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Photos from Discover Your Energy with Amanda Gatlin's post 01/02/2023

Some reality talk about magic…

Being too “real” takes you out of the realm of possibility

It closes off energy

Takes you out of imagination and puts you into problem solving mode

And the problem with problem solving is it usually creates more problems

Instead of getting you what you actually want

Which almost always comes from you…

Tapping into your intuition

Trusting what you are getting

And taking aligned actions

Your success comes from your ability to align to your magic.

Wishing you so much love and light during this holiday season!


Photos from Discover Your Energy with Amanda Gatlin's post 06/29/2022

Your soul guides you to exactly where you are supposed to be…

When you trust your soul desires and naggings, and stay open to where you are led, you will have the openings you are meant to have.

It’s all perfect!

What’s key is your ability to stay detached and to allow yourself to move forward on your path…

As you do this, your next steps will be revealed.

Trust that you have everything inside of you to create the life you desire!

Are you being led to specific areas or locations and don’t know why???

Often this is a sign of an upgrade happening for you. Lean in and see what happens 🥰

If you need help along the way, reach out to me.

Much love to you!
Mandy G.

P.s. the artwork is the next pages from the children’s book I’m putting together in honor of called “There’s Always A Way!”

Energy Healing for Back Pain – Discover Your Energy 05/28/2022

The energies have been a little intense lately since the eclipses. Many people are reaching out because they are experiencing symptoms in their physical body. We just updated the site with this article on Energy Healing for Back Pain and it includes an Energy Healing Meditation. You can check it out by clicking here:

Energy Healing for Back Pain – Discover Your Energy Energy Healing for Back PainEnergy Healing, Energy Work / By mandyg333 We want to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting and also let you know we use affiliate links on some of our posts. This means that we could make a commission if you click on an affiliate link and purchase something. Pl...


Happy Sunday to You!

We have been planning out our next steps and doing “the work”… looking at what feels heart aligned and then working on any fears as they come up.

We have truly stepped into the flow of expansion and we are plotting a new course! 🥰

It’s been fun to meditate and feel into lots of different options we have in front of us. This is the fun part about the universe… if you let it, she will show you many possibilities. It’s kinda like a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book

And no one direction is the right one. You can always shift gears, change things up, and plot a new course.

Some things we have been integrating and stabilizing into… allowing aligned people to bring opportunities our way… to manifest meeting these people in person when we are relaxed, having fun, and really enjoying our time… doing things of service that light us up… allowing for payment plans when we are working with aligned clients… hearing our intuition in the morning and making quick changes of plans to go “hang out” and “connect,” but also continue DREAMING BIG.

We are learning to manifest VERY quickly… sometimes by accident (story coming soon about an RV floor remodel because of an overflowing toilet)… but finding these moments to be opportunities for us to create things the way we desire… and we are becoming more and more grateful for the universe conspiring with us.

This all happening and we both keep feeling our hearts activating more and more (is it joy, it is a byproduct of manifesting desires, is it love, is it universal energies???) We are both in awe of what this last year has brought for us. And so grateful for this adventure and all the new experiences and opportunities it’s bringing our way.

If you are feeling nagged to live a life more in alignment…

Get out of your comfort zone.

Trust your intuition and desires.

They are your roadmap.

And they will lead you to all the joy and expansion you desire.

Lots of love to you and happy weekend!
Mandy & Kyle

Guided Meditation on Transition – Discover Your Energy 04/27/2022

Many of you are reaching out right now because you are noticing the transitions happening not only for yourself but for the world.

There are many different forms of transition, and to support you through this process, I have included a post about the topic and included a Guided Meditation on Transition as well:

Sending you much love during this time of change and upgrade!

Mandy Gatlin
Discover Your Energy

Guided Meditation on Transition – Discover Your Energy Guided Meditation on Transition Leave a Comment / Energy Work, Grief, Healing, Meditation Habits, Mediumship, Relationships, Release, Transformation / By mandyg333 This post may contain affilate links. Please read my DISCLAIMER for more info. Many of you are reaching out right now because you are no...


You get what you are an energetic match for…

A client showed up in her power recently and then suddenly she got a call from her landlord that their house was going up for sale… the thing is… she wanted the house to be hers, for her family, so they could stay there and continue their lives there…

But the moment she decided to create an offer for her business she was feeling EXTREMELY nudged to create, word hit about the house.

This is how energy works.

She showed up, and bam, the house is no longer a match to her upleveled energy.

And we might think we are creating SO THAT we can KEEP the THINGS we THINK WE WANT… ha ha ha oh no no no my dear sweet little creator.

You are much more powerful than that…

The problem is, you get tripped up when it comes to surrendering, trusting, and allowing.

Everything is energy.
Everything is energy.
Everything is energy.

You get what you are an energetic match for.

Decide you are ready for more… and more comes.

My new program, Energy UPSHIFT, is open. Learn to shift your energy to align to what you desire.

We start next week. Message me for info!

Photos from Discover Your Energy with Amanda Gatlin's post 03/15/2022

I’m in the midst of seeing this baby bird off to change the world!!! 😭

Connie is a light… there is no other way to describe her. The people who come in contact with her get to know her heart very quickly because she wears it on her sleeve, and in doing so, she shows others that it’s not scary to go there.

She is creating something incredible right now, and I get to be the witness to it. It’s so much fun seeing the behind the scenes of her journey and seeing how she breaks thru fear to do what her heart is telling her to do… this is what it means to show up in the world!

I’m just sitting here, doing the mundane coaching thang, confirming her video uploads so she can send it off to her mentorship clients, and as the video is playing, I’m getting tingles. It’s her channeled words, the playing of her crystal bowls, the connection of her heart to her work. It’s working on me even!!!

This is what “work” looks like when you are connected to your passion and purpose.

These pictures show all the times Connie showed up uncomfortable… and still showed up.

She’s still doing it… and now she’s teaching others how important it is to show up and face things that aren’t comfortable. The diamond in the dirt gets revealed when you are willing to put in the work to practice.

Go meet Connie on Instagram at and see what she’s all about.

Surround yourself with people who remind you to keep going!

Lots of love to you!


When you fully trust that what is coming thru you is meant to be shared, you magnetize what you desire.

Not everyone will understand or “get it” and they simply aren’t meant to.

Your desires and passions are yours…

Your intuitive hits are yours…

They come from deep within you…

And when you trust and embrace this inner guidance for your next steps in business about what to create and share you actually attract the most perfect people into your world.

I can’t tell you how many times my jaw has dropped at how the most perfect people enter my life when I fully trust being me!

You get what you desire when you allow yourself to BE.

Not allowing this actually closes off opportunities and manifests as situations that help to bump you in the direction of being more fully you.

Tap into your power.

Tap into your truth.

Align with that.

And keep doing it until it no longer aligns… and then allow yourself to shift.

Trust yourself.

You get to create a life you desire.

You get to be paid doing what you love.

If you have some nagging or something on your heart that you are ready to share, the Be Passionate Inner Circle is for you.

This is three months of you…

-Discovering your passions and gifts and fully embracing your truth.

-Learning to trust your inner guidance and show up being fully you.

-Creating an offer that is fully aligned that you feel called to share.

-Mastering the art of not giving up and holding the vibe for your offer AND your clients.

-Honing your true gift and understanding who your true client is so you can speak to them directly.

Early bird pricing until end of November.

Message me for info.
Amanda Gatlin


When you are able to shift your energy, you allow flow to happen in your business and personal life.

The reason things get funky and stuck is because you are listening to the parts of you that are scared and looking out for you.

And in a sense, these parts of you scatter your energy.

They make you feel lost and confused…and like you don’t know what next step to take.

But you have the blueprint inside of you for the life you truly desire.

Once you master your energy, this blueprint is revealed to you and it directs you with ease!

Then your true path, your next steps simply unfold for you.

Energy mastery private coaching is available now.

This is for you if you are ready to make quantum leaps in your life or business being fully you…

You are done with feeling scattered and you are so ready for full on expansion in your life and business.

You’re ready to tap into your true self and be more intentional and deliberate about your next steps.

3 months of high level support with me! Your energy and entire world shifting!

Message me to apply!
Mandy Gatlin

Photos from Discover Your Energy with Amanda Gatlin's post 09/13/2021

This week, it’s my birthday, and I’m all about bringing the LOVE and attention to a cause really near and dear to my heart!!!

Last year, I stumbled upon an organization called Kurandza (which means love) and was so happy to see what they were doing to bring education to girls who may not have access to it. Did you know 132 million girls across the world don’t get to go to school!?!

Kurandza is helping to change that!

Every September, they host their campaign to bring awareness and to raise funds to bring real change to these girls!

This week, I have the goal to raise at least $500 to give one girl full schooling for the year!

You can help by donating any amount, and if you donate at least $25, I will send you 5 LOVE Note Cards featuring the “Love is in the Air” painting from last year!

There are other goodies available at other donation levels including a custom LOVE painting by me!

Here’s the link to the LOVE goodies

Sending you so much LOVE!


When you step into who you truly are, you can create everything you dream of!

It’s an energy thing…

Aligning to your truth

Not wavering or accommodating

Staying centered and on your path

All leads to…

Having the relationship that matches

Making more money in your job or business

Feeling more confident, calm, and peaceful about your life and big decisions

The moment you realize you can shift your energy in a moments notice, all becomes available to you!

I have a new private energy coaching spot available right now

12 months of awakening your energy, attuning it, centering to it, and decidedly becoming the next best expanded version of you!🌟💃

Message me for details.

Courage, Faith, Belief To Follow Your Own Truth!!! 08/30/2021

So honored to be interviewed by Loot! We finally spill the tea on what happened FOR us this year… there’s so much more to share but Loot did a great job, and the timing of this coming out is perfect! Thanks Loot!!! 😘

Courage, Faith, Belief To Follow Your Own Truth!!! Mandy Gatlin is a writer, artist, empowerment and self-development coach.She works with clients from all backgrounds to help them identify their truth path a...


What if what you want is ready and waiting for you???

But you are so focused on…

-Solving the problem…
-Trying to get “them” to understand
-Eliminating all your fears and limiting beliefs first!
-Healing your s**t first…
-Clearing your s**t first…
-Getting yourself sorted out first…
-Getting your ducks in a row…
-The list goes on and on…

But what if you’re purpose here on Earth is not to be understood, healed, or sorted… rather,

It’s to be brave enough to do the thing you believe in without being understood, healed, or sorted.

Something I’ve realized in the last year is I create really fast if I release resistance to what I’m wanting.

This happens across the board in all things, business, money, relationships, health…

I’ve found a faster way to get “there” is not to focus on solving problems, but to instead, quantum leap over to a reality where my desires exist. 🤯

Ask yourself this…

Are you focusing on the problem…
Are you getting excited by your desire?

These lead to two different time lines… feel into each of them and see what I mean…

Lots of love to you!
Mandy G.


Doing the work to create positive change in your life can feel overwhelming and like it might take forever, but every time you show up towards your path and desire, and you give it your energy, it is like adding a drop in the bucket.

In every moment…

Have the courage to outgrow your old self.

Have the courage to say “not right now” to the thoughts that make you want to stop.

Have the courage to say no to what isn’t meant for you.

Have the courage to shift your focus from your problems to what you want.

Have the courage to give your time to those desires.

Have the courage to trust your desires without any proof that they will lead you to a positive outcome.

Drop the expectation

Drop the “HOW”

And lock into the desire.

Breathe life into it.

Give this aspect of you more attention.

She is waiting for you!

What no one tells you is this desire you are locking into is actually the inner self version of you who walks with you everyday.

She shows you when you are locked onto her when you smile.

These are the things to master if you want to jump timelines faster.

Warp speed ahead!

I have spaces open in my 1:1 program for those who are ready to expand… now.

Send me a message to find out more.

Lots of love to you!
Mandy G.


Happy weekend to you!

Exciting things brewing over the next couple of months… 🥰

There’s definitely been a transition in the energy the last two weeks and it’s the perfect time to tune into next steps and directions.

One of my favorite ways to do this is to meditate and feel into what I’m most called to do, share, step into, or support.

This is a time of shifting and attuning, refining, and breaking off old habits, programming and beliefs, as well as discovering what has been hiding underneath this whole time that is ready to be supported and nurtured… especially so it can serve the outer world…

When you choose to shift, it ripples out and supports the much needed changes around you.

The funny thing is, most people look to the outside first to get their answers, to figure out next steps, to find out how to best serve…

But really, the inner work is what ends up supporting our biggest and most positive change.

Yes, it’s important to notice what is showing up in your outside world because it helps you see where your limitations are… but you don’t want to attach to these…

Rather, take the time to travel within and establish a deep connection to your heart and soul and let your truth guide your next steps.

Remember that what you see on the outside is old information. You created it from your old self.

And you have the ability to manifest and create better things based on your willingness to shut off the outer noise, and instead, let your movements come from the river of joy and creation that moves thru you naturally.

If you need support in re-establishing your connection to your true self, reach out to me. I’m currently enrolling into my 1:1 6 month coaching program.😍

This is for you if you are going thru a major shift or upleveling, and you are ready to learn how to create change from being more connected to your center and your heart.

Private message me for details! 😘

What’s been calling to you lately???

Hope you have a peaceful weekend!
Mandy G.


You don’t have to do things just because that’s how everyone else is doing them…

One sure fire way to feel stuck on your path is to look to what others are doing to live your life.

Your intuition actually has a lot of answers for you if you give it a chance to be heard.

And just so we are clear, your intuition is not the one saying… “you should do this and you should do that.”

Your intuition is much more relaxed.

It’s underneath much of the noise that is constantly blathering away inside and outside of you.

Settle in.

Deep breath.

What’s your truth?

Take action from there.

👉Reclaim your authentic self and you reclaim your power 💪🌟

Lots of love to you as you disengage from the collective 😘
-Mandy G.


I’m a BIG vision kinda girl…

And it’s safe to say that I hold this energy for others…

There have been countless times that I’ve listened to someone, given them space to dream BIG and then helped them attune (almost immediately) to their core desire.

I would say this is what I do best…

In fact, I’ve had to talk people out of wanting to quit their jobs right away because they get sooooo activated so fast.

What I do know about being activated is that it is very easy to get there, like literally in the blink of an eye if you allow yourself.

And you can manifest quickly if you get into the feeling and also allow.

But I also know how hard it is to STAY PRESENT with your core and to stay activated.

This, I would say, is our greatest challenge on our path.

To stay the course.

To keep believing in your dream…

To keep the vision strong and to keep taking actions that are in direct alignment.

Today I’m realizing that many of my BIG visions are a part of my daily life now. I’m sharing an amazing adventure in an RV with a wonderful man I accidentally manifested. I’m working for myself with my dog by my side. And I’m hitting BIG investment goals I dreamed of hitting while playing on a calculator as a kid…

I firmly believe these things are only coming to fruition now because I’m doing a ton of mindset work around allowing.

For those of you who need to hear this…

You already have everything it takes to do BIG things.

Now let yourself have it all!

Love you!
Mandy 😘


Have you ever thought that maybe, just maybe, you should ride the waves instead of fighting against them???

Sometimes we’d rather stay in our comfort zone…

Where we feel safe and in control…

Rather than going into uncharted waters.

I totally hear ya!!! I’m the same way when it comes to change!!! 😱

But you know when it’s time to change direction. You can feeeeeel it. And if you fight it, you keep yourself from experiencing something even better than you can even imagine!

Big things are just around the corner for you, but first you have to take a step in the direction of your desires. Your desires come from your true self, and they help you stay centered on your path!

It might feel scary, but it is the only way to reach everything you’ve dreamed about and more!

This is not the time to be wishy washy.

It’s the time to decide to take steps, make a leap, and watch what happens!!!

I love you and wishing you a beautiful weekend!

What’s your next step??? Tell me below!

Mandy G.

In case the inspirational message above didn’t get you to make a move, here’s a message from your higher self: 👇



Release the need to defend your desires and just follow them…

It never seems to fail that once we tune into our desires, what immediately comes next is we get caught up in the energy of defending objections from others about following our desires…

You know your desires are real…

And you are wanting to know why they are not yours yet… yes?

There are two distinct energies here… the desire itself (which is joyful and aligned for you and COMES FROM WITHIN YOU)…

And then there’s the outer illusion… the need to know how it will come, and the need for others to approve, and the need for others to be happy too, and the need for it to all go perfectly, and the need to know the outcome, and the need for others to understand (all of these come from outside of you)

Release all these needs… they make you travel outside of yourself…and this drains your energy.

👉Love yourself enough to release all the pressure of proving that your desires are real… 👈

Let it be a relief to you that you don’t need to explain yourself or fight for what you want.

Instead, travel within…

Trust your desires.

Trust that it will all work out.

Trust that you already know how to make this happen.

Let it be easy and watch how things unfold naturally, and how your energy stays high because you are giving your desires a chance to run…

Sending you lots of love!!!
Mandy G.

Photos from Discover Your Energy with Amanda Gatlin's post 06/06/2021

Buying and selling this house has literally been a lesson in manifesting and how to trust.

I had a strong feeling to buy it over 5 years ago. It needed a LOT of TLC.

With each house project, it was as if Kyle and I were shifting the energy of the place, and then magically some change would happen in our everyday lives.

This is how energy works…

When you give your energy towards something, it not only shifts it, it grows!

These last few weeks have been the final push as we wrap up projects. It quickly became apparent that many signs in our outer world were indicating it was time to “flow” towards new adventures and new places.

When these indicators appear, it is NOT a time to attach. It’s means it’s time to be brave!!!

Hug the friends you have made, and make plans to see them again further down the path!

Trust the flow! Know that true growth ONLY comes from doing the scary thing!

This is what is frustrating but also amazing about manifesting… the unknown can seem daunting, but embracing it unlocks all your magic!

What’s your next scary step???


P.S. I’m doing alignment coaching right now to help my peeps feel into their next big steps. I have spots opening up for private coaching! Reach out to me by DM for details. 😘



Do you struggle with finding time to get to projects you have been longing to do?

Are you pretty much spent at the end of the day with little energy left for your passions?

Come join us live today on Clubhouse at 11 am pacific where we will be talking about how to create more self-love so you CAN have more time and freedom to live a more passion based life.

Join us today, Thursday May 13th at 11 AM PST/ 2 PM EST in the “Mind Shift for Life Shift” room on Clubhouse.

Our amazing speakers are:

Kaya Redford
Lynda Sunshine West
Amanda Gatlin
Christina Celeste
Lona Currie
Denise Roussel
Brittany Ann Mickens
Kim Kelley Thompson
Lori Granito

Join the clubhouse room today by clicking here:

If you want to join the clubhouse room and need a invite. DM me on messenger for a invite. 🙂


Wow, so many people are having “openings” right now and seeing their gifts emerging!

I’m not surprised...

This is a time of massive upleveling!

It’s always during times of challenge when we are required to go within and look at our values and decide HOW we are going to show up in the world.

Because hello!!! It’s not allll about you! You are here for a reason!

And when you fully own who you are and live from a place where you honor your values, and you start sharing these pieces of yourself with the world, you suddenly start connecting with your “people.”

Your purpose becomes revealed when you no longer hide these true parts of yourself.

And then magical things start happening...

Old things, beliefs, and people fall away.

You find friends and a mate who feel fully aligned.

Your purpose becomes more clearly defined, and you start to feel a strong nagging for learning more so you can hone your gifts and then share them.

Many people are reaching out to me because their gifts are expressing themselves (activating), and they have no clue what to do with them!

This can always be a little daunting at first... but with time and practice, you can cultivate your gifts and receive help with tools and techniques.

My teachers always reminded me that the hardest part of emerging into the true self is to stay centered and to keep showing up in your practices, even when the ego tells you to stop.

It’s always super exciting to me when someone just knows that they have found their path and they have decided to dedicate themselves to it.

If you are struggling with purpose and would like to discover how you can use your gifts to serve, reach out to me!!!

I am currently taking on two more private clients who are wanting to cultivate their gifts more fully. We will be working together for 6 months + and this is for those who are ready to do the inner work and know they are going through an evolution. If you think this might be for you, reach out to me and let me know!

Here’s to new levels!!!
Mandy Gatlin

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