site right after Christmas. Once you access the site, you will receive all the information needed to set up your end. Once that is done, please contact me to schedule a lesson, and we will begin a new singing adventure! The best part of this platform is that I can upload your music, warm you up with a keyboard, and adequately hear and see you! You will also be able to access the program with your cell phone. Note that there will be necessary setup costs such as a we**am and an excellent digital microphone. I have attached a file that will guide you on which mics work best with this platform. You can also log on to and watch the student online seminar for more information.
A New Lesson Process:
As previously, Voice and Breathing exercises will be your responsibility.
A voice lesson will include a warmup, work on a specific song or program, and analyze your technique that you should review and work into your next class.
I will not be charging you for your lessons. If you see a lesson charge on the site, please ignore it.
Hopefully, by working together, we will conquer online lessons and create great vocal presentations.
A Program:
Maria Perry, now a student at the University of Toronto, Canada, visited me last weekend. We had a wonderful conversation about her college experiences, online teaching and learning, projects, and frustrations. I mentioned how disappointed I was to cancel our concerts at Bravo Bistro and that any performance space would be out of the question for most of 2021. We both agreed that if the Octagon in my backyard… She laughed and said: “ Well, we could perform Les Misérables out there.”
Ladders, Ropes: A Barricade? ”?
I reviewed the program, and it hit me! Each singer is telling a story of “Innocence Lost” and “New Beginnings,” which, in essence, represent the emotional and social barricades that stand in front of all women! We film each vocal performance on the Octagon using the ladders and ropes to represent the barricade that hinders all women. We can all work together using our collective creativity. We can hire Danny B Films to video each segment and the finale’ and edit and create the music video for presentation on YouTube, FaceBook with a watch party, as well as other platforms.
Please note that this is just an idea begging for input. What do you think?
I write to you on December 21st, the Winter Solstice, and the night we will be able to view Christmas Star.
“He who marvels at the beauty of the world in summer will find equal cause for wonder and admiration in winter.... In winter, the stars seem to have rekindled their fires, the moon achieves a fuller triumph, and the heavens wear a look of a more exalted simplicity. “
John Burroughs

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Wondrous New Year!

Home | mysite 04/05/2020

APRIL 4, 2020

My Dear Students
I hope that you are all doing well, washing your hands, keeping your distance, and, now creating a colorful mask keeping you and your family and anyone you encounter safe.
I have done extensive research on creating a Voice Lesson online platform and have found that most require students to purchase a proper USB digital microphone.
The lowest-priced mic recommended is $200.00 and even that has its problems.
Though I firmly believe that one on one private lessons are the best and only way to teach voice, I have come up with the following free alternative:
You can use your phones to submit a video according to the following schedule:
1. Tuesdays: Submit a video of you performing your vocal exercises
2. Wednesdays: Submit a video of you performing one of the songs from your performance as it will be rescheduled.
3. Thursdays: Submit a video of you performing an uplifting song that we can share with others via Facebook and do our part to
“Create Sunshine for Our Friends and Neighbors”.
Submit to [email protected] - Add your name and title of your video in the subject line. Or you can submit it through our new app.
You have been sent an invite, but here is the link:
I will then view and critique your videos via email.
On Friday nights we will have a Zoom Meeting to discuss all the above…
I also have added “Chat” to our web site:
I feel that this is the best way to resume lessons currently.
I want you to all participate and know that we can continue lessons and continue working together preparing for great performances.


Ms. Joanne

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You’re Invited! 04/04/2020

You’re Invited! Hey, Join me at "mysite" on the Wix app to easily stay updated and get in touch with me on the go.


Date: Mon, 16 Mar 2020 12:10:21 -0400

Subject: As per our policy, the Studio will close until Cumberland schools reopen.


First: I am looking into online voice lessons...Please let me know if you are interested. Interest is important because this is an extra expense for me and may require you to purchase a microphone.
This might be a good thing for the future also, for those of you who would like lessons while away at school. I am really impressed with Check it out.

Second: Not coming to your voice lesson in no way absolves you from practicing your music or performing your voice and breathing exercises

Your vocal concerts will be held and you must be prepared!

Third: Please review Lesson Alternatives, for some great ideas on supplementing your lessons, and feel free to share...see the link below.

I will be available via Phone-401-333-1177 Text: 401-359-3500 Email: [email protected] (Going to create a special email address via our Website: I will notify you), and Facebook Messenger.

Feel free to post pictures (perhaps of you doing your voice and breathing exercises) and comments on the website or on our page:

I will miss seeing you all in person but look forward to working with you in new and different ways... Please follow all of the rules and regulations for this virus without complaining... Compassion and kindness and understanding are essential right now...

Ms. Joanne

Link to Lesson Alternatives:


The many paths of our lives are leading us to our reason for being here. We must cultivate a thirst for learning keeping our minds open as each and every path is a lesson. We must learn to follow our instincts and to allow the influences in our lives to work with our creative souls. Eventually, our life path will merge with our creative self and our purpose will be realized. Remember, that there is art in everything. We must look for it and embrace it. If we do this, we will be happy in our lives and our universe will be limitless.” Joanne Vecchio


Our March 28th Concert:

Eight-year-old Grace Parra will open our concert...this is her first performance

We will Celebrate three talented students who will begin their college experience in the fall of 2020... Maria Perry, Nicole Dugas, and Katherine Hoyle! Maria and Nicole will be singing their favorite songs, and Katherine will have a theme: "The Very Last Day of the Rest of Their Lives"

Dorothy Bowen's musical theme will be "About Love" and Malia Pikul will sing about "Mean Girls"

Save The Date! THE ART OF SINGING STUDENTS GRACE PARRA MARIA PERRY NICOLE DUGAS KATHERINE HOYLE DOROTHY BOWEN MALIA PIKUL in cONCERT Saturday, March 28th at 7:00 PM Bravo, an American Bistro 123 Empire Street, Providence, RI Across from Trinity Rep Bravo has a stylish atmosphere that is great for a casual sit-down brunch or dinner. In the evenings it has a cozy lounge that is perfect for a few drinks with friends. Bravo is an ele...

Timeline photos 09/13/2019

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2019-03-08 Women's Day 05 03/14/2019

Allison Rose! From her CD-"Hope" So proud to have been her teacher...

2019-03-08 Women's Day 05 This video is about 2019-03-08 Women's Day 05

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Winter Musings, January 19, 2019
Winter Musings, January 19, 2019
Winter Musings, January 19, 2019
Winter Musings January 19, 2019




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